First Time

The story I am about to tell you happened many years ago, however the events are still fresh in my mind.

It was late summer and I was building a tree fort deep in the woods behind our house. We lived a few miles from town and I found my entertainment in what I could do by myself. I had just quit my summer job and had about a week of free time before high school started again. I had constructed the platform of the fort on poles lashed to tree trunks on the steep side of a hill. The hill side of the platform was about five feet off of the ground and the other side was a long way to the ground affording a view out over the valley country side.

I had been working hard and was wearing only a loose fitting pair of cut off jeans and my sneakers. I sat down on the edge of the platform and pulled some poles that I had just cut up onto the floor. It was early afternoon and although the sunlight was broken by the canopy of leaves above and the breezes made the upper leaves rustle in the wind but the air at the forest floor was still and hot. I relaxed and leaned back against the tree trunk. I felt a breeze momentarily and lifted my arms to let it cool me. I noticed how the sunlight seemed to dance and play on the deck of the fort and looking up to the green canopy of leaves watched the patterns change as the blue sky and green leaves played. I was very comfortable until I felt my balls itch. Pulling the leg of my shorts aside I stretched and scratched my scrotum. Exposing it to the air made me feel cooler and I watched my sack change shape as the wrinkly skin moved and relaxed as the sun shone down upon it. I left it out and went back to watching the leaves. I don't know how long it was till I fell asleep or how long I slept, but I remember waking with a start at the sound of a twig snapping. I sat up quickly and saw Debbie, the girl who lived across the road, standing not three feet from me. She started to laugh. I thought she was laughing at my startled expression, but soon realized she could see my exposed testicles. I closed my legs together to hide them from her view, but now I think that she could still see them squeezed beneath my thighs. Liz, a friend of Debbie's was standing right behind her and Liz blushed a deep scarlet when I looked at her.

Debbie said she liked my fort and quickly climbed the ladder to the deck and sat down across from me. I told her she wasn't welcome and that I had built the fort for my own privacy. Debbie laughed again and called to Liz to join her. Liz climbed up and sat down beside her. I stood up quickly tugging at the edge of my shorts to make sure that I wasn't showing any thing and then sat down again. I wasn't sure what to do now. I wanted to throw them off but instead I just sat there. Debbie asked if I knew why she was laughing at me when I woke up. I told her I didn't . She told me she was just walking with Liz and discovered the fort by accident. She didn't even know I had been building it before now. She told me that when she saw me sleeping, she moved closer and realized that she could see my testicles. Debbie said she stood there a while and when she was sure I was asleep she carefully moved as close as she could. She told me that she had often wondered what a guy's sexual organs looked like and now she knew at least a bit more. Debbie told me she had motioned to Liz to sneak closer to have a look and that is when Liz stepped on a stick and the snap woke me.

Debbie went on to describe my nuts. She said they looked a little like Rex's, her dog's, especially when they were stretched tight beneath my thighs. I looked at her and realized that she was staring at my crotch. My penis was stiffening involuntarily and was starting to lift the material of my shorts. I drew my knees up to be sure to hide it. I noticed that Debbie had matured a lot physically. She was sitting with her knees drawn up towards her chest and her arms cocked around her knees. I could see that her hips had widened and the smooth skin of her thighs led my gaze to the space between them bulging against the fabric of her shorts. Her shorts also had large leg openings and I could see inside them to the edge of her underwear at her buttocks. Debbie turned her head and whispered something to Liz. I looked intently at Liz and realized that she too had changed. Liz was wearing a loose halter top and her narrow waist was accented by the way her waist band left a space around her as she sat on her heels beside Debbie. I almost couldn't stop looking at her slim waist and the shape of her bust as the halter top didn't do much to hide her form. Her breasts were larger than Debbie's and the fabric didn't hide their shape and her nipples were obviously erect and poking out two little pyramids.

Debbie suddenly stood up and came over to me and pushed me onto the deck and sat on top of me. I fought against her but realized that my struggles were just making my erection harder. Debbie with the advantage of surprise and being on top, soon had me pinned. She held my arms to the deck and slid her hips back and wiggled her bum against my firm cock. She smiled and told Liz that she could feel my penis pressing up against her. She moved her knees further apart to put more of her weight on my hips. Debbie told me that she was going to find out what the rest of me looked like. She told Liz to use some rope that was on the deck and tie my wrists to the pole floor.

When Liz had tied my wrists to the floor Debbie slid down my body until she was sitting on my knees. Debbie started to undo the snap of my shorts. I felt her fingers brushing against my stomach. My cock was lifting my shorts and I involuntarily flexed it as it was uncomfortable folded and hard. Debbie saw it move and lifting the material of my shorts, leaned back and looked up the leg opening. She slipped her fingers in along my thigh and touched the tip of my cock. I shuddered. Debbie held the material away from my leg and told Liz to look. Liz moved beside her and bent down to see. I raised my head and could see Liz's breasts hanging against the material of her top, her cleavage a deep groove between smooth globes. Her nipples pressed tight against the fabric. I felt my cock straining against the cloth of my shorts. Debbie again pulled at the material away and I felt from my cock straighten out. Liz touched the exposed tip of my knob as Debbie pulled my zipper down and tugged at my shorts. I lifted my head and could see my pubic hair exposed at the base of my shaft. As Debbie struggled and tugged my shorts under my butt, more and more of my shaft was exposed to their view. Liz gasped as my shaft was freed and my cock slapped against my belly and stood erect marking time to my heartbeat.

Debbie spanned my shaft with her outstretched fingers. She didn't touch it but guessed at its length. Liz saw my tape measure on the floor and handed it to Debbie. I felt the cool tip of the tape touch the base of my shaft below my balls. Debbie held the tape along my shaft and read out the measurement as ten inches. Liz was just staring at my cock. She told Debbie that my cock was too big and would never fit all the way in. Debbie said she was sure it would because that was what it was meant to do. Debbie told Liz to remember watching Rex having sex. He had put his penis right inside and it all fit. And didn't the cow stand still for the bull as if she seemed to like it. Debbie told me that she and Liz had watched the bull breed several cows. Liz said it looked more like the horses cock . Debbie put her hand around my shaft and squeezed it then she slid her hand down and felt my balls in their sack. She squeezed them a bit and I cried out in pain. She told me to be still or she would hurt me. I agreed.

Debbie put her hands around my shaft and squeezed it and a drop of clear pre-cum appeared at the tip. Debbie touched it with her finger tip and spread it gently over the tip of my knob. I flexed my shaft as her finger traced the edge of my knob. A larger drop oozed out and Debbie scooped it up with her finger and tasted it. I watched a silver string of pre cum stretch from the tip of my knob to her finger between her lips. Liz asked Debbie if I had come. Debbie told her to ask me. I told her that the clear stuff was only a lubricant, that cum was a thicker whitish stuff. Liz asked me to make it come out. I told her I needed to have an orgasm to ejaculate. I told her I needed them pump my cock or to untie my hand and I would pump it myself if they wanted to see me cum. Debbie told Liz that they weren't going to untie me yet. She said she had a better way to make me cum. Debbie squeezed my balls and shaft again and another drop of pre-cum appeared. Debbie told Liz to taste it, and said that I tasted better than she did. Liz blushed and looked at me. Debbie told me that she and Liz had licked and kissed each other's clitorises until they had orgasms. Debbie again told Liz to taste me and to my surprise and joy Liz leaned over me and licked my knob with the tip of her extended tongue. She licked her lips and smiled at me. Then she kissed the end of my cock and sucked it in between her pretty lips. Liz looked at me as she puckered her lips and sucked on my cock. It felt wonderful to have her soft lips and tongue surrounding and pulling on my knob. I looked at her breast pressing against my thigh as she leaned over me. Debbie was leaning over and watching Liz. Liz seemed to enjoy what she was doing to me and she held my balls in her hand as she sucked on my knob.

I looked at Debbie and asked her what a clitoris was and if I could see what she looked like naked, or would she at least show me her breasts. I told her since they had me tied up I couldn't hurt them and it would be fair as they now knew what I looked like. To my surprise Debbie pulled her top over her head revealing her small firm breasts. She then reached over unfastened and yanked Liz's top off. Liz's larger breasts fell free. Liz let my cock slip from her mouth and sat up. Debbie lifted Liz's breasts and kissed her nipples. Liz pulled Debbie's head up and kissed her lips and whispered in Debbie's ear. Debbie stood up. Liz undid the snap of Debbie's shorts and pulled Debbie's zipper down. Then she slowly pulled Debbie's shorts and underpants down revealing her smooth flat tummy and then the auburn hair covering her pubic mound and what was nestled between her thighs. Liz kissed Debbie's thigh and Debbie hugged Liz's head to her thighs as Liz wrapped her arms around Debbie's waist and nuzzled her face against Debbie's auburn bush. Debbie leaned back and tipped her pelvis against Liz's face. Debbie closed her eyes and let Liz lick and kiss her for a minute or so and then pulled Liz up. Debbie was completely naked and Liz pressed her breasts against Debbie's as they stood there whispering to each other. I don't know what they were saying but they were feeling each other and giggling. I watched Liz's hands squeeze Debbie's buns. Debbie was playing with Liz's nipples.

Liz kissed Debbie's cheek and knelt down beside me. Debbie stepped over me put her hands on my chest and squatted down exposing her vulva to my view. Liz parted Debbie's vaginal lips and showed me Debbie's small clitoris. She gave it a little massage as she told me it was where a girl felt the best. Debbie lifted my throbbing shaft and touched the tip of my cock to the top of her wet slit. I felt the heat of her body even in the warm sun as she rubbed my knob against her clit. It was as if she wanted to push her small firm clitoris into the small opening of my knob. Debbie raised herself a bit and I could see my knob part the lips of her vagina. My knob was almost surrounded by her lips as Liz guided it back to Debbie's tight entrance. Debbie lowered herself slightly and I felt my knob press into her. Debbie rocked on her heels as Liz tried to place my knob at the entrance of Debbie's vagina. Debbie held still and relaxed as Liz guided my throbbing purple knob. Liz had her fist around my shaft and with her other hand she parted Debbie's vaginal lips. Debbie lowered her self a bit and my knob slipped completely inside. It felt hot and smooth and I raised my hips to push in further, but Liz pushed me down and holding tightly onto my balls told me to be still. Debbie was shaking now and she lowered herself slightly more. I could see my circumcision line being enfolded by the dark outer lips of Debbie's vagina as she lowered herself slowly and steadily onto my shaft. Liz lowered her head to my chest so that she could watch my shaft entering Debbie. I couldn't see Debbie's vagina but I could watch her face and her breasts jiggle as she lowered her self onto my shaft I could feel Liz's soft breasts pressing against my side. Debbie put her hand on Liz's shoulder to steady herself. Slowly she started to raise and lower her hips. I watched Debbie's small breasts jiggle as her chest heaved with her exertions and felt the urge to press up into her but Liz squeezed my nuts again and told me to be still.

I found that I could flex my cock with out moving my hips and I timed it so that as Debbie raised herself I flexed hard and when she lowered herself I relaxed a little. It made it feel as though Debbie could lift me by her vagina's grip as she raised herself. Liz was feeling my shaft and balls. She licked her fingers and spread the wetness around my shaft. Debbie told Liz to let go of me and she let herself down until I felt her butt against my balls. Debbie stayed still but I could feel her vagina rhythmically squeezing my penis. I contracted my muscles in time to her motion. Liz had her back to me and her arm draped over me as she watched. I think she was rubbing Debbie's clitoris. She was whispering to Debbie again. Liz stood up and dropped her shorts. She stepped over me and I could look straight up between her upper thighs and see her dark pubic hair. Liz put her hands on Debbie's shoulders and squatted down until her pubic area was just above my face. Debbie reached under Liz and spread Liz's vaginal lips. Debbie told me that she had kissed Liz there before, and that she tasted good. Liz had kissed my cock and now it was my turn to kiss her.

Liz lowered herself against my face and her buttocks were right above me, my head held between her thighs. I put my tongue out and licked her slit. Liz shuddered and hugged Debbie tightly, rolling her hips forward and pushing back so I could lick her clitoris. I felt Debbie move again and she started a smooth rocking motion that felt incredibly good. Liz was enjoying my licking and she moved her hips to let me lick her clitoris more. She coached me and told me what to do. I stuck my tongue into her vagina and sucked as much of her lips into my mouth as I could. Debbie was getting more excited in her movements and she was raising herself and letting herself fall back down my shaft faster and faster. Masturbation had never felt this good! I felt that I was about to come. I turned my head away from Liz and told Debbie I was going to come. She lifted herself clear of my cock and I felt it slip out. Then I felt their hands playing with my wet shaft and balls. I asked them to rub it faster and I came suddenly spraying my load up between them. Liz cried out laughing and sat back as I sprayed her chest and stomach with my come. I mumbled that I couldn't breathe with her sitting on my face. Debbie swung her knee over me and Liz climbed off too. They were now on each side of me. They had such different sized breasts and Liz had almost black pubic hair. It was wet and curled in dark circles from her wetness and my licking.

They kissed each other and I watched them masturbate each other with one hand while they played with my slippery cock and balls with the other. They spread my cum over each others breasts and giggled. I felt that I was going to cum again and in a moment I did oozing cum with each contraction. Debbie bent down and licked my knob and sucked it into her mouth. I almost couldn't stand the sensation and asked her to stop. Debbie looked at me a moment and grinned and went right back to sucking my cock. Liz sat back and watched. It felt wonderful as Debbie sucked my knob and slid her tongue along the underside of my shaft and around the ridge of my knob.

Debbie let my wet shaft slip from her mouth, knelt between my legs and lowered her slippery chest against me. She slid up my body until she was lying prone on top of me. Debbie kissed my nipples neck and cheek as she told me that she liked Liz to kiss her until she came, but she really liked the full feeling of my cock deep inside of her. Debbie said they enjoyed experimenting with sex. She was sliding gently up and down my body our sweat and my cum was making little sucking noises. Debbie slid back down until her wet vagina touched my cock. Liz placed my knob between Debbie's lips as Debbie slid down and took my shaft inside once more. Liz told me Debbie was so horny she even had even let her dog Rex fuck her. So I realized I wasn't the first cock to fill Debbie's wet cunt, but I would let her be filled with it again any time she wanted it. I tried to imagine Rex fucking her. I asked Liz how he did it and she knelt on her hands and knees and pointed her swollen wet pussy at me. I almost forgot the wonderful sensations of Debbie fucking my cock as I looked at Liz's dripping wet pussy. I asked her if she would untie me then I could try her too. Liz looked at Debbie fucking my cock and then started to untie my hands. She said Debbie shouldn't have all the fun.

Debbie stopped fucking me and untied my other wrist. I rubbed my wrists they were sore now. I had been so concentrating on the girls and my cock I forgot how tightly they had tied me. Liz sat down facing me and as I sat up she laughed at my stiff cock sticking up past my navel. She asked how a guy ever managed to hide such a thing. I must admit it did look improbable. I stood up and Debbie caught my wrist and pulled herself up beside me. Liz said we looked like Adam and Eve. I looked at Debbie and thought that Adam must have had a perpetual hard on. Liz turned over onto her hands and knees and looking over her shoulder at me said it was her turn. I didn't need any coaching. I knelt behind her and reached under her and felt her full breasts in my hands. Debbie took my shaft and placed it against the entrance of Liz's vagina and as Liz pushed back against me, I felt it slide easily into her warm wet tunnel. I straightened my back up and placed my hands on Liz's hips. Liz rocked against me ever so slightly. I could feel the tight muscles of her vagina quivering as they surrounded my cock.

Debbie reached under me and felt around my balls and the base of my shaft. She told Liz that I should thrust like Rex did and then she would have a good orgasm. I felt Debbie's finger around the base of my shaft as she rubbed Liz's clitoris. I started to rock into Liz and as Debbie encouraged me I went faster and faster. I held Liz by her hip's corners and pulled her against me with each thrust. I could feel Liz's contractions as she neared orgasm. Suddenly she pushed back hard and stopped moving but cried out with weird little moans her vagina gripping my cock tightly with each cry. I slid my hands together under her chest and pulled her up against me as I sat back on my heels. I held her back to my chest and felt her full breasts in my hands as I came deep inside her. I could feel every contraction of my shaft pushing my cum deep into her. Debbie crawled in front of us and I felt her fingers exploring the exposed part of my shaft and balls. I was enjoying the sensation of Liz squirming against me as she moaned in ecstasy. I slid my hands down over her taught stomach to her pubic hair and up past her lower ribs to her breasts as she leaned back against me with her arm around my neck. She whispered that she had never imagined it would feel so good to cum with me inside of her. Turning her head back she kissed my cheek. I don't know how long we stayed like that but when I opened my eyes Debbie was sitting across from us playing with her clit. I felt my softening cock slip from Liz as I relaxed. Liz leaned forward and turned to face me as she climbed off of me. I tried to get up and felt that my legs had gone numb. Liz hugged me and I felt her breasts press tightly to my chest. Then she sat back beside Debbie and smiled at her. Liz said she and Debbie were both women now. They told me they had often talked of sex and they had read about it and experimented more and more over the summer. They even tried to spy on me in my room to see if they could see me naked.

I stood up and rubbed my legs. Liz laughed and pointed at me. My cock was hanging limp. I looked down at it, and as if it had a mind of its own it started to pump back up again. Debbie found my water jug and cupping water in her hands she washed her chest and crotch. Liz took the jug and poured some water over her chest and wiped it down over her lovely slim waist. I reached over and took the jug and cupping my hand poured some water into it and wiped her soft swollen pussy as she knelt knees apart. Her vaginas lips parted and I slipped my finger in and over her clitoris. She smiled at me and pulled my hand away. I saw some of my cum drip from her soft lips. She took some water and poured it on my cock and balls. We played with the rest of the water drinking and splashing each other till it was all gone. We sat on the edge of the deck in the sun until we were dry talking about sex and how the girls had planned to spy on me. Debbie gathered her clothes then tossed my shorts to me. I stood up and pulled them on and watched as the girls dressed. I watched them cover their lovely bodies and wondered when I would see them naked again. Debbie and Liz stood up to go and I helped them down the ladder. I climbed down and followed them down the trail to the clearing.

Liz turned and kissed me. She told me not to worry about her becoming pregnant. She and Debbie had planned for this for some time and had both been taking the "Pill" just in case they had a chance to have sex. Debbie kissed me on the other cheek as they hugged me and told me they wanted to do this again. I said it was okay with me and I would be looking forward to the next time. I hugged them one in each arm and gave each a kiss. They slipped from my arms and I watched them walk across the clearing. They turned and waved as they walked into the woods on the other side of the clearing. I don't think I'll ever look at girls the same way again.