The feeling of cunning came over me and if you only knew what I had planned for tonight you would writhe with impatience. Little did I know you would have a few surprises of your own for me. It has only been three days since I got here and finally met you, but I think it is time. I take a shower and get ready and take care of all the right places so each piece of me is a treat you can savor. I put on your favorite perfume and dab a little in those secret places only you would know to smell. You are sitting on the bed waiting for me and watching me as I get ready. I look into your eyes as I get dressed and I see the desire you will not be able to control if time allowed. I walk over to you when I am done and slowly move in and put my hands on your face and touch my nose to yours and look into your eyes deeply and plant a small tender kiss on your lips. You close your arms around my hips and pull me closer and I pull away knowing it is not time yet and I turn to walk out the door. You follow intently ready for anything.

We walk out to the truck and you rush over to open the door for me and put your hands on my hips as I slide past you into the truck. You pause for a moment to look at me and then close the door gently and walk over to the driverís side and get in intent on spending all the time you can with me. I have no idea where we are going, but as long as I am with you any place is good. You start the car and off we go.

I move over to sit as close as I can next to you and put my left hand up to massage your neck and I move my right hand to your knee and I massage your leg at the same time. You smile as you try to watch the road and also concentrate on how I am making you feel. I love the feeling of being next to you and I know I canít hold out anymore and I need to please you.

I softly kiss your neck and nibble on your ear as I whisper how turned on I am getting just being with you. I move my right hand up your thigh and feel you getting hard under your jeans. I massage you rhythmically and a little roughly through your jeans. As I kiss down your neck to your shoulder I move my hands up to your chest and caress down your stomach and unbutton your jeans. You shutter with surprise and excitement as you are still trying to keep your eyes on the road. I reach my hand into your jeans and grab a hold of your now very hard cock. I smile with a grin of delight and you look at me with questioning eyes and I calm you by kissing you softly. I pull your cock out into view and am surprised at how much this is turning you on. I start to stroke you firmly but gently at first and I lean down and lick the head of your cock with desire flowing out every part of my being. I want you so bad I want to touch and feel all of you at once. But I slow myself and gain control. I wrap my lips just around the tip letting my tongue curve around like a lolli pop and I suck gently but with increasing eagerness. You are getting so excited you move your hips up a little while you are massaging my back with your free hand. You want me to take you all the way in and I oblige wanting to make this perfect. I take you in as far as I can and come back up sucking harder and flicking my tongue on the head right before I go back down. You moan and I know you are enjoying this. The thought of a passing car looking in and seeing is exciting and scary and is bringing us to new heights. I start to quicken the pace and I feel you twitching and pulsing in my mouth knowing you are going to be cumin soon so I put my hand down your pants and start to fondle your balls. I then feel you tense and then you explode into my mouth and I swallow as much as I can as you groan with your release. I look up and kiss you and smile as I see the joy in your eyes. And you smile back at me and I wonder what you could have on your mind. I pull your pants back up and zip you back up and you play frown like that is all.

I see a dirt road up ahead and you slow down and pull in. Now I am really wondering where you are taking me. We pull into a large field with wild flowers dancing in the evening breeze. You park and jump out and grab a picnic basket out of the back and a blanket. Silly me I had not even looked in the back to see if you had anything with you. You walk over and open my door for me and I step out and wrap my arms around your neck and tell you how much I love you and kiss you deeply. You put the basket down and grab my hips and pull me into you and put your right knee between my legs and lean me back. I close my eyes and as you kiss me our tongues do there own dance of love. You pull me back up and just pull away and pick the basket back up and start to walk away leaving me in a daze with my eyes closed. I open them and slowly gain composure and follow you. I catch up with you as you are placing the blanket down on the ground under a large oak tree with a beautiful view of the field and the setting sun. I think how wonderful this is and how I am so lucky to be here with you. You walk up behind me and put your arms around my stomach and kiss my neck and place your head on my shoulder as we both look up and see the red, pink, and orange coloring of the setting sun on the clouds. You take a hold of my hand and gently pull me over to the blanket and I look down see you have placed a small lantern held up by a stake in the ground and the dinner you have prepared for us on the blanket. A smile appears across my face and I am filled with joy and knowledge that you are the only man for me and I thank god for bringing you into my life.

You sit down with your back to the tree and I sit down immediately after you right in between your legs with my back resting against your chest. I put my hands on your knees and you lean down and kiss my neck and run your hands through my hair. I look down at the food on the edge of the blanket and think to myselfÖ What a waste. Oh well, I do not think you will mind what I am going to give you for dinner and I grin. I turn around on my knees and lean down to you and kiss you passionately. More eagerly than before and you see what I need in my eyes. You push me back and move forward crawling down over me as I lay down and I pull you down on top of me trying to get you as close as I can. You feel the heat rising from my body as you kiss and we part our lips and flick our tongues into each others mouths. You gently suck on my tongue and I reciprocate following your lead. You caress down my sides with your left hand and reach down and spread my legs as you place your knee there and prop yourself up to look into my eyes. You reach down and lift up my shirt and pull me up a little to pull it over my head and then lean me back down. You stop for a second to take in the view of me and to look at the smile on my face as you know I know what is going to come will please me.
You lean down and kiss my neck and down my shoulder and you pull the strap of my bra down to give you better access. You move your hand up to caress and massage my right breast through my bra as you move back up to kiss me deeply. You kiss my forehead and then move to my neck and down to my other shoulder. You pull me up to you as you unclasp my bra and slowly pull it away from my very aroused breasts. My nipples are hard and erect and you lean down to gently suck on my left breast and then nibble a little as you suck harder. I arch my back up to meet you as a soft moan escapes my lips and I start to feel warmth and wetness coming from between my legs through my jeans. You move your head down to my stomach kissing a trail the whole way down. You move one hand up to pinch and massage my right breast as you move down lower and lower. It seems to be taking you forever and I canít wait for what you are going to do to me. You reach down and unbutton my jeans and slowly slip them off my hips and slide them down my thighs and finally off my legs. You look down and smile because I donít have any panties on for you to remove. You move back up and kiss me all the while your hand is moving down past my breasts, over my stomach and down in between my legs. You let your hand rest on the inside of my right thigh and I so want you to touch me. But you just kiss me and start to caress and tickle my thigh. Then you move down and suck on my right nipple and at the same time move your hand to massage my clit. I start to breathe very heavily and moan as you know how to please my body. You lick down as you keep up with rubbing my clit and I move my hips in time with your hand. My eyes are closed and I all the sudden feel your tongue between my legs and your fingers moving into my depths. I spread my legs wider and start to move my hips with the increasing pleasure you are giving me. I can feel my own juices dripping down my thighs to the ground as you work your tongue in and out of me and you move up to suck my clit. I moan loudly and tell you I am going to cum and you increase your pace to grab my ass to pull me closer to your tongue and I explode with muscle spasms all over my body feeling every nerve in my body filled with pleasure. You finish licking up the mess you have made and move up next to me and put your arms around me and hold me. I kiss you deeply and can taste myself on you.

I want you inside me so I hurriedly pull you into a sitting position and straddle you and pull off your shirt and throw it to the side. My breasts are right in front of you and you grab and pinch one as I move my hands down to your pants. I unbutton you and move my leg over so I can have you stand up. With you standing in front of me I pull your pants down and throw them to the side. We are both naked for the world to see and I stand up next to you and put my arms around your neck and brush my erect nipple across your chest as I kiss you. I can feel you getting hard between us and I reach down and slowly stroke you till I feel you get really hard. I whisper in your ear that I want you and we move down on to the blanket. I get down on all fours and feel you move up behind me. You grab my hips and lean down and kiss my back. I reach down between my legs and take a hold of your rock hard cock and slowly rub it up and down my slit making sure to get you nice and wet and also making sure to hit my clit. I then place you at the entrance of my pussy and push back as you push forward and I lean my head back feeling you deep inside me. You start a slow thrusting into me as I moan with pleasure. You reach under and start to massage my breasts and then slide down my stomach to my clit. You start to quicken your thrusts but make them longer almost pulling all the way out and then plunging deep into me. I can feel your need to become deeper so I push back harder as you thrust in and we move together as one trying to attain our goal. I start to feel pressure building up inside me and I take over rubbing my clit as you grab my hips to thrust faster and harder. I can feel you throbbing inside me and I know we are both going to be cumin soon. Your final thrusts come as I am pulsing with my own orgasm and you grab my hips and pull me to you as you cum deep inside me as we both shudder with delight. You lean down and kiss between my shoulder blades and roll us over on to the ground with you still inside me and you put your arms around my stomach and hold me close to you as we both try to catch our breath.

After we have both cooled down and caught our breath I get up and start to get dressed and you get up and help me caressing my body as you put each piece of clothing back on and then I do the same for you as I help you get dressed. We lay back down together and look up to see the stars out with a full moon shining in all itís glory as I fall sleep in your arms.

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