First Union


They had always been very good.  Their souls belonged to a seemingly bygone age, when “premarital” was still a dirty word.  Innocence had been their trend throughout their years of old-fashioned courtship.  They had known one another all their lives, never questioning their destiny.  Somehow, even in the sandbox days, they sensed that they belonged to one another.  He claimed her one day, the summer after kindergarten, as they hunted for fishing worms under a hollow log.  “I’m going to marry you,” he said boldly, burrowing deeper into the riverside mud.  She only gave a sidelong smile and whispered, “alright.” 

Now they stood before one another, their worm-searching days long past, but their wedding vows spoken only hours before.  The wedding night.  All their lives, they had waited for this.  She was the very portrait of virtue, the epitome of virginal purity.  She would not be had before she had her legal promises.  He would, but he would never push her.  He had always been somewhat shy, a trait which endeared him to her.  There were times when the scent of her hair alone made him feel he could devour her if she let him; but she would not let him. 

But now she would, and now he believed she had been right.  After the years of desire and love, mounting day by day with every touch and every gesture, the intensity and emotion they were experiencing was immeasurable.  The age old cliché, “worth the wait,” was proving true. 

She stepped toward him, the flowing silk of her endless white nightgown making waves at her feet as she glided across the floor.  To him, she never walked.  She always seemed to float just above the earth, graceful and light, his personal angel.  She was only a breath away from him now.  He lost himself in her eyes, an almost incandescent blue in which time seemed to hold still.  She

His hands on her shoulders, he held her out in front of him and gazed, only for a moment before he slipped his fingers under the tiny straps on her shoulders, letting them slide over her arms as they followed the rest of the gown to the floor, baring to him for the first time the woman he loved; his wife. He visually drank every detail of her body, his eyes traveling down over her milky throat, her graceful arms, her perfect rosy breasts, the smooth skin of her torso leading down to the epicenter of her femininity.  As he stood paralyzed by the vision before him, she reached for his belt and unfastened it, taking it with his pants to join her shimmering gown on the plush floor.  She unbuttoned his shirt and pushed it back off his strong shoulders, and before long they stood face to face with nothing left to hide. 

He scooped her off the floor, his hands for the first time groping her bare skin in places the previously he dared not touch.  He laid her on the bed and stood beside it, trying to calculate his next move.  She gazed up at him, never before having seen a naked man, and relishing the site of him.  The sight of his thick penis engaged her and she subconsciously spread her legs slightly as the wetness began to flow there.  She watched in utter captivation his every movement as he advanced toward the foot of the bed.  She propped herself up against the pillows to better see him, spreading her legs more as she pushed herself up. 

These small flashes of his new bride’s most closely guarded secret left him almost breathless, and left his virgin member in a frenzy as it began to grow a mind of its own, rising under the intensity of the moment as he crawled on the bed over her.  The independent movement of his cock intrigued his wife and she sat up, now eyelevel with his growing erection as he knelt above her.  In a sudden decision that both shocked and amazed him, she reached for his thighs and pulled him to her face, licking his reddening head.  The overwhelming surprise sent him reeling as he fought to keep his balance, grabbing at the headboard for support as he felt her lips encircle his penis, her hand closing around the long, thick shaft.  He closed his eyes and reveled in the feelings coursing through him as she massaged and coddled his desire.  She worked magic with her tongue, caressing every sensitive inch with utmost care and surprising aptitude.  

Instinctively he began to pump against her, when suddenly without warning she stopped.  Opening his eyes, he looked down at her, her full, pouty mouth red and swollen from its ministrations as she quizzically studied his straining erection.  The head had grown quite purple atop the engorged shaft, standing at attention.  She guessed it to be at least nine inches in length.  It trembled with need and seemed to become more torrid by the second.  Cocking her head to the side and studying it further, she found it beautiful in an odd sort of way, and the mere sight of it intensely erotic.  That’s when she knew;  he’d experienced her oral experiment, now she wanted to experience his.   

She tilted her head back and looked up into his expectant eyes, which saw the pleading in her expression and knew instantly what she craved.  He slid down until they were face to face, and he kissed her heavily, probing into her mouth as deeply as he could with his tongue, perhaps as a prelude to what he was about to do.  The kiss traveled down over her chin, down to her throat, pausing in the delicate little hollow there, then following the sweeping crest of her bosom where his mouth hovered hotly, tantalizing her untouched nipples with his tongue before trailing with his tongue down to the golden valley that housed her most precious gem.  He looked up into her face, she bit her lip as an air of nervousness flickered over her porcelain doll features.  She breathed in deeply and settled back against the pillows, opening her legs like a gate to a forbidden land, beckoning him to enter and possess it. 

Sprawled over the foot of the bed, his face between her quivering thighs, he breathed heavily and hoped only that he wouldn’t disappoint her.  He wasted no time, for though he wanted nothing more than to please her, he was not yet an experienced lover and his own need screamed to be satisfied.  His tongue slid lightly along her smooth lips, eliciting a low moan and then a breathless gasp when he found her begging clitoris.  He gauged from her reactions which areas were most erogenous, and found he genuinely enjoyed thrusting his tongue deeply into her and sucking at her sweet nectar.  He continued this practice until her hands on his head summoned him up again.  She too, being inexperienced, wanted to try everything at once.  

Again face to face, she wove her fingers through his hair and pulled him into the deepest of kisses, her arms and soul and innermost self yearning for all that he could give.  She kissed ravenously, almost as if she were trying to swallow him whole, for she had suddenly become insatiable.  Her breathing was rapid and shallow, her breast heaving with every heavy breath.  He held himself up over her and watched her for a moment.  The change in her, from the quiet vision of propriety to the thirsty bedroom serpent intoxicated him.  She locked her eyes on his and without a word, spread her legs as wide as she could and pulled him down to her.   

Pressed against the wetness of her longing, he knew he could no longer wait.  He entered her slowly, the immense head pushing through her virgin opening, making her heart pound in her ears.  He gazed into her wide eyes, then kissed her forehead.  She held his face in her hands and gasped until she fell back again, her chest heaving.  He was uncertain as to whether he should continue, until she looked back up at him and smiled weakly, pressing him back down against her. 

He pulled out just a little before gently thrusting himself in again, this time almost half way.  Inch by inch he made his way inside her, where he remained for several minutes before he began to pump.  At first she lay still, absorbing, but then she began to match his rhythm and rocked beneath him, crying out as tears of ecstasy spilled from the corners of her infinite blue eyes.  They continued to rock and grind in one another arms, embracing more tightly as the tension grew. 

She could feel something immense building inside her, so incredible that she could scarcely discern from where it originated.  It truly seemed to consume her.  She had not expected to cum at all, not the first time.  But there could be no doubt; her orgasm rolled over her with such force that she screamed, nearly frightening him off of her, if not for the fact that he was buried deep within.  His pace grew more rapid as he longed to join in her rapture, and as such he created an almost euphorically blissful mesh of insurmountable pleasure and virgin pain. 

His face contorted as he pumped himself into her faster and faster; he knew it would not be long.  He concentrated on the feeling his cock was experiencing, the warm, thick wetness that surrounded his huge member, sucking it back in as he pulled it out, and massaging it as he thrust it in.  As he neared his orgasm, his erection seemed to grow even more before it finally exploded in a torrent of thick, hot cum filling the tender womb of his love.  He slowed his pace as his cock became flaccid, and studied his flushed, breathless bride.  She was no longer the golden, angelic picture of wholesome purity that he had idolized since childhood.  Now she was his vixen: a not at all undesirable transformation.  He laid his head on her breast, listening to the rapid beating of her freshly overwhelmed heart as it gradually slowed its pace, the sexual afterglow falling over them like starlight as they slept, on this, the first night of their union.

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