Her Submissive Desires
Master Janus

Walking into the bedroom dressed precisely as her Master had ordered, she knelt before him wearing only a collar and the sheer thong bowing in adoration, eyes downcast.  Pleased with her attire, he used the soft leather restraints to bind her laying face down on the silken sheets snugly in a spread eagle position. Placing a pillow beneath her stomach to raise her body off the bed slightly at hip level, he walked away to get the leather paddle from their toy chest. Returning to the bed in deliberate strides, he watched as her face filled with both terror and delight at his approach. Smiling downward, into the depths of her green eyes, he lifted the paddle upward before bringing it downward swiftly across her exposed asscheeks, her moan of pleasure/pain was quickly followed by the words "one Master may I have another?"  The second stroke of the paddle landed on her left asscheek only, causing her to wrestle violently against the restraints holding her fast. She moaned through clenched teeth, "two Master may I have another?" while tugging and straining against her bonds. Already the paddle was descending quickly to her right cheek in an arc faster and harsher than the last two.   Wincing in pain as tremors coursed through her body, voice now throaty with desire she whimpered "three Master may I have another?"  Fingers of his free hand teased her hair as he brought the paddle once more to the sore reddening skin of her ass, striking both cheeks in unison as she wept into the pillow before turning to him in reply, "four Master another please?"  Quivering asscheeks bucking coupled with the motions of her hips was evidence enough of the growing need burning in her aching clit. Unable to even feel the smoothness of the sheets against her throbbing nub, each sob became louder as the strokes of the paddle grew both in speed and intensity. Sobs of "Master another please?" where the only sounds now passing her lips after the thick leather paddle descended warming her upturned bottom time after time.  The seventh slap to her already stinging asscheeks produced from her a hefty groan from the base of her throat, tremors wracking her body mounting in quickness and furiosity.   The tenth and final pass of the paddle left her sore from its kisses, her breasts grinding against the silken sheets in hopes that their smooth touch would quench some of the desire welling in her, her futile attempts at cumming stifled by the pillow.             

Tears rolling down her cheeks, he pulled the pillow from beneath her and placed a vibrator against the puffy lips of her moist dewy center held firmly in place by the sheer thong. Her swollen lips and clit resting directly on it, he whispered to her "Do not cum till I return that is a reward you must earn."  Whimpering softly from low in her throat when he placed a blindfold over her eyes before slipping a ballgag between her lips as she sobbed deeply in acceptance of his command.  Tied facedown her asscheeks sore from the paddling, intense vibrations of the toy centered at her aching clit as she struggled vainly against the leather bindings holding her fast.  Ten minutes later her Master once more entered the room to find her thrashing anxiously against the silken sheets now moist with her desire, breasts and clit on fire with need and lust.   Drinking his scotch as she strained on the bed in futility, he pulled an ice cube from the tumbler rolling it slowly across her tender, reddened asscheeks.  The   sudden chill of the ice had the immediate effect of intense sexual pleasure as it melted over her hot trembling butt, caressing the skin as the cool water dripped down her inner thighs heightening the physical need to yet another level.  Constant feelings raced through her mind and body as she moaned in agony and need, bringing a smile to his face.   
Trembling with desires and wants she had only before imagined,  murmuring for the touch of his hardened shaft, sobs of need escaped her throat from beneath the gag. Her head tossing back and forth in wanton lust for the relief of his cock pressed firmly into her silken sheath, body now desperate for pleasure.

Getting up from the bed once more her Master reached for the anal plug, greasing it lightly before placing its tip to her rosebud, having moved aside the thong.  The effect was a moan of pure delight coming from deep inside her, her body shivering in pleasure as the plug filled her. Inch by inch finding its way deeper inside her sitting firmly between the clenched cheeks of her ass, the heat from the paddling magnifying its intrusion.  The vibrator running inside the open lips of  her spread petals, her ass filled with the plug, she thrashed ever more vigorously in the bonds while he sat enjoying the motions of her bound body moving sensually on the bed.

Tearing the thong from her body, he thrust deeply inside her open pussylips in one deft stroke to her very core, before sliding outward slowly inch by inch leaving only the very tip of his cock inside her throbbing sex.  He slowly entered her open petals once more while teasing the skin of her warmed ass with the very tips of his fingers still cool from the ice.  Moaning ever so deeply from beneath the gag, cries of pleasure muffled by it, her body moved with abandon desperately attempting to deal with the sensations rippling through her every nerve.  Wracked in both pain from the spanking and ecstacy from the sensations of the shaft pressing deeply into her, his body bouncing off the anal plug buried deeper inside her hot ass with each thrust of his hips forward, she felt overwhelmingly filled. 

Riding, caressing, and touching for what seemed like forever in her sexually stimulated mind, he watched as her muscles reacted to each stroke of his shaft inward. Going deeper with each resounding motion of his cock, she felt as though her entire body was afire, burning white hot with need.  The combined feelings of the anal plug, his motions inside her, and the burning of her butt with each movement took her over the edge repeatedly.  Body reaching crescendo after crescendo of lust, coming in rapidly quickening waves, screaming from beneath the gag she lay completely still, worn out from the constant overwhelming feelings.
Watching the final frantic thrashings of her body against the mattress, he withdrew his cock splashing hot wet cum atop her ass and back. Moans of lust emitted from her very core, before her body fell limp against the sheets totally spent. 
Undoing the bonds at her wrists and ankles before removing the anal plug, vibrator, and then the gag, whimpers of "thank you sir" now passing her lips, brought joy to his heart. Tenderly he held her in his arms as sleep overtook her body, worn from the adventures of the past hour. A smile once again coming to his face as the thoughts of what he might do when she awoke danced in his head, image after image coming to mind of the delights of another time.

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