Night out with the Boys


Anita was hesitant to go back to the club with Henri. The last time they had been there she had met her ex, Richard and promised to do him and Henri at the same time. A new sexual hunger had awakened in her and she seemed powerless to control it. Henri was much more experienced and adventurous than her, and he seemed eager to share her with Richard. In spite of this hesitation, she was dressing for their night out. She chose a flowing purple skirt and a low cut, tight fitting blouse. She opened the lower drawer of her dresser, the one with the underwear that had been give to her by Henri. She selected a white lace thong. She pulled it up and it fit snugly. The pressure against her mound and the string up the crack of her ass gave her a feeling. She paused to become aware of what that feeling was, it was lust. When she closed her eyes Anita could feel her mouth and pussy both full, the thick, hot flesh of two cocks pounding into her and it made her weak at the knees. She wanted to say that she didn’t want it, but she knew she did. Not only did she want it, she NEEDED it.

She put on her blouse without a bra and looked in the mirror. “Oh no, I can’t” she thought. Her dark nipples stood out and showed plainly through the white fabric. She went back to the dresser an selected a bra to match the thong. By itself, the lace only muted the protrusion and color of her excited nipples, but with the blouse it was enough to hide them.

They arrived at the club and she could hear the driving music outside. Entering the door she found it even more intense. The wall of sound washed over her, the treble notes lost in the base pounding with the rhythm of sex, again the image of being on her knees impaled at both ends swept over her. She felt her pussy dampening. “God, I hope I can keep my clothes on out there on the dance floor.” At this point she had no doubt, she would keep her promise and take both men to bed with her, she only hoped her hunger would allow her to actually make it to a bed. At this point she felt as if she might begin rutting on one of the tables. She’d never been so horny, how had this happened to her?

Oh No, she saw Richard. Tall, tanned and muscular, with a few curls of reddish blonde hair sticking out of his shirt. He was a perfect counterpoint to Henri’s pale and pretty look. Anita thought of being the dividing line between their yin and yang. Now what was merely damp was dripping. She saw him at the bar ordering a drink, she didn’t think Henri had seen him yet. Henri asked, “Would you Like a drink?” “Oh definitely” she answered, and he left without asking what she wanted.

Her eyes followed him toward the bar and then past him to Richard who was leaving the bar coming toward her, with two glasses in his hand. “Hello” he said as he handed her one of the glasses. Anita took the glass without a word and gulped it down. It was sweet, spicy and very strong. Her eyes watered a bit and she gasped “What was that?”.““Spiced rum, and hello to you too” he said with a chuckle. Just then Henri returned, she took the glass he offered. This time she sniffed first, a spicy smell mixed with the burn of straight booze. A slow sip yielded the same strong spicy rum taste. “You two have been plotting behind my back” she said with a grin.

“Would you like to dance?” Richard asked, changing the subject. “I was taught to dance with the one I came with”. “I was asking BOTH of you”” he replied with emphasis. “Oh” she said as he took her hand and Henri followed her so close he was almost touching.

Once they were amid the crush of bodies on the floor they began to move to the music. The crowd was close, but they were closer. Richard was in front of her and Henri behind. After a few seconds her thighs opened enough for Richard right leg to slip between, his arms went around her waist. She felt Henri put his hands on her hips and mold his pelvis to her ass as he laid his head on her shoulder. Anita could smell a new cologne on Henri, it was just as spicy as the rum. Richard kissed the ear opposite Henri, and she smelled the same cologne on him. The scent was intoxicating, just like the two shots of rum that where beginning to affect her.
The pretense of dancing quickly gave way to a pantomime of sex standing up. She felt Richard’s thigh grinding through her loose skirt and wet lace thong. She also felt the hardness of Henri through his pants nestling in between her cheeks, following her movements. She closed her eyes and gave herself over to sensation. The pressure on her groin was just right. Moving against her clitoris, making her lose track of where she was. She felt Henri’’s hands move up from her hips to her breasts, cupping them gently at first and then starting to squeeze with increasing pressure. Her nipples poked out between his index an middle fingers. He gave a little pinch, and the sharpness of the sensation made her hips jerk toward Richard.

“Thank God this is a rave club, where the music never stops” was the last thought that formed in her mind. The pulsing of the music began to throb in her clit, she ground herself into Richard and Henri followed driving his hard dick further between the cheeks of her ass, pressing her harder yet into Richard. Her eyes fluttered, she gave a loud groan that only the three of them could hear over the music, and collapsed against Richard. He held her up until her eyes opened and she made and effort to get her feet to support her. Her face was very red, the combined effect of a blush and sexual flush. Henri could feel the heat of that flush on her breasts through her blouse.

Richard withdrew his leg from between hers, she was about to protest when she felt him place his hand on the inside of her thigh just above the knee. His hand began to move upward slowly. At this point Anita realized that as his hand was moving up, a steady flow of wetness was moving down to meet it. Anita didn’t want him to know how wet she was, because then he would know that she couldn’t stop. He would know then that if Henri were to lift her skirt and lower her panties, she would not only bend over to take him from behind, but undo Richard’’s pants and open her mouth for him right there on the dance floor. She had no will to stop his hand however, and she knew in seconds he would have the knowledge that would give him complete control of her. When Richard reached the slickness of her thigh, just above the hem of her skirt he looked into her eyes. He told her with that look that he knew, he knew that she was helpless. Richard leaned in and across her shoulder, she heard him say to Henri, “It’s time to take our date home”. Anita let a great breath rush out that she had not known she was holding. She felt giddy, realizing that she really thought they would fuck her in that crowd, and that in a way she wanted them to.

They caught a cab in front of the club. Anita was between her lovers in the back seat. As they pulled away and the crush of sound from the music died away, she began to become aware of her own rapid deep breathing. The men each had a hand on the inside of the thigh closest to him, now they both knew how very wet she was. Anita wanted to think of herself as a good girl, but tonight the time for thinking had passed. Henri was kissing her with his full moist lips. As they both reached the crotch of her thong, she moaned into his mouth. Richard began kissing the side of her neck. She enjoyed the contrast, the slight stubble of Richards beard rasping lightly on her neck, his lips and tongue adding a shivery feeling. Henri’s mouth was on hers, possessing her as surely as if he had already mounted her. And their the hands, oh, Sweet Venus, their hands! Richard and Henri worked well together, no fumbling, no fighting Richard slid his fingers under her panties first, so Henri reached up to slide his hand under the low neckline of her blouse and into her bra. He just slightly pinched her nipple. This brought another moan, but half a second later Richard inserted a finger into her flowing vagina and the moan changed midstream to a squeal. Anita’s eyes shifted quickly to the cabbies rearview mirror. He was watching, but she couldn’t stop, she could only thrust her hips at Richard’s finger.

Thankfully they reached her home before she came again, in full view of the cabbie. He took his money and leered as he told then to “Have a good night”. Anita was too flushed for him to notice how embarrassed she was when Richard said “Oh, we WILL”. She hurried up the steps, and fumbled with her keys at the lock. It reminded her of her early sexual experiences when the young men had so much trouble with the simple task of opening a condom. She realized that it was because she was in the same rush that her first few young lovers had been in. Richard and Henri merely smiled and waited. A first this made her angry, “They don’t care how much I need them, they’re going to let me explode!” After the flash of temper she understood, unlike the few seconds those young men had provided, these two adult men knew that it was going to be a long night. “I”m going to get FUCKED” Anita thought, “I’m going to get FUCKED till I’ve had enough” With this in mind she focused, and with slow deliberate effort, put the key in the lock.

The key entering the lock brought another mental image of herself being entered and her knees nearly buckled. Henri caught her with one hand, and turned the key in the lock with the other. They stepped into the house and immediately Anita tried to take Henri by the hand and lead him to the bedroom, but he didn’t move. “Anita, shouldn’t we offer our guest a drink and a seat? We must show some hospitality!” he said with a nearly cruel smile. “Show me some fucking hospitality or I’m going to scream!” she shouted. “She’s right, Henri” Richard said, “She can only stand so much” “Alright, dear, You have a seat and then Richard will have his drink” Anita was stunned, had she not made herself clear? But as she stood there dumbfounded Henri kneeled and removed her panties, perhaps he did have a clue.

“Have a seat Anita” Henri gestured toward the sofa. Anita sat down, and Henri kneeled in front of her and grasped her hips, sliding her forward until she sat on the edge of the seat. At last she understood. Henri stood up and with a grand gesture said to Richard “Drink your fill” Now Richard knelt before her, relief crashed over Anita making her weak, the weakness seemed to make her unable to keep legs together. Richard ducked his head under her skirt and began to lick the wetness off her inner thighs. Anita shivered. When he reached her pussy he laid his tongue on her cleft, at this point Anita grabbed his head. “Eat me! Eat me you son of a bitch!” she screamed. Anita began to hump Richard’s face as his tongue started to move over her. She was lost, humping, grunting, growling. In only a few minutes she held him still and made a sound that has no word to describe it, but they all knew what it meant. Anita was coming, and coming hard.

Time stood still for seconds, a minute, then Anita gasped and released Richard’s head. Anita panted for a few moments. She was hot, sweating heavily, she looked at Henri and said “Dear, get me a glass of water, and then somebody is going to fuck my brains out.”

After taking the water all in one gulp, Anita looked at the men. She stood up and began to undress. “Anita dear, can I do that for you?” Henri said. “No, you can’t. You two have teased and played with me till I’m nearly mad. Foreplay time is over. Get naked, I’m in control now!” The men obeyed, they seemed to feel it might be dangerous not to.

“Now, Richard, let me taste you” Anita said as she sat him on the back of the sofa and engulfed his cock while on her knees facing him. Richard felt the hot wetness of her mouth come over him in a rush. True to her word Anita was not into teasing or slow warm ups. She was sucking hard, bobbing up and down and stroking with her hand. It seemed she was dying of thirst for his sperm. Henri, also naked, got on his knees on the floor behind her. He put both hands on her ass and started kiss the sweet cheeks before him. Anita paused and took her mouth from Richard for only a second to say “I warned you Henri, don’t play with me, stick you tongue in my pussy” Once again, Henri obeyed. Anita moaned around Richard’s hard, thick dick. She loved the tongue in her, needed it, but she needed dick more. Once again she paused in her oral assault on Richard. “Henri , FUCK ME!, FUCK ME NOW!”

Henri stood up and behind her and inserted himself. Anita was wet and very ready, so he lunged into her quickly. Anita grunted as his thighs slammed against her butt. She enjoyed the animalistic feeling of taking him this way. Henri gripped her hips. Anita didn’t leave Richard’s cock this time, she merely whimpered around it, Henri knew what it meant. He began hard, fast, driving thrusts. Each time he slammed into her she was nudged ahead, taking Richard’s cock deeper in her mouth.

At last Anita was getting what she wanted. All the teasing and playing was over. She was truly full of dick. Richard’s hard cock strained in her mouth, Henri’s stretched her pussy as his balls slapped her clit with each hard, driving thrust. Anita remembered how she had imagined this earlier and she moaned, a long satisfied moan.

Richard placed his hands on her head and groaned. He was trying hard to hold on and last as long as she needed him to, but it was so good, and she was so relentless. Henri had lost all semblance of control, he had hold of her hips and was hunching into her with his teeth gritted. Anita felt it drawing near. Each slap of Henri’s balls on her clit brought it closer. She knew that the other orgasms she had that night were babies compared to what was coming. She began to quiver and strain. It was so close. She began to thrust back against Henri. It was there, right there!

OOOOOOOOO!! MMMM! She made as much noise as she could with a hard cock in her mouth. She felt she that might pass out. She felt her pussy grip Henri’s dick just as he made his final thrust and held her by the hips tight against him, gushing hotly into her. The heat of his sperm seemed scalding inside her. Richard’s grip on her head tightened and he thrust convulsively into her mouth. The taste of him flooded her mouth, her cheeks bulged with the volume of his come. Anita gulped the slippery fluid as fast as she could, moaning with pleasure.

Everyone held still for a few seconds while the last shocks of their collective spasms passed. Henri withdrew, then Richard. Everyone panted for a few seconds. The dripping of Henri’s semen down her legs tickled. “OK” Anita gasped “take five, we’ll trade places and Richard can fuck me next”. The men wondered if the two of them were enough.


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