Still on the Run
Slave Kitten

Part 2 of : On The Run
~ * ~

Well, it's has been 6 months since we fled from Tentrex 5. Where I worked as a singer in a bar. Shea, my best friend and I are Tavons. We’re about 5'5'' 110 lb. We both have fair skin, light crystal blue eyes, blue lips and long waist length dark blue hair. (Like all Tavon females.)

The Tavon males are a little bigger than us girls at about 5'7'', 140 lb. with short dark blue hair and dark blue eyes. Shea and I both ended up with Coletan boyfriends. They are much bigger then our race. Coletan males on a standard are around 7 ft tall and 260 lb. Tan skin and theses adorable brown spots that I have grown very fond of, long brown hair with brown eyes. My boyfriend Rayvack has these lovely gold eyes that I seem to get lost in. Shea's boyfriend is Daygo; he is also Rayvack's younger brother. 

I had to leave Tentrex 5 because of my brother, Deton. He was a high-ranking officer in the Tavon Empire but he disobeyed his commanding officer. He resigned his position and left the military but the Empire is out to kill him and myself for being his sister and for what I may know. What great luck! Right? Well, my friends helped me escape on Rayvack's ship from the interrogation team sent out to capture me on Tentrex 5. We have been running ever since.

We are running low on supplies, so with reluctance Rayvack has agreed to take us into the more populated area of this part of the galaxy. He found a planet he felt was safe enough for us to land on. Once there, the guy's started to negotiate with a dealer in that area to restock the ship. Shea and I begged and pleaded and with much difficulty finally convinced the guys to get us go shopping unescorted for some clothes we wanted. Rayvack wasn't real happy about the idea of letting me go off without him. But he hated it a little less when I told him how much time we would save if we split up to get what we need and get off this planet faster.
He took my arm and pulled me closer to him and with a stern voice he said, "Deea, you two girls better stay together, only go to the one shop, get what ever you want and get back here fast. Don’t talk to anyone at all. Got it?"

Well I had to lie or he wouldn't have let me go. You know how it is; I did, after all, have a hidden plan. "Rayvack I promise. We will be back in no time. You won’t even miss us."

He squinted his eyes as if he thought I may be lying but I could tell he dismissed it and handed me a bag full of credits. Shea and I went up the street until I saw a tavern full of Tavons.

"Shea, I have to find out what happened to my brother. We haven't heard from him in 5 months. Someone in there may know about him."

"No way Deea! Rayvack will have our hides. Besides it's way too risky. Lets go shopping, get the things we need and head back. Rayvack will find your brother."

"No, we can save time if you go, get the clothes and I'll ask around about Deton. We'll meet back here. Rayvack will never know."

Shea shook her head no but I handed her the credits.
"Get enough for both of us! I'll be fine; you know me."

Then I went in the tavern and started to ask around for Deton. I told everyone that he knocked up my sister and I wanted him to give her baby his last name. No one seemed to raise an eyebrow about me asking about him but no one knew anything about him either, until I found this freighter captain. He had heard of him from his brother in the empire.

"You don't want to find him little one, he's a wanted man in a lot of trouble from what I hear. That baby doesn’t need a name from the likes of him."

As we were talking I looked over at the door and noticed the empire's military police walking in, armed with phasers. They walked over to the bartender and he pointed to me.

I got up to run to the back door but was grabbed from behind and thrown onto the table. It knocked the wind out of me making it hard to breathe. One of the guards held me there until their commander walked over. He took my long hair in his hand then pulled me to a sitting position.
"I hear you have been asking about Deton!"
I slowly nodded yes.
"What is your name?"
I couldn't give him my real name so I gave him the name of Shea sister hoping she had not been photographed or in trouble. He punched in the name on his info-pad then said, "You’re Shea’s sister?"
"She's the one pregnant?"
"Were is Deea?"
"With Deton. When he pick up Deea he knocked my sister up and we haven't seed them since."

I nodded and tried to look innocent.
He took a hold of my chin then ran his thumb over my lips feeling my fangs.
"I see you haven't been tending to some sexual needs properly. You really must learn to tend to those needs properly. How long has the fever been over?"
"Four months, I'm fine now thank you"
"I think I need to bring you in for more questioning little one!"
"No, I told you everything I know. I have done nothing wrong. Please let me go."
He told his men to bring me anyway. I resisted them as much as I could but they still dragged me out into the street. Shea was waiting outside the tavern for me. She freaked when she saw I was under arrest.
"Wait please Sir, Where are you takings me?" I asked hoping to let Shea know where I was going.
The commander said, "Back to my office."
I looked over at Shea, she nodded that she understood then picked up the bags and headed back to the ship to get help.

His men pushed me in a chair in his office then closed the door behind them as they left. The commander walked over to small bar in his office and started to make two drinks.
"You're very pretty Deea, I mean Tealay and very young too. I think you and I can work something out."
"Work what out?"
"What? Your freedom my dear girl!"
He walked over and handed me the drink.
Then made a toast "Here’s to beautiful woman."
I took a sip it was bliscar, an aphrodisiac. Even with it being 4 months since the fever hit me this was still not a drink safe for me to have and he knew it. I tried to put it down but he insisted I drink more. I soon became lackadaisical and dizzy. He laid me on his desk tied my hands together and then my legs to the desk. He unbuttoned my top He started to play with my breast with his mouth. I started to moan then he growled bringing me to the next level of arousal. He smiled as he unzipped my short black skirt knowing there was nothing I could do to stop him. Between the drug and my condition I was his for the taking. He spread my legs then he began to lick my little blue clit until I was trembling and purring.
I begged, "No please stop. My boyfriend..."
Then he started to climb on the desk. That's when the door came crashing in. Rayvack grabbed the commander by the throat, "Is she ok, Daygo?"
"She looks like she’s drugged?"
"Is that true, you Tavon pig? Did you drug my female?"
"It's only bliscar, a harmless aphrodisiac she will be fine by morning"
"Daygo, dress her. Look's like you didn't get you rocks off, to bad for you but no one touches my female and lives."
Rayvack snapped his neck then picked me up. I mumbled, "No, stop..I"
Rayvack chuckled, "Sweetie it's me, Rayvack." I struggled to open my eyes but passed out instead.

When I awoke I was in our bed back on the ship. I heard Rayvack yelling. I stumbled out of the bed. I made it to the recreation room and fell to my knees, too weak to get up. Rayvack ran over to me.
"What are you doing up?"
"You were yelling. I came to see why."
He picked me up off the floor and sat me on a chair.
"Gods! I can't believe you girls were so stupid! I specifically told you two that you were to stay together! Not to TALK to anyone. To go to the one shop and come back. But NO!! You two split up and you let her go into a place full of Tavons. Knowing damn well she would be asking about her brother. What's wrong with you, Shea?"
"Me! Oh no, no, no, this is not my fault. You know now convincing she can be. It sounded really good at the time."
Rayvack wasn't buying it, "Shea, I let the two of you go shopping, you were supposed to keep her out of trouble. You know damn well, she's not completely recovered yet! Her judgment is still impaired."
I wasn't going to take that pile of kaynard dung, "HEY, I'm not impaired!"
But damn it as I said that I slid off the chair and landed on my butt on the floor. Daygo helped me up.
"Thanks Daygo."
"No problem babe"
He kept his hand on my shoulder. Rayvack gave me that I told you so look and Shea, now, didn't have a leg to stand on anymore.
Shea shook her head, "I'm sorry! I'm used to Deea coming up with the plans. It didn't even dawn on me she still needs looking after. It won’t happen again."
Rayvack nodded his head; "Damn right it won’t happen again you two are never getting out of our sights again. Do you know how many men I had to kill to get Deea back!"
Shea had a worried look on her face, "Never? Oh come on, you have got to be joking. Daygo talk to your brother."
Daygo nodded his head, "Good job Bro! I agree."
Shea hit his arm, "That's not what I meant, you’re supposed to be on my side big guy."
"Shea, I love you to much to be on your side right now. You two fucked up! There is nothing more to say except you're cooking so get your cute little ass in the kitchen."
Rayvack laughed, "Yeah and Deea, you're going back to bed."
He picked me up in his strong arms. I laid my head on his chest and put my arm around his neck. "Rayvack, thank you for saving me again."
He smiled then walked to our room. Gently he laid me down on the bed I still had my arms around his neck, "I love you Rayvack. I really do."
He got all choked up but managed to say, "Oh my sweet now I longed to hear you say that. I love you too. Now you sleep. I'll be in later to check on you. Ok?"
I nodded then closed my eyes.
I slept soundly all night. When I did awake I felt so much better but then I noticed Rayvack's side of the bed had not been slept on. I quickly got dressed and went to find him. He was sitting in the command chair and plotting a course to fly. I sneaked up behind him and threw my arms around his neck.
"Hi handsome."
"Hi. I see you’re feeling better"
"Much better. Why didn't you come to bed?"
"Well a lot of things but mostly because I needed to get us far away from where we were and fast."
"Oh, I thought you might still be mad at me."
"I am"
Shea and Daygo were up by now too. Shea gave me a hug and pulled me off to the kitchen leaving the guys to talk about our flight plans.
"Deea, did Rayvack cut you off last night?"
"I don't know? He didn't come to bed. Did Daygo cut you off?"
"Yes! First time he has ever said NO! What the hell! I have never been told that."
I laughed, "I'm sorry Shea. Let's go see how much trouble we're in."
We walked back into the bridge. Daygo and Rayvack were discussing which path was safest. I looked at the star charts; "I don't recognize any of theses stars."
Rayvack said, "Well that’s probably because they’re in Coletan space."
Shea freaked, "Hell no! We all discussed this and we all agreed to stay in the demilitarized zone because we would all fit in and could blend. Deea and I will not blend in that area."
Rayvack looked very pissed; " Well that plan wont work now, not after the stunt you two pulled! We have to go where they won’t think to look for us!"
I was scared we had always been told, that part of space was off limits to Tavons and forbidden for Tavon females.
"But Rayvack, that part of space is forbidden."
He smiled as he walked over to me, taking me in his arms. "That's just more of your empires propaganda. An old wive's tail, to scare little children away from our space. My brother and I were born there. It's not a bad place. We can keep you girls safe. Don't you trust me, love?"
I nodded yes as I buried my head in his chest and wrapped my arms around his waist. Shea was pissed, "Oh hell no! You just got done telling me She's not aloud to make decision. But now..."
Daygo cut her off by kissing her "Shhhh! It will be OK!"

It's been two days since we entered Coletan space and so far Shea and I are still alive. I was sitting on Rayvack's lap in the command chair when I first saw the triple fire stars of the phoenix.
"Shit! Rayvack what's that?"
He laughed and told me, “The Phoenix.”
God, they were the most beautiful sites I have ever seen! I was so captivated by them I didn't hear Daygo talk to me. Rayvack shook me.
"Hey are you ok?"
"Yes I'm fine."
"Ok, you seemed out of it. Shea is watching the sun flares from the observation deck why don't you go join her?"
I kissed him then walked up stairs, "Hi Shea, aren't the fire stars beautiful!"
"I've never seen anything like them. There so ... arousing!"
"Yes they are"
We were sitting on a mat on the floor looking out the big glass dome overhead. She reached over and brushed my cheek with her fingertips. It sent chills down my back. I looked over at her so surprised and aroused! I reached over and ran my hand up her arm her skin shimmered.
We moved in closer and kissed passionately as I lay down on my back. She started to undress me and suck on my nipple. She quickly undressed also. My lips found their way to her small round breasts. Every time our skin touched we felt the desire grow in us. I laid back down as Shea lay between my legs licking my clit. She started to slip 2 of her fingers into my pussy and I moaned. She took them back out to lick them, our eyes meet and we giggled. “You taste sweet. Now I know why Rayvack calls you that”
She went back to licking me and fingered me until I came.
What we didn't know at the time is Daygo turned on the Vid-cam to tell us not to stay up there too long, the sun may be too bright for our fair skin but instead he got the shock of his life. As they watched Shea finished me off and I rolled her over on the floor kissing down her chest until I came to her sweet wet pussy. God she tasted so good. We passed another huge flair and it felt like a million fingers caressing every inch of our bodies. Shea and I screamed out in delight. I was just coming down from the high when I felt Rayvack's hand on my hips.
He pulled me off Shea and started to kiss my neck. He reached down and played with my clit until it pushed me over the eager of passion again. He slowly pushed his hard cock inside my trembling wet pussy.
He began to ride me hard. With every thrust my juices ran down my legs, "More PLEASE MORE!"
It was like a drug, the euphoria was almost unbearable. Then I collapsed in Rayvack's arms still trembling from pleasure. He carried me off to our bed to rest, even the sheet on our bed felt more sensual then ever before. Daygo must have laid Shea next to me because I felt her curl up next to me purring like I was; we soon fell asleep in each other’s arms.

I woke up hours later. Shea was still sleeping next to me. I put a blanket over her then wrapped one of Rayvack's shirts around me and went to find him. The guys were in the recreation room sitting on the lounge chairs. I curled up on Rayvack's lap.
"I want to go back and see the stars again!"
The guys laughed and shook their head no,
"Please! Rayvack please!"
"Oh my sweet, that would not be a good idea seeing how it affected the two of you. Maybe that's why your people didn't want your kind in this part of space."
I stared to kiss his neck and purr in this ear, "Please"
"Not today! Ok? We will be passing a 6 star chain in 2 weeks!"
"Like the one we just passed?"
"Yes but with 6 stars instead of 3"
I licked my lips, "Can we go now???? I want more!"
Shea was up by then and hopped on Daygo lap still wrapped in the blanket. "GODDESS I feel so good right now. Why did we leave the phoenix? I wanted to stay there forever!"
The guys just laughed at us uncontrollably. Daygo hugged Shea and said; "Even you, my dear, can’t live in that constant state of arousal. No wonder your people are forbidden to come here!"
Shea winked at me and I blushed, "But we were having so much fun. By the way where are our clothes?"
Daygo shook his head, "You left them up stairs when you two were, shall I say, playing."
Shea even blushed at that one, "Oh yea, by the way thanks Deea."
I didn't know what to say I just giggled and hugged Rayvack. Then tried to change the subject by asking where we were going.
Rayvack said, "We will be landing on Hayden in the morning for some supplies."
Shea got excited, "We can go shopping."
Both guys yelled "No”!
Rayvack said, "Out of the question. You two are staying hidden on the ship." Shea whined "Rayvack! That’s not fair! We'll behave. I won’t leave your side." Rayvack was adamant, "No! Maybe once we are deep in our space but defiantly not this time."
I kind of understood but Shea was very pissed off. "Fuck both ya!" then she stood up taking my hand, "Come on Deea."
Rayvack wrapped his arm around me pulling me back down on his lap. He kissed me, "Deea my sweet get me a drink please before you go top side."
I nodded when got up to do it. Daygo smiled, "Yea, Shea get me a drink too,"
"No, get it yourself." Then she walked out.
I giggled, "I'll get it for you Daygo."
I walked in the kitchen and Shea handed me two drinks, "You know we don't have to take this. They don't own us!"
"Shea stop it! They just saved my life. I trust Rayvack. If he thinks it's not safe maybe it's not. It won’t kill us to stay in the ship this once."
"Well, I'm not putting up with it!"
"Your right! You can go back to the empire, anytime you want too. You're not the one they’re looking for."
She got a sad expression on her face, "I'll never leave you Deea. Your brother practicality raised me after all our parents died in the war. You’re my family!" We hugged then she added, "I'm not going to let them push us around."
"What are you going to do?"
"You'll see!"
Then she went up stairs to get our clothes and I took the drinks to the guys.
The Next morning we landed on Hayden, It was a ruff and scary planet. As I looked out the view port I was almost thankful that I didn't have to go out there. I felt Rayvack's arms wrap around me then pull me away from the view port, "Don't stand by any of the view ports! It's not safe."
"Ok! I thought I just couldn’t go outside."
"No! I just don't want it to get back to the empire that you’re here with me. People here may talk. Say that they saw one of your people here. Ok?"
"Swear! You’ll stay inside and away from the ports!"
I smiled. Did he really trust me after last time?
"Rayvack, I swear on my brothers life and on our love that I will stay in the ship and away from the ports."
He looked very pleased then lifted me off the ground and carried me off to our bed. He laid me down the unzipped his pants I wrapped my legs around him as he slowly pushed his cock into my pussy. He rode me with wild passion and soon had me purring and squealing. He punched my knees up on my chest and started to pound the hell out of me.
"Oh God Yes!!!"
I braced my hands over my head on the headboard to avoid hitting my head on it. Then an orgasm swept over me and my body went limp, Rayvack climaxed with me. He kissed my forehead then said he'd be back soon. I purred as I rolled over to sleep. Some time later I heard Shea yelling at the top of her lungs so I went to check on her. Daygo had locked her in their room. I let her out and she was pissed.
"Deea! Get dressed we're going out."
"Hell no! I gave my word. I'm staying here."
I went back to my room to get dressed. Shea was close behind begging me to come with her. After dressing I walked into the recreation room and plopped down on the lounge. "Shea I'm not listening to you! It's not safe!"
"Fine I'm going by myself."
"Don't do it! You’ll be sorry. At least don't go far!"
She walked off in a huff then I heard her scream out of frustration. She stormed back in.
"Did you know they locked us in here!"
I smiled then shook my head, "It's probably only for our safety. Daygo locked you in your room to keep you here and Rayvack knew I was sleeping. They didn't want anyone just walking in."
"Well that 's not going to stop me."
She stormed back out after a few minutes I heard her scream, "Deea Help!" I ran after her, something like of rodent ran passed me. "Get it Deea, Get it." I ran after it but couldn't catch it. "Damn it Shea what is it?"
"I don't know it ran it when I opened the portal."
We spent most the afternoon trying to get the damn thing and Shea was even sorry she opened that damn portal after she hit her head on the chair trying to dive after it. I was on my knees looking under some equipment with my butt up in the air when Rayvack swatted my butt.
"Nice view Babe. What are you doing and why is the portal unlocked?"
I looked up shocked to see him then that damn rodent ran out and bit me. I screamed. Rayvack threw his knife at it and killed it.
"Ok Deea, how did that get in here?"
"I don’t know! Shea started yelling to get it, so I was."
"Shea! What is she doing out of her room?"
"I let her out, you didn't say I couldn't"
He helped me up and took my hand, "You’re bleeding, and it looks like a bite we better treat it. Daygo, you find and handle Shea, or I will, by the gods." Rayvack sat me up on the counter to wash my hand.
"Damn it, this is bad! It's going need a skin regenerator."
As Rayvack worked on my hand I heard Daygo yelling at Shea. "Wow he's really angry with her!"
Rayvack looked at me like, why didn't I understand, "Sure he's angry. Shea could have got us all killed. Sweetie! We’re all wanted people now."
Daygo walked in with Shea holding her hair by the ponytail. "Tell him now! Tell him Shea or we're finished!"
Shea was crying, "I'm sorry Rayvack I won’t disobey you again, please don’t threw me off the ship!"
Rayvack turned around still mad. "Did you see Deea's hand? That thing bite her your lucky it wasn't mating season or she would be dead now from the poison. Is it so hard for you to do what your told? Don't you want to live?" He kissed me on my forehead then took me off the counter.
"Shea you’re cooking, you two stay here while we load the supplies we bought on the ship.”
Dinner was really quiet, I couldn't take the silence anymore.
"So Rayvack, where are we going now?"
"Daygo and I are taking you girls to Samsaranar. There is a beautiful spot on that planet I'd like to show you."
"Isn't that where you were born?"
He smiled, "Yes, you remembered"
Shea started to laugh; "By the Goddess. You’re taking Deea to meet your parents?"
Rayvack chuckled, "My parents still live there, yes."
Shea and I just looked at each other a little worried. To my people meeting a guy’s parent meant you were getting bonded. Shea changed the subject by asking if there were any pretty girls they met on their outing today. Daygo smirked. "Hell yes! We even had some fun with some to."
I looked over at Rayvack he shook his head no, "Didn't happen sweetie. Shut up Daygo you can be an idiot at times. We got two beautiful women to share our beds with and your trying to make them jealous. Deea we have come up with a plan. I don't know how to say this."
Daygo laughed, "You are a sissy. Look we can't travel as couples. It will look strange."
Shea said, "Strange of course it's strange but getting married won’t fix that."
Daygo laughed, " Married? Who's talking marriage we're talking slave owners." Shea and I both at the same time said, "What?!”
Rayvack tried to calm me down, "Now Deea, it's not that bad, it's only for show when we're in public."
He slipped a silver bracelet on my wrist then he pulled out a sliver belly chain. Now this is pretty too, right."
Then Daygo showed us the silver chain collars with matching leashes.
I started to laugh, "This is pay back for all the trouble I got in, on the last planet right?"
Rayvack said, "Well no, but people know it's illegal to own a Tavon. They don’t like them so if hey think we own you they will just be envious and not talk about it. For fear of causing us trouble."
"OK! Seeing that you saved my ass several times. I guess I can do this for you. But I'm not wearing the leash around the ship!"
I got up and started to clean the table off.

We were back in space now and God, we were passing some really beautiful sites! I went into the bedroom and found this little black slave suit Rayvack must have picked up for me. It was a tight little vest top that closed with two buttons in the front. The skirt was longer then I was used to. It went half way to my knees with slits up the sides. It had sliver beads around the bottom of the vest and skirt. I put it on. It looked so hot! Rayvack was in the command chair again so I climbed on his lap.
He smiled, "Do you like it?"
"Yes. Do you?"
“Gods your like a fantasy.”

He was so sweet kissing my neck and caressing my breasts. I slid my hands down his pants and played with his cock; he hardened quickly. I took it out and lowered myself on top of it. Oh God he felt so good, I began to ride swinging back and forth. I started to moan as Rayvack put his hands on my hips increasing my speed, harder and harder until I squealed with pleasure. He stood up with me then leaned me over the command chair as he took me from behind. "Ohhh! Ohhh! Oh my Goddess!"
He was so animalistic I loved it. With the next orgasm he came with me. I started to laugh, "Oh God, that was great."
“Deea, would you mine calling me Master some times then you have this one?”
I giggled, “Is that a fantasy on yours?”
He smiled and nodded.
“This little slave girl loves it when her Master uses her for his pleaser.”
He chuckled, “Will you call me it when I fuck you?”
“Only if you fuck me like you just did. Master”
He sat down in the chair and pulled me on to his lap again. I sat there in his arms purring as he stroked my hair and we watched the stars pass us by.

It had been 4 weeks since we stopped off for supplies and we were getting low again. We landed on Samsaranar in it's docking port and I was surprised to find out Rayvack had his own docking wing. Rayvack held my leash to keep me close by, but I would have stayed close anyway, it was a little scary there. I've never seen so many Coletans in one place in my entire life. We had a wonderful lunch off the ship at this outdoor restaurant by the water. Then we came up with a fun plan to switch partners for the day. We had been spending so much time together. We all thought a little time apart would be good. The guys didn't want us going off by ourselves so that’s how ‘the switching the partners’ came up. Rayvack and Shea went shopping for clothes so we would be in style with the inhabitants. Daygo and I went grocery shopping and to get needed parts for our ship’s equipment. We walked around the market place it was very busy and I kept getting bumped into by the much bigger Coletans so Daygo put his arms around me and pulled me closer to protect me more.
We had picked out a lot of different food I had never seen before and had it sent back to the ship then I started to smell this unbelievably erotic smell. "Daygo I have find out were that smell is coming from."
We looked around until I found this flower. I was drawn to it; I bent over to smell it when it released a puff of pink smoke. I fell to the floor overcome by it. Daygo picked me up and held me in his arms. I was burning up; I felt like I was on fire. He looked at me shocked, "Deea your eyes are violet! How could the fever be back?"
"I don't understand it. Rayvack and I were together this morning! Oh Daygo please help me; I'm scared!"
I started to kiss him and unbutton his shirt. I wrapped my legs around his hips as we kissed.
"Do we have time to find my brother?"
"No! Please Daygo now! I need it now"
The dealer Daygo was talking to said, "Hey you can’t be doing that out here there are kids about. You can use my room to take her, it’s back there."
He carried me in the back and placed me on the counter then he unzipped his pants and pushed his hard cock into me. My mating instincts were going wild. I growled and he growled back at me. The raw animal lust took over and I raked my nails down his arms.
"Shit Deea that hurts"
All I could do his growl low. He took his belt off and wrapped it around my wrists then hooked it to a pole over my head.
"There, that should keep you under control. Deea I must say I have always wanted to fuck you. I never thought about having a Tavon female until my brother fell for you. Then it made me think ... I guess that's why I went for Shea!"
He unbuttoned my vest to see my breasts and smiled as he ran his hands over them. He took my long hair in his hand and pulled my head back a little then ran his tongue up my cheek. "God you girls all taste so good. Oh Before I get started again I want to taste some thing else."
He pulled my legs apart then started to lick my pussy. I squealed so loud, it startled him and myself. He laughed, "Sorry Deea to much stimulation for you right now? OK I'll give you what you need! Long for you and hard for me until your eyes are blue or you pass out right? That is how it works?"
All I could do was utter this vibrating sound coming from my chest. Daygo took my hips then he started pounding at an almost unbearable pass. I guess I was making to much noise so he ripped his sleeve off and tied it around my mouth, then proceeded to fuck the hell out of me until I passed out.
When I came to he was carrying me over his shoulder with my hands still tied as he finished shopping. I was too weak to do anything but lie there over his shoulder. After awhile he stopped to check on me.
He smiled, "Are you all right?"
I nodded.
"Your Eyes are still violet! But the fever is passed I think. I'm taking you back to the ship now or do we need to go for round two? Because I’m up for it."
I shook my head no.
“Ok, if you say so.”
He put me back over his shoulder again then made his way back to the ship. Rayvack wasn't back yet so he laid me in the lounge chair still tied. "Deea do you need anything?"
I shook my head.
"Ok, I'm going to work on the power converter. I'll be right over here if you need me."
I nodded.

Suddenly Rayvack burst in the room.
"Is Deea Ok?"
"Yeah bro she’s fine."
Rayvack handed Shea to Daygo she was out cold. "What happened to your arms and why is Deea tied?"
"Deea went wild on me, the fever came back. I thought you were taking care of her?"
"It's not the fever you dolt. It’s a reaction to the flowers. Shea did the same thing."
He walked over to me, "Hey sweetie I've got an antidote for you. Open your mouth. That’s my good girl."
He pored this red fluid in my mouth "This is going to make you sleep for a few hours when you get up you wont be able to talk just like with the fever but it's only temporary Ok? Then every day when the flowers are in bloom you take one of these pills and you won’t be affected by them."
I tried to nod my head as he untied my wrist. "You sleep now Ok?"
Daygo laid Shea on the lounge chair next to mine.

Shea nudged me when she awoke. I looked up at her and laughed after seeing her fangs. She popped me in the arm as if to said It's not funny but she had picked on me about me fangs. How she knew how to take care of herself so that would never happen to her. Now she was in the same predicament I was in. Daygo yelled, "Hey no hitting you kids. You two behave or I'll put you both over my knee and don’t think I wont enjoy doing it. Well, Rayvack except for the occasional growl, hiss or purr it should be really quiet around here for a week until their voices come back, that is."
I walked over to Daygo and hit his arm.
"Ouch Deea! They still hurt!"
Then he took his shirt off and showed me his arms. My mouth dropped open then I pointed to myself?
"Yea you did it."
I couldn't say sorry so I kissed his arm instead and purred.
He sheepishly smiled,
"Ok I owe you an apology too. Sorry about the unnecessary roughness then I took you and keeping you tied the rest of the day."
Shea looked at me laughing then went to got a writing pad. In big letters she wrote. “Ha! Ha! You got fucked!”
I bit my lip. I looked over at Rayvack. Then I wrote, “Did you?”
Shea got an unhappy look on the face then shook her head no. I looked over to Rayvack. "What! I know it wasn't the fever with all the sex she gets, I took her to a doctor instead."
Daygo got defensive, "Well I thought I was helping and the condition she was in if I hadn't have done her, there were 20 guys there that were ready, willing and able to help her out."
Rayvack Nodded, " I understand plus it's something you have always wanted to do! If I had known my brother was banging my woman at the time I may have done his woman too."
I sat on his lap and purred in his ear then ran my tongue around the edge of his ear.
He said "You keep that up and I'll be taking you in the bedroom."
I positioned myself so I was facing him with one of my legs on each side of his hips. I started to kiss up his neck and ran my tongue a cross his lips. "Are you asking for it, my love?"
I purred.
"Ok! Ok I get it."
He picked me up and walked in our bedroom. He tossed me on the bed. "Deea, I said I understood Daygo fucking you under the circumstance but don't think you can do it again with out my approval Ok, because you’re mine. Also if any other man was to touch you with out my approval I'll kill him."
I smiled as I took my clothes off then rubbed my thighs.
He chuckled "You know I like those fangs. Now that I know how to make you keep them I think there going to stay."
I smiled as I lay back on the bed; I spread my legs as I caressed my wet pussy for him. As He watched me then he rubbed his hand over his face.
"Gods you are such a turn on."
He stared to lick my pussy until I thought I'd lose my mind. Then he pushed the head of his penis in my pussy then stopped. Our eyes meet, "So my love, how bad do you want me in you?"
I batted my blue eyes at his and blew a kiss as I held my arms up to him. He chuckled then took my arms in his hands and pulled me up on his cock burying it deep inside me. He put his hands around my hips as he bounced me up and down as I squeak and moaned. Then he tossed me back on the bed, rolled me over bring me to my hands and knees. He plunged deep in my wet pussy as he held onto my hips. Over and over he pounded me until I could take no more. I dropped my face onto the sheets biting them. The orgasm was so strong I didn't even notice he had finished. He lay down next to me holding me as I slowly came down from the euphoria.
To be continued!


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