I know that I've been dreaming some pretty kinky stuff when I roll over in this huge bed and discover my body is glistening with sweat and my pussy is deliciously wet and throbbing.

I rub my eyes and arch my back as my hardened nipples brush against the soft sheets. I am naked except for my black stockings and black lace suspenders.
I turn over in bed and see my reflection in the mirrors on the wall. I begin to touch myself, I caress my rock hard nipple between my fingers and move my other hand down my body, opening my legs, I dip my fingers into my wet pussy, moving them gently up and down, dipping a finger or two inside me. I groan loudly, moving my hand quicker, finger fucking myself.
I know you are watching so I continue bringing myself closer to orgasm and withdrawing my fingers from my now soaking wet pussy, I start all over again.
I can hear you breathing, getting more and more turned on outside the door, watching me through the mirror, my ass moving up and down as I bring myself to the brink again. I am now so wet and horny that my groans become louder and louder, my fingers move quicker inside my pussy and I writhe around on the bed.
You are beside me now, on the bed unable to watch any longer, you bury your head deep between my legs, sucking at my pussy and licking every last drop inside me. I shudder and moan loudly not wanting you to stop I search hungrily for your cock, it is aching to be sucked and fucked. I place it in my mouth and hear you groan as I begin to suck it, from the tip down to the base and back again, you can tell that I love having your cock in my mouth as you bring me closer to orgasm. I lick your balls, taking them one by one into my hot, wet mouth and sucking them gently. I lick around your ass, probing my tongue inside trying to concentrate on my job as you lick and suck my pussy. I feel my pussy become red hot, my juices pouring out into your mouth. 

I find it hard to think about anything at all as my pussy contracts violently and I scream out only drowning out my voice by sucking your cock even faster. I sense your body shaking and you groan loudly as you shoot your cum into my welcoming mouth. We hold each other tightly as our orgasms sweep through us, our breaths coming short and quick.
After a few minutes I get up from the bed, switching the camera off and removing the tape.
"We can watch that later"you say as your cock begins to rise to greet me again.
"Yes," I say," but much later, let's fuck!!!!!"
"This will be 8 times tonight y'know?"
So after that, we lost count, but our video sure came in handy!.