My First Time


This brief story describes the first time I had sex as a young man. It was 25 years ago! Sorry if my writing has some mistakes, but English is not my mother tongue.

When I was a young boy, I lived in Europe. As it is customary in Italy, in the summertime, most of the families from the big cities leave the large metropolitan areas for the sea resorts on the Mediterranean Sea, vacationing there for at least a month or more. Usually a family would rent a space on the beach with a big umbrella, deck chairs, and a small bathing-hut used to store beach gear, and to change clothes. Because these establishments, called "stabilimenti balneari", are only assembled for the summer, the bathing-huts used by the patrons, are typically made with flimsy material like thin plywood.

Well, what happened that year I will never forget it! I was 15 years old, young, tanned, athletic and horny as hell. One morning I arrived at the beach quite late; everybody on the beach was either sea- or sunbathing. So I  rushed into our bathing-hut to change clothes. While doing so, I heard 
strange noises coming from the adjacent bathing-hut. What do you think a 15 years old would do?

I quickly spotted a hole in the plywood, and glued my eye on it. I could not believe my eyes! A young couple was petting, naked, on the bench inside the locked bathing-hut. She was the younger daughter of the family that was renting the hut next to ours; the young man was unknown to me. This was the first time I saw a totally naked girl in the flesh. She was probably a couple of years older than I was, and fully developed of course! I eagerly watch them making love, learning first hand many things about sex. Up to that point my knowledge of sex was quite sketchy, mostly learned by "talking about it" with my peers. I did not even know that girls had orgasm too!

I was so aroused by the sight, that I lowered my pants and I began to masturbate, by hand pumping my cock to relieve that incredible hard-on, while watching the girl lowering herself, and impaling her cunt with her boyfriend's cock. I was stroking my cock in synchronism with the movement of her pelvis, amazed at her pussy, capable to take all that meat up to the root. I was so envious of that young man, gifted with such a big, and fully engorged penis. A penis, all shining from her vaginal juices, that was so easily penetrating her with powerful thrusts.

I assure you that at 15 a young man can, and will ejaculate very fast, and so I did, but the excitement was so great that I continued to pump my turgid cock without stopping. It didn't even become soft! The show in the mean time was going at full steam; they did everything you can imagine a couple could do, while making love: kissing, caressing, licking, sucking each other's 
parts, and fucking. After twenty minutes, I was really exhausted; a little puddle on the floor, where my cum ended up, was there as evidence of my extreme arousal.

Finally, both stiffened up; some soft moaning, and a tense shaking followed; his soft cock popped out her vagina, trailed by the milky trickle of his sperm. After some cleaning, they put on their bathing costumes, and they got out in the open. I did the same after a few minutes, but not before I cleaned the floor of the hut. I did not want my mother to find any indication of what happened there.

My girlfriend Diana was only a few months older than myself. She was a lanky brunette, with a lean, and slender figure, typical of a competition swimmer. Diana had a very cute face, perhaps not a beauty, but nevertheless very attractive to me. Her face was surrounded by thick black hair, cut short. I remember that her most striking features were the most beautiful blue eyes I ever saw, a deep blue color, almost violet. Our parent let us out, every night, with a group of friends. We often played music and we danced on the dark beach, which was for the boys and girls, a stupendous excuse to embrace somebody of the opposite sex, and French kiss each other for hours.

Some of us actually perfected the art of pushing their pelvis against their dancing partner, and rub, through the clothes, our young cocks to orgasm. It was also common to find a dark corner on this enormous beach, and lay on the sand far from the rest of the gang, and pet for hours on the sand. 
Unfortunately at around 10:30 p.m. (and me too) Diana had to be home. At that age petting consisted mostly of kissing and caressing. I often attempted to slide my hand under her clothes, to caress her tits or her pussy, but she always push my hand aside. I even tried to encourage her to 
caress my penis, by guiding her hand and let it rest on my pants, but still no success, and she always pulled her hand away. So the only thing we did was to French kiss "forever". At 15 it was perhaps the best thing we could hope for.

The day after my voyeuristic experience, while we were on the beach at night under the stars, I had the courage to reveal to her what I saw in the bathing-hut. I was surprised to realize that she was very interested by my description, she often interrupted me with exclamations of incredulity, and 
doubt. I think that it was actually a cunning plot to dare me to ask her to come, and see for herself.

I remember that our knowledge of sex was quite incomplete, to put it mildly. So I told her that I would keep a watch on the girl of the neighboring hut, and I would alert her when I spotted her boyfriend on the beach. A week passed by, and by then I was loosing credibility with Diana, day by day. She was pulling my legs, saying that all what I told her was just fruit of my fertile imagination. I was really pissed off! Then, one day, finally I saw the boyfriend entering the establishment, again around noon, when everybody was either in the water or on the beach sun bathing. I jumped into the sea and I approached Diana, telling her that something was going to happen. She got out of the water, and without creating any suspicion around, she followed me in the bathing-hut.

As soon we were inside, I showed her the extra hole I did for her in the wall. The hole was hidden behind the bar were the wet towels were hanged, and it allowed some decent view of the adjacent bathing-hut. We waited for a while, sitting there totally silent with our wet bathing costumes on. I began to despair, when finally we heard the door of the neighboring hut 
opening up. We jumped immediately to our respective "holes". Diana was on her hands and knees just below me. The girl entered, and in an instant she peel off her wet bikini, showing her wonderful body on all her glory. An instantaneous hard-on came on me, and obviously very visible under my 
bathing trunks. Diana turned her sight toward me, resting her eyes for a few instants on the bulge on my crotch, and then she went back to the hole. The girl wrapped herself in a towel and sat on the bench waiting. A light knock at the door, and in an instant her boyfriend was inside. The door was 
locked, and without any preamble, she left her towel fall. She pulled down her boyfriend trunks, exposing his half-rigid cock. She took the head into her mouth, sucking, and licking it with fervor, pulling the foreskin backwards, and exposing the purple glans. I left for an instant the hole to 
see what Diana was doing. She was eagerly glued at the wall; I was so excited that I removed my trunks. My cock was stiff like iron bar. From the tip it was already oozing pre-cum!

I kneeled behind Diana's bottom, and began to caress her crotch; to my surprise she did not resist, she did not push my hand away like she did always before. I noticed that she began to move rhythmically her pelvis, every time my hand grazed her pussy above the wet fabric. Suddenly, Diana 
brought a hand to her mouth; she was seeing something that surprised her immensely. I went back to the hole, and just in front of us the boyfriend was penetrating his girlfriend in the cunt.

You have to consider that the scene was developing just a mere two or three feet away from our eyes. I left the hole again, and horny as hell, I went on my four behind Diana, and pulled down her wet bikini briefs. To my delight she actually lifted her knees to help me remove them. That was the first time I saw her naked pussy. Her pussy lips were slightly open, barely covered by her black pubic hair. I did exactly what I saw the couple do the week before. I approached her pussy, sniffing scent emanating from her vagina; I opened her cheeks and began to lick her all over. She did not 
move, on the contrary, she opened her legs even further to let me lick her more thoroughly. All this was happening in total silence. I was wild with passion. I released her bra to expose her tits. That was the first time that I had her totally naked in front of me.

Her snowy tits were hanging straight down. She did not have very much of tits, but they were well formed, and adorned with two small brown nipples, almost without aureole around. The white of her rear, contrasting with her tanned body was so arousing. Her skin was smooth like a baby's bottom. I positioned myself on my back and I pushed my head between her legs. She opened them even further to allow me better access to her pussy. She was still glued at the wall, watching the wild sex was going on at the other side. I open her pussy lips, and began to lick her, as I saw the boy do with his girlfriend. With mad greed I was sticking my tongue in her vagina, pushing it in and out, almost mimicking the action of fucking. I sucked her clit, her labia, totally inebriated by the scent and taste of her sex. Diana was trembling, brushing her crotch against my mouth, pushing hard down on me.

She turned around and saw me on my back; with a quick move and without hesitation, she went directly to my cock, and took it deeply in her mouth. I was in seventh heaven! But let's not forget that I was 15, that suck made me cum in her mouth. She left my cock go, looking fascinated at the spurts of sperm that were shooting from the tip of my cock and hitting her breasts. She moved her tongue around her mouth as to better taste the flavor of my cum, then smiling went back to the hole. Now the two were doing a 69 on the floor of the hut. I went back in the previous position to continue to lick Diana's pussy. I found it almost slimy, dripping wet. I licked, and licked without resting, until I felt Diana's legs clamping my head in a kind of spasmodic convulsion. I saw her little pink anus contracting several times, as she was having a powerful orgasm. At the time I did not know that she was having her climax. An orgasm that she told me was the first of her life. I 
continued to lick her clit but she pushed me away, holding her crotch with one hand. I went back to the hole, now the two were fucking doggy style. They were positioned in such a way that Diana and I had a perfect view of the two sexes engaged in the most passionate play. His testes were banging her rear like a pendulum as he pushed his rod inside her. She was rotating her pelvis, almost grinding her behind against her lover.

Although I just ejaculated a few minutes before, my cock was ready again for an other assault. I went on my knee behind Diana and opened her cheeks, holding my cock in my right hand, I pressed my glans against the entrance of her boiling vulva, and I pushed. She just opened her legs without saying anything, and slowly my cock began to open its way into her vagina. I knew about the existence of the maidenhead, so I was expecting great resistance, perhaps even pain for the both of us (I repeat my knowledge of sex was quite questionable) but to my surprise, I felt just a little obstruction, that vanished almost immediately. Diana backed towards my cock, and to my delight 
I felt my cock slowly sliding into her warm and slippery inside, up to the root. I was in seventh heaven; I was fucking my girlfriend! I pumped her time and time again, watching how some of the skin of her vagina pulled out as I pulled out my cock, and then disappear again into her. Luckily that I had already ejaculated a few minute before, so my endurance lasted for a while. By now she left the hole on the wall, and rested her head on the floor, while I was impaling her in her deflowered cunt. I think she came again just before I ejaculated deep into her pussy. I stayed in that position until my cock dropped out of her. She turned around and kissed me passionately on the lips. She let her tongue slide on my chest down to my soft cock, kissing it with tenderness. Smiling and in love, we got up, we put up our wet bathing costumes and we exited into the glaring light of the sun, without having said a word. That was the first time I had sex all the way! Diana was my girlfriend for over two years, then other things happened and we drifted apart.

Valerio 23 Sep 2001
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