Ellies Swing
Thorne Hartford

Richard is one of those men with brains and a quiet sensuality that most educated women would find highly attractive. We actually met online years ago and agreed to meet for coffee. And thus a long term and mutual friendship based on respect and mutual interests began. He is a trauma doc who lives up here in the Sierras near me, but works in a big city a few days a week. Our work schedules are flexible enough and sexual appetites equal that we mesh well.

So we meet for coffee (actually juice for me) and his sexual energy is intense from the start even talking about trauma centers, mutual friends we have in the medical field and what we liked about each other. And how we both agreed that the major sex organ is the brain. Here is a guy who could get me off orgasmically while talking on the phone about cardiac trauma or funding for medical procedures. Whose hand caressing my breast as we talk makes my clit throb.

And I would soon discover that beside being a fellow skiing nut, that he also loves snow sex. The great sex where we find a great, but safe, advanced ski area and discover areas where a blanket can be laid out and fuck bunnies can hump away.

And this what I re-discovered when recently we started seeing each other again and found the perfect place off the beaten path up at Heavenly near Tahoe near where we live and what is called Ellies Swing. An awesome area that is way at the top of the ridge that dips down and off the path where there are loads of trees amongst the fresh powder. Mid week is the best time to go and Wednesday and Thursday are Our days. Fewer people and more time to fuck away.

I remember recently how the cold air felt when it hit my shaved pubes and how Richard had to go down on me and suck my clit and get me off so that I would be warm enough to take his cock in my dripping cunt. And drip I do when Richard touches me. He has a mouth that can get me off within five minutes and a tongue action that coupled with his lips, milk my clit so fast that I ejaculate and drench his face. Then I lick his face clean of my cum and tongue fuck him.

He then lays on his back and I savor the feel of his hard cock sliding slowwwwwly into my mouth and then tilting my head, he can then dip deep into my throat and my lips massage his balls. When he straddles my face and does this move I love feeling his balls slap against my face. And how his cum trickles out and teases my throat.

He has a way of rocking at just the right speed so that his cock caress my tongue and lips and in such a way that I never gasp for air or gag. And he moans and says the most wonderful things to me. Which makes me want to please him even more. His deep blue eyes speak to me and when they begin to close and his head tilts I know that more cum is making it's way to my throat. Warm warm cum that slides like warm ice down my throat. Gawd I love to watch his face as I hold my mouth open and he pumps his cum into my mouth. Or how it feels when he shoots his cum all over my face and the way it tingles in the cold air. And then kissing and tongue fucking him as I savor the smell of our sex.

And then he will suddenly tell me to get on my knees so he can fuck me like a wild mustang. And so I get on my knees and feel his masculine hands gently move my legs further a part and then two fingers tease my clit until I ejaculate some more, and then he will slowly slide four fingers into me and finger fuck me while asking me to beg for his cock. So I beg and beg and finally he teases my labia and then my cunt opening with the tip of his cock and I can feel my labia and cunt reflex and beg for more. I so love clenching my cunt around his cock as he slowly pulls out and then tightening up so when he goes back in his cock feels like it wants me so bad and is willing to fight it's way in.

He then slides his cock in and without telling me he also slides a dildo deep into my ass. And then while pumping his cock in my cunt he pumps the dildo and I felt his cock get even harder and I begin to rock back into him. Wanting ALL of his cock and want it so hard so that it hurts, but hurts in a good way. Feeling his cock slam into me and his hand slap my butt so that it stings makes me thrust back into him even harder. Felling the wetness flow out each time he pulls out and seeing him go down and drink.

Richard loves the feel of the dildo as it caresses his cock thru the fine layer of flesh that separates my cunt and my ass. He says it's like getting two fucks in one. So we fuck away, and only become still if we hear the sound of skiers coming down Ellies Swing. And even then I want to scream for more and to hell if anyone hears.

And I love the fact he is always willing to risk being caught. Which has happened a couple of times, when other couples who know about Ellies fuck area have come upon us. And either wait their turn or make themselves at home and fuck within eyesight.

In fact Richard and I love fucking while watching another couple fuck or suck. There is something so hedonistic and sensual about watching others savoring sex. And the feel of him going in and out either so slow and deliberate or pounding me like a wild fuck while others listen or watch is erotic beyond belief. But then we both love sex and our bodies and have few inhibitions as far as hiding our hungry sexual appetites when snow fucking.

So we pray for fresh powder snow mid week and head for Ellies Swing and raw sex amongst the trees.


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