Sydney Harrison-Campbell

He had warmed her bed for weeks now, off and on. She had kept him because he did what she asked, both with her voice and with her body. Now a certain urge was beginning to consume her, like a hunger burning in her belly that wouldn’t abate.

Trish looked up at the young man covering her body with his. Oh, she loved when he took charge. She loved the feeling of pseudo-helplessness that enveloped her, made her feel that she was his plaything completely. Only, as she gazed into his deep brown eyes, the hunger nudged her more fiercely than before, and she knew she had to make the advance before she ran out of nerve.

Deftly, she pushed Drew off her and onto his back. She plumbed the depths of his soul as she slid her body over his. He smiled up at her, enough innocence in his expression to make her heart break. That innocence would not be there in the morning’s light.

"Drew," she began, her voice deep with the mounting excitement she felt, "I swore to do anything you asked of me in bed, and you said the same to me. Are you still willing to fulfill your end of the bargain?"

In answer, he took hold of the hair at the back of her head and pulled her down to meet his lips, kissing her strongly and deeply. She smiled as she pulled back, and sliding down the length of his hard body, took the head of his penis in her mouth. He watched as she suckled on it, and returned his gaze steadily.

As she took his entire organ in her mouth, her right hand slipped underneath his buttocks, parting them, and found the tight little opening hidden there. Slowly, she slid one finger inside, and felt his entire body stiffen. Trish smiled inwardly, having discovered no squeamishness from him about that part of his body.

She continued her work on his cock until she could feel him nearly to the point of explosion, and withdrew both her mouth and her probing finger. Drew let out a shuddering sigh, not wanting her to stop.

Trish got off the bed and went into her large walk-in closet. She tossed an order to Drew over her shoulder: "Turn over onto your stomach." She could hear the springs in the mattress as he complied.

In the closet, Trish took down a box that had never been opened. It had been a gift a few years ago from a girlfriend who worked as a Dominatrix in New York. Peeling back the tape, she lifted the cardboard lid to reveal a beautifully molded dildo attached to a belt. She strapped the belt around her waist snugly, feeling awkward for only a moment as she adjusted herself to the odd weight resting on her pubic bone.

Drew was lying on the bed, eyes closed as his head rested on folded arms on the pillow. She urged his legs open with her hands, and knelt between them. She massaged the warm flesh of his plump ass as she spoke in a low tone.

"You told me one night that you wanted to experience what it would be like to be a woman. Are you still willing to experience at least part of that?"

Trish could feel Drew’s entire body tense, knowing suddenly what she wanted. But instead of protests, she saw the slight nodding of his head. She smiled.

Reaching across to the nightstand, she opened a drawer and found the tube of Anal-Eze. She started to open the tube, then had a thought. Reaching up his body, she took his hands and placed them on his ass. Leaning into his hair, the dildo resting in the small of his back, she commanded softly: "Open up…" Obediently, he spread his cheeks for her. For the first time she saw the opening he was offering her. So tiny, she realized, compared to the latex phallus she wore. He must know it would hurt, but he was still willing to go through with it. A wave of something that was almost love coursed through her, but she damped it down, concentrating instead on squeezing the cherry-flavored anal lubricant from its tube.

Slowly, she massaged it around the outside of the little hole. Another huge dollop was deposited on her finger, and she gently worked this into his opening. A third time, and her ministrations went inside as far as her finger could reach. She knew how painful a dry fuck could be in either orifice, and cared enough about this young man to not want his first time to be like that.

Leaning over him again, she replaced the tube of anal lubricant, and picked up the regular lube, noticing how his breath had quickened in the interim. Her own body reacted, and she felt a renewed wetness between her legs.

Leaning back once again, Trish poured out a generous amount of the clear gel, and began rubbing it evenly on the phallus. Drew’s hands still held himself open for her, and the opening looked as though it was wet from its own juices. She smiled once again as she edged forward and nudged the tip of the dildo against his hole.

"Wait," she heard his muffled voice against the pillow. No…she thought. But he was turning over, and could see some disappointment on her face. He broke into a beatific smile as he spoke again, this time looking her straight in the eyes.

"I want this the right way. I want to see your expressions while you do this, and I want you to see me come."

Oh, God, she thought. This was going to be better than she had hoped.

She looked at his lips, slightly parted with a panting breath issuing from them, and couldn’t resist. Moving up his body, she touched his blood red lips with the tip of the phallus. He opened his mouth and let her slide the thing inside. His eyes closed and she could hear his mouth working on the latex as though it was really a part of her. For a split second, she considered pulling out and having him enter her, but pushed that thought aside. This was what she wanted.

As he opened his eyes, she slowly pulled away from him. His head rose slightly from the pillow, as though he didn’t want to stop.

He opened his legs wider as she moved between them again. His buttocks lifted off the bed a few inches and parted slightly, as if anticipating what was to come. Drew’s hands came down and he opened himself up more, looking steadily at Trish’s face.

Trish nudged the phallus at his anus gently, slowly stretching it open. Drew sucked in a breath and let his eyes go to half-mast. Trish knew from experience that this was the most difficult part. Steadily, she worked the phallus into Drew, pulling back slightly every once in a while to let his muscles relax a bit.

Trish looked down, and saw that half the length of the dildo was already inside Drew. Cautiously, she looked back to his face.

"Do you want me to stop?" she asked him quietly. In answer, he used his stomach muscles to shift himself higher, forcing more of the shaft’s length inside him.

"Please, don’t stop. I want all of you, like you take all of me. I want to feel your skin against mine, pushing against me and inside me. Please…" The last word came out as a moan as Trish obliged him with a more forceful thrust. She was surprised when she realized the phallus was now embedded to its hilt, and her hips were resting against Drew’s lifted buttocks.

Slowly, she began drawing away from him, pulling the latex out of his widened opening. The sight of it was driving her crazy, as she knew it would. Pressing down again, she was pleased to notice Drew rising up to meet her. Again and again they repeated this, until finally Trish gripped Drew’s engorged penis in her right hand and began pumping it rhythmically, timing it to her thrusts. Drew moaned loudly, and pushed her hand away, stroking himself so she could concentrate on taking him.

As his hand grew quicker, she matched with her thrusts. He was nearly writhing on the bed now, tossing his head from side to side. Trish tried to stroke herself, but found the position wouldn’t allow it with much ease, and placed her hands on either side of Drew, leaning over him as they continued.

"So, how do you like being a woman, Drew?" she said in a low voice, one she knew he responded to, and one she herself went crazy for when he used it on her. "Is this what you want? Do you like the way it feels to have me inside you, Drew? You are so wet and slick inside, I’m just sliding so easily in and out of you. Is this how I feel when you take me to yourself? Hmm? Am I this hot? This wet, Drew?"

His eyes flew open suddenly, and a whisper came out of his mouth. "Watch me come, Trish. You’re making me come…"

Trish leaned back on her heels and took in the lightning fast strokes of his hand. The first few pearly droplets had already formed on the tip of his head, and were sliding down its side. His body tensed, and she could feel his anus reflexively grip the phallus inside it, not letting her pull it out as easily as before. She slowed her strokes, and watched in fascination as his semen shot out of his penis, showering his chest in its wetness.

As his panting subsided, Trish slowly and gently drew the dildo out of him. She lay on his chest, both penises meeting for the first time between the crush of their bodies, and slid in the creamy goo that decorated his chest. Trish kissed his lips slowly, savoring the salty taste of sweat above the upper one, and he kissed her back so languidly that she wished they could remain like this forever.

She fell asleep on his chest and dreamed no dreams that night.

1999 RSHC

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