First Wank
Shy Boy


I’d never really been to interested by girls when I was at school, so it shouldn’t really surprise you to learn that my first sexual experiences were of a slightly homosexual nature. All quite innocent really, but I’m sure if my parents, teachers or even some of my peers had found out what Terry and me were doing, they’d have had a fit and died happy. 

I was 14, and while some of my friends were beginning to take an interest in the delights of some of the more developed girls in the year such as the sultry Julie Brown and her wonderful budding breasts. My whole life was taken up with plastic airplane kits and model railway engines and playing war and so on. You also have to understand that back then there was no sex education as such. We’d been given some talks about the process of making babies, but nothing really specific. One of our textbooks showed a black and white picture of a naked man and woman. From memory, the man’s cock was about 5 or so inches and was not erect (of course at that time I didn’t know what an erection was). The woman had big heavy breasts and an unruly mass of pubic hair that effectively hid any promise of the delights to be found behind it. For their part, my parents never even broached the subject. 

So it was with some concern that I awoke from a dream in which the aforementioned Julie Brown figured quite prominently one night to find my own cock massively swollen and aching. I did of course touch and play with it, and although this felt nice, I had no idea of what I could do to ease the tension. Surprisingly enough, this nocturnal awakening did not end in a sticky mess in my pajamas. I spent the rest of the night uneasily wondering if it would ever get small again. Maybe I had some horrible disease or something. I did eventually drift off to sleep and when I awoke, my cock was back to normal. So it was with some relief that I went down to breakfast. 

In fact by that afternoon I had forgotten it had even happened. It was a gloriously warm spring afternoon, on a Saturday if I recall correctly. Terry and myself had wandered away from town and were sitting on the shore of Palmer’s Lake. Despite the warm weather, this part of the lake was quiet. This was generally the case, due to the fact that most of the boating and picnicking took place a few miles down the shore at a readily accessible picnic area. 

Because of the weather, we had taken our shirts off, and as always back then were dressed in identical khaki shorts. My shirt was tied round my waist, and Terry’s was draped around his shoulders. We’d settled under the shade of a big willow tree and were both stretched out on our backs. Terry had been talking quite happily away about the forthcoming movie Where Eagles Dare. This was the latest film of our hero and role model Clint Eastwood. We were both pestering our respective parents to allow us to watch the film when it opened later that month. 

Suddenly, without warning, Terry mentioned that his older brother Mark (another important figure in our lives) was taking a girl to the movies that night. I was puzzled and asked why. 

“I think he wants to do her” said Terry with a snigger. 

“Do her?” 

“Yeah, you know, screw her” 

My mind boggled. What did he mean screw her? Terry looked at me and could see I was struggling with this, so he elaborated. 

“He’s going to make a baby” 

“Yuk, does that mean he’ll have to kiss her?” 

“Better than that, she’ll have to drink his jism” 

“Jism” I gasped “What’s jism” 

Terry did not bother replying to this but just laughed gently. We both lapsed into a reflective silence and for some reason my mind went back to the previous night’s problem with my cock.  

“Terry, does your thingy ever get, umm, you know, hard?” 

“Yeah, all the time” 

A feeling of relief came over me. Someone else had the same problem. “So what do you do” 

Terry looked sideways at me “Have a wank of course” 

For the second time (but not the last) that afternoon I was non-plussed. “Have a wank?” 

“Yeah, wank, you know?” He made a quick up and down gesture with his hand. Seeing I was none the wiser, a slow grin came over his face. “You’ve never done it have you?’ he asked. 

I began to blush, “Done what? You mean wank, no I don’t know what you mean” 

His grin grew wider and slyer. “I’ll show you if you want” 

I was intrigued and said OK. Terry sat up and without warning eased his shorts and pants down below his knees.  He eased his shirt off his shoulders and then after a moment’s thought, pulled his shoes and socks off and removed his shorts completely. I looked away in discomfort, I’d seen Terry and the other boys in my class naked in the showers at school, but this was different. Terry told me to watch. Looking back down, I saw that he had one hand wrapped around his cock and he was very slowly moving it up and down. As I watched, his cock was growing and stiffening in a similar manner to the way mine had the night before, and if the truth be told was doing so now as well. The end had turned purple, and he had pulled the skin back. He speeded his motion up slightly and then stopped. 

“You keep doing this until the jism comes out. Then if a girl swallows it, she’ll have baby” he said with some authority. “You want to try it?” he asked. 

My own cock was by now beginning to get very hard indeed, and I nodded my head. Terry leaned over and put his hand on my cock and started rubbing through my shorts. It felt great and I lay back and closed my eyes, but then he stopped. I looked up questioningly at him. “You do me and I’ll do you” he said. Feeling very reckless, I gave him my hand and he guided it to his lap. I gingerly touched the thing and was surprised at how stiff but flexible it actually felt. Letting Terry guide me at first, and then taking over myself. I rubbed my hand vigorously up and down. Terry told me to let my hand slide more and not to grip so hard. By this time traces of a clear liquid were seeping from the end of his cock and I assumed thus was the fabled jism and that I had wanked him successfully. However, he was obviously happy for me to continue, so I did. He’d propped himself up on his elbows and was watching intently. Suddenly, he gave a muffled grunt and closed his eyes. A great shot of white stuff jetted from the end of his dick and landed on my face and hair. As I kept pumping, more and more shot out. Some ran down his cock and my hand became slippery. This seemed to force him to shoot even more out. Finally it stopped coming, and I pulled my hand away. Without thinking, I put my hand, which was covered in Terry’s jism into my mouth and licked my fingers. The jism was warm and sticky and slightly salty.  “Wow, that was great” he said and promptly sank back on the grass. 

I wasn’t to be denied though. I stood up, untied my shirt from my waist and eased my shorts and then my underwear down. It felt wonderful to let my cock, which was by now bursting, spring free. It was like as small pole sticking up into the sky. I wanted to be as naked as Terry, so I stepped out of my shorts and quickly pulled my shoes and socks off. My cock was aching and I thought it was going to break, but I resisted an instinct to touch it myself. I wanted Terry to do it! “Come on, you said you’d do it!” 

Terry, grinned resignedly and got to his knees. He spat on one hand and then slowly gripped my yearning cock. Oh god, it felt so good. Terry moved very slowly, sometimes giving quicker bursts, but always tantalizingly slowing and stopping and then starting again. Part of me was in heaven, and part of me was going crazy with the pet up tension. 

I began moving my hips in time to Terry’s motion and suddenly I was aware that a feeling of unstoppable tension was building up inside of me. Terry, who was on his knees facing me, suddenly began caressing my balls with his other hand. It was too much. My cock finally did explode. What seemed like gallons of jism shot out. Much more than Terry had done. It went all over his face, his hair and his chest. “Oh shit” he cried. Then he grinned “That’s called cumming” I was sank against his shoulders, as my whole body seemed to catch fire. Terry kept slowly wanking me and finally, the jism stopped. My whole body, right down to my toes was tingling. I sat down utterly spent. With one hand I rubbed my jism into Terry’s nipple. I noticed that his cock was swelling again. 

Terry jumped up, and said we should clean up. We both ran down to the lake and splashed about for a few minutes. The water was freezing, so we soon headed back to the beach. By now we were both hard again, so this time we lay down and wanked each other at the same time. I came first and Terry just after. Nowhere near so much this time. 

“Maybe next time you can kiss my thingy” Said Terry as he lay contentedly playing with my balls. 

“But I’ll have a baby or something” I protested. 

“Nah, only girls have babies. Don’t you know nothing” 

“Oh yeah” I replied, my mind was already picturing Terry’s delicious cock in my mouth. I could hardly wait!