I see you every day across the room.  Your nice smile.  Your perfect
chest.  Your caramel skin, that looks like it tastes just as sweet.  And
through your pants, I can see your big cock.  At first, I was too scared to
even say "hi."  Eventually I work up the courage.  And by you smile, I can
tell that you liked me too.

Every day since we met, we made sure that we had time to see each other.  
I started wearing sexy clothes to turn you on.  Too short dresses with no
panties/ that way I can drop something and watch your face and your cock
light up as you saw my clit.  Low cut dress, that you can see my hard
nipples.  And then the exhibitionist came out of me, and there were the
see-through tops with no bra.  Or the tops zip down so you can see my perky
breasts.  And every time we hugged, I can feel how much you licked my
clothes, against my leg.

As we got closer, the hints became clearer.  I grabbed your dick when we
hugged, you slapped my ass.  I pinched your but, you pinched my nipples.  I
squeezed hard; your hands ran over my wet pussy.  I knew that you were what I

As our friendship grew, and I began to talk more about my sexual
explorations, we both began to drop definite hints that the time was near.  
The time for us to fuck.  I knew what I wanted to do to you.  I knew I wanted
to suck your big cock in and out off my mouth.  I wanted to suck you so good
that you cried.  I wanted to swallow your sweet cum. I wanted to feel you
deep inside me.  So deep that I feel it in my gut.  And I knew that I wanted
you to eat my pussy so good that I had to beg you to stop.  I knew all of
this because of the vivid fantasies that I had about us every night.
I can see in your eyes that you had so much to offer in bed, and I could not
wait until the day that I knew what it was.

Finally the day came.  We to the movies.  In the theater, I began to rub
your chest, pinching your nipples, slowly.  You began to feel my big breast,
circling each nipple o so gently.  My hands began to work their way down your
chest, towards you huge dick.  When I reached, I smile in surprise; it was
even bigger than I thought.  I began to gently stroke your dick until it was
had as a rock.  It looked like you were going to pop.  Then I wrapped my
hands around it, and began to run them up and down, up and down, in a
rhythmic motion.  I could feel that you were about to cum. So I stop, I knew
that you only needed one stroke before you pop.  I looked and your face, and
could see how much you wanted me to continue, that look, aroused me so much.  
Then I bent over, and gave you one good suck.  You exploded, with a shudder
and a cry.  I bent over and licked all of your cum up, every last drop.
You were so pleased that you reached your hand down towards my shave
pussy to repay me.  You licked your fingers, and began to run them over my
sensitive spot.  You ran your fingers over my clit until my chair was wet,
and I was ready to pop.  Then you put two fingers into my pussy, and began to
move them in and out.  I was going crazy.  And to make it worse, you took you
thumb and stuck it up my ass.  All three of you fingers working in and out
had me cummning in no time.

We got ourselves so worked up that we did not even stay for the rest of
the movie.  We speed to my house.  Both of us were masturbating the whole
time.  We busted into my house, but we never made it to the bedroom.
You threw me on the couch, lifted my skirt, and spread my legs.  You then
brought your tongue down and flickered it over my swollen clit.  My hips rose
and the sensuous feeling.  Then you proceeded to lick all the juices off of
my love tunnel.  Then you tongue moved up and down my right lip, and then my
left lip.  You then sucked my clit in and out of your mouth until I reached

Then you fucked me with your tongue.  In and out, in and out.  The whole
time, your finger was up my ass moving around, and around.  I began to push
my hips towards your face as I felt an orgasm near.  When I orgasm, you just
smiled and kept on licking my juices.  I then had to beg you to stop because
you were pushing me off the edge.  Besides, it was your turn.
I decided I was a little thirsty, and got some wine.  I held the wine in
my mouth, and then I pushed your dick inside.  I could feel your dick again
rising as the bubbles tickled you r dick ever so gently.  Then I swallowed.  
I started to move my head up and down.  I tried to put all of you inside me,
but it was too much.  I began to gag.  So I covered what was not in my mouth
with my hand and began to move it ups and down in sync with the motion of my
neck.  You came once.

Then we rolled over; you sat on my face.  You began to fuck my mouth
until an orgasm again rippled through you body.
Then you pushed your big cock into my tight pussy.  It was a little hard
at first, but we managed.  You started slowly at first, but then you began to
go faster and harder as I screamed with delight.  We bought came with smiles.
 We first fucked with you on top. 

    Then I yearned for control.  So then, I straddled you.  I began to move
up and down, while you pushed you hips towards me.  We both wanted as much
penetration as possible.  We fucked until we came for the fourth time that
Then I bent over and we went at it doggy style.  You hand one hand
caressing my breast, and the other pulling my hair.  We went at it in that
position for a while.  We must have came twice.

Then you got back on top, putting my legs over your shoulder for deeper
penetration.  We went at it, you digging deeper and deeper in to my tunnel.  
Our kissed were not always on target.  We were too busy with the fucking.
Finally you took your dick out my pussy, and placed it in my ass.  You
then took your hand and rubbed it against my clit, and your finger was in my
pussy.  Your other hand was on my nipples.  You came down and kissed me once
or twice.  It felt so good.  Everything was being stimulated at once.  I had
the longest orgasm that I have ever had to date.

He callapsed on top of me.  He whispered between shallow breaths, "Damn
girl, you is good.  That felt so good.  I have never had the energy to fuck
that long.  I have never had so many orgasms.  I have never came so much.  
Damn, you are the best I have ever had.  You are a goddess."

    I guess I was too much to handle.  Yet, his big dick stretched my pussy.
 And it felt good.
    I simply smiled, and whispered back, "I know."
    He rolled off of me.  We both fell asleep smiling.
    We decided that we like what temptations bring.  We had fantasies about
our next encounter.  Well...at least I know I did.

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