Saturday Morning Tryst


“Touch yourself” 

The gruff whisper floated in the candlelit room, flowing over my naked flesh like a velvet stroke.

 My fingertips moved slowly, barely grazing my body as I circled my distended nipples.  They were so very hard.   Long.  Ripe.  Red. 

I could feel his intensity focused entirely on my fingers, his lust filling the room until it beat like waves against my mind and body.  I smiled with pleasure.  I loved the games we played.  He was a master at pushing just the right buttons on my sensual motor. 

“Pinch them hard, baby….pull them out for me.  Yesssssss.  That’s right.  Make them ache for me.  Mmmmhhh.  Damn, you make me hard, woman!” 

I delighted at the crack in his indomitable control.  I liked knowing we both had such sensual power over each other.  It was truly an affair of two halves making the perfect whole. 

I kept tugging my nipples…..my pussy getting very wet with my arousal.  I couldn’t help the tiny moan of need that escaped my pouty lips.  Damn him, I wanted him in me.  Now.  But, I knew I would have to throw in some surprises of my own to get him to break, and take me like a pirate plundering for treasure.  Ahh, I liked the mental picture that idea brought to mind.   He hadn’t plundered me in two weeks, having been on an extended business trip.  And, I knew it would take just a bit of ingenuity on my part to make him stop the teasing, and get down to doing the delightful deed of fucking my brains out.    

I sighed, knowing he was watching avidly, and moved my hand down leisurely over my taut belly.   I undulated, loving the way it made my mons tilt upwards, inviting and enticing him at once.   

I sifted through the tuft of copper curls that were shaped so prettily in the design of a heart, leaving my pouty pussy lips bare.   Plump, denuded of hair, and a delightful soft pink.  The inner labia were a deeper pink, and swollen already with arousal.  My finger entered the top of my slit…..touching lightly upon my clitoris.  My nubbin of desire was already hardening, distending itself, peeking through my plump labia lips.   I encircled it, and felt the wetness weep from my vagina.  Scooping up some of that musky cum, I slowly, deliberately looking into his intense gaze brought the glistening fingertip to my mouth.  Our eyes met.  My tongue slipped through my lips to lick the love juice from my finger, and he growled and lunged at the same time. 

My delighted laughter rang out into the room, and he pounced on top of me.   My arms and thighs opening to aid him in his landing.  He entered my cunt with his cock in one plunge, and I squealed with the joy of being possessed by him once more.   His mouth crushed my lips….tongues meeting and dueling like foes, then laving each other like long lost lovers.   I inhaled him, wanting to take all that he was deep within me to never ever lose the sense of belonging to this fabulous beast that loved and lusted for me.  We were made for each other…..carnally, emotionally and mentally.   True lovers. 

Each masterful stroke of his cock inside my pussy brought me up from the bed, slamming my cunt against his body to not loose one iota of sensation.   I could feel the head of his rod swelling within, and knew he was very close to shooting all that lovely cum deep within my cunt…and I let myself go.   

My scream as I orgasmed pierced the room.   His growls and heavy pants were so damn erotic.  We fucked like wolf mates.  We loved like all the lovers benighted through history.  We merged and became one. 

As his body bowed, I knew it was the moment…. and pulling my mouth from his…I told him to tell me.   

He grinned like the wild pirate he truly was, and brought our noses to touch….his cock still fucking me…..and whispered softly…. 

You are mine, baby.   This body is mine.   Your hot sweet box is mine.  And when I fuck you, every time I fuck you, that tells you I love you, baby.  Now, feel me.   Take my cum.   Take me. “

 His last word was punctuated with a strong forward thrust, lodging his cockhead up into the mouth of my womb.  I came apart like a million stars flung across the midnight sky.  His shout as he jettisoned all that thick hot cum up into my love portal made me cry out again.  I spasmed, cumming so hard I felt faint.  

The short, hard gasps were all that could be heard for many long minutes…..then he began to move off of me…..rolling us both until I lay on top of him.   I pushed myself up…and looked down into that face I loved so very much….and smiled like the contented puss I was.

 He barked out his own laugh….delighting in my smugness. 

You wildcat, you nearly made me cum before I could get inside you.  I ought to blister your ass for that little trick.   But, since I love this saucy little ass so much, I will put it to better uses.”

 Pouting as I rubbed the smarting part of my rear end…I couldn’t keep up the pretense very long when the adorable beast just lay there like some satiated pasha.   I had truly missed him so much.   And, remembering that we only had the weekend, I decided to put our time to pursuit of more beneficial uses. 

Sitting up on him…..I brought my hands up to cup my breasts…I felt the twitch of his cock beneath my bottom, and hid my grin of satisfaction.  I loved making him want me.    

Bringing one nipple upwards, I bent my mouth and kissed it…then suckled upon it…. Before licking it…..where he could see my tongue laving my own nipple...then I nipped it lightly with my teeth...and it became harder…longer…nearly an inch in length…….his cock was very long and hard beneath me now….I wiggled against it….moving until the head was butting against my anal entry. 

He brought his hands to clasp my ass, holding me in place as he rubbed his cock around the dark orifice.   Teasing……silently asking…….and I smiled…..and nodded. 

He pulled me forward……we kissed and my hands were now placed on his shoulders, as he levered my body around until he could gently begin entry into my anus. 

At first, I couldn’t relax enough, and he wasn’t going anywhere.  He whispered to me to just let go.  He would be gentle.  I never doubted it.  The man was not only the sexiest I had ever known, but the most caring and protective of lovers.  I felt very cherished and beloved.   It always made me want to give him more.  To let him know I put all my trust in him to keep me safe and happy.   As he knew he could count on me doing my damnedest to keep him happy and fulfilled. 

I nestled closer, and closed my eyes, and just let go.   I felt my body finally open to him….and he entered until just his head was fully embedded.   And stopped.  Waiting for me to adjust……to unravel my tense muscles.   It felt so different from when he was in my pussy.   Tighter.   All my feelings were alive.   Quivering.  Waiting.  I wanted this.  To know this dark forbidden pleasure that I had read so much about.    

He moved forward a tiny bit more…..and his hand reached down to circle my clit….which was very hard and swollen.   I gasped.   And he slid in another inch……and I groaned……and he stopped. 

I pouted up at him, and he kissed me hard.  I don’t want to hurt you, baby…he growled softly into my ear.   I pulled back until I could see his face clearly, and told him with a smile that I wanted it.  All of it.  All the way.   

He leaned down and drew one hard berried nipple into his mouth, sucking it with voracious hunger, and plunged the rest of the way into my ass until I could feel his balls against my bottom cheeks. 

My legs were on his shoulders, my hands clutching the rails of the headboard behind me…….and I loved it.   The complete way he controlled our bodies.  The way he fucked me, firmly….possessively…yet, lovingly tender.   The wave of orgasm took me by surprise…..coming hard and fast……..I screamed. 

And he shouted as his body jettisoned his very life’s essence into my body.  My anal passage milked his shaft of every last drop.   When he withdrew….he did it very slowly…….and as my legs were brought down, they were shaking still with the ongoing waves of orgasm that were flowing throughout my body. 

He stroked my breasts, belly and pussy…..down the inner part of my thighs….and putting his mouth to my cunt…he drank my juices.  Suckled my clit like a baby….and I came apart……crying out over and over…….. 

“Fuck me……..Fuck me………..Fuck me.” 

His muffled laughter barely filtered through the haze of lust that consumed me, yet I did indeed hear his satisfied pleasure in that laugh.   How I adored this man.  So very sexy…..funny…..generous of spirit and body with me.     

At last we lay in each other’s arms…..replete for the moment.  And allowed ourselves to absorb the full measure of pleasure we felt for the other.   

It was a truly delightful way to start a Saturday.  Fucking and loving.  It didn’t get better than this, I thought as I finally drifted into exhausted sleep.  I felt his kiss before I finally gave myself over to Orpheus…….knowing Eros would await us when once again we awoke.

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