John & Sadie
Ian MacL


Driving home after a long day of hard work, John contemplated the reception he would get from his wife Sadie. Things between them had not been so good recently. John had been working long hours and the kids had taken their toll on Sadie. They had not had time for each other and things had reached breaking point. They both still loved each other but living together in these circumstances was a trial.

The kids were spending the weekend with their grandparents and this was the last ditch attempt to patch things up and avoid a break up neither really wanted. However, when he had left in the morning, the send off was frosty to say the least, so John did not know what to expect when he got home – or even if the planned meal out together was still on. Sadie may have already packed and gone.

As he drove into the drive, John had all these thoughts racing through his mind. Opening the front door, he hoped to be greeted by his wife, dressed and ready to go on their meal. Stepping inside, it was apparent that Sadie was nowhere to be seen. John was concerned and hoped she was upstairs putting the finishing touches to her make up, or something similar. He mounted the stairs and listened for the sound of his wife moving about. Nothing. Was she in the house or had she left him? The bedroom door was slightly ajar and normally this would be shut. Phew! I expect she is getting ready, he thought and hoped. Quietly he made his way to the bedroom and peeped in without pushing the door.

There was Sadie, standing in front of the full-mirrored wardrobes. What a sight he thought! She is wearing the white blouse that makes her look so sexy and the short black leather skirt that shows the curves of her bottom. Black hold up stockings and black high-heeled shoes completed the ensemble.

There was a stirring in his trousers and John wanted to jump her already! Just then, he noticed something he had never seen before. Sadie was not applying make up, she was looking at herself in a very provocative way, in the full-length mirror. Suddenly, she raised her hands and cupped her breasts, stroking them and squeezing them through the silky material of the blouse. He could see the reflection of two nipples now standing very erect through the blouse. Sadie turned sideways to check the view and murmured something to herself. She continued to stroke her breasts through the blouse and then undid a button, which released her ample breasts from the hold of the blouse. In went a hand and Sadie was now stroking the flesh of her breast and obviously enjoying it and the nipple squeeze she applied. The murmur turned to a moan as she explored her chest. John was totally taken in by the show and the hardness of his cock was pushing on the zip holding his trousers together.

Sadie then lay down on the bed in front of the mirror. Her knees up and legs parted. Her hand was now feeling all round the outside of the sheer black thong she was wearing. She stroked her inner thighs and ran her fingers over and over the front of the thong. Moaning with pleasure as she did so. John could see that her wetness in the reflection presented to him by the mirror. In a moment he had removed his lower clothing and was standing with a huge cock in his hand, enjoying this new view of his wife pleasuring herself.

Sadie continued to stroke herself and was becoming very excited by the whole process. John had worked himself up too and wanted to get inside his wife and right now. He entered the bedroom, cock in hand. Sadie came out of her far away daydream and looked him in the eye. “I didn’t know you were home. How much have you seen?” She asked unapologetically. “I’ve seen it all and I want to enter you now to complete the moment.” John was almost at the bed and preparing to mount his wife after such a long time without the experience. “Stop there. Sadie was very firm. You are not having me now. Stand there. Watch….and wank!

With that, Sadie unfastened another blouse button and as the blouse gaped further open, it unleashed a heaving breast and stout nipple right in front of John’s eyes. “Feast on that.” Sadie was very much in charge. Then, for the first time, as her hand went to the thong, instead of stroking the outside, it disappeared inside and John could see that a large part was inside the enormous love chamber that he so wanted to be in himself. Sadie began the rubbing and thrusting that was obviously bringing her closer to a climax. The other hand was roughly rubbing her blouse and breasts. Faster and faster her activity became. “Wank, you bastard, wank.” The order was pretty clear and John was straight into action as he watched his wife writhing in ecstasy in front of him. In a flash Sadie screamed out loudly “I’m coming, I’m coming. Fuck me I needed this, I am so fucking frustrated and yet so sexy. I deserve it.”

John was open mouthed and this was all too much for him as well. Simultaneously, the screams of delight echoing round the room from his wife, triggered his own orgasm and he shot a steam of “cum” into the air. “I’m coming too.” He groaned as he watched his wife in the throes of her ecstasy. Sadie looked back to see the shot of cum and this seemed to encourage her own orgasm to new heights. “I am sooo fucking sexy, I am coming like a train.” She screamed to the world. John could now only look on, as his wife cavorted in front of him – as sexy and erotic as he had ever seen her. God, I want you Sadie.” John could not keep it to himself. “Goooood. That’s what I want too.” Sadie squealed as her orgasm went through its last gasps.

Finally, as silence and calm resumed, Sadie sat on the side of the bed with John beside her. “I don’t know what came over me but it was really a wonderful experience.” “You looked so sexy when I first saw you and I just couldn’t take my eyes off you.” John was quick to respond. “Then the show – wow!” I have never seen you like this. How come you suddenly started the breast stroke!”

Sadie looked John straight in the eye as she was buttoning her blouse. “To be honest, it was a new experience for me and totally unplanned. I really wanted tonight to work and thought I would dress up for you. I know you love me in my white blouse and leather skirt and I wanted to turn you on to me again after all the recent hassle we’ve been having. Anyway, when I got my clothes out, I took the hold-ups out of the drawer and was rummaging for my underwear. I found out the sheer thong and put it on – I like that around my pussy. Then I was looking out a bra when I thought I would be daring for once. You are always going on about me leaving off my bra and wearing the blouse. Well I have never had enough courage – you can see my dark nipples through it and that is not really me as you know. But I so wanted to get you hard that I put on the skirt and blouse to see what it looked and felt like. If I was too self conscious then I would wear a bra or camisole underneath.

Then the trouble started. I was looking at myself in the mirror and imagining myself in the restaurant like this with all the men ogling my tits through the blouse. I was going to take it off and then began to sense the touch of the silky blouse material on my nipples and breasts. It felt really good and I looked again in the mirror and saw that my nipples were erect and pushing through the material. They were really prominent. Instead of wanting to hide them under a bra or something, I just wanted them to be seen. The bigger and more erect the nipples the better I thought. I felt sooo sexy and good about myself. I just wanted to touch them and arouse them and me even more. Of course, once I was thinking like that I flooded the thong. That felt good too. It was really great to be so stimulated that I was oozing my juices into my thong. I could visualize myself being admired as a sexy woman again – I haven’t felt like that for so long. I think you saw the rest. I couldn’t get enough of myself.”

John was opened mouthed at this new insight into his normally demure wife. “I thought you were fabulous too. When I saw you staring into the mirror, I wondered what was going on. Then the stroking and the rest just blew my mind.” “…and your cock!” “Yes.” Said John sheepishly. But why wouldn’t you let me touch you?” Sadie looked straight back at him. “Because you had not earned the right. I want tonight to be successful for us together. Not just a quickie when you come home. We need to talk and sort ourselves out. What you did show me was that I still turn you on big time. It turned me on to have you wank in front of me – just because you thought I was a real sex bomb again.”

John had to agree that the experience was a good one. “But V. that means you will change to go out now. I don’t get the benefit of the outfit anymore!” He was laughing as he said it. Right now she could wear an overall and he would be into her.
“Don’t you believe it. The blouse is still good. All I need is to press it and it will be fine. As for the thong – I am keeping it on! It feels so wet and soaked by my juices. I want to feel like that all evening. So it stays on – for now!”

John could not believe that this was his oh so shy wife talking. In a moment she had passed him and went off to iron the blouse. He followed her out of the bedroom and was soon hard again as she peeled it off to iron. Her ample breasts staring right back at him. “Don’t touch me.” Sadie was firm. “When I am dressed and ready you can kiss me.”

As she slipped the blouse on and buttoned it – just enough and still showing her cleavage, John went hard once more. Sadie moved over too him and kissed him provocatively, grabbing his cock in her hand as she did and squeezing hard. John went straight for a breast and stroked and squeezed encouragingly. The nipple responded as expected. “That’s enough for now. We both know what is on offer if we get this right. So let’s do it.” John nodded and the two left the house to drive to the restaurant. Both hoping for the outcome they desired.