For Emm


I had been going out with Emm for a couple of weeks. We had met through mutual friends and there was instant attraction both ways. On our second evening out she had invited me over to spend the night, but told me beforehand she had never had sex before. She wasn't sure about it, and wanted to wait. I was a little disappointed, of course, because she was very good looking and had a wonderful body. But as it was her desire to wait, there was little I could do but wait too. We met a couple of times for drinks and movies, and I was certainly very fond of her, admiring her cute and gorgeous body, but never pushing her into something she didn't feel comfortable with. I was dreaming very vividly about her all the time though, 
I couldn't help but fantasizing about her, how she would look naked, how it would be to have her.

A few weeks later I had to travel South to attend meetings with a client. Jokingly I asked her to join me, making cheesy remarks about nice hotel-rooms with big double beds. She said she couldn't make it, but she 
sounded sorry about that. I didn't really think about it twice, and left. She rang me the same evening in my hotel, teasing me and asking about the double-bed and hot bath-tub. I thought she was winding me up, and went to sleep, having bewildered dreams about her (again!) all night.

The morning after I met my clients, and arrived back in my hotel after a long and tiring, but satisfying day. Absent-mindedly I asked for messages at the reception, and the girl informed me that "there is a certain lady waiting for you in the hotel bar". My heart-rate going up a beat or two, I walked over to the bar, to see Emm sitting at the end of the bar all by herself, in deep thought, sipping a red wine. "Hey gorgeous", I said when I was standing almost next to her. She looked up and immediately got up and hugged me. "Show me your hotel room", she whispered in my ear. I quickly took her to the elevator. She was strangely quiet and was looking at me all the time. I couldn't keep my eyes of her as my heart was bouncing. In my room, she took off her coat and sweater, revealing a tight shirt and jeans. She pulled me 
to the bed.

"I couldn't sleep at all last night. I kept thinking about you and your big double bed. I so want you to have sex with me", she said. She moved over and started unbuttoning my shirt. She was eager but also breathing a little nervous. I started feeling her breasts, they fitted in my hands perfectly. I removed her shirt as she removed mine, and then laid her on her back on the bed. Kissing her breasts and her stomach, I started to unbutton her trousers as Emm laid back and closed her eyes. Once her jeans were gone, I started to 
focus on her little area, rubbing over her undies until she quickly removed them herself. I told her to lay down on her back, to just relax and enjoy. I remember thinking this was the first time she would be given head, so I better had to make it worth the wait. I rubbed her clit with my fingers and my tongue, carefully entering her and massaging her little tunnel until she started breathing very heavily. She urged me on with her hands and as I increased the pace, she was sighing and urging me to go faster and deeper. She came in an almost peaceful way, squeezing me between her little legs as to never let me go.

"Now it's my turn", she said, once she had regained control over her breath and her body. Obviously she was more relaxed about the whole thing after her orgasm. She pushed me on the bed and start removing my trousers which I was still wearing. She was kissing me all over my body and as I was caressing her hair, I was secretly hoping that she would give me the same treatment as I had given her. I wasn't to be disappointed, and as she pulled down my boxer short, the little soldier immediately stood to attention. She took my dick in her hands, squeezed it carefully, and started kissing the head, licking it, and then took it in her mouth completely. As she started moving her mouth over my dick, I looked down, and the sight of my cute Emm with my hard dick in her little mouth was a truly fantastic sight, I had been dreaming about that almost constantly since I met her. She certainly had a gift for oral pleasure. After a few minutes of fantastic joy, I pulled her up as I didn't want to come too soon, I wanted this to last longer. First 
she protested a little, she said that she wanted to taste more of me, but then, she pushed me on my back again and climbed on top of me. She held my hands behind my head and start rubbing the top of my dick with her little island. It slid in slowly and she was gasping for breath at first, then, ever so carefull, moved down. She made some moaning noises and started moving up and down. I freed my hands which she was still holding firmly, and she sat up straight, fully welcoming my dick in her. As she threw her head 
in her neck in thorough enjoyment, I started caressing her back, her breasts and her cute bum. With one finger, I was paying extra attention to her little bumhole, just caressing the outside. She rode me pretty fast for a few minutes and it felt as if I was in heaven. When I started to feel the climax approaching again, I lifted her off me.

"Sit down on all fours", I told her and she quickly obliged. Because she is tiny compared to me, we had to juggle a bit to get in this position alright, but once she was sitting on her hands and knees, it was a sight I will not soon forget. First I carressed her a little, telling her she was beautiful and so sexy.

"Please, it almost aches, continue to fuck me, I can't wait anymore", she said, and I didn't need any more encouragement. Carefully, I entered her from behind. She shivered and started moving to my rhythm. It felt absolutely unbelievable, and I had to control myself not to come to soon. With both hands, I carressed her back, and then her breasts. I could see she liked it as she shivered and moaned softly. After going on for a while, slowly increasing the pace, this time it was her, she suddenly pushed herself of me and looked over her shoulder. "I want you to take me in my ass", she whispered. I couldn't believe what I was hearing, but wasn't going to complain! I never thought she would let me fuck her in her ass so soon.

"Just a minute", she said as she reached next to her to get her jeans. In one of the pockets, she a little pot of Vaseline which she gave me." Just be careful, it still is my first time", was all she said in a husky erotic voice. She resumed her position in front of me, on all fours, and I started applying the lube to her pink little hole. I slowly pushed in my finger a little and she moaned softly. I was afraid that it might hurt her, 
but she placed her hands on her hips and spread her little hole further open. I withdrew my finger and applied some of the lube to my dick, which was harder then ever before. I placed my manhood in the right position and slowly pushed the head in her ass. It felt incredibly tight but it was better then I had even fantasized.

"Ooh, that feels so nice.. I want all of it in my ass", Emm moaned, and I was not to argue.. Slowly, I pushed further into her tight ass. It felt incredibly good, and as Emm started moving her hips I carefully moved 

"Deeper, deeper..", she whispered as she tried to relax her tight hole and was spreading it even further with her hands. After a few moments, I was as deep in her ass as I could. I started moving in and out and Emm was making sounds of approval. When I reached for her clit and started massaging it, she started to come in a long, slow moan. At this point, I couldn't hold myself anymore and began to fill her cute little ass with thick white cum. We orgasmed for almost a minute, as she put her hands on my hips, keeping my 
dick as far in her ass as possible. I kept pumping my cum in her but, it felt it would never stop. I had never had such an orgasm before in my life. After a while, I slowly and carefully withdrew from her ass and we both collapsed on the bed. Emm was already half asleep. "That was yummy, thank you soo much", she whispered, before she was gone. She cuddled up in my arms and fell in a deep sleep. After listening to her 
breathing for a few minutes, I reached over to my shirt. I got out my fags and quietly smoked a cigarette, reliving the whole evening, enjoying it again, already eager for the next morning..

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