I was alone one night, feeling quite bored. The only company I had was my computer and the Internet. I, for the first time, entered a chat room full of people I had never met before, total strangers. I begin to talk to this man, not knowing what to say, but going with the flow. The conversation turned towards sex. I felt uncomfortable, tried to change the subject, but the more I tried the more he spoke about it. I decided to go along with him, let him carry the conversation. But before long I began to enjoy it, I talked more openly and more erotically the longer we spoke together. 

WE started to speak about what we like when it comes to sex, how we like it and how we like to do it. I soon began to feel rather horny, and since I was alone I had to pleasure myself. He must of sensed this in my writing because he asked me what I was doing, should I be open with him and tell him what I'm doing or shall I lie, instinctively almost he asked me "r u playing with ur pussy", gob smacked I answered "yes". His reply was short but sweet "mmmmm". I smiled to myself and began to give him details of what exactly I was doing, this turned him on in a big way "I'm really hard baby, what u gonna do about it?" he asked. 

 I was enjoying this game, the construction of my fantasy, suddenly I was no longer alone in my room I was in a seductive palace of my imagination with a man I barely knew, but yet I wanted him, I wanted sex with him... 

I walk over to him, I'm naked, and heís naked. Our bodies meet, I can feel his large erection pushing against my stomach, and I move closer to feel it more easily. Sliding my hand down his body to feel the size in my hand, he gasps as I touch the head and slowly move down it to the shaft and finally to his balls. I begin to play with his balls ever so gently moving then with my fingers. I can feel his excitement growing, as I move my and up to the shaft. Gripping it firmly in my hand. My body lowers as his cock is in front of my face, still holding it I guild it to my mouth. I begin to lick and nibble the head, blowing gently then kissing it, before I take it in my mouth. I suck hard and move my head up and down, allowing it deeper with each motion. Again I hear him "mmmmmmm", I can taste his precum so I stop, even though the taste is unbelievable. 

I stand up to be level with him; he kisses me roughly, but softly. I want him so bad, so bad it hurts. But now it is his turn to tease me. He lifts me up in his arms and carries me to the bed, placing me carefully on it. He traces his hands to my breasts playing with them with his hands, before he lets his head follow suit. Placing his mouth over one nipple, licking it softly, and sucking it hard, flicking it with his tongue, making is erect and sensitive. He does this to the other nipple also, giving each one the same amount of attention. His tongue traces a line of saliva down my body all the way to my pussy. He kneels down and gently opens my legs wide allowing him to let his tongue wonder around my pussy. His tongue delves in, parting my pussy lips and allowing entrance to my hole and to my clit, he starts on the hole. Quickly flicking his tongue in and out of my hole, making me wetter then before. Then he starts on my clit, slowly sucking and licking it, flicking it with his tongue and nibbling it ever so softly. I moan with the pleasure that he is causing me "ummmmmm oooooh", it feels so good, and he can sense what my body is thinking. He sits up on his knees to look down on my body, now shimmering with sweat. 

 His body covers mine as he prepares to enter me. He thrusts himself in hard and fast, so deep that it hurt, but only momentarily. Soon the pleasure took over the pain. He fucks me hard and deep, pulling almost all the way out before he thrusts in again, over and over again. Iím clinging on to his body and almost screaming each time he does it. He senses that Iím near to climax so he stops, not wanting it to end yet; he wants to tease me more. 

He turns me over, and starts to kiss and lick my back. Soon, without any knowledge he enters me. But this time slowly and gently, I can feel every inch, as it gets deeper and deeper. He starts to move his cock in and out, faster and faster, deeper and deeper. I can feel myself getting close he is too. I scream as the climax nears, he gets faster and deeper. I cling to the cloth under me, as I climax, shuddering under him, he still doesnít cum himself. I know he wants to and the climax is so hard and breathe taking. He canít hold out any longer as he comes hard and fast deep within me. We both kneel there for a time as we both try to catch our breath and stop the shuddering. Him, holding my stomach and hip, still inside of me. He doesnít have the energy to take it out. 

He finally takes it out of me and we both lay down next to each other. I look to the side of me to see his facial expressions, but all I see is a computer screen. And a personal message box. The only words showing are "ummmmmmmmmmmm", "ahhhhhhhhhhhh", and Yessssssssss".