A Quiet Sunday Evening With Friends

It’s Sunday night and I’m over at Stephan’s place with another couple of friends of his who I’ve only recently met. We’ve all had a pretty hectic weekend, so we’re just listening to some slow sexy music and drinking wine.

Stephan asks if anyone wants another glass of wine and we all say yes. Greta, Michael’s girlfriend gets up and goes in to the kitchen with Stephan to help him carry back the drinks.

Michael moves over to the sofa next to me and asks me how long I’ve known Stephan. I tell him just a little while and he smiles at that. He leans in more closely and puts his hand on my thigh and slowly moves it up between my legs. He asks me if I like that and I tell him yes. I’m not wearing any underwear as Stephan like for me to be ready for fucking whenever he feels like it. Michael doesn’t seem surprised at the lack of underclothing. He puts his mouth on my neck and sucks and bites me which sends tingles of pleasure all the way down to my belly and down into my cunt which he is now playing with, with his glorious nimble fingers.

He gets down on the his knees, hitches up my skirt and opens my legs wide and slides me down so that my cunt is in line with his face. He holds open the lips of my drenched pussy and flicks his tongue up to my clit which makes me call out with pleasure. At the same moment Greta and Stephan walk back in to the room. My eyes are closed in extasy so I don’t notice their entrance. Michael continues to bring me to greater heights and I totally forget where I am.

I feel a hand lift up my top and pull out one of my breasts. My nipple is already hard, as a moist mouth wraps around it, sucking hard, nibbling and licking. Suddenly I realise that Michael cannot be doing both things at once and I open my eyes to see Greta’s beautiful face and mouth sucking on my tit. Behind her is Stephan lifting up her skirt to reveal her gorgeous arse. He is kissing her pussy and licking it with fervour, then gently inserts his fingers. She moans with pleasure which vibrates through my nipple right down inside me.

Michael Kneels up and removes his t-shirt and pulls down his shorts to reveal his great throbbing cock. Greta moves her mouth up to mine and kisses me like I’ve never been kissed before. Her tongue moves around with mine and she tastes delicious and sweet. Michael moves up behind Stephan and starts to take off his shorts, letting out his swollen member. Michael puts his hand around Stephen’s cock and slowly starts to move it up and down the shaft gently squeezing it at the tip.

Greta has positioned herself now between my legs and Stephan is kissing me and I can taste Greta’s love juice on him. From underneath the sofa, Greta pulls out a big black dildo already sheathed with a condom. Slowly she begins to rub her cunt with it as I watch on wantingly. She looks me in the eyes and I can see the passion mounting within her. She can take no more and shoves the whole dildo up inside her as her back arches to accommodate it’s size.

Michael and Stephan see Greta as she comes and both want to fuck her together. Stephan sits down on the sofa with his huge cock pointing straight up. Greta straddles him and gently slides her pussy down to the head of his cock, while Michael stands behind her and rubs the head of his cock around the opening of her arse. I watch with fascination, I want to join in. I take Greta’s erect nipple in to my mouth and stephan’s fingers find their way to my dripping pussy. He takes the dildo from Greta and slowly inserts it inside me at the same time he pushes his penis in to Greta. Michael picks up the rythmn and starts to fuck her tight round arse. The feeling is overwhelming and my orgasm floods through me in waves. But we don’t stop there.

I also straddle across Stephan and he takes both my tits in his hand and starts to suck and bite them. As I bend forwards to Stephan, Greta takes the dildo and places it at the opening of my anus which turns me on anew. She gently starts to rub the tip of the dildo around the entrance of my arse, pushing a little bit more in at a time, the feeling is exquisite. Finally I have the entire dildo up inside me and Stephan starts flicking and rubbing my clit. Greta starts to fuck me with the dildo with the same timing that she’s being fucked by the men. We’re like one huge moving fucking machine just about ready to explode. The groaning is getting louder and the movements faster and then Greta comes to climax. Two seconds later so do Michael and Stephan. Finally my orgasm takes over and we all hold on to eachother savouring the delicious feelings we have given eachother.

Greta and I both climb off Stephan and sit on either side of him. Michael kneels in front of me holding on to his cock telling me how he needs to put it somewhere warm and wet. I look at him, smile and spread my legs. He shakes his head and pulls me down on to the floor with him. He asks me if I want to have two cocks inside me at the same time and I nod. We are both on our knees facing eachother and he starts kissing me. I move down his chest and suckle on his hard erect nipples. Moving further down I have his penis in my hand and his balls in the other. I lick around the tip of his cock as I massage his glans. I take him further in to my mouth moving up and down all the while. I lick my finger and slide my hand under to his arse. Slowly I move the tip of my finger around his anus and gently slide it in as he groans. I start to push my finger in deeper and deeper until he almost comes. I stop sucking his throbbing cock, remove my finger and move back up his body again to find his mouth and kiss him deeply.

Stephan moves up behind me and Greta behind Michael. I lift my hips up and slide my wet opening down the length of Michael’s shaft. Behind me I feel Stephan parting the cheeks of my butt and then start to penetrate me with his rock hard cock, gently at first, then harder as more of his cock enters me. I feel completely filled and can also feel the two cocks banging against eachother inside me. Michael gasps as Greta thrusts the black dildo in to his anus, and uses another vibrator on herself at the same time. She rubs her tits up against his back and we kiss harshly, teeth clashing. Stephan is biting and sucking on my shoulders and neck. Again we come and this time collapse in to a heap.

We hold eachother and doze on and off for a while. It has been quite and interesting evening and we will surely get together to do it again soon.

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