I Still Haven't
Mr. Fabulo


Megan sits alone in the two-bedroom apartment she lived in. She’d found a place to relax on the sofa watching TV after her day at work. As she’s flipping through channels, the door opens. The tall, dark, and handsome man she calls her boyfriend walks in. “How was your day Mike?” she asked him as he took off his coat. “It sucked. Worst day in a long time, I must be the only one at that place who knows what he’s doing.” he says as he walks into the kitchen for a Coke. “Well go change clothes and come relax with me over here” Megan says.

Moments later Mike returns to the room, this time in more casual attire. He sits down on the couch by Megan. She asks “wanna talk about your day?” “not really” he says as he kicks his feet up on the coffee table, “I’m just kinda wound up right now,” he continues “I’d rather not talk about it.” Megan turns and puts her head in his lap, “Ok” she says “if you don’t want to if you don’t have to.” “Yeah, I’d rather not… hand me the remote will ya?” he replies. As Megan laid back down in his lap her head came down rather hard. Mike winced, “not so hard” he said. “I’m sorry, did I hurt you?” Megan asked. “Yeah a little” Mike answered. “Well allow me…” Megan said as she unzipped Mike’s pants and reached her hand down inside. Megan started rubbing Mike’s balls “does this help?” she asked rhetorically. “Uh huh” he said. “I bet I know what would help more” she said. Megan unbuttoned Mike’s pants and after pulling Mike’s boxers down to expose his now hard cock she started licking the head. Mike responded… “mm… is Lauren home?” Lauren, close friend of Mike and Megan lived in the apartment too. “No” Megan said just before sliding her mouth halfway down Mike’s dick and back up. “Good” Mike said as he began running his fingers through her hair. Megan licked around the head of his dick while she played with his balls in her hand. She slowly slid her mouth up and down his rock hard cock as he groaned, enjoying every minute of it. Faster and faster she moved, she loved the feeling of his pulsing member in her hot mouth and it showed. She took him out of her mouth and started licking his nuts while she gently stroked his cock. Mike’s eyes rolled back into his head and he groaned again. Megan grabbed his shaft and took as much of it into her mouth as she could and began furiously bobbing away at it. Mike started pushing his hips up every time Megan slid down on him, knowing that meant he was about to cum, Megan slowed down and milked his cock for every drop of cum it had. As Mike came he took a deep breath and exhaled heavily. His throbbing member shot into the back of Megan’s mouth and she swallowed every drop before licking his head dry. She softly wrapped her hand around his cock and slowly stroked it up and down. Mike brushed back her blonde hair, looked into her brown eyes and said “I wanna fuck your brains out right now on this couch.”

Just then, the door opened. Lauren walked in. She saw the two on the couch and sarcastically said “not again” before retreating to her bedroom. Mike had wondered why Lauren, very attractive with red hair, green eyes and large chest, hadn’t had a boyfriend in months. The thought fled quickly as his mind was on Megan. Megan looked deviously at Mike and darted off for Lauren’s room. Ten minutes had elapsed and Megan hadn’t returned. Mike re-clothed himself and walked to Lauren’s room and opened the door to find Lauren and Megan just sitting on the bed. Megan looked at Mike, saw his pants fastened and said “why’d you do that? You can’t fuck us with those on.” “US?!” Mike thought, and within an instant he was on the bed. “Lauren wants to join us” Megan said and Mike hurriedly accepted her proposal.

Lauren crawled over to him and kissed him passionately as she laid him on his back. Megan began taking Mike’s pants off as Lauren held his kiss. Megan began sucking away at his huge cock and no sooner had she begun, Mike was blindly tugging at her pants. She took off her pants and panties and swung around so she was almost facing his feet as she continued to suck his cock. Mike had Lauren lick his first two fingers and he slid them inside Megan and began to finger her. Lauren took her top and bra off and leaned her tits down to Mike. Mike took his free hand and grabbed one of Lauren’s more-than-a-handful tits and guided the nipple to his mouth. He licked and sucked on it slowly before flicking it with his tongue. Lauren groaned in enjoyment. Mike began finger-fucking Megan faster and faster. The quicker he moved, the faster she bobbed up and down on his cock. As Megan’s cum was dripping down her leg, Mike gathered some on his fingers and took them to Lauren’s mouth and she readily sucked them dry. Megan’s legs quaked and quivered as Mike fingered her to orgasm. Mike came into Megan’s mouth and instead of swallowing it, she let it run out of her mouth all over Mike’s cock and balls. She licked all over him taking up every drop of cum he had. Lauren took her pants and panties off and sat on Mike’s face facing his feet. He wrapped his arms around Lauren’s legs and pulled her closer. Lauren gasped for air as Mike’s gifted tongue dove into her snatch. He thrust his tongue in and out while reaching around with one hand and rubbing her clit. Megan, by now completely naked like Lauren, slid Mike’s cock deep into her dripping wet cunt facing his head. Her slow, deliberate mount soon turned into furious pumping as she hopped up and down on Mike’s cock as if there was no tomorrow. Mike felt her cum seep out and run onto his stomach as he ate away at Lauren’s wet pussy. Lauren reached out and rubbed Megan’s chest before licking her fingers and rubbing her clit while she rode Mike. Lauren came with a scream of ecstasy and the cum ran down Mike’s face. He started thrusting up every time Megan slammed down into him and the combination of Lauren rubbing her and Mike fucking her made her cum again. Lauren told Megan to get off of Mike and lay down. As Megan laid on her back, Lauren got off of Mike’s face and, leaning on her knees and elbows she began to lick Megan’s pussy. Figuring she had come this far and now was not the time to stop, she enthusiastically grabbed Lauren’s head and pulled it closer. Mike sat up to view this pleasant surprise and saw Lauren’s ass high in the air. He knelt behind her on both knees and slid his cock into her twat. As the redhead ate away at his girlfriend’s pussy, Mike began pumping away. Wasting no time, he grabbed Lauren by the hips and pulled her towards him while he slammed into her from behind. He loved the sight of Megan in ecstasy so much that he came within minutes. He kept slamming away at Lauren until her legs gave way and she collapsed under him still licking Megan’s twat. Megan called for a switch and Lauren moved aside. Mike pulled Megan toward him she wrapped her legs around him. He sat up on his knees and crammed his dick inside her and frantically began drilling his girlfriend as deep as he could. She screamed “FUCK ME HARDER!” just before Lauren lowered her twat onto Megan’s mouth. Megan took her hands and grabbed Lauren by the ass and held her in place as she tongue-fucked her friend’s dripping wet red snatch. Her muffled yells of ecstasy only drove Lauren closer to orgasm as the vocal vibrations against her clit helped her get off. The sound of skin colliding with skin as Mike slammed into Megan was only bested by the sound of the headboard banging the wall. Mike shot his final load deep inside Megan as he stayed inside of her, slowly thrusting his final thrusts that drove Megan over the top to her final cum. She continued licking Lauren’s twat to Mike’s delight as he watched Lauren’s cum drip down his girlfriend’s chin. Lauren collapsed onto the other side of the bed with Mike laying in between them. Mike reached towards Megan and began slowly rubbing her wet cunt. She moaned deeply while rolling her eyes back into her head. Lauren reached for Mike’s cock and began stroking it. Seeing the other two had clearly not had enough, Megan said “you know… I still haven’t been fucked in the ass”…