I work in a very nice place. It is one of those co-op offices where there is more than one company in the same office. We basically have one "Big" boss but we work under a bunch of little bosses that run us "peons". Sheree was a worker in one of the other companies in the same office and I had my eye on her for a long time. She had this petite little figure with the cutest ass you have ever seen. It was high and tight like it was made of stone, but I knew when it moved that it would be as soft as anything I could imagine. She was a hard-on waiting to happen and I got one everytime she walked past.

I had spent the morning mooning around waiting on my boss to come back and give me something to do and as usual she was late again. I had just about given up on her as gone for the day when Sheree came charging in saying that my boss had been trying to reach me for over an hour and wanted to know what the hell was going on. I quickly checked the phones and damn! The main line into my phone had been accidentally kicked out of the socket! I quickly plugged it back in and it immediately rang like a fire alarm. I reached for it only to have Sheree pull it from my hands and start talking! Of course it was my irate boss and I listened as Sheree came up with a truly masterful piece of "bullshit" saying it had been her fault and that she had just realized what she had done and that I was not to blame. My smile kept getting bigger and bigger as she lied through her teeth to this shark of a woman. When she finally hung up I was damn near in hysterics trying to keep from laughing. I just knew that I would have been canned for that plug being out so long. I looked at Sheree then and asked her what I owed her for taking the heat. She just smiled and walked out of the office back to her own with that little twitch that I loved to watch.

The next day I came in and the boss was gone again, so I strolled down the hall to Sheree’s cubicle and leaned on the wall. She was typing a proposal for her boss and I waited while she finished up. As she typed the last lines, I coughed softly so as not to startle her. When she looked up, I smiled and asked her if she was sure I couldn’t do something for her in return for that save the day before. She said no at first and then she changed her mind and said, "You can take me to lunch and we’ll call it even." I was all smiles as I floated back to my cubbyhole and daydreamed of the lunch hour soon to come. I thought of where to take her and right away I thought of my apartment. I knew that it would be wrong to even think of this on the first lunch date but my mind wouldn’t let it go. As I walked into my cube, I realized that my boss was back and of all things to happen, she spotted my hard-on right away! I stopped dead in my tracks and stammered out a hasty, "G-g-good Morning!" and headed around behind my desk and sat down trying to hide what was painfully obvious. She stood in front of me for a moment and then, with a sniff went into her office and closed the door. I thought to myself, ‘you dummy, how could you let that happen?’ ‘You better suck up to her big time and get her some coffee if you want to keep this cushy job.’ I went into the coffee room and poured her a cup and took it back to my desk where I added the flavor that she likes. I kept them there where only she could use them.

Taking a deep breath, I knocked once and went in to her inner sanctum, and came to a complete halt, almost spilling the hot coffee! She was sitting behind her desk with her feet propped on the edge and her panties were hanging from one ankle where she had left them in her haste. She was stroking in and out of her pussy with a huge vibrator shaped like a penis and humming on high speed! Her head was thrown back and she was panting heavily in the agony of her need. I stood there holding her coffee with my mouth hanging open and I again started to get hard. This time I had good reason, because this boss was a dynamite piece once the trick clothes came off and you got a good luck at her body. She had opened her blouse and had both of her tits out of her bra and was rubbing and pinching her nipples with her left hand while stroking herself with her right. I realized that I had the door open still and quietly closed it behind me. At the sound of the lock clicking her eyes popped open and she started to sit up in her chair. I had almost reached her when she did, and it was a good thing. In her haste to cover up she had over compensated and was tipping over backward for a nasty fall when I reached out a hand and caught the chair to steady it. I had to use all my strength to keep it upright and not allow her to fall. She grabbed wildly for anything to break her fall and came in contact with my arm. She wrapped both arms around mine and that brought her forward and her feet hit the floor with a loud click of high heels. It also brought her tits in contact with my arm and I felt her warmth as she caught her breath. I gazed down at her and my eyes traveled from her smooth legs up to their juncture. I almost laughed out loud as I spotted the dildo still in her snatch humming merrily along! When she saw where I was looking she gasped and reached to pull it out. I reached also and held her hand as it came to rest on the plastic end. I slowly moved it in and then out, not allowing her to pull it out all the way. Her eyes were wild when I shoved it back into her with a small amount of force. I looked at her mouth and she was licking her lips and beginning to pant again. I smoothly stroked in and out of her with the dildo and as she sagged in the chair I took my other hand and began to fondle her breasts and tweak her nipples gently. She moaned a soft "Yessss" as I leaned down and captured one in my mouth and laved it with my tongue. I felt her hands move to my belt and begin to tug it open. As she opened first my belt and then my zipper I realized that here I was about to fuck my boss and didn’t even know her first name! I had always wondered what the M. R. stood for when she signed something and I leaned over and whispered, "what is your first name?" She gasped out, "Mona" as I shoved the fake dick into her faster. I said, "Well, Mona would you like me to keep stroking with the fake or would you like the real thing?" "Give me your cock!" she moaned, and reached inside my trousers for it. As it cleared my zipper she saw it for the first time and gasped. I’m not hung like a porn star but I am very large in girth and she couldn’t quite get her hand all the way around it as she pulled it free. "My God let me suck it first and then I want you to fuck me hard and fast as you can!" I stepped between her spread thighs and she sat up and gobbled as much of the head down as her mouth could stretch for. I pulled the dildo out and ran it’s vibrating length over her nipples and she squirmed and shivered at its touch. I didn’t want to cum in her mouth, at least not right then, because I wanted that first big load to hit her right where it would do her the most good. Straight up her cunt as far as I could shove it! I pulled back a little and she leaned forward trying to retain possession of the tube of flesh she desired with all her heart. I allowed her to pull me closer and she somehow managed another inch and was breathing harder by the second. I pushed her back with my left hand and she flopped back in the big executive chair and stared at my hardness waving red and wet before her. I grasped my cock with my right hand and moved in closer to her pussy that had gaped open when she fell back into the chair. She saw my intentions and spread her legs as wide as possible over the top of the chair arms to make my entry easier. I hunched down and shot my hips forward impaling her. She gave a hard gasp as I entered her and began to move her hips from side to side and then back and forth in the chair trying to get as much of my dick inside her as possible. I reached down and grabbed her hips and pulled them to me as I thrust a second time into her moist warmth, causing her to cry out! Oh! OH! Do it! Do it! Fuck me now. Moooove! Her hands were on my forearms pulling and reaching trying to draw me tighter. She was rapidly building to her cum and I held her hips and thrust into her as hard and fast as I could. The chair moved back against the wall behind her desk and bumped up against it with every move we made. Her eyes were rolling up in her head now and she was making a small moaning sound as she got closer and closer to her time. I was also very close and was determined to make her the first to peak. I leaned my head on her shoulder and licked and kissed her neck as I reached down and ran my hand under her to cup her tight butt cheeks. She squirmed on my hand as I increased the pressure and continued to hump her with short powerful strokes. I was driving for her pleasure now and whispered in her ear that I wanted her to cum, over and over again. "Cum for me baby, shoot it for me, I know you want to squirt your cunt juice on my nice hard cock. Do it baby! NOW! As I said the last "Now" she started to cum and did she ever CUM! She was a scratching she cat and she moaned again for me to fuck her harder and harder. As she started to come down from her first orgasm I shifted again and humped once, twice and then I started to shoot my hot spunk in her cunt. Once, twice, three shots and then as my final blast of cum reached her womb, my twitching cock set her off again and she bit down on her lower lip to keep from crying out. Unh! Unh! Take it all now! I felt her hot liquid running down the length of my still hard cock and knew that she could also feel my spunk running down the crack of her ass into the chair seat. I grabbed a handful of Kleenex out of the box on her desk and shoved it under her ass hoping that I could save the chair seat from being stained and me from having to clean it. As we both caught our breath, I felt my cock withdraw from her as it got soft. I leaned in again and kissed her lightly on her forehead and then on her lips. I stood up and Mona looked up with glazed eyes at me standing there with my dick hanging out of my pants, with a drop of cum at the tip. She leaned forward and gave it a long lick to get the drop and then pushed her head down on it giving me a hard sucking. It was my turn to moan in surrender as she took my softening cock and began to get it hard again with her mouth action. I wasn’t about to move away as she made me hard with her hot mouth. I held her head in my hands and slowly ran my hands through her hair as she slobbered over my dick coating it with her saliva and moving her mouth up and down. As she was doing this I happened to glance down at my watch and realized that we had been in her office for over half an hour and with noone at the desk out front. Just as I realized this, there was a knock at the door and the knob rattled. Mona froze in mid suck and her eyes flew open and looked up at me with a pleading look on her face. I knew she would be ruined if I said anything and I knew also that I now had the upper hand in the office. I smiled at her and she slowly licked the head once more before reluctantly letting my cock slide from her mouth.

I zipped up my pants as I walked over to the door and looked behind me to make sure that she had straightened up also. Just as I reached the door it flew open in my face and Sheree stepped through with a leer on her face that told me she knew what had been going on. She said, "I heard you through the wall when you made her cum and now I want some too." I just leaned in and kissed her pouting lips and told her, "Sure thing babe. Do you want it here or at my place where we can be comfortable." "Your place." she murmured. I started out when Mona spoke from the desk, "Not without me, you aren’t. I haven’t near finished with you!" I shrugged and looked at Sheree and she grinned from ear to ear. "Hurry up! I need your hard cock now and if I don’t get it soon I’ll explode."

We all three left the office together. As we passed the front desk, Mona spoke to the receptionist telling her that we were going to be out all day in a meeting across town. I knew then that I was going to have my strength tested with these two beautiful ladies.

As we reached my apartment, Mona showed that she wasn’t to be denied by giving me a wet kiss on the lips and driving her tongue in to duel with mine. Sheree, not to be left out, reached for my crotch in the elevator and rubbed my hardening dick with enthusiasm. I wondered where all this was heading when we walked into my bedroom. I sat on the bed and told them both to hold up and wait a minute. "Darlings, there is only one cock in this room right now and I have it! First, I want to see both of you naked and then we will go from there. Both Mona and Sheree looked at each other and started to undress. Mona was the first to get her dress off and turned to Sheree to help her. I watched intently, as Mona pulled the dress up over Sheree’s head and while she had her arms in the air licked the braless breasts in front of her face. As the dress cleared Sheree’s head and she saw who was licking her she gasped making a small mewling sound deep in her throat. Sheree then reached out and ran her hand over the plump mound in Mona’s panties and ran her fingers around the edges of them seeking out the moisture within. I sat and stared at this turn of events and was smiling as I thought of the possibilities to come. I wanted to see a hot lesbian scene with these two as the main actresses and it looked like I was going to get my wish. I kept very quiet as they kissed for the first time and moaned into each other’s mouth their need rising from within. Mona was the first to break the kiss and look wide eyed at her new lover. "I’ve never made love to another woman," she whispered as she fondled Sheree’s tits and softly stroked the hard nipples. Sheree told her, "Don’t worry honey, I plan on making it a very nice time for you and I know that our audience is going to love it!" She was looking at me as she said the last and my cock shot to attention as I watched them. I watched as Sheree slowly pulled Mona to her and pressed their nipples together and their tummies started to dance against the each other. I was enthralled by them and couldn’t have moved if my life depended on it! I sat and watched them kiss and then Sheree moved her hands down and stroked Mona’s hips tugging the wet panties from around her waist. She dropped to her knees as she pulled them down, and was face to face with the pussy I had so recently shot my seed into. She planted a small kiss on the matted hair and then reached up and pulled the sticky lips apart. Mona’s clit was standing rigid as Sheree blew a soft breath across it and then gave it a wet lick with her tongue. Moan’s hips shot forward in reflex to that lick and Sheree clutched her ass cheeks to keep from being pushed over backwards. This only succeeded in bringing them both down to the carpet with Mona landing astride Sheree’s head and both locked in an embrace together. Luckily, Mona’s legs were long enough to hit first or the scene might have ended there with a painful injury. As it was, Sheree grabbed on tighter and pushed her face into the hot cunt and began licking as fast as she could trying to draw the cum from the woman above her. I couldn’t believe my eyes as the two women writhed on the floor in front of me. Mona turned completely around and bent over putting her face in the hot crevice before her. She was gasping for breath and getting closer and closer to orgasm as Sheree reached up and slowly slid a finger along her butt crack and came to rest on her small bud. Mona hunched her hips back and forth moaning and groaning her need. "Please don’t stop baby, lick me, lick me harder I’m almost there! Aieeee, I’m cummminng now lick it harder! As she began her cum she pushed her face into Sheree’s pussy and began to lick and suck her like a woman possessed. Sheree lifted her hips upward sharply bringing her moist vulva in full contact with the driving tongue. As she did this she sunk her wet finger into Mona’s ass up to the second knuckle. I almost came right then on the spot myself when I saw this, and it was everything I could do to keep from shooting my sperm straight in the air, so hot was the scene before me. I stood and ripped off my clothing and moved to the two exhausted women on the floor. Mona rolled over on her side; her cunt still twitching from her cum and Sheree lifted her arms to me. I dropped to my knees between her spread legs and drove my steel hard shaft in to her in one swift slide. Her pussy was so wet that I had no problems with lubrication. I started to hump her right away and grabbed her hips, pulling them to me to reach the deepest part of her. I slammed into her repeatedly until I heard her begin to moan and her orgasm seemed to start from her toes and work its way up through her breasts into her lungs because her sound increased until I was forced to cup my hand over her mouth to prevent the neighbors from calling the police. I was very close myself and with a few more thrusts, I began to shoot my hot spunk in her. Ungh! Ungh! I groaned as I shot her full until the white gummy combination of our juices began to run out of our joining. As I leaned back, my cock pulled free with a slurping, sucking sound and I lay on my back trying to catch my breath. We had forgotten Mona but she had not forgotten us. She pounced on my rod and licked and sucked it clean in seconds, then turned to Sheree and buried her face in the gaping slit before her. Sheree began to moan and groan as Mona licked our juices from her. I knew she wouldn’t take long to again cum from the onslaught of that tongue. Mona’s ass was in my face as she did this so I naturally leaned in and gave her puckered hole a long lick, which caused her to drive straight into Sheree’s cunt even harder. As I watched the swaying ass before me I knew what I had to do and there would never be another chance like this again. I knelt behind Mona and again leaned in and licked her asshole getting as much saliva as possible on her hole. I reached under and cupped her pussy and inserted a finger, which I brought out and eased into her ass. She wiggled her ass from side to side and pushed back trying to impale herself on the wiggling digit. I pulled my finger from her ass and started to replace it with my cock. I pushed slowly into her buttery depths and she pushed back grunting and huffing into the pussy she was feasting on. At last I reached the full depth with my pubic bone resting against her ass cheeks. I held still a long heartbeat and then began to saw in and out of her with long slow strokes. Everytime I would push into her, she would push her face into Sheree’s puss causing her to moan and groan also. I began to speed up a little as her hole expanded and could take my girth more comfortably. Soon I was giving her everything I had in long hard strokes, bringing my cockhead almost out and then slamming back in. Her butt cheeks rippled and shook from my assault. I clutched her hips tightly and she bore down with her inner muscles causing me to catch my breath. I began to cum almost without warning as the spasms hit me. Amazing! I had cum twice in less than ten minutes and I was hard as nails. Mona felt my spasms and she too began to cum as she felt me shoot my seed into her depths. She had doubled her efforts on Sheree and she was in a constant state of orgasm now, cumming in waves tossing her head from side to side. I pulled out of Mona’s ass with an effort and watched her asshole flex and spasm trying to find the invader that had left after giving her such pleasure. I gulped air and watched as my white cum began to seep out and run down her leg to the carpet. Sheree was helpless now as she lay panting and quivering from her cum. Mona slumped over on her side and was not moving at all except to pull deep sobbing breaths into her lungs as she recovered.

We all drifted off to sleep on the carpet only to awake a couple of hours later and start all over again. I knew my job was safe then, at least for the moment.

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