Mr. Fixi

As I was finishing up my shower all I could think about was how much fun I would be having that evening, the excitement made my body tremble. The steam was getting thick and moist filling the bathroom as I closed my eyes imagining all my wildest fantasies. As the warm water from the shower head caressed my body, pulsating and pleasing me all I could think about was the man of my dreams wrapping his arms around me, tasting my mouth, kissing my neck while slowly letting his hands slide down my body touching and teasing every erotic zone I owned. The water started to feel harder against my body, and I started to quiver in pure ecstasy. My mouth began to quietly mummer the words "Fuck me"..." harder, harder" yet since it was feeling so good, the tone in my voice started getting louder, and louder. I started playing with my erect nipples, until I almost started to cum, stroking and pinching them. The water was doing its job, so I was doing mine, until finally I could not take the pleasure any longer...."Ding dong" The door bell rang, "Oh man!!!" out of all the times in the world why was someone visiting me now!" Damnit I thought I was almost to an extremely wonderful orgasm. So I quickly turned off the water, wrapped my self in a warm towel and headed for the door to see who ruined my personal play time.

As I slowly opened my door, hiding the rest of my towel covered body behind it, I noticed a tall handsome man standing in front of me. He said "I'm sorry to bother you but by any chance are you the lady of the house," He was so attractive that it was hard to even get the words to answer him in return, but I managed to say," yes I am." He proceeded with explaining that he was called out to fix a problem with my heater and a/c. "oh shit" I thought to my self, I had totally forgotten I had made an appointment to have it repaired. I apologized to the handsome man for forgetting, but I invited him in neither the less, asking him if I could excuse my self while I get properly dressed. He smirked with a sexy half smile, reveling his gorgeous dimples. Although his presence made me melt at the sight of him, and made me weak in the knees, I somehow managed to make it to my room. Although I closed the door to my room, I still left it ajar a little. Making sure to Leave peeking room in case he wanted to catch a glimpse as he passed by. I was hoping he WOULD pass by, every inch in my body wanted him. I was falling for a complete stranger, who I had just met within this 2 minute time period.

As an attempt to feel his hands against me, I came out of my room with a simple little white dress and asked if it would be improper of me to ask if he would mind tying up the back of my dress, that half smile now became an ear to ear smile, as he told me..."me lady...I would be honored.... no prob., my pleasure'!".....my pleasure I thought to myself.....could he be slightly falling for me as well. Trying not to become overly excited I told him what was going on with my heater, as his hands where lightly touching my waist tying up the back of my dress. For a sec. a shiver went down my spine, his presence being so close as it was, made my body tremble. He asked me if I was OK.....I replied "oh I'm fine' its just a little chilly in here," but that wasn't the truth, I wonder if he knew the real reason my body quivered. Could he sense my body wanted to be wrapped around his? "there" he said. "How's that?" I said "That's fine thank you" but the truth of the matter is I wished it would have taken him longer. Then he laughed and said "I'm not much of a fashion expert, but I tried" I laughed in return and said "why this is the best tie job I've seen in a long time.....you can do wonders with those hands cant you" He did a half smirk again with those cute dimples.... as he said "Well what can I say" as he laughed. Then he turned around to start working on my A/C. Bummed out, I decided to offer him a drink. He smiled and said "normally I don't accept but I'll make an exception this time, would you mind if I had Ice water...I've been feeling a little hot lately." Hot I thought to myself...he has no idea how HOT he really is! I soon filled a tall glass with ice and cold water and gave it to him. He replied "thank you!" and continued to work. Then out of no where he tilted his head in my direction and said "by the way you look beautiful in that dress, prettier then any fantasy of mine" . Wait did he just flirt with me?!....am I daydreaming?! Not knowing what to say I said "Thank you, your very sweet"...... wait I thought, I'm blowing my chance here, I had always been a little shy but I somehow knew I had to act quick before he left. So with a small amount of hesitation I said softly..."do you act on your fantasies?" I could not believe I actually said it! What would he say.....was I too blunt?? As I glanced back at him, I noticed he got slightly red, was he blushing?? Oh it was so sweet, which made him even more unresistably gorgeous to me. He cleared his throat and with a serious voice he replied "yes". His eyes where staring at me by this point, almost like he was reading my thoughts....I knew from that point he knew what my heart truly wanted...and I so deeply wanted to give it to him.

He turned back around and went right on working again, Not knowing what to say, I blurted out "I'm glad your here...if it where up to me...welll....it would be out the window, I'm useless about any kind of knowledge with things such as that". Here comes that half smile once again, as he replies "Oh, its really not hard...come here I'll give you a little tutoring session". Wow I thought of course I'll let him teach me, as long as it gets me closer to him. As I sat in front of him he wrapped an arm around me pointing out all the details of my a/c system, but who was I kidding, I could not concentrate on an a/c when I was next to the most beautiful man alive. All I could think of was how nice he smelled, and felt when he lightly touched me. Then not knowing what to say next I asked what this Gadget was as I pointed to it. He lightly grabbed my hand, holding it in his "its called a kiss" as he gently pressed his lips against mine. I felt like for the first time in my life I had reached pure bliss, it was just a simple kiss, yet it sent the most heart beating pulse throughout my entire body, my body was limp to his needs if he wanted to pursue them, and I had hoped he would

Feeling although I was back in my daydreaming world, he laid me down on the floor gently while sensually kissing my neck and breathing in my ears as he nibbled on them, his hands where pushing down on my body caressing it deeply as he slowly untied my dress while slipping it off of my body. leaving my bra and panties exposed he proceeded to kiss my stomach moving down to my panty line while slightly using his tongue to taste my skin, then he stopped, sitting me back up as he undid my bra cupping my breast in his hand as he lowered his head to bite and suck on them, the harder he proceeded the more erect they got. Then He laid me back down once again while moving his tongue down my entire body until he reached my panties, then with both of his hands he slide my underwear off, as he continued to grab my hips and move them in correlation with his mouth as he tasted my naked flesh, I started to moan, for I had never felt this completely uncontrollable in my life, everything was so out of control, yet at the same time so perfect, as though nothing could go wrong, He gave me a sense of feeling safe even though my body was fully exposed to a stranger I know nothing about. All I did know is that I wanted him more then anything else in the world and at that point I would have done anything for him for the rest of his life. To show him what I felt, I told him it was his turn to feel the same way I did, and with that I cupped and rubbed his cock stroking it slowly as I moved in on my target. I started licking the shaft lightly, then I ran the tip of my tongue up and down the length of his manliness, making sure to get it wet for the surprise that was up ahead. When I felt that it was nice and wet I wrapped mouth around it and began to taste the flavor of his raw skin deep inside my mouth, all I could think of was wanting to taste all of it, and that was just the beginning, so I started to repeatedly stroke it and suck it, faster and faster until he could hold out any longer, he and I both knew he was ready so with the last thrust his milky cum filled my mouth and oozed down my throat as I swallowed it. I Enjoyed filling him shake and tremble with uncontrollable pleasure, when he came...it excited me. Knowing that he could not go though with much more at that point I took my mouth away from his penis and lightly started caressing his chest with my fingers to calm him down. I wanted him to relax esp. since I had plans to seduce him as soon as he recouped. I knew I wanted more and I'm sure he knew I wasn't going to take no for an answer, but a few minutes passed before I decided it was the right time, I wanted him bad, beyond comprehension. He was now relaxed and ready for the second round. I crawled on top of him and straddled my legs across his lower chest as I lowered my face to his. I kissed him softly then nibbled on his lips. I slide my lower body down to meet up with his, then I pushed my ass up so that I could put his cock in my moist warm flesh. As it slide in slowly by body ached in passion. He felt so good inside of me, it was as if electric was pulsating though my entire body, an electric sensation I did not want to end. As I held on to the near table I pushed myself down to feel his entire erection fill me, with a repeated motion I pushed myself up and down as he held on to my waist and hips helping and guiding me with his rhythm. As the trusting got more powerful my orgasm started to come in to play, the harder he pushed the more intensified it was becoming, it felt so good!!! tears started rolling down my cheek, it was the best my body has ever felt. I knew I did not want it to stop.....I not only wanted him, I knew I needed him and that I could not live without this pleasure for the rest of my life, he was my dream man. Just when I thought I would faint with exhaustion, I cried out "Oh God!!!" I was cumming, something I was never brought to do before by any other man, the feeling was incredible, and he pushed harder and harder with every cry of sensation I had, until my body finally quivered with the most intense orgasm I had ever known to be possible. Unable to hold myself up, exhausted from all the passion, I fell on his chest trembling from all the excitement. He kissed my forehead, and wrapped his arms around me and said "yes I act on my fantasies, at least I do now." With that, his half smile appeared once again, as he held me close to him.


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