Oyster Orgasms
Thorne Hartford

Thanks to my Aunt Anne I learned about fellation by eating raw oysters as a
young woman in France, although when she was teaching me how to savor a raw
oyster I didn't know there was a sexual and sensual lesson in the savoring.
It would be a few years later that she would during an afternoon cooking
while watching the movie Like Water For Chocolate that she would smile that
wonderful smile and in her voice advise me that "Oh dear Thorne remember when
I taught you lessons that would serve you well with fellatio?"

It was a early summer afternoon near the eastern shores of France that Auntie
Anne and I sat and she ordered raw oysters.  A few months earlier I had
turned eighteen, and this was something I really enjoyed with her once a
week, although the oysters were a new treat.

The oysters arrived on ice and she paused. Then she looked at me and said
"Thorne eating oysters is a delight for all the senses."  She continued by
letting me know that picking up the half shell loosened and admiring it was
like looking at a fine piece of art.  Later on I would realize this is what
one does when one begins fellatio.

She then ran her tongue lightly along the edge of the oyster teasing the
nectar. Then gently she moved the oyster and tipped the shell ever so lightly
and allowed the moisture to trickle in her mouth and down her throat. Then
slowly she tilt the shell up and allowed the oyster to slide in her mouth,
down her tongue and then throat.

She then talked me through my first raw oyster.  So I picked up the shell and
savored the smell and then ran my tongue along the edge and tasted the salty
liquid, trying not to spill any of the oyster nectar. Glancing over I
remember two men smiling at us. My Aunt nodded a hello.

Tipping the shell back I remember the cool nectar running across my lips and
tongue while I also questioned whether I could swallow the oyster meat
without gagging.  My Aunt smiled and with a sense of adventure I titled my
head back and allowed the oyster meat to slide across my throat and down my
throat while holding my breath.  Can still remember how the meat felt as it
entered my throat and how I realized I could do these oysters very, very well.

What I would learn is this.  Savoring raw oysters is very, very much like
doing and savoring great fellatio.  Running my tongue along the oyster shell
and teasing the nectar is much like running my tongue along a mans penis and
teasing the nectar that teases my tongue as it makes its way from his slit. 
Savoring the smell of a mans cum and then how I tilt my head so I can allow
his penis to slide like an oyster down my throat before I gently begin to
pump his penis.

Then feeling his thighs tense up and more cum and then having him moan in
ecstasy as he then allows me to take all the cum he has to shoot down my
throat like the oyster meat sliding down like wet silk. 

Learning to savor oysters has made fellation so utterly , utterly wonderful
and something I never gag doing. And yes an oyster and a mans penis are
indeed like a piece of art.