New York, New York
Lady Champagne


It was hot out and the lack of windows and high placement of her New York apartment made it hotter. She was just waking from an excruciating nap that seemed to only make her feel a little worse. Boxes sat waiting patiently to be unpacked along the walls that she walked past to get to the small bathroom. 

The apartment was no housing magazine op 10 but Mallory was happy with what she got even if she couldn't afford to turn the air conditioner on quite yet as her job as a receptionist for the local clothing industry wasn't the dream job of the century. 

Mallory was a soft hearted woman with a warm smile and loving personality. She was about five foot three and one hundred ten pounds. She had fair skin and shoulder length strawberry blond hair with amber eyes and light freckles barely showing on her face. She was slightly "big-boned" she preferred to say with small breasts and nice curves. 

Her body was covered in sweat and the mens ribbed tank top and short jean shorts were placing her in the most discomfort, her hair was sticking to her face and neck and she was beginning to get short breathed. She turned the cold water on and quickly followed it with a dash of hot water to even it all out and create the cool water her body craved. After running her hands under the water and equipping the shower bottom with her favorite shampoo, conditioner, body wash and loofah sponges she peeled her damp clothes off and stepped into the shower. 

A sigh of relief slipped from her full, dry lips as the water cascaded down her body from her hair which she wet first. Her nipples became erect at the sensation of the cool, soft comfort flowing over her breasts and running over her stomach, carelessly trailing its way into her trimmed pubic hair and dripping from her slit. She spread her legs slightly and washed her hair before she worked up a rich lather of jasmine scented body wash, scrubbing her back and arms with the loofah sponges. 

The soft silken petals of skin between her legs were enraged with heat from neglect and yearned for the soothing coolness of the water. She faced the shower head and placed on leg on the wall with her back against the back of the shower stall and her water hitting her lower stomach and throwing teasing drops of water onto her now hotter cunt. She jutted her hips forward and spread her pussy lips apart so the water would touch her, and it did. 

She moaned softly and cupped her free hand under the shower stream and tossed handfuls of water onto her open vagina. As she moved her hand for another handful of water her clit exposed itself and was hit by a stream of water in perfect position. Mallory jumped and gasped, nearly losing her balance but catching herself and tilting her head back as she rubbed the underside of her clit while the top was being massaged by the water. 

She closed her eyes and continued to rub herself until she was panting and slipped her two fingers into her dripping wet cunt. She moaned again and finger fucked herself until she wanted more and decided to retrieve her dildo. As she returned to the shower she took her former position and teased the opening of her pussy with the head of the dildo then pushed it inside her. A gasp and yelp of pleasure escaped from her lips and she moved the fake cock in and out of her cunt, mimicking a man with hard and fast trusts into her until she moaned very loudly and decided to get out of the shower and find a new place to play.

 She turned off the water and walked dripping wet and towel less into her bedroom with had a large window without curtains and sat at the edge of her bed with her legs spread and pushed the dildo into her pussy again and again, moving it so quickly her tits bounced.

 She began playing with her pert little tits and moaning uncontrollably as she pinched her nipples hard enough to hurt and then spanked her clit with the same force. Mallory had no idea a man was watching her through her window and if she did know she wouldn't have cared.

The man watched in amazement at her masturbating so carelessly before him without an ounce of remorse or shame and his cock was growing rapidly in his pants, creating a nice bulge. He continued to watch her and slipped his hand into his pants, pulling out his large, throbbing cock which already had pre cum flowing from the enraged head. He teased his balls by pulling and squeezing them then ran his hand up and down his erect shaft, taking a drop of pre cum onto his fingertip and licking it off then squeezing his dick from base to head.

 He began beating off very quickly while watching the woman who was pounding herself with a dildo and screaming at the top of her lungs in climax. His eyes were closed now and he was jacking off so hard he was dumb to the world. Mallory screamed out in orgasm and came hard all over her comforter, hand and dildo which she licked clean. She stood up and looked out the window only to see a man sitting in front of his window jacking off like there was no tomorrow. He opened his eyes to see her masturbating again but was startled to see his entertainment standing at her window watching him with cum running down her legs. He was too close to stop so he gave himself a final stroke and exploded all over himself. Mallory smiled and waved which he, in panic, regretted to respond to and shut his curtains. Mallory was wet again from watching him cum on himself and looked at her dildo laying on her bed. Time for another shower...