A Brilliant Day at the Beach

A Brilliant Day at the Beach

It was truly a brilliant day, often the case during May in that part of Mexico... A young lovely and I sat on the slope of a dune with another couple, in the shade of a billowing parachute tied to broomsticks stuck in the sand. We ate cheese and tomatoes and onions with Mexican boleos -- small hard loaves of bread -- and drank cold beer. The air was fresh with the scent of the Gulf and the sun was high and hot, sparkling on the water and filling our bodies with its glow, even in the shade.

Talk was easy and slow... It was natural for my gaze to take in the skimpily attired ladies, and admire the paler swell of breast when they bent to pick something up or take another drink from an offered hand... or the little blonde fuzz above the shaving line high on a thigh... or the curly wisp of stray coarser hair escaped at the vee of a smooth crotch.... browned skin at a neck gleaming with a sheen of light perspiration.

Talk slowed even more... and the other couple lay prone and snoozed... I took my friend by the hand and ventured up the slope, arm around her waist, the brushing of her bare arm on my bare torso like raw heat.

I took her to the truck in the sandy road and in the little shade it threw off, leaned her against it and kissed her... Her lips, cooler than the air, opened eagerly... her tongue outlined my lips... hastily, nibbling, we pressed into each other and my tumescence came shockingly swift... Her hands gripped my buttocks beneath the thin shorts and she pulled me against her bikini bottoms, grinding herself against me.

I could not tear my mouth from hers, but wanted to peel her top down to lick and suck her nipples so badly it hurt... I used my palm and fingers instead, slipping upward beneath her top until it rode above her breasts... and played with her swells and crushed them against my chest.

Our breathing labored sweetly as we cross the narrow road into a clump of small dusty beach shrubs that stood atop tiny dunelets six feet tall... My erection was jutting obviously, tentpoling my shorts... the heat from the sky was matched easily by the heat at our loins... she threw a towel down as I stood in front of her and we kissed again, while I untied her bikini top and let it fall away.... my mouth slipped to her breasts... sucking her swollen nipples and framing the swells with eager hands...

I slipped to my knees and gently pulled her bottoms down, burying my face in her mound and driven mad by her scent, her eagerness ... her taste.

She lay down before me and spread her legs and I could not breathe as I yanked off my shorts... her vagina glistened in the sun, her breasts were swollen and taut... her arms beckoned me.

I dropped between her thighs, marveling at their feel in the heat... the heat everywhere... her mouth all wet and hot... our bodiestouching and slippery at once with delicious sweat.

She tugged at me and took me into her all at once and I yelled... oh! Never had she felt so tight, never had I felt so engorged and hard... rarely were we that ready and hungry and wild... she clamped me with arms, hands and her inner muscles... my thrusts were met by her powerful rocking motion, slapping up at me to meet me, withdrawing.. to meet again, ... the sun bore into my back and my bare white buttocks.

I bent to pinch her nipples between my teeth, moaning... and it sent her to the brink... God! She twitched beneath me, shuddering, clasping me tightly... and then opening, yawning around me... then clamping... it reached deep into me and brought me there, sweetly,
as my body spurted within her in a wrenching jolt, then wave after wave... my body slid atop hers in our pooled sweat as I convulsed... and our ragged breathing seemed to be swallowed by the dunes beside us... we kissed and kissed... and laughed at the sand on our bodies.

Our friends stirred as we returned to the little blanketed beach camp in the dune - but that is another story.

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