The Big Surprise II


The weekend after the "Picnic", Steve came over and said we should get dressed because he wanted us to meet someone.  Joe and I had just had a long Saturday morning love making session.  I guess it showed by the way we looked and the house was a mess.  We must have done it every room of the house except the closet.  Steve looked like he wanted to start another session, but there was someone he wanted us to meet that kept him from starting.  I know I would have agreed in a second and I know Joe would like to also.  He mentioned Steve just this morning.  The memory of having had sex with another man was such a turn on for him (and me).  Joe is looking forward to doing it again.  We showered and dressed as fast as we could and left with Steve. 

We arrived at a large house with a circular driveway and an electric gate.  Steve rang the bell and a beautiful dark haired woman answered.  She seemed to be in her thirties, about 5'7" with a very sexy figure a great set of tits.  She greeted Steve with a long wet kiss on the mouth.  I believe they used their tongues.  Steve told us that the woman's name Martina, and she was from a small Central American country and was in the US visiting her wealthy relatives for a month or so.  Steve had met her at the nude beach on the coast.  They seemed to hit it off right away and seemed open to new ideas.  Steve had asked her if she had ever been with another woman.  Martina had not but has always thought about it.  She would not consider it in her country because it was considered taboo to the mostly religious population.  Steve went on the tell her of last weekend's picnic.  This really got to Martina.  Steve said she was so turned that while he was tell her the details, She discreetly reached down between her legs and gently massaged her clit.  Then Steve got to the part where he, without not notice, pulled Joe's cock out of Denise's pussy and began sucking it, she came right in her hand.  Steve was afraid someone on the nude beach would notice what Martina did and that the situation might proceed further, so he told her he would finish his story in a more private setting.  Martina said that her relatives were out of town for a week and we could go there and sit by the pool with some drinks. 

Steve and Martina arrived at the house and she told him to wait one moment and she went upstairs.  She returned wearing a bathrobe.  She told him to get out of his clothes and handed him a robe and they proceeded to the pool by way of the kitchen where they made some drinks.  At the pool, Martina immediately took off her robe and suggested that Steve do the same.  Martina couldn't wait for Steve to continue his story.  Steve started to feel a throbbing in his dick just thinking about what he was about to say.  Martina hung on every word.  Her large nipples started to perk up and became rock hard.  Steve finished the story and Martina could not take it any longer.  She moved over to Steve and took his now erect cock deep in her mouth.  Steve almost came right there and then.  Steve reached down and began fondling Marina's erect nipples.  She moaned but did not stop sucking.  Steve erupted in Martina's mouth.  She could not believe the amount and force of Steve's ejaculation.  She swallowed every drop.  Steve kissed her deep and long.  He tasted his own semen but didn't mind.  He was grateful for the great blowjob he had just received.  Steve knowing Martina needed to release, sat her down on the edge of the pool with her legs in the water.  Steve jumped in fully appreciating the cool water.  He went over to Martina, spread her legs and started to slowly lick, first her outer lips, continuing on to her vagina and when he finally reached her clit, Martina jump out of skin.  She let go so hard that she slipped into the pool.  Steve was now rock hard and just let her slide down and his cock just slipped in Martina's now drenched pussy.  She rode Steve with long hard strokes.  Steve finally stopped her and turned her around with Martina holding the side of the pool, Steve went in from behind.  Martina reached down between her legs and began rubbing her clit, while Steve was pounding her from behind.  Steve sensed that Martina was at the point of no return, picked up the pace.  Martina came with such force that her vagina muscles had a grip on Steve's dick, that he could not pull out for what seemed like ten minutes.  When she finally relaxed, Steve let go of his load.  Martina, feeling the force deep in her womb, came again and again.  When they were both able to speak, Martina asked Steve if he could arrange for Joe and I to come by for a pool visit.  Steve said he would and here we are today. 

Martina invited us all in and we went to the living room and chatted for a while.  There was a tray of finger food and drinks.  After a few drinks, Martina suggested that we all go sit by the pool.  I did not tell her that Joe nor I had bathing suits.  Martina said I could borrow one of hers and she was sure Joe was the same size as her Uncle.  Martina invited me up to her room to pick out a bathing suite.  She told me to undress and she would bring out the suits.  I was standing in the middle of one impressive bedroom naked.  Martina came back with the suits and saw me naked and stopped in her tracks.  She looked me over and said she very impressed with my body.  She said it was a shame to cover it up with a bathing suite.  She wanted to know if I have ever sunbathed in the nude.  I told her that I hadn't but it sounded very exciting.   I said maybe I should start off with a suit and work my way into the nude.  Martina agreed.  She selected a suit and brought it over to me.  She told me she would help me with the top, so I turned around so she could tie the back.  Martina slipped the strings over my head and brought the front down over my breast.  She made some adjustments but in doing so, she brushed my nipple.  I let out a little moan.  Martina asked if she hurt me.  I said on the contrary, it felt very good.  Martina, hearing that, reached up and started fondling both of my breasts softly and slowly.  I leaned my head back and it came to rest on her shoulder.  She continued working on one of my tits and with the other hand; she slowly massaged her way down to my now drenched pussy.  She rotated my clit between her fingers.  After a few seconds of this, I came in her hand.  She continued to work my juices around my clit till I came again.  I turned around and kissed her full on the mouth.  I was so turned on that I just wanted to rip off Martina's clothes.  As it turned out, I didn't have to.  Martina was half out of her things before I got my wits about me.  I helped her out of her panties and could smell her sweet pungent pussy odor.  I backed her up to the bed and she lay back, I parted her legs and for the first time in my life was up close and personal with another woman's vagina.  I have seen mine on many occasions, but you can never appreciate the beauty until you are inches away.  I opened her lips and it was as if she had sprung a leak.  Her juices were running down her ass cheeks and onto the bed.  I stuck my tongue out and tasted some of her woman ness.  It tasted sweet and nice; I started licking the full length of her pussy.  Martina bucked her hips up to meet my mouth.  I found her clit and started sucking on it.  It seemed to me to be large, but I had nothing to compare it to except my own.  I sucked it like a dick.  I was sucking like crazy when she finally let go.  She exploded like it was her first time.  Just then the door open and the boys walked in. They were not surprised to find us in this compromising position since we were gone so long.  

Steve was beaming, because he knew this was going to be a great weekend.  He and Joe walked over to the bed.  Joe went to Martina's side and Steve came to me.  Since we were both naked, we asked the boys to take their clothes off.  They wasted no time and were both soon down to nothing at all.  Since Martina had not seen Joe naked, she looked him over and was impressed by his size while not fully hard yet.  She took his cock in her hand as if studying it.  It soon was at full erection and a little pre cum appeared.  Martina stuck her tongue out and licked Joe's swollen head.  She didn't want any cum, pre or otherwise, to be wasted.  Joe looked over at Steve and he saw almost a mirror image going on.  I was gently licking the head of Steve's dick, not wanting to take him in my mouth yet because I wanted him to last for a while longer.  Martina must have read my mind as she was doing the same thing to Joe.   The boys looked at each other confused.  Finally I suggested we all retire to the pool area.  The boys reluctantly agreed and we all proceeded to the pool via the kitchen where we all made drinks and playfully grouped and tweaked each other along the way. 

Martina had thought that the house was completely empty, but she forgot about the housemaid that always seems to be invisible even with a house full of people.  Eva the maid was upstairs the whole time that Martina and I were exploring new territory.  She had seen the whole thing from the hallway of Martina's room.  When she saw Martina bring me off, her hand immediately went under her dress and she started massaging her clit.  When she saw me go down on Martina, that was it, she had one hand working her clit and the other trying to get the third finger in her vagina.  She came so hard that she thought the two girls would hear her.  She slipped into an adjoining room when she heard the boys coming.  She was trying to collect herself when through a crack in the door she saw the girls gentling lick the heads of the boy's dicks.  She longed to do that and brought herself to another crashing orgasm.  She was grateful that they all decided to take the party to the pool, so she could be at peace with herself for a few minutes. Eva had not been with a man for a very long time and never with a woman.  She wanted so much to taste what she saw me do to Martina, but she could not see it happening since she was just a maid so she decided to stand in the window and just watch the action from the second floor bedroom. 

We all were in the pool, naked of course and we were playfully touching each, fingering, kissing and sucking each other.  Like as I was sucking on Steve's cock as he floated holding the side of the pool, Martina went under water and was nibbling at my clit.  It was amazing how long she could hold her breath while she licking and sucking my pussy.  Joe swam up behind Martina and was massaging her pussy.  We did things like this for about half an hour, switching around from girl to boy to girl-to-girl and boy-to-boy.  Eva was watching the whole while from the upstairs bedroom.  She was very excited and once again started in on her pussy and tits.  She had her eyes closed and did not notice that I had spotted her in the window.  I motioned for the others to quietly look up at the window.  They were surprised to see someone in the house.  Martina mentioned that it was Eva the maid and she had forgotten she was still in the house. She thought she had the evening off.  We all continued to watch the effects of what we were doing in the pool.  Eva had her dress high above her waist and was twisting her clit between her fingers while the other hand was squeezing her very erect nipples.  I had the idea for Martina and I to quietly go up to the room and invite Eva to join us.  I was so excited at the thought of having another woman when I had none all my life.  We were very careful not make any noise for fear we would scare Eva off.  We got to the door of the bedroom that Eva was in.  She was obviously having a strong orgasm because she was shuddering uncontrollably.  We both walked up behind her and held her close.  She was surprised at first and tried to cover herself.  She looked up at the both of us and just melted in our arms. She gave me a big hug and would not let go.  Martina was stroking her back and shoulders and she finally released her vise grip on me.  Both Martina and I were still naked from the pool and Eva was looking first at me and then at Martina and back again.  She seemed to like what she saw.  She reached out to touch my breast; she lightly pinched my nipples and massaged my mounds.  Martina started to undress Eva and she did not object.  Eva wore no under ware.  We found out later that Martina's uncle ordered her not to wear any under things while she worked, that he could have easy access to her body for his frequent quickies that he forced on her. Through out the day in any part of the house.   But that is another story.  Eva had ample breast and a smooth tight ass.  Her legs were perfectly proportioned, I assumed from the years of running up and down stairs at the beckoned call of her employers.  Martina and I gently lay Eva on the thick-carpeted floor.  I started on her pussy and Martina let Eva have her way with her love tunnel.  Eva explored it at first; just rubbing Martina's sparse pubic hair and then her lips and finally she spread her lips and stuck one finger in.  She went all the way in and then she put her finger in her mouth to taste Martina's love juice.  She seemed to like it because she dove in tongue first.  Eva licked and sucked like a woman possessed.  Maybe she was reacting to the tonguing I was giving her.  Martina's eyes rolled back and I knew she was Cumming. Eva did not let up; she just kept licking and sucking.  She even grabbed Martina's legs to gain a better leverage since Martina was trying to pull away since her pussy was very sensitive at this point and she needed some relief.  Eva finally released Martina when I stuck my tongue as far up her vagina as I could.  She could not hold on any longer and with a great burst of force, Eva let go of her orgasm.  She shook so violently we thought she would not recover.  I needed a towel to wipe off the pussy juice that came out of Eva.  It was incredible the amount of liquid that came out of Eva.  If I didn't know better I would have thought that she was pissing, but I knew better. 

While we were upstairs "Surprising" Eva, the guys were still by the pool and getting into themselves.  Steve was lounging on the side of the pool, thinking about the event on the last half hour and was unconsciously stroking himself.  Joe was sipping a drink and noticed Steve's action and asked if he could help.  Steve was grateful and said "of course".  Joe took control of Steve's dick and started to massage it up and down for a while, until some pre cum was visible.   He knew that Steve was ready to receive the mouth invasion that was about to happen.  Joe took Steve's massive cock deep in his mouth.  Joe went up and down for what seemed like hours.  Steve let go of his load with such a great force, that Joe could not hold it all in his mouth.  Steve's cum leaked out all over Joe's hand and beyond.  Joe swallowed as much as he could but he is not very experienced in situations like this.  Steve got up and dove into the pool to collect himself.  He came up to the pools edge and motioned Joe over to the edge of the pool.  Joe sat on the edge with his legs in the water.  Steve came over and stood between his legs.  Joe's cock had gone soft.  Steve took it in his hand and started to massage it gently.  He licked around the head as his hand worked his shaft up and down.  I had just glanced out the window and saw what the boys were doing.  I motioned for the girls to come and see.  Steve had just made Joe's dick disappear in his mouth as the girls got to the window.  Eva took a deep breath cause she had never seen two men have sex.  Her eyes were wide and her mouth was open wide as she took in sight at the pool.  Martina and I were tore between watching the boys and the reaction it was having on Eva.  Steve was really working Joe's now fully erect cock.  Joe's head was leaning way back and for some reason he opened his eyes and saw us watching.  This must have added to his excitement cause he grabbed the back of Steve's head and let go such a load Steve had to let go of Joe's dick causing the next spurt to hit Steve on face.  So as Steve struggled to swallow what he had in his mouth Joe let go of another spurt but Steve caught that on in his mouth.  Steve grabbed Joe's cock and got back in his mouth to suck any cum Joe still had left.  Finally Joe took Steve's face in his hands and reached down and licked his own cum off of his face.  That was it for Eva; She had her hand in her crotch and was pumping away at her pussy.  Martina went over and took Eva's had away and replaced it with her own.  She had first two then three fingers in Eva's Pussy.  She was pounding in and out so fast I could barley see her had move.  Eva was so wet the Martina's whole hand went in Eva's pussy.  I couldn't stand it any longer.  I went behind Martina and stuck my fingers in her cunt.  She was dripping wet.  She pushed back on my hand to make it go in further.    Martina was working on Eva and I was working on Martina and just as I thought that no one was working on me, Steve came up behind me and drove nine inches deep into me pussy all in one thrust.  He pounded me so hard that I came in seconds.  This made me pound Martina even harder and Martina pounded Eva.  Suddenly, Joe was guiding Eva's mouth to his dick.  She seemed surprised at first but went at it like she had done it before (which she had not).  Steve and I came together and Martina and Eva came together and Joe unleashed a gusher in Eva's mouth and face.  She was in heaven.  Never before had she been so turned.  Never before had she enjoyed sex since it had always been forced on her by someone she didn't like and never before he she ever had and orgasm.  She will never be the same after the Big Surprise.