Tonight She is a Tease


Tonight she is a tease,all sexy and wanton.As he sits there in his chair quietly reading his news paper she is thinking of someway of getting his attention.No calm ear nibbling or slow kissing for her tonight. Control is what she wants...control of him and the scene.

A daringly wicked idea starts to form in her mind. She gets up and goes upstairs and into their bedroom. opens her lingerie drawer and finds exactly what she wants...lays it all out on the bed and goes to take a shower. She can hardly control herself as her soapy hands slide down her body. Her hands linger a little longer on her breasts teasing her nipples and then slowly slide down her tummy and as she reach’s her mound her one hand slips between her legs and rubs along the closed lips of her pussy and she smiles as she parts the lips and slowly rubs around her clit...tonight she is going to be the seductress.

Her body trembles with pleasure at the thought of what she has in store for him. She removes her hand and quickly finish’s her shower, drying her self and rubbing her body with cream she starts to dress...first the black lacy half cup bra that gives her a deep cleavage, no panties just a see through black suspender belt, then the black sheer stockings. they feel so silky and sexy on her legs, she steps into her black high heeled pumps turns to look at herself in the full length mirror and chuckles softly, there will be no quiet evening at home for him tonight, as she walks out the door she slips on her robe and goes downstairs and into the lounge...there he is all laid back in his chair an empty whisky glass on the small table next to him. she sits down and waits for him to ask her to fill his class which he duly does.

She takes his glass and walks past him to the bar. he notices that she has her robe on and asks if she is going to bed early...she giggles and says no she just wanted to slip into something comfortable. She finish’s pouring his drink and then slips off the robe. She walks back to his chair and stands right in front of him ...she goes to hand him his drink and as he puts the paper down to take it from her he see’s her standing there in front of him..his eye’s widen and he gulps down a breath..she bends down and kiss’s him hard on the mouth and her one hand rubs his crotch....she starts to undress him. taking off his tie and the his shirt...she undoes his belt and then unzips his trousers but does not take them off...she stands up and turns around and then bends down with her legs slightly apart right in front of him...lifting up his one foot she removes the shoe and then the sock...he has got full view of her gorgeous bare bum and her bush...the excitement is starting to build in him and as he reaches out his hands to rub her bum she tells him “hands off”...she takes off the other shoe and sock and stands up.....she turns around and bends down to take off his trousers and jockeys all in one go.

Now she has him exactly as she wants him absolutely naked.....she looks at his semi hard cock and she puts a finger in her mouth wetting it and then runs it around the top of his knob....his hands are gripping the arms of the chair as all he wants to do is grab those big tits of hers and tease her nipples till they are hard.....as she goes over to the bar his eyes follow her every move. she opens the ice bucket and takes out a single cube of ice and slowly licks it all over never taking her eyes off him....he starts softly rubbing the his knob with just one finger as if it was her tongue......She slides the ice cube down her neck and along the top of her chest......then down between her big breasts and down her tummy as she gets to the her bush she lifts her one foot up and places it on the arm of his chair giving him full view of her wet, swollen lips.....his cock twitches and she opens her legs wide so that he can see her whole juicy pussy.....her hand slides the ice cube in and she gasps as she feels the cold against her hot pussy...as she touch’s her clit with the ice he can see her pussy hole clamp shut and all he wants to do is put his tongue there and feel it close around his tongue.......by now there is no more ice and her fingers are circling her hard swollen clit and she can feel her juices flooding her pussy and she moans softly and tells him to take hold of his throbbing cock and rub it up and down and to cup his full balls with the other hand......he holds his cock near the base and thrusts his cock in and out...she see’s the bead of precum come out the tip of his cock and licks her lips...watching his cock going up and down makes her so horny and she quickly puts two of her fingers deep into her pussy and starts riding them...he is just about over the edge and begs her to let him lick her clit and caress her big bum...all he can think of is how much he wants to massage that big bum of hers while his face is buried in her wet pussy sucking and licking her clit and darting in and out of her tight pussy hole with his tongue......he can’t take this torture anymore and groans deeply...she is moaning loudly and her body arch’s pushing her big breasts up and all he can see is her swollen dark red nipples.....he decides that she has tortured him long enough and he reach’s up with his hand and takes one of her nipples between his fingers and rubs and softly pulls it she gasps and push’s her big breast against his fingers wanting him to massage all of it...his other hand leaves his cock and takes the other nipple and gives it the same treatment. by now she is aching for his mouth on her tits sucking and nipping her nipples...she brings her leg down and bends down offering him her big tits...she holds them together and he is able to flick his tongue over both nipples and then sucking first one nipple then the other. nipping them, rolling his tongue around them.....he tells her to stand in front of him with her legs either side of his so her legs are spread wide and her juicy pussy open in front of his face.....she moves in front of him and he reach’s up and with his fingers opens her swollen pussy lips and licks the length of her slit putting the tip of his tongue into her hole just flicking it in and out quickly then moving up to her throbbing clit and flicking it with his firm tongue.....his hands move round to hold her big bum...a hand on each cheek...he pulls her closer to him and starts rubbing her bum up and down then around in circular movements...she is moaning loudly and he can feel that she is ready to explode all over his face...he turns her around and pushs his pelvis forward and brings her down on to his hard throbbing cock and thrusts deep into her. his hands are around her front and full of her big tits...squeezing and rubbing her nipples......he feels her pussy close tight around his cock and she begins to ride his cock hard...the heat from his balls is moving up his shaft and he knows just one more thrust and he will burst inside her...she is begging him to fuck her hard and he knows that she is ready too and gives one deep hard thrust.......he throws his head back against the sofa and lets out a loud horse groan as he starts shooting hard into her tight pussy...her body arch’s and her pussy closes so tight around his cock and has her orgasm takes over her pussy sucks his cock...........
As his body shudders for the last time and his cock shoots out the last drop of cum he feels her pussy suck it up...he leans back and starts to catch his breath...she collapses against him...their bodies wet with sweat and both breathing heavily......he whispers in her ear that he loves it when she teases him the way that she did tonight...she softly chuckles.....


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