The Long Trip


    We decided to take a road trip. From New York to Virginia. We never expected how boring the trip could get. But when it did, I decided to have a little fun. 

    But you were a really conservative person. You did nothing but straight sex, only missionary style.

    While you were driving, I began to move my hand over your chest. I loved the surprise look on your face, and I could tell you liked my soft touch. 

    As you drove, my hand began to move lower towards your dick. I paused and looked at the surprised, yet anticipating look on your face. So, I unzipped your pants and exposed your rising dick.  I stroked it several times until you looked like you were about to explode just by my touch.

    So I bent over, and kissed the tip. Then I slowly teased you, flickering my tongue around the crown, then I could no longer resist, and I shoved all of you inside of my mouth. I began moving up and down, slowly at first, and then more vigorously as I got into it. After several minutes, you pulled down my top to expose my breasts and began to play with my piercings.

    I felt you shudder and I knew you were about to explode, so I pinched your base so you wouldn't cum yet, I kept going, up and down, up and down, working my tongue around. You then moved your hand from my nipples down to my skirt, and you began to rub my pussy through my skirt. You then lifted my skirt to expose my newly shaved pussy, since I skipped the undies that day. You licked your finger and began circling them around my clit. By now i was
soo wet, and just waiting to be fucked.

    You took two of your fingers and shoved them into my love tunnel, and began to move them in and out vigorously, trying to work off some of the tension I was giving you from sucking your dick. As you worked your finger in and out, you began to match my rhythm. I began moving my hips around making sure your fingers got all the way in.

    After I began to cum, I let you loose, and you exploded in the back of my throat, as I swallowed it all as quickly as I could. Then I licked all around and made sure I got it all.

    After I was done you took your fingers out of my pussy and licked them off. I gave him a passionate kiss  and thanked you. we fixed our clothes and sat there with smiles on our faces until I fell asleep, wondering what would happen next.

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