Santa Barbara
Thorne Hartford

Ever sit on a hillside and simply look around? Ever discover surprises? This is what I love to do be it the hills around Santa Barbara, Berkeley, San Francisco or here in the Sierras. And on warm sensual summer days surprises abound. We always take our own binoculars and sometimes even a camera to catch photos of the variety of critters that appear in the area.

Last summer we went for a walk above Santa Barbara and sat down to watch the sun go down and the air cool down. The area is just now beginning to have houses within eyesight. And thankfully the people in the area are very California and not the least bit shy so to speak.

So we sat and watched the sun go down and were about to get up and begin our walk home when we heard a splash and looked in the direction it came and discovered two couples, probably in their late thirties, early forties jumping in the pool naked for an evening swim. Richard and I smiled at each other in approval and sat back down to simply enjoy the natural sites. The couples swam a few laps and then started some splash play and then soon were kissing and caressing. The way the mans hands looked sliding down the women's bare backs and rounded butts was so sensual. There is something so sensual about wet skin, naked bodies and a warm evening.

We watched and assumed correctly that more would come. Soon one couple was making their way to the side of the pool where the woman back jumped onto the pools edge and spread her legs, slowly leaned back and the man came in to kiss her pubes. Peering thru the binoculars we whispered to each other what a sexy site it was, watching the man gently spread her labia lips and tickle her cunt with his tongue and nibble on her labia's so that she winced and smiled and moved close to him so her butt was right on the pools edge. Then as he continued to tongue her cunt she began to caress her clit and soon the hood popped back and he began to tease it with his tongue as she V caressed the sides.

Then she stopped and moved back, grabbed a towel and laid on it and he quickly popped up on the pools edge and crawled toward her. Grabbed her legs and brought her feet around his neck and within seconds was in her and pounding her hard. As well loved to see what the other couple was doing. He was on the pool steps and she was going down on him fast and furious as his hands were under her and fingering her cunt. This went on for something like ten minutes.

We couldn't make out what was being said but soon both couples were on a large fold down chase of some sort and the women were eating each other out as the men caressed their own cocks and watched. Then the men approached the women and one man inserted one woman's ass and the other presented his cock to the other woman's mouth. And they fucked like wild animals, so much so that we could finally hear some sounds coming from them.

Richard looked at me and as I looked back I saw his cock was hard and he had removed it from his shorts. Pre cum glistened in the sunset and I bent down and gently swirled my tongue around the glans and gentle tried to coax some more pre-cum from his cock. I handed him my binoculars and said I would get him off and to throat fuck me good. Got down on my knees and looked up at him as I took his cock deep into my throat. Enjoying the feel of the cock on my lips and in my throat. How his eyes are so electric and sensual. And how his hands feel in my hair and the way they caress my neck and gently coax me to take him deeper into my throat. Which I always do.

The sound of the saliva mixed with pre cum as I pumped his cock made me relish the large load of cum he would and always shoots. My hands caressed his inner thighs and then his balls and I love the fact he has such luscious body hair and is so masculine and fit as well. His body began to rock and as I caressed his thigh I could feel them tense up like a mighty oak standing into a wind.

Then within moments he moaned so loud and pulled my head into him hard and I felt a large amount of cum flood my mouth and throat and my reflexes made me hold my breath and then pump and swallow so that he could empty all the cum he had. And soon I was holding his cock and licking it in all directions and kissing his thighs and balls and smiling. "Thank you Richard" I said. "Lets do this again sometime." He smile and helped me up and held me and kissed me and assured me that a good throat fuck is always welcomed and especially during a gorgeous sunset.

I don't much remember what the other two couples had been doing while I was throat fucking Richard. By the time we were done they had moved indoors.


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