The setting, the sky half concealed by a partial mask of thunderclouds, stars and navy blue sky peeking through, the full moon occasionally being reduced to a smudge of white light against the grey clouds with the movements of the wind was eerie that night. The immense mountain range that ran behind the small time he and I resided at that time was a long, black silhouette against the whimsical sky. The skeleton-like trees, stripped by the wind of leaves and bark groped desperately at the sky, at some invisible lifeline above us. A frenzied wind whipped through the town, the bushes and what was left of leaves on the trees scattered generously throughout the small town. The night, the night that remains fresh in my mind to this day was that of a party celebrating Christmas late and New Year’s early. Held in a massive Grove Manor, the party was small but wild, and I was delighted when he arrived. My eyes could have lit up the darkened room when I was made aware of his presence. Strobe lights flashed, my temples ached, and somehow, in the madness of the event, he had managed to find me. He approached me from behind, brushed my mass of deep red hair to one side and kissed my neck lightly.

After a while, the pop music and mindless, superficial chatter became annoying, so we managed to separate from the group and disappear down one of the darkened corridors. We wandered together, hand in hand, down the hallway talking, laughing and generally enjoying one another’s company. When we came upon a seemingly forgotten guestroom, dust coated and rustic at the far west end of the house, we wandered in and he closed and bolted the door behind us. The one window, on the west wall of the room was open and a bitterly cold breeze filtered in from outside. Old-fashioned cloth curtains billowed softly with the wind, and the only light in the room was that of the moon outside. Barely illuminated in the dark, he came up behind me again, placing his hands first awkwardly on my shoulders, then on my clothed arms, then on my stomach. I leaned back, the back of my head resting on his clavicle and lower neck, and I felt him nuzzle my neck. He began to kiss my neck then, passionate but slowly, languidly even.

I placed my hands on top of his and moved them slightly lower, indicating my desire to go farther. He was but a year older than I was, and felt responsible for making sure that he didn’t pressure me to go any further than I wanted to, meaning that I had to be the aggressor in the relationship. As he kissed my neck, I tilted my head to the side, allowing his lips to meet mine in what started as a soft peck. He drew back and smiled at me, his supple mouth inches from mine. I pushed forward and our lips fit together, so that I was sucking gently on his upper lip and he on my full lower lip. I parted my lips and felt him slip his warm tongue in my mouth, massaging mine, exploring the insides of my cheek. I kissed back and turned my body so that it was facing his; I slipped my hands inside his coat and wrapped my arms around his slim waist. He clasped his hands loosely around my back and leaned against me. I felt him pushing slightly against me and was greeted by a fiery sensation that coursed through my body. I felt my legs go weak and was glad as he tightened his arms around me for fear I would fall to my knees without his support. He pulled his mouth from mine and smiled knowingly, conveying what I knew through my eyes. He immediately blushed and dropped his eyes from mine. I moved one hand to the back of his head and ran my fingers through his soft, shaggy blonde hair.
He looked up at me, sincerity in his eyes and said softly, “We’ll stop any time. Just tell me if I’m going too far.”

“Skye”, I said in an equally honest tone, “I want you to be my first. Tonight.” Before he had a chance to try and convince me otherwise, I spoke again, “I love you. I know it’s a cliché, but I have never felt like this before. Never. And before you ask, I’m sure.”

Those blue eyes of his were so full of love and devotion and honesty they were threatening to drown me, but I didn’t avert my gaze. He stared into my own red-tinted eyes for what seemed like an eternity. I was conscious of everything: the breeze that ruffled my shock of amber bangs, him pressing into me, that taunting, mocking sensation in my lower abdomen and my desire and love for him. He was everything to me.
Finally, he drew in a breath and murmured, “I love you”, into my neck as he swept me into an embrace so powerful I felt faint.

“I love you too”, I replied from the depths of my being.

Slowly, he drew back and pushed my long, black coat from my shoulders, letting it crumple where it landed on the ground. I smiled as I felt the cold encircle me as I stood, goose bumps rising to the surface of my skin. I wore only a flimsy black-linen tank top and my black trousers. He slowly lifted the hem of my blouse on his tapered fingers and hesitated, his eyes never leaving mine. I moved my own hands to the bottom of my shirt and helped him to lift it up over my head. As I folded it once, then dropped it to the floor, I felt his eyes burning over my body. He stared down at me, an Archaic smile on his sculpted face. I felt a sudden wave of self-conscious anxiety sweep over me and I dropped my eyes smoothing my hands over my stomach. My milky medium breasts were contained by a simple white cotton bra and the soft plane of my stomach was pale and reflected a semblance of untouched purity. He reached behind my head and pulled my long red hair over my shoulders. I met his eyes, saw his smile and adopted one myself.

I moved forward and helped him out of his bulky black coat, letting it too drop to the floor. He pulled off his black T-shirt himself and I tried not to stare at his subtly muscular torso dusted with a slight bronzing. I ran my hands lightly over the front of his chest, grazing his nipples, resting on his shoulders; I leaned forward against him to kiss him and was topped by the pleasing sensation of our bare flesh pressing together. We were close to the small, single bed and, not letting him lose his hold on me, I groped my way to it, sitting on the edge when I found it.

Quickly, I slid out of my trousers and left them, too on the floor. Eager for this, eager for something I was yet to understand completely. He towered over me and I undid the snake clasp of his pants, unzipped them, let them fall. He squatted then, before me, before I had a chance to see, to appreciate him fully.
“You’re sure you want to do this?” He asked again. His eyes were hopeful but doubting; I smiled reassuringly and nodded. “I need to hear you say it”, he said seriously.

“I’m sure; I won’t regret it Skye.” This seemed to please him, and he stood again, allowing me to further undress him. I hesitated as I rested my hands on his hips, index fingers hooked around the elastic hem of his boxers, then, taking a discreet breath, I pulled them gently down, not looking at him until he stepped out of them and kicked them aside. It wasn’t strange to me but oddly beautiful, seeing a man naked for the first time. I was almost at eye-level with his erect penis and I took the opportunity to study it. I ran my finger up the underside of his shaft, touched the swollen head lightly with my index and middle fingers and drew back when he winced. His head was tilted back, his mouth slightly open and I smiled, though he couldn’t see me. I leaned forward, curious but reluctant and hesitantly licked the tender skin of his head. I felt him shudder and smiled again to myself, knowing I was the first to ever touch him sensually. Again, I leaned forward and took his head into my mouth completely, letting my tongue swirl gently over it. I pushed my head forward slightly and moved my tongue up and down the underside of his shaft, careful to keep my teeth away. As I tasted and massaged his penis with my mouth, my curious hands roamed freely over his testicles, tenderly touching his soft skin, then back to the sensitive piece of flesh right before his anus. As I pressed my finger lightly to it, Skye moaned loudly and I felt a drop of salty liquid on my tongue. I withdrew and looked up at him; he was breathing hard, and as he looked down at me I sensed a passion flicker between us that I hadn’t known before.

I shifted on the bed so that I was lying vertically and he leaned over me. His erect penis glistened with my saliva and I felt myself grow immensely damp. Clumsily, he pulled the thin bra over my head and I smiled at him lovingly. As he burrowed his face into my neck he let his hands casually glide over my breasts stroking my nipples rhythmically. As I let out a moan, he covered my mouth with his, probing me with his tongue as he cleverly slipped a hand down past my navel, under the elastic hem of my cotton panties, to my aching outer lips, entwining a finger in my soft amber curls and brushing slightly against me. A tremor shot through my body with his touch and I arched my back involuntarily towards him, forcing his finger into me. I let out a moan against his tongue. I felt him smile against my mouth and withdrew his unskilled hand. Slipping his hand under me, to the small of my back, he pulled me toward him and murmured, “Are you ready?” against my neck.
“Yes”, I moaned helplessly, “Yes, Skye…” There was a slight awkwardness as he moved forward, trying to work himself into me, teasing me accidentally as he brushed against me. I automatically moaned with every touch of his body against mine, wanting him as close as possible, wanting him inside me. I reached down and gently guided him to the right location. He seemed to hesitate, prolonging suspense and my agonized pleasure. Then he moved forward gently, pushing first his head into me, then tenderly working more and more in. He settled his body against mine as he shifted his pelvis. The long fingers of one hand were knotted in the hair at the nape of his neck, the other hand spread on his sweat slicked back. I winced as he pushed past the maidenhead; sensing my pain, he leaned down and kissed me. The vaporous atmosphere settled over us, as we held each other, exploring one another’s bodies with our hands. When at last he was completely inside me, he began to pump instinctively. I arched my pelvis in rhythm with his motions, trying not to moan with the overwhelming joy that I felt as he moved closer and closer to me. I ran my hands over his back, slowly massaging strained muscles, mussing his hair unconsciously. Reveling in the moment, settling myself in the fact that we’re so close to each other, loving the feel of his body against mine, I consciously said his name. “Skye…”

He began to pump faster, a primal urgency engulfing him, then spreading to me. He pushed into me, moaning as he ejaculated, then continuing to pump. At once, I felt my body contract and a violent shudder passed through my body. I moaned loudly, knowing no one could hear me as we were far from any others. My body arched and a white, fiery glow settled over me, making me tremble feverishly with an intense ecstasy foreign to me. He collapsed on top of me and I clung to him desperately, lovingly. Holding him to me, I settled into a state of oblivion, a freedom I hadn’t known before. Love impassioned me and I tilted your chin, your luscious mouth to mine and kissed you, hoping to convey all I felt with my lips and my tongue. As I pulled away, you settled your face against my neck… At that moment, it was clear to me as it is now. I loved you then, I love you now, and I will love you always. Forever doesn’t begin to express it…

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