Welcome Home


I invite you over, celebrating your return from military time overseas.  You are exhausted; yet horny just the same.  We hug and kiss and I watch your lips moving, those delicious, inviting, chocolate lips of yours...oh, how I want to feel them on my clit right now.  I choose to remain civil with you...for just a moment.  I hand you a drink, and watch how you swallow.  I smell your cologne, and I want to get even closer...I move towards you on the couch and you know what this is leading to...we begin to kiss passionately...how I love the taste of you...it delights me to no end! 

Being the breast man you are, you hold my 44DD's so tightly and move your face down to suck on them.  I am getting goose bumps just feeling the sensations you bring out in me...I move your head down and you want to slide my thong off...you want me to keep my heels on, and of course, I oblige.  You part my pussy lips...you see how they are dripping for you. 

I get up off the couch and turn on your favorite jazz music...you sit there with your legs open slowly stroking your hard cock and watching me as I  do a tempting tease dance for you...I bend down and move my hands up my right leg.  You delight as you watch my breasts begin to fall out of my bra.  You imagine your dick laying right between them...you want to pour some baby oil and proceed to fuck them in a slow, gentle motion, rising to a righteous fuck.   

I move my hands up to my breasts and watch you smile as I begin to lick my nipples, starting from the right one to the left.  You moan with delight as I push them both together and I lick my lips.  I move my hands across my stomach and move my thong slowly down but not letting them drop to the floor.  I put one finger in my mouth and circle my clit, moving in and out and you see how my finger is getting wet, so I insert two...I take my cum and circle my big, brown nipples and I know that we must fuck right now....I turn around and my ass is facing you now...you ask me to come closer so you can bury your face and give me the licking I deserve....but I won't let you do that baby...because all you asked me to do was to dance for you....*wink* 

I bend over and you begin to lick my pussy, holding my ass cheeks in both hands.  Your nails dig into my ass; you won't let me go until you're through.  I am squeezing my nipples now, feeling so many sensations running through my body.  Your tongue starts to circle my clit, and I begin to moan softly...you insert your middle finger into my pussy and the thickness causes me to move forward.  You pull me back and insert it once again...I want to fuck you now, but I know you're not done with me yet.  You finger fuck me until I announce loudly I am coming.  At that moment, you pull me and I am now sitting on your delicious dick.  Your dick is so big...we begin to grind and you give me more.  Your hands move forward and you grab both my breasts, squeezing the nipples tightly.  I love the way we talk dirty to each other.  You ask me whose pussy is this, and I scream your name.  

Your hands move to my hips, raising me up and down with such a feverish rush.  Oh those sounds we make with my pussy on your dick..mmmm!  I begin to pump you harder and you tell me to go for it.  I lean forward, because I know how you like to watch me work my pussy.  You begin to spank my ass, slowly, then harder.  Your legs are spread wide open now...I am holding on to your knees to fuck you right.  You say come on with it...NOW!   I raise up...I turn around and straddle you on the couch.  Now I am facing you....my tongue explores your mouth deeply.  I pull on your bottom lip, my lips move around and I stick my tongue in your ear, starting from the right to left.  I kiss you gently on your forehead...then your nose and back into your mouth.  Your hands cup my breasts and I hold them together for you to suck...you know how you like to suck...your mouth pulls on my nipples to the point of pain, but I want that pain, badly!  I hold your dick in one hand and insert it back into my pussy.  

I raise up and down, as if I am doing a dance...rising to the top and slamming back down...grinding until your moans fill the room.  What's my name I say...who's fucking you now?  You try to hold back, but you know you can't...it feels too good...and you know my perverted ass would stop in mid-fuck if I don't hear my name. You scream it...a wide grin is on my face now...you whisper that you're going to come...but not yet.  I stand up and walk over to the side of the couch and motion for you to join me.  You stand behind me and you know I want a real good ass fucking...your thumb begins to lubricate me...you insert your dick inside my pussy to get enough juice to slam into my azzhole.  First you start with just the head, and it feels so good...you give me more as I now feel your chest on my back.  You breathe short breaths and give me all of you.   

My arms stretch forward, as if to beg for release.  You spread my legs more further apart and make my ass even more vulnerable...you begin to thrust me hard and I know it is almost time...we are both sweating and cursing uncontrollably...you grab my hair and I hear that groan from you and I begin to fuck you harder and then you say "dayum baby" and you pull out and all that hot, steaming cum of yours sprinkles all over my ass.  You take your dick and move the cum back down to my sweet hole...and we almost collapse on each other.  We manage to make it to the bedroom and we assume the spoon position and fall asleep in each other's arms.  How I can't wait to see the sun in a few hours to start all over again....


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