A Summer's Day


I had come a long way from the girl I once was.  Looking about me, I smiled happily…throwing my arms wide as if to embrace the very sky.   Free.   I was free to live.  To feel.   To be. 

“You are breathtaking.” 

The husky voice sounded from behind me, and I jerked about…my heart pounding frantically with the scare.  Once I could settle my thoughts down, I could see that this was a man more to gaze in awe at, certainly not to be afraid of.   

He must have stood well past 6 feet and 3 inches, muscular without being obscene about it.  His body stood poised, as if in the very act of propulsion, and I tensed again.  He had an air of the hunter about him, and I was to be the prey.  Not so.  Oh no, not this woman.  I preferred to be on equal footing when playing the game of Eros. 

I propped a hand saucily on one hip…and took slow, blatant inventory of his accoutrements.  His shout of delighted laughter caused me to nearly give into my own puckish sense of humor…but much was at stake here.  I was going to be the one doing the ravishing here, and he would be apprised of that fact before much more time passed. 

“Ah, so the beauty has thorns.  Good.  I like my women spirited.”  His eyebrow cocked up as if daring me to take umbrage at his lack of manners.   

“You ass!  As if I would be content to be but one of many on the list of your conquests!  I think not, sir.   Indeed, if anyone puts a notch on their bedpost this night…it most assuredly will not be you.”  Sniffing in disdain, I turned abruptly away…..knowing he would follow.  He could do naught else.  I was as catnip to this lusty tomcat.  Biting back my urge to giggle, I sauntered without a care down the dusty lane to the cabin where I was staying for the month.    

I could hear him muttering softly beneath his breath behind me, and I grinned.   Mentally rubbing my hands together, I began to plan the way this day would go.    

The cabin was a legacy left to my dear friend, and business partner, Amanda.  She had made me come out here to get some much needed space to relax and unwind.  We had been working nonstop for nearly two years to get our little enterprise off the ground, and were at long last seeing the fruits of our labors begin to come forth.   Running a lingerie boutique for the discerning individual was not without it’s share of pitfalls, and we were determined to give the best a run for their money. 

Walking up the steps, I glanced over my shoulder, smiling wickedly at the grumpy expression on the beast prowling at my heels.  He showed great potential, I decided, and would make an excellent summer fling.  I had not allowed myself sensual joy in a very very long time, and this man was causing my juices to flow as honey.   Sighing happily, I touched my bottom lip with my tongue….hearing his groan, catching the look of burning lust that darkened his blue eyes to midnight……oh yes….. definitely worth the effort. 

“Come, hoary beast, and enter my castle.  I intend to have my wicked way with you.”  I nearly collapsed in mirth at the shock that was plainly seen on his handsome face.   Not used to being the prey, I bet.   Silently pleased to have thrown his balance off, I crooked a finger at him….wiggled my own brows…and sashayed into the cabin…hips swaying in hungry invitation. 

Grrrrr……I heard the growl and wanted to counter it with my own purr of satisfaction.  Later, girl, I mentally chided my  libido.  Pleasure rushed was pleasure squandered. 

“You don’t even know me, woman, and here you are inviting me into your home, and I could be a rapist, or worse.  Don’t you have the sense God gave a duck?”  His deep bass was laced with exasperated lust and humor, and combined with his dark good looks, he was a beauty of a man.   I wanted to hug myself with glee.   How lucky could a girl get in the middle of nowhere.    

“Well, I don’t think you are here to hurt me, sugar.  No, I am willing to stake money on that.  But, I do believe you want me.   And since that coincides with my own desire for you , then why complicate it all with a bunch of nonsense?  We are adults, and therefore should be upfront about our motives.” 

Nearing him, I ran my finger over his lips with my last words, and almost jumped out of my skin when he bit my fingertip. 

“Ow!  Why the hell did you do that?” 

“To show you that it is stupid and dangerous to just tell a strange man that you want to fuck him.   Yeah, you heard me right.   Fuck.    You don’t want the pretty words, or the steps that most follow to lead into a time of physical pleasure.  So, why pretty any of it up?  Just strip off those fancy clothes, and let me see if you are as nice naked as you are dressed.” 

Crossing his arms across his chest, defiance gleaming down at me, he waited.   And waited.   Then seemed totally flummoxed when I hauled off and laughed so damn hard that tears ran down my cheeks.   The dear idiot.  He wanted romancing.  Wooing.  Chivalry.  But, in the end, it all would come to the same conclusion.  We would be fucking each other’s brains out.   

Sighing, I knew I would have to mend his masculine feelings before I could sufficiently seduce him.   Damn.  Why was it always so damn complicated with men? 

“Oh hell, sugar.   I apologize for acting like a cat in heat.   You see, it has been a very very long time since I had any kind of sensual pleasure.   I guess I have forgotten how to act in a way that will turn you on, not make you angry.”  I smoothed a hand gently over his arm….ending at his hand which I tugged until he clasped mine in return.    

He looked a bit sheepish, and greatly pacified, before he threw back his head and laughed heartily.  Such a complex being, I wondered.   Definitely not the run of the mill as I knew men to be. 

“Come here, you saucy wench.”  Dragging me to him, he plastered my body against his, leaving me no doubts as to his attraction to me.  The long hard roll of manhood tenting his jeans and butting my lower belly was definite proof that this man would do more than talking.  At last!

 We kissed deeply, tongues dancing and feinting as if to bring the other to surrender.   My nipples were rock hard, stabbing into his chest……I wanted him naked, by God.  I wanted to feel his flesh against mine.  To rub my nipples against his own.  To wallow in the strength of his arms….to know the sheer glory of his body taking mine. 

Before I realized that we had moved, I found myself being lowered gently to my bed.  Jesus, the man was light on his feet.  I had never even realized that he had carried me into the sole bedroom in the cabin.   The crumpled sheets felt so soft beneath my back….and him so heavy and hard on top of me.  It was wonderful. 

“Damn, you wild woman, I am hot enough that if I don’t get inside you soon, very soon.  I might shoot this load of cum that I know you want…..and that would be a crying shame, baby.  Cause I want to feel it splash inside that pretty little love box of yours.”    He grinned down into my eyes, and then leaned over to lick my cheek.  Like a cat.    

“Ooohhh……just what I love, a man who knows how to talk pretty.”  I yelped as he pinched my ass….and then we rolled about the bed, laughing and tickling each other. 

Soon, the laughter stopped,  and heated lust possessed the two of us.  We burned.   The room became a bower to the erotic play that began in earnest. 

“Here, yes.   Oh yes, dear god, that’s it.  Right there.”  Moaning, I bowed my body up into his mouth…..His tongue spearing my  cunt with precision and great aptitude.  The man was truly gifted.   I felt as if my head were about to blow apart in a million tiny pieces, and then I would want it all to start again. 

I felt his hard cock rubbing the interior of my thigh, and I opened my legs wider…….a signal he didn’t miss.  He moved up my torso, leisurely sipping me with that wonderful mouth of his along the way.   I sighed with bone deep pleasure.   God, he was so fucking delicious.  And I felt like Red Riding Hood….with the Wolf all tamed and nasty in her bed.   Grinning, I bet for sure that little fairy tale never played out as well as today was shaping up to be. 

“Ah, I see that damn smug grin again.  What in hell are you planning in that devious mind, you wild girl???  I want you to be thinking of me, not some cock-eyed plot to make me crazy.” 

I grinned up at him, pulling him down to my mouth….and kissing him with ferocious hunger.   Let him worry…it would keep him on his toes.    

The head of his cock entered my pussy….and I wiggled until it was seated firmly to the hilt within my body.   Oh dear sweet Lord but it felt good.   So big….filling me up until I felt as if he would come out of my mouth from the inside. 

He thrust…..and I moaned….he parried….and I sighed….he tilted and swiveled, and I squealed with delight…..he withdrew then plunged in again…..hard…..deep…..and I shattered…..falling apart in his arms…..my juices so thick and heavy that they seeped from  my love box to flow down my thighs and onto the sheets beneath….and he was still thrusting away.  Bless him.

  I wasn’t sure when we switched places, but here I was….on top my lusty stallion….hoisted on his petard…..giggling…I shared the analogy with him…and he roared with glee.   We spent the hours of that delightful summer’s day fucking and romping playfully about the bed…..loving and laughing….inventing moves that I had never experienced…..and I was sure that he learned a few things himself that day.    

The last I remembered was the groan he gave as I milked his cock dry of semen….swallowing the last drop while I winked up at him.   He groaned again….and fondly tousled my curls….and then pulled my mouth to his to tongue fuck me……and I sighed….and came….and fell into exhausted slumber. 

When I awoke…..it was early the next morning.  Birds were filling the air with their warbling calls to each other.  I lazed about the bed for a long while…reveling in the exquisite feeling of having been well loved the day before.   Everywhere I touched, there was a sensitivity and lushness that made me feel so damn womanly…..so beautiful. 

Smiling…I glanced over to the empty pillow next to mine…and saw the long stem rose……thorns plucked….and the note beneath…. 

Sitting up….I snuggled back against the pillows…and picked the note up…..I hoped he didn’t ruin it all with the insincere drivel that men were known to speak when they were feeling cornered after sharing some raw and very hot sex.   Again, they just couldn’t keep things simple and uncomplicated.  Still, this one had so much potential that I found myself hoping that the note would not disappoint me. 

And it didn’t. 

“Darling girl.    Thank you for a beautiful summer’s day and night of magical and breathtaking sex and pleasure.  You are a delightful partner of Eros…and I hope to someday share these pleasures once more within your arms.   Your devoted servant, the Beast.” 

I laughed delightedly.   The buffoon.  But such a tender and sexy one.   I knew it most unlikely we would meet again, but I mentally thanked him for giving me a gift that would always bring me smiles and heated memories of lust and laughter. 

One man who knew the true gift of simplicity.  

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