My Shaved Experience II

After my incredible experience at New Year's I was almost permanently in a highly aroused state. Katherine and I had discussed our experiences at length and I had a strong feeling that Katherine was feeling very confused about her feelings. She had always been very heterosexual but was now showing some very Bi tendencies. She confided to me that both having another man fuck her as well as licking another woman’s pussy had fulfilled her deepest fantasies. The thought that I had been there and had seen both seemed to just intensify her feelings.

I had shared my fantasies with Katherine for the first time. I told her how I had regularly taken her worn panties from the laundry hamper and masturbated while breathing in her most intimate scent. At first she seemed a little repulsed by it but then a smile slowly crossed her lips. She remembered just how sweet a pussy could taste. We discussed trying to engineer a similar experience but agreed that we needed to be sure that it remained something special.

We started planning how we could get both Rory and Marina together for a foursome. Marina had made it quite clear that Rory did not share her uninhibited view to sex and was a lot more conservative. This was going to be a challenge indeed! With Rory still staying in our house we felt that it would be easier to get him to have an "illicit" scene with Katherine by herself to break the ice. We planned for them to spend the evening together the next Tuesday, I would let everyone know that I would be spending the evening with clients and they could be alone.

The next Tuesday rolled around and I made a show of leaving the house, I kissed Katherine goodbye and left. I drove my car around the corner and quietly walked back to the house. Katherine had made sure that the blinds were open sufficiently for me be a part of the action without Rory knowing. As I approached the lounge window I saw Rory and Katherine sitting in the lounge having a glass of wine. Katherine was sitting on the couch and her legs were slightly parted giving Rory a glimpse of her panty-clad pussy. I could see Katherine was getting really turned on and her hard nipples were pressing trough her tight blouse and a small dark spot was forming on the crotch of her panties. Katherine stood up and walked to the VCR, she slipped a video in and dimmed the lights. As the credits started rolling I saw it was my newest video "Hidden Obsessions". If this didn’t get things going nothing would. Katherine quickly forwarded the video to the scene with the ice dildo. I looked across and saw that Katherine had her hand on her lap and was gently rubbing her pussy. Rory was no longer watching the video but instead was looking right up Katherine’s skirt and his hand was resting on his bulging pants. Katherine slowly moved closer to Rory and by now her hand was down the front of her wet panties, her fingers caressing her juicy pussy. Rory slowly pulled down his shorts and the large purple head of his cock and thick shaft stood proudly in front of him. It was the biggest cock I had ever seen. Marina had been right that it resembled a babies arm. Katherine knelt over his throbbing cock and let her lips slowly slide down its purple head, sucking the glistening droplets seeping from his cock. She gently fondled his balls while her head moved slowly up and down on his head. I saw Rory stiffen has the cum started to spurt into Katherine’s mouth. She was obviously not expecting him to cum so quickly and the cum started to dribble from her mouth. I could see what Marina was referring to; staying power was not one of his strong points. Rory got up and walked through to the bar to fill up their wine, Katherine sat back on the couch and slipped her panties down her ankles she quickly got up and passed them through the window to me. I brought the wet panties to my nose and drank in the fresh fragrance of her pussy. I released my cock from my pants and spread the drops of slippery juice around the head of my cock. Rory walked back into the lounge and saw Katherine sitting back with her legs spread. Her hands gently rubbing her clean shaved cunt, the lips of her pussy glistening with the juice now dripping from her cunt. Katherine slowly slipped two fingers deep into her tight pussy, her thumb rotating on her hard clit. His cock started to harden and he quickly put the wine down and moved to where Katherine was sitting and took hold of his now throbbing cock he slowly guided it to her waiting pussy. "Boy" I thought, "this guy is not exactly the foreplay king". I knew our plan would work. As Rory pushed the head of his enormous cock between the lips of Katherine’s pussy I saw her head go back and heard a faint cry. She seemed to just lie there as Rory's cock abused her small pussy. After a few minutes she started to slowly rotate her hips as her waiting cunt thrust to meet his hard cock. My hand slid up and down my hard cock, matching their stroke. It wasn’t long before Rory started to cum again, his face twisted in sheer pleasure. He gently pulled his cock out of her now stretched pussy. I saw his cum start to dribble from between her shaved lips, my orgasm came quickly and I directed my hot cum into the crotch of her white silk panties. As a pulled up my zip I saw Katherine’s hand snaking in and out of her pussy, Rory had obviously not been able to satisfy her she looked longingly as Rory walked down the passage to his room. Her hot cunt needed satisfaction.

I walked back to my car and quickly returned to the house. As I pulled up in the driveway I noticed that the lounge lights were off, the evening was obviously over. I walked through the house into the bedroom. Katherine lay back on the bed, her hands rubbing her swollen pussy. "What took you so long" she whispered, "my pussy is on fire, Rory didn’t even get me close". I put my hand into my pocket and withdrew her panties "cant say the same for me" I said, "I brought you a souvenir" and passed the sticky panties to her. She quickly brought the panties to her face and her tongue darted out and started licking my cum from the crotch of her panties. I quickly undressed and crawled onto the bed. My face just inches from her dripping pussy. The strings of cum still clinging to her cunt, she had made no attempt to wipe away the signs of her recent fucking. I slowly slid the tip of my tongue into the river of cum flowing from her dripping pussy. I started sucking Rory's thick hot cum from my wife’s pussy. The thought of drinking another mans cum from my wife’s pussy nearly drove me over the edge. My tongue started nudging her engorged clit. I sucked her clit into my mouth as I slid my fingers deep into her waiting pussy. The rhythmic sucking on her clitoris as well as the firm rubbing on the walls of her pussy soon had her writhing in ecstasy, her hands pushing my face deep into her pussy. "Fuck me with your tongue" she gasped. I slipped my tongue deep into her wet cunt and slid it up her slit and over her throbbing clit before pushing it deep into her hot cunt once again. This had her over the edge and her legs clamped my head tight against her thrusting pussy, her sweet pussy juice dribbling into my waiting mouth. I rolled over next to her, my cock sticking proudly up. Katherine got up "I need it again" she breathed and slowly spread the lips of her pussy and slid herself down my waiting cock. My cock started throbbing as it slid into its velvet sheath, "I love it when your cock throbs" she moaned. As Katherine slid up and down my hard cock I took her nipples between my fingers and gently rolled her hard buds between my fingers. Her hips were rotating on my hard cock and I could feel my cock caressing the walls of her hot cunt. The juices from her pussy dribbled down my shaft, over my balls and slid down my ass. Katherine sat straight up and put her hand behind my back. She took my heavy balls in her hand and gently squeezed them. Her long finger nails traced a line down my balls until they reached my sensitive bud. I felt her finger slip deep inside me, caressing my hot ass. The events of the evening and the unbelievable sensations rushing through my body soon had me spurting my thick cum into her well-fucked pussy. As the warmth of my cum seeped into her pussy she started twisting and moaning as her orgasm wracked her body. We quietly slipped into each other’s arms and fell into a blissful, exhausted sleep.

I woke up early the next morning and the sight of my sexy wife lying next to me had me hard as a rock. Katherine was not the best morning person and I had a flight to catch. It looked like I would have to take the problem in hand. I rubbed my throbbing cock and coating the head with my saliva started stroking it up and down as I gazed at her beautiful pussy. As my cum started to spurt from my cock I aimed my juices at her waiting pussy. The pearly strings hitting her clit and lips. I quickly got up and went to shower. Once I was dressed I leaned over the bed and kissed her on the lips. "I must run" I said "my plane leaves in an hour, I’ll see you in 2 days". Katherine groaned and sat up. She felt my sticky cum oozing down her pussy lips. Her fingers dipped into my cum "what happened?" she asked "just a small gift I left you" I said. As I walked out the room I saw Katherine scooping my cum from her pussy and then sucking it off her fingers.

As the plane took off my thoughts were on the meeting I would be attending in the city, I was finding it difficult to concentrate as my mind kept drifting off to my dinner date with Marina. I could visualize her perfect body and wondered what my evening held in store.

I managed to endure the meeting without making a complete idiot of myself and kept my constantly hard cock well hidden under the boardroom table. The meeting had progressed better than expected and by 3pm I was free. I phoned Marina and told her to meet me downtown in 20 minutes, she readily agreed. As I walked up to her my eyes drank in her pure beauty. Her catlike motions and the sensuous look on her face made me want to just take her in my arms. She was wearing a tiny black mini skirt and a lace top with a black jacket that just covered her bra-less breasts. As I hugged her, the sweet fragrance of her perfume drifted up my nose. "Your perfume is driving me wild" I whispered into her ear, Marina giggled and tossed her thick blonde hair over her shoulder. "At least it had the desired effect" she laughed. We walked off down the street towards the mall.

As we walked into the mall I noticed that a new high-class sex shop had opened. I quickly steered Marina into the shop. I knew exactly what I was looking for! I had seen a new vibrating, remote controlled egg advertised on the net and I knew 2 very horny ladies who could put them to good use. I didn’t waste any time in finding them and we were soon on our way. "Where to next" she asked. "I’m looking for something to keep a wet pussy warm" I said. Marina quickly steered me to the nearest lingerie store. "I might need to try them on" she breathed. "I would never buy anything I haven’t tried on," I said. We quickly walked in the store and headed for the panty section. A young woman quickly walked up to us and offered her assistance. Marina laughed "I have all the help I can use" she said. The shop assistant blushed and walked away to serve other customers. Marina immediately started looking at the large selection of g-strings. "Which do u prefer?" she asked. "My taste has always leaned towards the white lace ones with the satin panel" I answered. Marina took a few pairs off the rack and pulled me off to the changers. We walked into the end change room and pulled the curtain closed. Marina turned to face me. She threw her arms around me and hugged me close. My hands cupped her tight ass and pulled her hot mount against my now throbbing cock. "It’s been too long" she whispered. She planted little kisses on my neck. We broke our embrace, Marina stepped back and unbuttoned her jacket and hung it on the hook. Her skirt quickly followed. My eyes feasted on her beautiful body. I looked down at her panties and saw a dark spot on the Navy blue satin panties, "looks like we were just in time" I said. I knelt in front of her pussy and smelt her sex. My fingers slid her g-string down her shapely legs, exposing her clean shaved pussy. I just stared at the delicate lips in front of me, the finely sculptured hood of her clit, her pussy juice glistening invitingly on her lips. I opened the bag of goodies I had bought from the sex shop and took one of the eggs from the box. I quickly slipped it deep into her wet pussy. I pulled my fingers out and brought them to my lips. The taste of her feminine juices were better that anything I had ever tasted. "There" I said; "now you can try on the new panties". I stood up as she picked up the first pair and slipped them on. The sight of her pussy snugly covered by the panties and the smooth feel of the silk had me hard as a rock and I could feel the precum oozing into my underpants. As she stood there I flicked the switch for the remote controlled egg. Marina nearly collapsed, as her legs became weak. She immediately started to pant heavily. "Fuck" she gasped "this thing will kill me, lets get out of here". She quickly dressed and we headed out of the change rooms. We walked towards the till at the front of the store. "We’ll take all three" I said to the cashier. My eyes can to rest on the pair that Marina had just tried on and I noticed that a damp spot had been left by her juicy pussy. As the cashier picked them up she gave us both a disapproving look and continued the transaction. We quickly left the store and called a cab. "The Marriott" I said to the cabby as we pulled off. I slid my hand into my jacket pocket and quickly flicked the remote switch on and off. "Noooo" she said "not here". We sat in silence for the remainder of our journey to the hotel.

When we walked into the room I called room service and ordered a bottle of Laurent St Perrier. Marina walked through to the bathroom and closed the door. I slipped my clothes off and pulled the white robe on. The front door bell rang room service. I quickly signed the bill and closed the door. I took the bottle and glasses through to the bedroom. I nearly dropped the bottle as I saw Marina stretched out on the bed, wearing the new pair of panties we had just bought. No matter how often I saw her I could never get used to her astounding beauty. I opened the champagne and poured us each a glass. As I passed Marina her glass a few drops spilled down onto her pert breasts and ran a path down stomach to her panties. She brought the glass to her full lips and sipped the icy champagne. "Hmmm" she said, "That’s good stuff". I took a big sip of my champagne and put the glass down on the bedside table. I picked up the Egg remote and flicked the switch. I lay down beside Marina and took her firm body in my arms. Our lips met and her tongue pushed between my lips. Her hard nipples pressed against my bare chest. I could feel the egg was starting to do its job as her hips started to rotate and she pressed her smooth panty clad pussy against my leg. I could feel the juices from her pussy were seeping through her panties. I broke our embrace and gently rolled Marina onto her back. I turned around and took her foot in my hand. I gently rubbed her foot, my lips slipping over her toes, gently sucking them into my mouth. My tongue started to trace a path up her sexy legs, my lips planting gentle kisses on her legs. My lips reached her knees and I slowly lifted her leg and started kissing the backs of her knees. My tongue continued it path upwards. As my face neared her dripping pussy I smelt the aroma of her pussy radiating from her panties. My tongue ran a path up her tight thighs and down to the smooth skin next to her pussy. I kissed a path up the side of her panties and onto her flat stomach, her hips were gently rolling around and she was doing her best to push my head into her pussy. I resisted and continued my path around her pussy; my fingers were firmly pressing her raised mons making sure that I avoided her pussy. "Don’t tease me!" she said, "eat my pussy". Her hands firmly pushed my head into her pussy. My tongue pressed hard up against her clit, her pussy juices had completely drenched her new panties. I put my lips to her panties and started sucking the escaping juices from her pussy lips it tasted like nectar. I slipped her panties down her legs and brought them to my nose. My tongue ran over the warm, wet crotch of her panties, "you have the best tasting pussy I've ever come across" I whispered. "Well don’t just smell my panties, kiss my pussy, its on fire" she gasped. I lay down between her legs and slowly ran my tongue from the bottom of her pussy and slowly pushed my tongue into her swollen wet pussy lips. I could feel the faint vibrations from the egg. My tongue traced a path up her swollen lips until it came to her hard clit. My tongue gently started flicking over her clit, sucking it into my mouth. I slid my fingers into her pussy and removed the egg from her depths. I slid my finger deep into her pussy and pushed it had up against her pubic bone, feeling for that magical spot. Her breath started coming in gasps, her hips thrusting up. My rhythmic sucking on her clit and the deep probing of my fingers soon had her screaming in ecstasy as her wild orgasm gripped her. My mouth replaced my fingers as I licked up as much of her pussy juice as I could. Marina lay there panting, "that was incredible," she said. I sat up and looked at one of the most beautiful women I had ever seen lying on her back with her legs spread her wet pussy glistening.

We lay back and sipped our champagne is silence, both deep in thought. Marina broke the silence "that was a hard act to follow," she said as she sat up. "Get on your knees" she said. I knelt on the bed, my hard cock parallel with my stomach, my head resting on the pillows. I felt something cold on my prick followed by a tingling sensation. I looked back and saw that Marina had slid her champagne glass over my prick, the bubbles were gently caressing my purple head. She withdrew the glass and replaced it with her lips. The change from the cold champagne to the warm lips felt incredible. She slowly slid her mouth down my entire shaft until I felt her breath in my pubes. As she slowly slid her lips back I felt her start to suck hard on my throbbing cock until it burst from her mouth with a "pop". She took a big sip of champagne and once again took my cock in her mouth, the cold bubbles nearly sending me over the edge. She firmly gripped the base of my throbbing cock until the spasms slowly subsided. Marina eased me over until I was lying on my back. She lay down between my legs and slowly started licking under my full balls. He tongue traced a line under my scrotum and she gently took each bag in her mouth, rolling them around. Her hands snaked up and took my cock in her hands; she rubbed the steady flow of precum around my head. She slowly let my balls slip from her mouth and then ran her tongue up my shaft. As she neared the head of my cock she pushed her tongue under the rim and ran it slowly around. At this point I couldn’t take any more and pushed her head down until she had my head deep in her hot mouth. I ran my fingers through her hair as I held her head and started to fuck her mouth. She ran her tongue around my head as she sucked at the same time. I felt the cum rising deep in my balls. As I started to cum I pushed her head down, my cum splashing deep into her waiting throat. I felt her sucking every drop from my throbbing cock.

She sat up and lay on top of me, her lips touched mine and I tasted my cum on her lips.

Marina started to slide her tongue deep into my throat, her hot pussy gently rubbing my now hardening cock. I slid my hands around her chest and started rubbing her hard nipples, taking each nipple between my fingers. I broke our kiss and pulled her hard nipple into my mouth, my teeth gently grazing each nipple. Marina started thrusting her hot pussy up and down the length of my throbbing cock. I could feel the wet lips around my shaft. On the next trust a slowly pressed my cock up against the bud of her ass. "Yes" she gasped, "fuck me up the ass". I slipped my cock slowly into her tight bud; I felt the walls of her ass pulsating around my cock. I slipped my hands down her stomach and let my fingers rest on her swollen clit. She leant back and rested her hands on my legs, my cock now up to the hilt in her tight ass. I slipped my fingers into her wet pussy and gave her a double fuck. It wasn’t long before her body started to shudder as her orgasm washed over her body. I slipped my hard cock out of her ass and into her swollen pussy; I held her close and rolled her over onto her back. Marina wrapped her shapely legs around my waist as I started to slowly thrust deep into her pussy. She started to run her fingers over my back as I trust deep into her hot cunt. Her scratching became harder and harder and I could feel her nails digging deep into my back. I felt my orgasm approaching and slammed my cock deep into her pussy as the cum spurted from my prick. I collapsed on top of her and she held me tight against her beautiful body. I rolled off her and we lay in the semi-darkness holding each other close.

We lay quietly holding each other, both deep in thought about the intense pleasures we had just shared. I finally broke the silence, "Katherine wants to try for a foursome with Rory," I said. "I don’t think we could get him to do it" she said "but I would love to get my face between Katherine’s legs again". "I have a surprise for you" I said. "Rory and Katherine had a rather steamy session last night and I see what you mean, he may have a big dick but jeez he could do with lessons on how to use it!" Marina turned over and looked at me "how do you know so much" she asked. "I was at the window watching" I answered. I looked down at Marina’s hand and noticed that she was gently playing with her clit as we spoke. "We have a long weekend coming up next month, I think you should look at coming up so we can put our plan in place" I said quietly in her ear.

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