Pirate of the Night


Marc’s nose itched, so he reached up to scratch it but his hand was blocked. This brought him awake, sort of. He was lying in bed on his back. It was a thigh along side his head that kept him from scratching his nose he reached up with both hands and felt Julie’s warm legs on either side of his head. He ran his hands up to her butt, rubbing it with the flat of his palms. Mmmmm, Julie replied. Marc inhaled and her scent engulfed him. The itch on his nose, he came awake enough to realize, was her pubic hair tickling him. Well, he could take a hint. He stuck out his tongue, and using the oral braille method, he oriented himself to her familiar nether region.

Julie had never awakened him this way before, he wondered (but didn’t care too much), what was up. It had been another normal day in a long boring Midwestern winter. The late, gloomy part, after the holidays, when even skiers tired of cold, wind and clouds. The weeks had been dragging on and he couldn’t remember for sure how long it had been since they last made love. He had dragged off to bed, Julie reading next to him when he faded off to sleep. How long had he been asleep? He had no idea.

Julie groaned long and low as he slowly licked on either side of her clitoral hood, the way he knew she liked. He pulled her hips down to him and his nose poked up between her lips. Julie fell forward, catching herself with her hands on either side of his hips. “Goddess”, she thought “this is good, why didn’t I do this weeks ago?” Julie had been dragging through the gloomy last weeks of winter just like Marc. She had taken to reading sexy romance novels about sunny climes and very hot sex to keep her warm at night. Often as Marc snored next to her, she had brought herself off, eyes tightly closed, dreaming herself in the sweaty arms of the hero in that steamy locale. But tonight was different, tonight her finger just wasn’t enough. She had been reading about the beautiful Victorian heroine and the macho pirate about to “have his way” with her. She remembered that Marc hadn’t had his way with her in far too long. As she lay there, diddling, dreaming of the pirate Captain dragging her of to his cabin, far out at sea, she knew that SHE was the one who was going to have her way.

It was late, but so what? She was in need, and she was sure Marc was too. She slipped off her flannel night gown and straddled his head facing his feet. When he woke up, he seemed to catch on quite nicely. While he continued to explore her with his tongue, Julie imagined herself back in the Captain’s cabin, she felt the ship rock with the waves of the Caribbean. She became the heroine, overcome by the Captain’s rugged good looks and skillful lovemaking. But as the heroine, she also feared for her safety, would her favors be shared with the 20 or so other, desperate, dangerous men on the ship? All of them knew that she and the Captain were in this small room with one small bed... The thought made Julie shiver has Marc’s tongue sped up and probed deeply. The heroine made be afraid, but Julie only teased herself with the thought of 20 more sweaty pirates. That teasing caused her to begin flowing into Marc’s mouth.

Marc swallowed as Julie’s juice ran into his mouth, down his chin, and began dripping into is ears. Damn, she was wet! Once again Marc wondered what set her off. Was it the Fabio clone on the cover of that paperback she went to bed with? Whenever he asked what one of those books was about, she only said “Oh, it’s a romance.” in a dismissive tone and he paid no more attention. Marc felt her hot breath on his groin. Though he couldn’t see her do it, (in fact neither of them could see anything in the pitch blackness) Julie licked her lips at the masculine smell of him. He made that mmmm sound into her crotch, which vibrated her lips and clit and she ground herself down on his face. Marc pushed up on her hips and she raised up slightly. Marc said “Suck it Julie” in an urgent tone of voice. “Yes my Captain” she replied hoarsely. “Captain? What the hell was that about?” Marc puzzled. Julie fished his cock out of his pajama bottoms and he stopped caring.

Julie had hold of his rapidly growing dick and she smelled the man scent strongly. She kissed the head and he groaned loudly. She could not only hear, but feel each sound he made, and each one was absolutely thrilling. Julie took the head in her mouth and more sounds shook her from the pussy up. By now Marc’s cock was hot and steely hard in her mouth. She stroked it with her hand and slowly moved her lips up and down over him. Marc was making a lot of noise now, and she loved it.

Marc knew he had to do something quick or he was going to blow in her mouth. That would be great, but he was sure Julie had other plans. You don’t wake someone in the middle of the night just so you can get them off and go to sleep, Marc reasoned. But What to do? An idea came to him and he licked his finger. He inserted the wet digit into her warm, wet pussy. Julie let go of his cock and gasped. Marc just missed the point of no return, he could feel each heartbeat in the end of his dick, but he was coming yet.

Julie was trying to catch her breath, the captain’s penis clutched firmly in her hand, his tongue dancing on her clit and his finger wiggling inside her. Once again she ground down on his face. White lights flashed behind her eyes and she screamed. “Victorian reputation be damned! To hell with the rest of the crew, I’ll take them all!” her pussy sang to her. Julie was only able to whimper, her mind had exploded. It took her a few minutes to come back to her senses. She lay there arms wrapped around Marc’s knees, gasping for breath.

When she could think again, the thought that came to Julie’s mind was that she very much wanted to get fucked. She put her hand around Marc’s cock again, it was still hard as a rock. Good, she thought, and scooted down toward his feet. She lifted her hips up and aimed him at her opening, sitting down slowly. Marc growled low in his throat like an animal. Julie said “Take me Captain, ravish me”.

It’s GOT to be the romance novels, Marc concluded, who else talks like that? But if it was ravishing she wanted, she was going to have to do it, he was pinned and subject to HER whims. He put one hand on each of her ass cheeks and began to guide her up and down, but she had to move, he was only helping to set the tempo. Julie had one hand on his knee, the other went back to strumming her clitoris. She had been very hot before she woke Marc up and she couldn’t stop now. She grunted in time to her thrusts. Marc felt her ass give on each down stroke as she pressed it into his belly. “Why not play along with her fantasy?” Marc thought. “Faster wench” he growled. “Oooo! Yes Captain!” Julie squealed and bobbed her ass faster, also working her clit at a furious rate. Marc felt her cunt cutch him very firmly and heard Julie’s breathing catch. Her grip on him spasmed and she growled this time. Marc squeezed his eyes tight, griped her butt tightly and held on, stopping himself from coming by force of will. “Don’t move!” he begged her and except for an involuntary twitch, she didn’t. When he felt he could stand the sensation of her sliding off him without exploding, Marc tried to play Captain again. “On your back, wench!” he ordered. Julie rolled off im and lay on her back with her legs spread wide. “Take me as you will Captain” she crooned.

Marc still wasn’t ready to enter her again, so he put her legs over his shoulders and stuck his tongue as deeply into her as he could, probing for her tangy taste. Uhhhhh! Julie moaned “Yes Captain, eat me!”. She wasn’t sure Victorian heroines ever said “eat me” but what the hell. Marc reached around her legs and squeezed both of her breasts. Julie wasn’t able to say anything else, she was reduced to the inarticulate groaning of a woman on the edge of orgasm, which is what she was. Julie threw her hands up and clutched a double fistful of Marc’s hair, jammed his face hard into her and wailed. Marc let go of her breasts. This time Julie twitched for a full minute.

When the twitching had stopped she gasped, “Take me Captain, take me hard!”. Marc pushed up between her legs so that the back of her calves were against his shoulders. She took hold of his dick and guided him in. Marc knew there was no holding back this time, he would give her everything he had. When he was firmly seated in her he balanced on his knees and forehead which was planted on the mattress over her left shoulder. He grabbed her ass with both hands and went at her like a pile driver. They both grunted with each thrust. Julie knew this was it for Marc, but he had pleased her well and she urged him on, “Give it to me Captain! Fill me!”. At that Marc thrust in, pulled her ass toward him hard and poured into her. “Aaaagh!” He twitched once, twice more, and again, then collapsed. He lay on her gasping for breath. Julie held his head gently. When his breathing slowed Marc said “Thank you M’Lady” “Oh, You are most welcome Captain” she replied.

Marc rolled over on his back, “Maybe I should read one of those romances” he thought as he drifted off to a very satisfied sleep.


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