The Three of Us


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I recently went back to my hometown to visit my family. While there, I ran into my friend Dee from high school. She was kind enough to invite to her house that evening for dinner. I looked forward to spending some time with her, as well as meeting her husband Steve.

After a delicious dinner (Dee is an excellent cook!), we settled ourselves in the living room to chat about old times and old friends. Dee and Steve sat on the sofa, and I sat in the easy chair next to it. As much as I was enjoying the trip down memory lane with Dee, I couldn't help sneaking a few glances at her hunky husband. I imagined myself on his lap, with his cock buried deep inside me. Feeling a tingle between my thighs, I tried to shake such thoughts from my head. After all, he was my friend's husband! I was somewhat relieved when he got up and went over to the bar to fix us some drinks.

"He's hot, isn't he?" Dee leaned over and whispered with a smile.

Embarrassed to be caught staring at her husband, I smiled sheepishly. "Um, yes...he is."

"He's incredible in bed," she giggled. "His dick is so beautiful, and he can keep it up longer than any man I've ever known."

The tingle between my legs got stronger. "Really?" I murmured, squirming slightly. "That's great. I'm happy for the two of you."

Steve returned with our drinks. We sipped them slowly and continued to chat. After a while, Dee leaned over and kissed Steve hard on the mouth. He looked at her with surprise, and she whispered something in his ear. Feeling slightly embarrassed, but rather intrigued at the same time, I finished off the margarita that Steve had prepared.

"Why don't you join us over here," Steve smiled, moving away from Dee and patting the open space on the sofa between them. "Yes, please join us," Dee agreed.

Very intrigued, I went over to the sofa and sat down between Steve and Dee. Once I was seated, they both moved closer to me. Curious, I looked at Dee.

"We were just wondering about something," she said softly. "Would you happen to be interested in...um..." her voice trailed off.

"In what?" I whispered, not entirely certain of what she was trying to ask, but having a pretty good idea.

"In having some fun with us," Steve replied with a smile. He put his hand on my thigh and gave it a squeeze. The tingle between my legs became a throb.

I looked into Steve's eyes. "Having some fun with you?" I asked.

"Yes, please," Dee whispered in my ear. "Please play with us."

I turned to look at her. "Dee," I began. "Do you mean..."

"You know exactly what we mean," Steve said. "Just say yes." When I turned to look at him, he gently kissed me on the lips. Then he reached up to touch my cheek, deepening his kiss. I moaned softly.

Pulling back, he asked, "Was that a yes?"

Unable to answer, I nodded.

Smiling seductively, Steve took me into his arms and pulled me close. "Good," he whispered. "We'll make sure you have fun." Then he kissed me, pushing his tongue into my mouth to meet mine. I wrapped my arms around him and opened my mouth for a deeper kiss.

I could feel Dee brushing my hair off my neck. She left a trail of soft kisses along the back of my neck, and she reached between Steve and me to caress my breasts through my sweater. Then she dropped her hand to my upper thigh, giving it a squeeze before sliding her hand between my legs. She rubbed my crotch through my jeans. Once again, I moaned.

Steve moved one hand between us to rub my breasts. He kissed his way down my neck, down to my cleavage, which was revealed nicely by my low cut sweater. He flicked his tongue in the crack between my breasts, and I arched my back, pushing my breasts towards his face. I reached between his legs to stroke the enormous bulge in his jeans.

Dee continued to rub my crotch. Then she unzipped my jeans and slipped her hand inside. I gasped as she found my clit and began to stroke it. With her free hand she gently turned my head so that I was facing her, and she kissed me, delicately dipping her tongue into my mouth.

My cunt ached with desire, and my body began to tremble. Feeling me tremble, Steve let go of me and sat up. Dee also pulled away from me. Confused, I looked at Steve and then at Dee. "Not yet, baby. Not yet," Steve said.

He rose from the sofa and pulled me up with him. He led me over to the open space in the middle of the living room. He kicked off his shoes, pulled off his sweater, and then unzipped his jeans. I watched intently as he pushed the jeans down his legs. God, his body was incredible! Off came the jeans and socks. I stared at the erection trapped in his red briefs, enthralled by the head peeking out of the waistband. Oh, how I wanted to feel his cock inside my aching, hungry cunt! He pulled off the briefs and tossed them aside, freeing his member from its prison. I gasped at the sight of him.

"I told you he's beautiful, didn't I?" Dee murmured from behind me.

I had momentarily forgotten about her. "Yes, you did," I replied. "And yes he is." I turned to look at her. She had removed her clothes as well, revealing a taut, shapely body.

Taking my cue from my hosts, I quickly stripped off my own clothes.

"Breathtaking!" Steve said softly, looking me over.

He stepped towards me, took me in his arms, and kissed me thoroughly. He held my body close to his, and his firm cock pressed against me. He reached down to my thigh and pulled my leg up slightly, bringing me into even closer contact with him. I could feel the wetness already seeping from my pussy.

"Taste him!" Dee rasped from behind me. "I want to see him in your mouth."

I was more than happy to oblige. I knelt in front of him and took his tool into my hands. Then I hungrily wrapped my mouth around him, stroking his balls. Steve groaned with delight. He grabbed my hair and pushed my head forward, driving his cock completely into my mouth. I swirled my tongue around his head, sucking him hard. He rocked his hips, fucking my mouth. To my delight, I felt subtle pressure on the wet spot between my legs. Dee had knelt down next to me and was stroking my pussy lips with her fingers. I moved my head back, keeping just Steve's dick head in my mouth, and I let go of his balls, moving one hand over to his thigh. This allowed Dee access to her husband's throbbing member, so she leaned forward to join me in savoring his taste. She enthusiastically licked his shaft and balls, and he groaned loudly. He ran his hands through both our hair. I slipped two fingers from my free hand between Dee's thighs to stroke her wet pussy. In response, she pushed her fingers deep into my pussy and rubbed my clit with her thumb. It felt so good! I returned the favor by doing the same to her. Judging from her moans, she enjoyed my touch as much as I enjoyed hers.

The feeling of two mouths and tongues on his cock sent Steve over the edge. With a loud, guttural groan, he shuddered and shot his hot load into my mouth. I released him and licked his cum from my lips, letting Dee lick him clean. Thanks to Dee's skillful fingers, my own orgasm began to rumble deep within me. I rocked my hips towards Dee's hand, and she finger-fucked me even harder, as I did her. We came simultaneously, crying out in ecstasy.

Steve knelt on the floor with us, first kissing his wife, then kissing me. He pulled us close to him...my breasts and Dee's pressed against each other and against his chest. Skin touching skin. Sweat mixing with sweat. Our bodies were so hot, it seemed that our skin would melt and fuse together.

Releasing us, he muttered huskily, "I want to watch you eat each other."

Dee lay back on the carpet, opening her legs beckoningly. Her pussy glistened with her juices. Steve gently placed a throw pillows beneath her back and head, raising her body to give me easier access to her sweet sex, and giving Dee easier access to mine. I positioned myself over her, my knees on either side of her head, and I leaned over to taste her. I ran my tongue from her clit to the spot between her pussy and her anus. She gasped with delight. Then she grabbed my thighs and thrust her tongue into my cunt. We mirrored each other's moves...licking, sucking, tasting. We each came several times, both simultaneously and separately.

Suddenly, she stopped eating me, and almost immediately, I felt Steve's hands on my hips. He thrust his cock into my cunt, burrowing himself within my fiery depths. I stopped eating Dee long enough to gasp at the depth and force of his thrust. He rocked back and forth, pounding me and finding the special spot inside me. God, he felt so good...even better than I had imagined! I pushed my ass backward, meeting each of his thrusts with one of my own. Then I felt Dee's tongue. She was licking my swollen lips, as well as her husband's tool and balls as he thrust into me. So I resumed eating her. The scent of sex hung in the air as we all fucked each other in our own ways. I forced myself to focus on pleasuring Dee -- not an easy task with Steve hammering me from behind. I plunged my tongue deep into Dee's pussy, moving it in and out, in and out. Her hips bucked under me as she came again, and I sucked in her sweet juices. My own orgasm followed hers.

Steve kept fucking me hard, and after a momentary pause to catch her breath, Dee resumed running her tongue over my lips and over her husband's still thrusting cock. I, too, stopped long enough to gasp for air. Since Dee was still eating me, I continued to eat her as well. I moved up to her clit, flicking my tongue over it and then pinching it between my lips. I sucked her clit hard until she came yet again. Then Steve dug his fingers into my hips, and his body convulsed. He screamed in ecstasy as he shot his wad into my swollen cunt. I could feel Dee licking his cum as it seeped out of me. Steve's orgasm and Dee's enthusiastic tongue sent me over the edge, and my body erupted in yet another orgasm. We all collapsed on the floor, gasping for breath, totally exhausted from our multiple fuckings.

We lay on the floor for what seemed like forever. Finally, Dee propped herself up and looked into my eyes.

"That was the most amazing experience I've ever had. I've fantasized about a threesome like this for so long. Thank you for making this possible." Then she leaned over and kissed me on the cheek.

I looked at her in surprise. "Are you telling me that you had never done this before?" I asked incredulously.

"Yes," she smiled. "Never. This was a first for me."

"Could've fooled me! You were amazing," I smiled back.

"Hey," Steve chimed in. "What about me?"

Dee and I looked at each other and laughed. "You were incredible, sweetheart," she purred, kissing him on the cheek.

"Yes...absolutely incredible," I added, kissing him on the other cheek.

We all stared at each other for a moment. Then Dee grinned at me. "Our high school reunion is next year. Will you be back in town to attend?"

"You bet I will!"

We laughed lasciviously, knowing that we would share another mind-blowing experience at that time.

I am already counting the days.


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