Navy R & R


I'm in the middle of a six-month cruise onboard the USS Enterprise (CVN-65) to the Mediterranean Sea and Persian Gulf.  Every now and again people from all over the country writes a letter to any sailor just hoping to chat.  I ended up getting one in my mailbox, from a girl named Tracy; return address was San Diego.  We wrote back and forth for two months and talked on the phone a few times.  With about a 15 days left and looking forward to some well deserved leave, we pulled into Naples, Italy.  I decided while I was there I would buy my plane ticket back home after our ship arrived home in Norfolk, VA.  While I was buying my ticket I decided that I would make a brief stop in San Diego on the way back home.  Back on the ship I called Tracy and informed her of my plans to fly out to see her. 

The ship arrived in Norfolk as scheduled on December 23, and I was off the airport.  I was to spend ten days in Illinois with my parents and three days in San Diego with Tracy.  At the end of the stay at my parents, and a sure $200.00 phone bill talking to Tracy, I was off to the airport, destination:
San Diego.  We landed at about 8:00pm and after a little searching, we spotted each other.  We exchanged hugs and went to baggage claim.  With baggage stored in her trunk, we headed for something to eat.  We went to a place called Dick's Café.  After a pleasant meal we stepped out on to the street and decide that we would take a little carriage ride.  We both climbed in and got comfortable.  I took her hand as we started moving and she gave it a little squeeze.  I leaned over and gave her a little kiss. Now, it wasn't a long kiss but it was a perfect kiss, the kind I always see
in movies.  We enjoyed the rest of the ride then hopped in the car where she took me to the hotel she had reserved for me.  I checked in and we went to the room.  It wasn't a great room but hey, I was just going to be sleeping there. 

I decided to take shower.  When I was finished I came out covered only in a towel, went to my suitcase to get a pair of shorts to sleep in.  I sat on the bed against the headboard and she went the bathroom.  I turned on the TV and was flipping around when I stopped at The Grand Old Opry.  She came out
of the bathroom and straddled my legs facing me.  Somewhere in the midst of a Dolly Parton song, we started kissing, and our hands started to roam over each other's bodies.  I found her breasts and started to play with them through her shirt.  I moved my hand down her torso and up under her shirt,
hum I thought, no bra, and I didn't even notice.  I was 6'5" 200lbs at the time so you can imagine the size of my hands.  I just remembered the old cliché, "any more than a handful and it's a waste."  Her breast felt perfect. She pulled her shirt up and over her head exposing herself to me for the first time.  I started kissing her neck then moved down letting my tongue run once again to her breasts, her nipples were so hard.  As I moved my tongue to those nipples I thought she was going to cum. I was an expert at teasing moving my tongue around her nipple and then slowly sucking it into my mouth, biting gently, teasing her. 

She rolled off of me and we lay next to each other side by side. I removed her jeans and off came my shorts.  I started licking her entire body inch by inch with my tongue making her reach closer to a climax.  Getting to her panties I started kissing her pussy and her thighs and licking them. Then I kneeled in front of her on the bed and started licking her legs getting to her right foot where I would massage it a while and then I reached up to take off her panties.  As I do so I see the most beautiful
pussy.  It wasn't trimmed, finally, I thought, a natural woman.  Once the panties were off I went to her most sacred feminine part, which was already hot and wet.

I started kissing it in circles and then licking all around it making her moan more and more.  I looked at Tracy who was moaning and telling me how much she loves it and how much she wanted and needed me to make love to her tonight.  I started licking her pussy and I opened her lips with my hand and
started licking her like a boy licking on a candy.  Her clit was all swollen and I gave it a soft bite and that was where she started moaning more then ever telling me she was about to come and how much she loves it and how much she wanted me to fuck her and make her cum.  I kept on licking her pussy and
then she came all over my face filling my mouth. 

I caressed her a little while longer, increasing the friction with her fingers on her on my rock hard cock.  Slowly she pushed and pulled the turgid flesh, tugging it gently, wrapping her hand around it, up and down. Suddenly she moved down my body, covering my dick with her mouth.  She caught my gasp and grinned.  She pulled back, traced her tongue across and around the head, pulling slightly.  She sucked a little harder, moving up and down my length. She rubbed with her tongue, nipped with her teeth lightly, and flicked her tongue.  I started to twitch.  She stopped and pulled back, looking up into my face.  I was sweating heavily, eyes closed, mouth gaping open.  With a smile she reached up with her hand and stroked me smoothly, caressing firmly back and forth, up and down, twisting her hand
every so often.  I groaned loudly.  She leaned forward, swallowing my dick again, her tongue rubbing along it, right under the head.  She gave a careful squeeze of my sac.  She swallowed carefully, pulling back and then moving forward, covering my cock with her hand and mouth, she resumed her forward motion and suction.  Within seconds my dick was again twitching. She pulled back slightly, rubbing faster with her tongue and moving her hand, faster, faster, faster.  When she slipped the tip of her finger inside my tight asshole, I grabbed her shoulders and held her down over my pulsing dick as I came.  The convulsions of my orgasm made me arch my back, pushing my dick deep into the back of Tracy's throat.  She squeezed my ass while I held on to her until my thrusting subsided.  As she finally pulled away from me I spurted one last puddle on to her cheek and chin.  She casually wiped the droplets off with her finger and slipped it inside her mouth, finishing off the most amazing oral orgasm I'd ever experienced.

Please, I need you she whispered, wiggling her hips and trying to get my entire cock inside of her.  She arched her back, pushing her tits up toward my face.  I slowly slid my dick into her waiting pussy and she screamed and trembled in ecstasy.  I started slowly, my entire body consumed by the feeling of her wrapped around my cock, her arms around my neck, kissing my neck and shoulder.  She moaned and cried and whispered into my ear as my cock thrust repeatedly in to the deepest place inside of her. She couldn't stand the slow pace for long though, and she started thrusting her hips toward me, rubbing her clit against my pubic bone.  Drenched in sweat, feeling the night breezes sweep across our bodies, we fucked like we were teenagers, gripping each other tightly.  The caressing tightness of her, the
inexorable steel of me, drove us both into a savage state.  There was nothing except for the two of us.  Her soft thigh brushed against my hip, driving me totally out of my mind, and she pulled me closer with her long legs.  We moved together, rushing toward release.  I bit her neck, muttering against her skin.  She whimpered louder, and then in a nerve-shattering explosion we came.  Not together, but pretty close, her first them me shortly after.  It seemed to last forever, the night would never end and we
would be melded together in fireworks of ecstasy and a desire so hot it burned. Finally, we collapsed against each other, panting and drenched.  We held each other for about an hour then she got up, got dressed, and told me she will be here at 8:00am to pick me up.  And she went home.