My First Internet Sex

Oh, I had heard about cyber-sex and how it wasn’t something to really get into but you know you were just ornery enough to have to go and try it out.

I have this computer you see, that has a mind of it’s own, and it takes me to some really strange places, and introduces itself and me to some very interesting people. Through this computer I have met these strange and wonderful people who live and work on the information highway. When I connect up to this web highway it just kinda takes over from my hands and brain and runs around on it’s own out there, searching for new "stuff". It’s not vicious or mean and it is always polite to people, like that young "lady" who you had no idea was a girl, much less that young. If I hadn’t grabbed the control back and looked at the info….Whew a close one. She was really starting to get you warm, talking all soft on the keyboard and stuff. But I got rid of her quick and polite because that’s what you have to be on the web, if you don’t want to get fried by some cyber brat.

But oh where did you find Honey, you crazy computer you? She is a dream and a vision, even though you haven’t ever seen her face. She told you she was 5’6" and weighed 135 with most of her weight in her chest and tight muscular little butt. She says she has blonde hair and really likes older men with computers because, "they know how to do it right", she says. You took right over from me then and refused to give me back the control, so it’s your fault computer!

"What is?" you say! I’ll tell you. You had to get her started didn’t you by asking her all those questions. You know which ones I’m talking about. "Are you blonde all over?" "Are your tits as big as you claim?" Do you really like to give head? What did you have to ask that one for? You know how I am.

Then she had to tell you how she would take my cock in her warm mouth and begin to just lightly lick the head and the little split at the top, hoping to get a drop of pre-cum for her first taste. Then she continued to get even hotter by telling you about going further down until her nose was buried in my crotch and she could smell my man odor. You had to tell her that I shaved down there didn’t you!! Now she decides to lick all around my balls and run her tongue underneath them until she can just feel my crinkly bud. Then it is back out to the crown again and sucking slowly down the shaft. Her saliva is flowing all over my cock she says and she is using that to lubricate her sliding hand. As she slides her hands up and down in my mind, I am going crazy and my cock is straining at my pants wanting to be released and satisfied. How is this possible? I’ve never been this hard from just talking about sex. My God! I am so hard that the pre-cum is dripping in my shorts and beginning to come through my trousers. She is not finished though, she says the best is yet to come.

I am ready to burst as she takes my hard cock all the way into her mouth and farther than any woman has ever been. Then it happens, I feel her tongue rod and it is rubbing the underside of my straining meat. I know then why she has never been turned down for giving head and I strain to hold back my explosion as she describes how the rod is slowly moving back and forth as she bobs her head on my shaft and cups my heavy sac with her warm hand. She then stops abruptly sensing my impending release and starts to remove the rest of her clothing. First, she begins by taking off her halter-top, and releasing her 38DD tits and demands that I suck them at the nipples.

Harder! Harder! She cries and then begins to tear at her clothes and rips her shorts open and bares her hot pink slit for me to gaze on. She shoves her hand down the front of the open shorts and begins to finger her clit back and forth as she shakes her hips and moans in delight. I can only sit there mesmerized as you and she are in the throws of hot cyber-sex.

My hands are shaking, as I know what is to come. I stand up and slowly undo my belt and slide my trousers down to the floor. I then grab my bikini briefs and tug them below my swollen cock and balls. I ask you if you know how hard it is to type with one hand and you laugh, saying "that it’s not hard at all when you love sex." You sadistic computer, continue to spit out words over the ether egging her on to steamier and hotter passion as you tell her that I have finally grabbed my cock and am stroking it as she speaks. She screams out her first cum as you tell her that I am now playing with my ball sac at the same time. She is cumming with every keystroke now as she plays her clit over and over like a pianist in a concert. Her hands are covered in her honey juice as she slowly bends over and reaches back to slide her middle finger over her rosy bud and then slowly inserts first one and then two fingers into her rectum. She moans that she is feeling me enter her in the ass for the first time with my cock and it is burning her up with its heat. She shoves them in with a frenzy now trying to make me cum with her for the final burst and she has me so close that my balls are aching and the pre-cum is a steady stream from the tip of my dick. I know that I won’t last much longer and I speed up my hand as she jams yet a third finger in her dark passage. That is the crowning moment for me as I grunt and spew my hot white spunk all over the keyboard. The flash of sparks from the electronics tells me that there is something horribly wrong happening. As I glare at the screen in amazement, you begin to fade and go blank leaving me holding my limp tool and wondering how I am ever going to explain THIS to my wife. There is a moral to this story though. Always have a box of Kleenex next to the computer. You can always tell your wife that you are catching cold……Heh! Heh! Enjoy yourself. H

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