Orgasm on the Beach

Hey! my name is Brandon.  I have a story that will blow your mind.  I am 18 years old and live in Huntington Beach.  I took my girlfriend of 7 months to the pier.  We had a little dinner and sat on the sand to watch the sunset and listen to the intimate crash of the waves.

After no more than 15 minutes of holding and kissing, she admitted that she wanted nothing more than to strip to nothing and 'have some fun' in the water.  I was nervous, but was relaxed when she started to strip me of my clothes and tease my penis with the tips of her fingers. 

After she pulled her 'finger-tip' move she ran to the water.  I'm only human, and to add to that, a horny teenager.  So I followed her with a rock hard dick.  We splashed around, feeling and sucking and exploring. 

I picked her up, took her back to the water's edge, and laid her down. She pushed me in the wet sand and started stroking my cock.  I was ready to explode with pleasure.  She then straddled me, and took my dick up her pussy so fast I didn't know what happened. She bounced up and down until it was to much for me to handle.  I shot my load inside her as she moaned and screamed in her orgasmic state. 

We went back to the sand to get our clothes on then I drove us back to my apartment down PCH.  We took off our clothes upon walking through the doorway.  I got her on her back on the couch, where she gave be a good wet blowjob.  I got on top of her and screwed her brains out.  We went to my bed and stayed up 'til 2:45 or 3:00 A.M. just having
orgasmic pasionate sex.  In the morning, we took a shower together and had wet sex in there too.  She I drove her home, constantly wondering what our next experience would be like.  With a kiss, she opened the car door and walked seductively to her front door.