Fantasy Island
Tiger Eyes

She said to follow the path out behind the hotel through the trees; he would know her when he found her.  That's what Tiger was doing, then. Hunting in the jungles of an island he and Sugar had flown to with the intention of finally meeting.   He wandered through a thick forest of trees and brush, all of it green with life, humid with the tropical heat.  Even in T-shirt and shorts, he was sweating.   Part of it was probably just the water in the air, but it didn't matter that much.
A soft breeze blew through the branches, enough to keep him comfortable. Birds, monkeys and other sounds echoed through the branches all around him.  Tiger, indeed.   Would that he really were!  With that thought he turned his attention back to the path.

Minutes flowed into hours as the Tiger stepped and sidestepped  fallen trees and branches, bits of scrub.  The sun still dappled through the branches, warmer now and there was less of a breeze.  In the distance, although it was difficult to tell with all the trees and the way the forest bent sound, he could hear the rush-pound of white noise; someone had their radio up way too loud!  What would a radio be doing way out here, and who would have it up that loud, especially off station?  Idiot!   That's not a radio, he thought to himself.  Water!  It has to be water, nothing else in nature makes that sound.  Funny that it took him so long to notice.   He aimed himself more or less in the direction of the sound and moved towards it.

The direction took him off the path, but still headed in the same direction; he wasn't turning himself about accidently.  Maybe she planned a picnic by a river, near some rapids.  The ground began to slope downwards into deeper, lusher plantlife.  He could no longer see
the path he had followed and the sun was but a memory in the leaves above.  Traces of it shone throgh, but he walked in shade now more than sunlight.  The noise grew louder step by step until he could smell the water.  He expected salt.  The air was fresh and moist, the only salt, a vague hint that filtered in through the dense jungle of trees from the long lost hotel.  He must be getting close.  With that thought he took more care where he stepped, although it wasn't likely she'd hear him with all the rushing water.  Perhaps he could sneak up behind her... no, she *was* expecting him regardless of how sneaky he tried to be.  "Follow the path," she had said.   Well, he wasn't on the path right now, maybe ---

A few steps later, he knew.  He knew because the place was a place she would have chosen.  Sugar had once made mention of a fantasy involving a beautiful forest and a gorgeous waterfall.  She must have known the place would exist.  He looked into a deep clearing that formed the bowl of a valley.  A small, clear lagoon filled the center of the clearing. A run-off stream emptied excess water down the other side of the clearing probably into the ocean.  On the nearer side, off to his right was a waterfall.  He guessed the height at forty to fifty feet, water tumbled and cascaded over rocks and through the air into the lagoon boiling the water at that end into a white froth of foam.  Sunlight poured down on a wide, flat rock near the waterfall.   Spread out on the rock was a large white towel or blanket, some bits and pieces of suntan stuff; lotion, sunglasses, a book, a discarded sunhat.  On one corner of the blanket sat a small wicker picnic basket.  Picnic, Tiger smiled, some picnic.   Near the shore of the lagoon he noticed a bright colored piece of cloth and wondered what she had dropped.  He vas about to go and find out when he realized Sugar was no where to be seen. A head bobbed out of the water then, near the waterfall.   Dark hair, long and wet it plastered itself to her back.  She reached up and pulled herself onto the rock.  Water glistened off her body as it emerged out of the water into the sun.  The sparkle of light off her high full breasts made her seem nymph-like.  Tiny rivulets ran and dripped off each nipple, tips hardened into small mountains from the cool breeze, splatting darkly on the warm rock.  She turned, stretching, and bending as if limbering up after a long swim, shaking out unused muscles.   She was looking for him.  She was expecting him to come into the clearing along the path which open to the left of where Tiger now stood hidden behind a small scrap of brush.  Water dripped down along her backside, he could almost feel the drops travelling down over her hips, down her buttocks, dripping from the small patch between her legs.  She shrugged then, bent over a reached for a bottle of water beside the basket.  Sunlight glistened off her wet cheeks for that short moment.  After a quick drink she set the bottle back down and stepped to the edge of the rock.  Her toes curled slightly over the rockc lip, she raised her arms to her sides, above her head and then vaulted into the water with a minimum of splash.  Tiger imagined the feel of the water on her body as she slipped back into its embrace; felt the slide of the water as it caressed her curves and lines.

It took him only a moment to shuck off his clothes, edge out into the clear to the blanket and pile the beside the basket.  Another moment and he slipped into the water fast and silent, going deep and in the same direction he had seen her dive in.

The cold shock of the water's embrace took his breath away for a second.  He let himself sink into the lagoons depths and adjust to the water.  She hadn't heard him, and hopefully, hadn't seen him.  Tiger angled his body up and over towards the waterfall above.  It would be the best place to hide or come out of to catch her by surprise.  He came up through the water just this side of the pounding rush of the falls, close enough in to be obscured by the sheets of water, but still visible if she went looking in this direction.

Sugar had surfaced already and floated lazily on her back across the water in the center of the lagoon.  Her face, breasts and bits of her legs and arms were the only parts floating above the surface.  Her eyes were closed, arms and legs hanging loosely at her sides.  The domes of her breasts shone in the sunlight, water lapping the edges of them like the shores of an island.  Tiger toyed with the idea of slipping up under her, but the shock might drown both of them.  She was moving so slowly back to shore.  Maybe if he parked himself in her path...

He pushed off back to the blanket and picnic basket silent as a crocodile, the water barely rippling; all the time keeping an eye on her should she decide to change direction.  In that moment, she moved.  For whatever reason, she decided just then to turn over.  Tiger dived, rather, let himself sink down into the water.  Through the misty green shadows of the water he could just make out a pair of wavery white legs treading water.  She was looking for him.  Expecting him and he wasn't here yet.  Her body angled again, this time back to the fall that he had just left.  She knows, and she's playing with me.  Or, she doesn't know, and she's hiding.  Tiger tried to decide which it was, playing or hiding.  Let's choose hiding, he thought.  He would hide with her, behind her, watch her.

He swam around the falls rather than go under this time, not wanting to risk coming up directly beneath her.  He took advantage of the shadows along the shoreline until he was in her blindspot, assuming she was already turned around and looking back up the path to where he should be.  There was a rock shelf that jutted out from the shore under the falls, the edges worn smooth by the passage of time and water.  He climbed over and onto it.  The shelf created an artificial floor, rough enough not to slip on, smooth enough to still be comfortable.  He waded it's length behind the fall to find it's limits and came very close to being seen by Sugar.  Careful, careful, he thought.  Don't want to ruin the surprise.  The shelf came right up under the fall, worn away into a round hole or something he guessed.  He crouched down, felt for the edge.  It would come very close behind her... It was then, that he realized Sugar wasn't treading water.  She  was sitting on the very shelf he had just discovered, just to intent on the path to notice him.  On his knees, then, he waded slowly up behind her.

Her dark hair hung in limp waterlogged curls down half the length of her back.  Water droplets on her shoulders, arms and back traded places with the spray from the fall.  It felt like a cool shower in the middle of daylight with no clouds.  She leaned back on the support of her arms feeling the spray of the falls down her front, caressing, tickling her breasts with their fine sting.  Her nipples stuck out, dark little umbrellas of flesh at once fending off the water and enjoying its attentions at the same time.  Through the spray of the falls, she
couldn't see Tiger, yet.  Maybe he had taken the wrong path.  Maybe he had turned chicken and decided not to meet her after all.  It would be a shame if that were true, she had been looking forward to meeting him in this secret little spot.   She glanced off towards the blanket through the sheets of water.  No sign of him there either.  She planned to wait for a few more minutes to see if he decided to show.

She tilted her head back into the spray and closed her eyes, feeling the spray and caress of the water on her face, wet kisses of rain in her hair, on her face, down her neck and trickling down between her breasts. She imagined Tiger.  Imagined him touching her with fingers and lips all over like the waterfall; smoother in some ways, rougher in others. His strong fingers holding her hands down against the rocky floor.  The heat of his body through the wetness against her, behind her.  The touch of his lips on her lower earlobe, teeth pulling gently on the sleeper there, hot breath in her ears.  Strong arms wrapping around her, pulling her close till she could feel his chest pressed into her back.  Lower, she could feel the dig of his manhood hard against the small of her back.  She dreamed of his hands cupping her wet breasts, hugging them in his palms, pushing them up to the spray of the water.  Touching, pinching lightly, the nipples hardening them further against the downpour of the fall.  She thought too, of the musky, salt smell of him mixed with the water, the scent strong, masculine, animal.  A nudge of his nose would signal a growl deep in the hollow of her neck on the left side at the slope between shoulder and neck.  Her imagination and the roar of the water combined in the throaty growl she loved so much.

Water cascading through her air, pulling and pushing it reminded her of his body moving so close if he were here.  She tilted her her the other way a moment and the noise of the falls was a growl in her other ear; the spray of water the gentle kisses there, then the teeth the sunk slowly firmly into the nook of her neck...
Her eyes flashed open!  Arms held her.  A body pressed into her from behind, his hardness in the small of her back.  Another growl, deep, long and sensual into her ear, and the words, "You've been expecting me?"

Copyright Tiger Eyes December 1998

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