The Neighbor

How do I get myself in these fixes? There I was minding my own business having a yard sale and she had to show up. I saw her drive up and my heart stopped and my bone hardened in my pants. I have always been a sucker for big tits and a beautiful ass and she had both. Today was no different from any other except she had to show up on my lawn with those beautiful nipples sticking out front proudly showing that she wasn’t wearing a bra and didn’t really need to. Her hair was up showing the smooth length of her neck, which I longed to kiss and lick. I slowly started to rise from my chair and see if I could get away without showing my hard dick, but she called me and asked me if I was firm on the price of one of the items she had picked up. I was firm all right but not the way she was talking. I had seen her once naked and that was all it took for my mind to be forever engraved with the image. I had been jogging early in the morning in the neighborhood and was slowly moving down her street when out of the corner of my eye I saw a light come on. I slowed down even more because I had also seen a figure at the window and I was sure it was her. I kept on going and turned around at the end of the block and started back. I could see that she had not pulled the shade and was still standing in the window. I slowly moved down the side of the street trying not to make any noise as I approached. As I got closer she moved away from the window and I couldn’t resist. I had to get a better look at those tits! I eased up on the lawn and crept slowly toward her window. Luckily for me there were no dogs about and her husband had trimmed the hedges that weekend. I had a clear view into their bedroom as she did her early morning exercise in the nude. I stood outside her window and my cock sprang erect as soon as she bent over in her first stretch. Her back was to me and she was bending further and further until her hands touched flat on the floor and I swear that her little rosebud winked at me staring in the window. She slowly reached up above her head stretching tall as she twisted from side to side. I was in heaven at that point and could have stood there all morning. I heard a small noise though and her husband came in the room and slid his hands over her ass and around her waist. I watched quietly as they turned toward each other and kissed. He had evidently just come from the shower because he had a towel around his waist and his hair was wet. He slowly moved his hands over her ass cheeks and pulled them apart to run his fingers over her anal opening which caused her to moan into his mouth and press her body tighter up against his chest. I was in awe as he lifted her up and slowly inserted his finger into her tight opening making her hump up against him each time he moved the invading digit.

I should leave before I made a noise and gave myself away, these thoughts kept running through my fevered brain as I watched his cock rise under the robe and the lovers began to move across the room toward the bed. I waited to make sure they hadn’t heard me and then took a slow deep breath. My heart was going like a trip hammer in my chest and my penis had never been so hard. I wondered if they were going to make love right then or was he going to drop her on the bed and continue to dress for work. I knew he normally left for work early to beat the traffic. I thought to myself that he wouldn’t dare leave this beautiful creature in the aroused state she was in. That would have been very cruel and very, very dumb on his part. Even I could see the moisture forming on her neatly shaped bush and knew that she was aroused to the point of begging him for it. I couldn’t believe my eyes when he walked to the bed with her and dropped her lightly in the middle with a laugh and then started toward his closet. She scissored her legs and dug her hand into her crotch trying in vain to bring herself to climax. He didn’t even turn around as she moaned her need and thrashed back and forth on the unmade bed. I could see that she had three fingers in her vagina and was moving them rapidly back and forth, in and out rubbing her clit as she tried again to call him to her. As he came out of the closet he smiled and said something I couldn’t hear. I saw her frown and then heard her say that "she couldn't’ wait for tonight." I watched him head for the kitchen knowing that he would be leaving any minute. I had to get one more peek at this vision of lust so I stuck my head slowly up over the window sill and as it cleared the sill I found myself staring straight into her bright blue eyes. Our surprise was mutual but she recovered first and a slow smile spread across he face and she winked at me! I didn’t know what to do next. I was busted as surely as God made green apples and sunshine. I just stood there and waited for the worse. I knew her husband would kill any man that looked twice at her, and here I was drooling at the sight of her body outside his bedroom window! She quickly got off the bed and came to the window. I just knew that when she got a good look at who was out there, she would call her husband and it would be the end of life as I knew it. Besides kicking my ass he would probably tell everyone about the "peeping Tom" and my wife would divorce me and I would be losing from all sides. She eased up to the window and peered out through the screen. I had moved back a little so when she whispered for me to come closer I took a small step forward and the light from the window shown on my face. She gasped at first and then chuckled low in her throat when she saw it was me. I held my breath as she held her finger to her lips to signal my silence. Of course I was going to be silent, did she think I was totally crazy? My eyes traveled over her body up close, from her hard nipples to her close cropped crotch, and my dick got harder if that was possible. She leaned closer to the screen and whispered for me to go around to the back and wait until her husband had left for work. I thought to myself that there was no way in hell I was gonna stick around for him to catch me in bed with her too.

Sometimes I think my cock has a mind of it’s own and controls the rest of my body by default. I should know better, I thought, as I snuck around to the side of their house and hoped that noone had seen me under their window. When I had been there a few minutes I came to my senses and told my pecker to forget it! I straightened up and was about to go out of the yard when I heard the sound of the car leaving the garage and heading down the street. At least I was going to get away without an ass kicking this morning. I again started to leave the yard when I heard a sound behind me and I jumped three feet straight up in the air when I felt a hand reach between my legs from behind. I don’t know why I didn’t faint or have a seizure right then! She had snuck up and run her warm hand under the leg of my jogging shorts and was fondling my hard cock from behind! I whirled around to face her and she immediately ran her hand under my shorts again and grabbed me. I had a choice to make right then and there, I could remove her hand and leave and hope that she wouldn’t be so pissed as to tell anyone or report me to the cops, or I could go with the flow and find out where she wanted to take me. Like I said, I think my cock has a mind of it’s own and controls me whenever it wants to. I slowly took her hands out of my shorts and raised them up to bring them around my neck. At first she had started to protest when I pulled her hand from my stiffness, then that grin was back as she felt me push up against her. She had put on a light cotton robe wen she came outside and I pulled the sash on it now as she stood very still. I slowly opened it with trembling hands and looked at her again. She kept her hands around my neck and then slowly brought one leg up and wrapped it around my waist. I braced myself and she brought the other leg up. I now had her hanging from my neck and I reached under her robe and cupped her ass cheeks with my hands to help support her weight. She leaned back and shimmied her shoulders slightly to make her tits sway and tantalize me with their beauty. I heard a small sound from deep in her throat as I bent my head down and captured her left nipple with my lips. I sucked it hard with my mouth, nursing on it like a baby, and she responded by groaning and twisting her body hard against me. She whispered over and over how hot she was and how she needed a hard cock in her pussy. How she needed my hard cock in her pussy right then and there. I released her butt and she tightened her grip on my neck to keep from slipping down. She was like a leech on my body and wasn’t about to let go. I reached under her and grabbed the waistband of my jogging shorts and tugged them down until my hard cock was freed and thumped up against her ass crack. She giggled then and asked me if I was ready for her. I didn’t bother to answer her but raised her up with my hands and then lowered her onto my shaft. I thought that I had let loose a whirling dervish. She sank onto my cock in one shove and then began to gyrate her body up and down and then side to side. She panted and gasped for breath and then I felt her body start to shudder and her first orgasm hit and she threw her head back and started to scream out. I quickly covered her mouth with mine and kept her quiet. I worked my cock in and out as fast as I could and her orgasm continued. I felt the first tingling in my balls as my own cum was getting close. I whispered that I was almost there and asked her if she was ready for it. "Fill me up with your hot cum. Fuck me harder! Harder! I want to feel you shoot in my pussy!" she cried. I thrust up harder just as she was going on a down stroke and felt her cervix as I unloaded a huge load of hot spunk far up in her womb. She jerked on my rod and then fell silent as she caught her breath. She then loosened her legs from my waist and dropped lightly to the ground in front of me. I could see in the growing light that my cum was running out of her cunt and down her legs. She saw me looking and took her finger, caught a large sample on it and then very slowly brought it to her mouth and sucked it clean. My softening dick became instantly hard again and I dropped to my knees in front of her and began to lick and kiss her as she spread her legs for my tongue. As I licked the wetness of her crotch, her hard little nubbin peeked out from it’s hood and I swirled my tongue around it tasting our combined juices and digging in for more. She gasped as I made contact and hunched her hips forward wanting to get my face further into her. I licked and sucked for what seemed an hour but was more like ten minutes and she cried and whimpered and came and came. When I finally let up on her she grabbed my face and pulled me to my feet to meet her lips in a searing kiss. She told me then that she wasn’t through with me yet and wanted one more thing before she went back inside. I knew it would have to be quick because the neighborhood was going to start getting busy anytime now. She evidently thought so too because she grabbed my hand and pulled me to the backdoor which she had left open when she came out to see me. I started to back up as we neared it because the last thing I wanted was to be caught inside that house. Outside, I had a least a running start and the excuse that I had just come jogging down the street and seen a stranger go back in the yard and was investigating. She grabbed my hard boner then and I was sure I was a goner. As the door opened she pulled me through and turned around when we were inside. " I want to fuck you again." she sighed, and came into my arms. I kissed her again and then eased the robe off her shoulders and dropped it to the floor. I gazed at her for a long minute and then leaned over and licked her right nipple. She again shuddered and stretched her arms up and around my neck. I started to pick her up and she said that she wanted to do it right here on the kitchen floor. I figured what the hell and helped her to lie down on the robe I had dropped. As I stood over her she looked up at my hard cock and licked her lips. I sank down to my knees on the hard tile and she grabbed my cock and raised up to lick around the head. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the feeling of her warm mouth as she sucked me first slow and then fast and back to slow again. I knew I wouldn’t last long if she kept that up and told her that I was getting close. She didn’t say anything, just sucked harder and harder. I moaned and started to shake and she quit! I could have cried, it was that close. She looked at me with smoldering eyes and slowly got to her hands and knees in front of me and put her head down on the robe. I had pre-cum dribbling from the end of my dick and it was so hard and full of blood it was purple! I saw her slit from the back with the lips all puffed up and engorged, ready for me to stick my hot cock in and hump her till she screamed. I eyed her ass cheeks and a wild thought came to me. I wondered if she had ever been fucked in that pretty ass of hers before. If ever I was going to get the chance it was now. I grabbed my cock and slowly rubbed her pussy lips with the head getting it even more slick with her dew. I had taken a drop of pre-cum on my finger and slowly rubbed her anus with it and watched for her reaction. She pushed back trying to skewer herself on my slick finger! I then brought the head of my tool up to her small opening and started to push my way in. She groaned and then whimpered as the small opening was stretched to the limit by my cock. I was about to give up, afraid that I might hurt her, when she reached back and pulled her cheeks apart and pushed back at the same time. My cockhead slid in past the anal ring and I surged into her with my next push. She grunted and flopped her ass from side to side as if we were locked like to dogs in heat. As I started to move in her she reached underneath and began to finger herself and rub her clit like there was no tomorrow. I knew she would cum before I did because her muscle was so tight around me that I was unable to shoot. She had a grip of steel with her sphincter and wasn’t going to let me go. I pushed and pulled on her hips trying to get her to release me. I wanted to sink my shaft into the liquid heat she had between her legs. I waited until she had cum with me in her ass and then pulled again. This time I was able to slide right out and I quickly sank myself into her cunt from behind and started to saw away. Her head flew from side to side and she cried out that she was cumming again and again. I felt myself start to tighten deep down in my balls and knew it wouldn’t be long. I reached under her and dug my fingers into her snatch and rubbed her clitty hard with my middle finger. She hunched her back up and then pushed back as hard as she could, impaling herself and setting me off with her. I thought my insides were going to come out the head of my dick, I came so hard.

After I came, my tube softened quickly and slid from her with a small slurping sound and she rolled over on her back and sighed. I got to my feet and grabbed my shorts that I had brought in with me. It was time to go.

Now here she was at the yard sale and she was smiling the whole time like she was remembering that morning all over again. I pulled my thoughts back to the present wondering what she would do next. I had made it a point to go jogging in the evening since then and wasn’t sure how she would take that. Just as I was about to answer her with a price on the object, my wife came from the garage and greeted her. The vixen’s smile got even bigger as she told my wife that her husband had gone out of town for the weekend and wanted to borrow me to fix her disposal, because her sink was stopped up. My wife, the little sweetheart, thought nothing of it and assured her that I would be happy to help her out any way that I could. I knew then and there that I was going to be in trouble again………………..H

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