I wasn’t really trying to get into trouble when I saw them in the window but I just couldn’t help myself. I saw an open curtain and I had to look inside. I was startled at first at the light inside the room. It was late and I thought that there would be only a night light on at best. This room was lit up like the 4th of July and had the stereo blasting out some hard thumping beat. I eased up to the window and peered over the sill and my eyes popped pen in disbelief! I was looking at a scene from the Arabian nights. The XXX rated version at that. There were three women in the room and all were naked as the day they came into this world, and they were all gorgeous to my eye. They were all different too, one was a blonde statuesque beauty at least 6’ tall and with huge breasts that stood out like the nose cones of a rocket. One was a redhead with long wavy tresses down her back like the mane of a horse and with a body I could have killed over. The last beauty was a brunette vixen with a thin athletic body and absolutely no hair on her other than her head. It was the first bald pussy I had ever seen in real life and I couldn’t get it out of my mind how beautiful a woman’s pussy really is. These women were all beautiful and as I said naked, so I was doomed from the start. I held my breath as they moved around the room, first plumping up the pillows on the bed and then turning first one light off and then another trying for the correct mood I guessed. It made for a good show to my eyes anyway. Then the blond went up to the brunette and said something that caused her to laugh and shake her head no. The blonde said something again and this time the brunette slowly nodded her head and moved to the center of the floor and started to sway with the music. I felt my breath catch in my chest as the blonde went behind the brunette and started to slowly slid her hands up over the brunette's hips and up further to cup and hold the nicely rounded tits of the brunette. I saw the brunette shudder and tilt her head back allowing the blonde to kiss and lick her neck. The redhead in the mean time had not been idle. She had pulled the covers back from the bed and was lying there slowly rubbing her moist looking slit and watching through her smoldering eyes the play before her.

I couldn’t believe my eyes. Here I was outside a window looking at three women, that any man in their right mind would have jumped on in a microsecond and I just stood there with my hand on my cock thinking about how I would jerk off to the sight of them playing. Little did I know what the fates had in mind for me that night?

The blonde had started to pinch and pull the brunette’s nipples and they were looking harder by the second just like my cock was. I pulled my head back as the redhead looked my way. I must have made a small sound to attract her attention, I would have to be more careful or I could be picked up by the cops for this innocent little tryst. There really wasn’t any explanation that would have worked either. I waited a few more seconds and eased my head up over the sill until I way again looking inside. This time the sight was even better than the first. The blonde now had her right hand wrapped around the mound of the girl in front of her and was slowly rubbing up and down her crevice and then easing her middle finger into the moist honey pit that she was after from the start. I gazed in, longing to be part of their fun but knowing that I couldn’t let them know I was watching. I slowly eased my zipper down and reached in my jeans for my hard cock, which was drooling precum at the sight before me. Just as I pulled it free of it’s confining space I realized that the redhead was no longer in the room. I stopped dead in my tracks and waited. Was she in the bathroom? Was she gone to the kitchen for snacks? Oh God was she in the other room calling the cops about a prowler outside her window? These thoughts raced through my head and I began to sweat even in the cool night air. I knew she couldn’t have been gone long because I had been watching the room. Truthfully I had not expected her to be missing and I never saw her leave. She must have skipped out when I saw her look my way and had ducked down to hide. I debated whether to call it a night and leave while I could or take the chance that she wasn’t calling the police and watch the rest of the show.

Thank goodness I had a set of balls on me that night because it gave me one of the most erotic nights of my 35 years. I stood there debating with myself when I felt a hand come down hard on my shoulder and I almost fainted dead away. That damned redhead had sneaked up on me and scared the shit out of me. I jumped straight up in the air and yelled "Holy Shit" which got her so tickled that she forgot to shoot me with the huge pistol she held in her hand. When I came down from orbit my eyes caught sight of the pistol and I wished I’d stayed up there. That thing was huge and she had it pointing right at my balls. I gulped and raised my hands straight up over my head, hoping that she wasn’t as nervous as I was, and didn’t have an itchy trigger finger.

I stood there with my cock hanging out and rapidly deflating from the fright. She kept looking at my cock and as she watched, it began to rise again. Just goes to show that nothing scares a hard dick! I was scared though and was shaking down to my toes. I stammered out that I didn’t mean any harm and for her to Please not call the cops. I just knew that she was going to call them and I would end up being some big bruiser’s toy for the next six months. I promised to do anything she wanted, just don’t call the cops. She got this really funny look in her eyes and motioned for me to go in front of her and I moved in the direction she had pointed. She still hadn’t said a word, just pointed with that damn gun where she wanted me to go and I went. She had me go up to the back door and then inside to the kitchen. I stepped through the door and she said her first words of the evening, "Take off your clothes." She pointed that gun and I started to strip, fast. She then motioned for me to go ahead of her into the other part of the house. I couldn’t do anything else but go. Here I was walking butt naked in this woman’s house and she had a pistol in back of me! My asshole was tighter than a bull’s ass in fly season. She marched me down the hall and into the bedroom. I couldn’t believe it, there were the other two ladies still naked and in a clinch in the middle of the room. They looked up as we entered and both started to talk at once asking red what was going on. She said, "I saw him peeping in the window and decided to catch him before he caused any trouble."

I started to say that I wasn’t making trouble, but a wave of the pistol convinced me to keep my big mouth shut. The blonde looked me up and down with a sultry look and my cock started to harden again. She walked over and slowly ran her hand over the head and down to my ball sack hefting them in her warm palm. I shivered as she gently squeezed them and smiled up at me. She asked, "What’s your name slick?" I told them "Tom". She said, "My name’s Carol", and pointing at the brunette said, "she’s Sue and you’ve already met Rachel."

I stood there wondering what was going to happen next and Rachel walked over and told me to sit down on the floor while they decided what to do with me. I looked for a place to sit and she pointed that damn gun again and I sat straight down and sat very still.

They got together in the middle of the room and I could hear them whispering but not what they were saying. They all looked over at me from time to time and smiled and once Sue giggled out loud. I wondered what they were up to but was afraid I’d find out soon. Rachel seemed to be the one in charge and I watched her closely. She had put a robe on when she went out to play "Dirty Harriet" and now it had come loose and was hanging open for me to see her body. Her tits were topped with small hard nipples that were a bright pink in contrast with her white skin. Her pussy hair was a "flaming red" that was startling in its brightness and beauty. While standing there talking to the others she idly rubbed her fingers up and down her slit and I could see the moisture on her fingers when they appeared. I watched her and my cock hardened again. This was getting ridiculous, up and down, up and down. First they would make it hard by their actions and looks and then scare the damn thing soft again! They finished their talk and Carol came over to stand in front of me with her long legs spread open and her pussy inches from my face. With her hands on her hips she looked me in the eye and asked what I thought they should do with me. I told her that I thought they should just let me go and I would never say a thing about them or to them and never peep in their window again. She giggled a little and slowly reached down and spread her lips open in front of me. She then reached out with her other hand and put it on the back of my head and started to pull me toward those open wet lips. As she did this she said, "We don’t care if you watch but now you have to pay the price!" "You can start by licking my clit and trying to make me cum, and if you do a real good job then we’ll see what happens next.

I licked like a man possessed at that hard little nubbin and she started to groan and move her hips back and forth slowly humping my face. I slid my hands up the backs of her legs and pushed my fingers into her ass crack gently and kneaded her anal ring as I twirled my tongue around and around and dipped it down into her dripping sex hole. I licked the juice up from her hole and she squealed as I slowly pushed my finger into her anus. She had moved closer and was now straddling my head and her cunt was directly above my face as I licked and licked trying to make her cum hard and fast. She began to grunt unh! unh! As she neared her cum and she moved her hips faster and faster rubbing her pussy on my face and humping her clit against my moving tongue. Her thighs were quivering as she finally hit her peak and screamed, "I’m cummming now! Oh God I am cumming!" She started to really move then and a stream of clear thick pussy juice shot into my mouth and onto my tongue as she clinched her thighs tightly around my head. She was bent over me holding onto my head with both hands now and supporting herself. She slowly straightened up and looked down at my cum smeared face and smiled. "Not bad for starters slick" I thought to myself that if this was starters then I was one lucky son of a bitch and should have eaten my Wheaties that morning.

She moved away and the brunette, Sue stood in front of me looking down at my rigid boner. She slowly sank to her knees in front of me and leaned over to lick my shaft from the mushroom head down to the base and then she lifted my balls and moved them around in their sack. I groaned in pleasure as she continued to lick and then to suck on me. I was just getting in to it when she stopped suddenly and stood up. My eyes flew open when she stood and watched her as she bent over and straightened my legs out in front of me. She then swung her body over the top of my thighs and slowly started downward. As she got near to the tip of my hardon, she reached down and held it upright with her hand and slowly lowered herself onto it causing me to moan again as my dick started to impale her wet cunt. She moved back and forth as it slid into her hot sheath and then when she was halfway down it’s length she dropped with a grunt the rest of the way and sent my breath out in a Whoosh that caused me to cross my eyes in surprise. She immediately started to ride me like a bronco and swung her body back and forth then up and down as fast as she could. Her little clitty was rubbing my pubic bone as she ground her crotch into mine and she had thrown her head back and closed her eyes. The redhead came over and took Sue’s face in her hands and kissed her open mouth and licked around her lips. I had my hands on Sue’s slim hips and I pulled her down as she rose up to the tip of my rod. Rachel moved over me then and faced Sue with her pussy inches from Sue’s mouth. Sue needed no invitation and knew exactly what that red haired pussy wanted as she dove forward and stuck her tongue straight out and into Rachel’s puss. As Sue rode my hard cock, Rachel humped her face and moaned as Sue licked her faster and faster. Rachel was getting closer to her cum as Sue reached out and pulled her to her face. I knew that I wouldn’t last much longer and wanted to cum. with the two beauties. I reached around Sue and shoved my middle finger up her ass to the first knuckle and she sat straight up and jabbed her tongue into Rachel’s pussy as far as she could. I bucked my hips one final time and started to unload my cum in Sue’s steaming cunt. That set her off, and as she screamed into the streaming pussy in front of her, Rachel began to frantically push her cunt against the wet tongue and began to cum also. It was a three-way tie between us as to who got there first. We were all drenched in sweat and cum juice and the smell of sex was everywhere in the room. I was panting like my heart would burst but there was one more thing to do before I gave out. I reached out and grabbed that damn gun from that crazy redhead’s hand. She had held it the whole time and if I had known that then I would have died on the spot.

After I had control of the weapon, I looked over at Carol whose eyes had gotten huge and said, "don’t worry honey, I just don’t want to lose anything important just in case she shoots the damn thing." She giggled and came over to me and hugged me around my neck and pressed her huge tits into my heaving chest. "Feel up to a little more Tom?" she asked. For an answer I pulled her down beside me and rolled her over onto her back on the carpet and began to suck her breasts softly until the nipples were standing all crinkly and nubby when I moved my mouth away. She sighed in contentment as my hand moved slowly toward her honey pot. My gawd! It was still sopping wet and the heat could have kept us warm all winter. I dipped my middle finger into her depths and moved it slowly in and out getting it wet and then moved it back to her tight little bud and slowly eased it inside. Carol gasped as it went in and pushed back impaling herself further on the invading digit. I began to slowly ease a second finger in and she became very quiet and then she sighed with pleasure as I pushed in past the first knuckles on both fingers and began to move them around, stretching her for what was to come. As her buttery hole became used to my fingers I eased them out and rolled her over to her stomach and lifted her to her hands and knees before me. She looked back over her shoulder and asked me to go easy as she had never had a cock in there before, just her girlfriend’s dildo. I eased the head of my cock into her wet pussy and humped three or four times to lube it up for her and then slowly started to inch my way into her warm depths. As I pushed against her anal ring she grunted and pushed back spreading the cheeks of her plump ass trying to help me get inside. The head of my rod went past with a little ‘pop’ and the rest surged into her with ease. I gave her a few moments to allow her body to adjust to my size and told her to get ready because I was going to ream her ass good. She groaned as I came up against her ass cheeks with my pubic bone and screamed with pleasure as I began to slowly saw in and out with slow even strokes. She tossed her head from side to side and wiggled her ass back and forth trying to get me deeper and deeper with each thrust. She looked over her shoulder at me again and her face was wild with lust as she mumbled and licked her lips and moaned that she was almost ready to cum and then she was there! She screamed loudly enough to startle the other two who were looking on with lust in their eyes and hands on their cunts. She jerked her self up and down and I had to hold onto her hips as she struggled, with her cum rolling in rivers down her thighs soaking the carpet beneath. As she began to calm down I reached under and tweaked her clit with my fingers and set her off again, this time it was I who was the one who bellowed out loud and began to shiver and shake. She yelled, "I can feel it! I can feel your cum in my ass. Give it to me baby! Give it to meeeee!" My cock shot three long spurts up her ass hole and I leaned over her back trying to catch my breath as my cock started to shrink.

I looked over where Sue and Rachel were sitting and they had not been idle. They were no longer sitting where I last saw them. The had moved into a ‘69’ and were both busy at the other’s pussy lapping and slurping as fast as they could, squealing with pleasure as they hit each others swollen clit. I eased myself back and my cock came loose from Carol’s ass with a soft ‘plop’. I settled down to watch these two vixens lick and suck each other into ecstasy. They moved slightly and I could see Sue’s tongue working back and forth from Rachel’s cunt to her asshole. They were both shaking their heads from side to side each trying to make the one cum before the other did. They were both successful as they both began to cum at the same time, screaming and making so much noise I was afraid the neighbors would hear and call the police. I just sat there in awe as they ate each other to another and then another orgasm. Carol was beside me leaning against my shoulder as we watched the show. When the two beauties began to cool down, she eased over to them and slowly rubbed their backs and murmured to them that she loved them both and that they had shown her what she wanted to do next. When they looked at her she just lay back and spread her legs exposing her soaking wet pussy and pulling her lips apart for them to see. Sue responded first to her gesture and immediately crawled between her legs and started to feast. Rachel began licking and sucking her breasts and Carol just lay there moaning and sighing with pleasure. I couldn’t stay where I was. My cock sprang to attention again and I stood over the pile. Carol looked up and saw what was waiting for her and sat up. She inhaled my prick into her mouth and took her free hand and began to stroke my balls gently, tugging the hair that covered them. Not to be left out, Rachel moved up from breast-feeding and began to lick along the side of my cock and Carol’s mouth. She too used her hands to caress and fondle me. I felt her slid her hand along the underside of my cock and ball and begin to tickle my anal opening with her finger. She reached down to her overflowing hole and dipped her finger in for moisture, then brought it once again to my ass where she slowly began to stick it in to rub my prostrate. It wasn’t two minutes until I felt that glorious feeling starting at my toes and coming up through my balls. I yelled that I was cumming and began to spurt in their hungry mouths. Carol took the first shot straight down her throat and then Rachel grabbed my cock from her mouth and caught the second load on her tongue letting some spill over her chin where Carol promptly licked it up. Sue complained that she felt left out as this was going on so all three of us pounced on her licking and kissing her all over making up for her not getting the proper attention she deserved. She came in waves screaming over and over as she shook and shivered through one cum after another. As she began to mumble incoherently we eased off her and sat back ourselves to allow her to rest.

By this time we were all pretty much wasted and needed time to recover. The three girls sat around me as I leaned back on my hands. Rachel looked over at the other two and said, "What do you think guys, has he earned his freedom or do we get him hauled off?" I started to get up and Carol stopped, "Don’t worry honey, I don’t think you will be going anywhere tonight except to our bed and that is just where we went for a night that I won’t ever forget. That was ten years ago and now that Carol and I are married, we still get together at least once a month for fun and games with Sue and Rachel.

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