Ria's Surprise
Ria was quite surprised when she received Nelson's call that morning. Not having heard his voice in about 2 months, she didn't think she would ever hear from him again. But then, the call. Ria answered the phone in a huff after answering one call after another for an hour. Quite a hectic morning at her office! Hearing his voice, her heart stood still. She forgot to breathe. Shaking her head to clear it, Ria listened as his deep, sensual voice told her how much he had missed her. As if in a dream, she replied, "Oh, how I have missed you, Baby!" She answered all his questions without really hearing her responses. .. her mind reeling, her heart beating again at a pace that was out of control! How that man made her crazy! He wanted her to meet him. Wondering how could it be ...after not having seen him since Labor Day, NOW, in January, he phones!

Nelson tells her where to meet him, about half way between his home town and hers. A Ramada Inn off the main highway. In two days time, she would see him again! The emotions were playing havoc with her mind and her heart! Not to mention her body! Making excuses at work, Ria takes off the day before and the day after the proposed meeting. The morning before, she goes shopping. Purchasing the kind of dress she knows Nelson loves, casual, long and flowing and very feminine. Ria then treats herself to a manicure and pedicure. She has had her hair cut short since Nelson last saw her. She worries that perhaps he will be displeased. Too late to worry now, she thinks. That nite, Ria retires
early, hoping to rest up for whatever Nelson has planned. Sleep doesn't come easily, as her mind wanders back to their last meeting. It had been wonderful and heartbreaking all at the same time. Hours of passionate lovemaking, followed by hours wild fucking. Then, guilty consciences on both their parts. Nelson was in the middle of a nasty divorce. Ria had just separated. They had decided to part ways the following morning. Ria had cried for days, for weeks. Convincing herself that she wouldn't be seeing him again after his last phone
call, she tried hard to persuade herself to forget him, that she hated him. After receiving his phone call the other morning, she knew that wasn't the case at all. On the contrary, she knew now that she was still crazy about the man. Tossing and turning most of the nite, Ria dreamed of Nelson. His strong hands, callused from his work. His sensuous mouth, that had kissed every part of her being. She dreamt of his long, hard, wide cock deep inside her mouth, her throat, practically choking her. Then of him taking her from behind, making her his. Making her beg for more, for release! Ria woke the following morning, exhausted, nervous, excited and understandably wet from the wild dreams of the nite before! She jumped in the tub to soak and daydream of what may become of their meeting.

Finally pulling herself from the luxury she had allowed, Ria frets over her makeup, her clothes.....finally deciding again on the new dress. It shows off her new tattoo quite nicely with its scoop neck. Tracing the outline of the rose with her fingertips, Ria envisions Nelson's lips, his tongue ..... down to her nipple, her fingers travel... so hard now, the skin all puckered around it. She licks her finger and touches the nip, in her mind it is his tongue, his moistness on her. With a sigh, she stops. Time is running out and if she is to be on time, she must leave now!

After driving for about 90 minutes, Ria arrives at the Ramada Inn. Nelson's directions were exact and she was about 5 minutes early. Checking her makeup, her dress, her hair, she notices her hands are shaking. Ria licks her lips, and heads towards the elevator. Upon reaching room 603, she smoothes her dress, fluffs her hair one more time and knocks. Three light taps. No answer. Checking her watch and then the room number again, she knocks once more. This time, on the third knock, she taps harder and the door slowly opens a few
inches. It had not been closed properly. Ria tentatively put her hand on the knob and pushed the door open more. Nelson? she asked. Are you here? No answer. Without thinking, she steps inside. The door is quietly closed behind her.

Gasping at the sound of the lock being turned, Ria strains to see who is there. Nelson? she all but cries... Baby?... A hand suddenly covers her mouth and an arm is around her waist.  SSSSSssssssssh, she hears in her ear. Ria is just about to smile and relax when she hears the sound of a match being struck across the room! Scared and confused, she tries to struggle free. It is of no use. The arm around her waist has pinned her arms to her sides as well. The
strength of the grip on her mouth makes her realize the size of the man as very large. Peering into the darkness she sees the flame move up, Nelson's face appears in an eerie glow. He lights his cigarette and a candle on the table next to him. He gazes at her with a roguish look in his eye and blows out the match. Ria faints.

Upon waking, Ria finds herself in a darkened room. The only light is from a lone candle on a table across the room. She tries to sit up but cannot. Her wrists are bound to the headboard. Wrists are crossed and tied with silken cords. Her legs are spread wide and her ankles are attached to the footboard with similar cords. Panic starts to swell inside her. Trying hard to remember where she was and why, Ria tries to calm herself. Nelson. He was here, she remembers. Sighing loudly, the sound is muffled yet seems to echo thru the room. She is gagged! Thinking she hears movement, she strains to hear, to see. Yes... she did hear something. A quiet chuckle from across the room. Nelson! Trying to remain calm, Ria's mind searched for a reason for this..... had they ever discussed something like this before? Did she tell him, even jokingly, that perhaps this would turn her on, had HE told her this? Was this one of his fantasies? Another movement catches her attention...seeing a shadow move on
the opposite of the room, she gasps at the size of the shape. Again she hears Nelson chuckle. The darkness surrounds her again as the candle is extinguished. Only the glow from Nelson's cigarette can be seen. Ria's heart beats rapidly. Her mind races. Listening to the sound of footsteps, growing closer, frightens her. Someone sits on the edge of the bed, to her right. Ria turns her head in that direction. Cocking her head to side, listening, trying to determine who is there.  "Hello, Lady." She relaxes at the sound of Nelson's soothing voice. "Don't be afraid. You must know that I would never harm you. We are going to enjoy ourselves today, but you must do exactly as I say. Do you understand?" Ria nods her head hesitantly. "Most importantly, do you trust me?" Again, she nods her head, though this time more certainty. "Good Woman." Nelson removes Ria's gag, and places a gentle, teasing kiss upon her lips. "Nelson? Baby" Her only reply is a finger on her lips, indicating silence. Nelson's strong hands begin to explore her body. Teasing her nipples thru the fabric of her new dress. "I like this dress, hun. It's a shame it has to be ruined." Ria starts to reply but thinks better of it
as she feels the pressure of something against her neckline. In one swift movement, her dress is ripped from her. The buttons having been removed with the edge of a knife. She gasps in horror. "My dress!" Suddenly, the gag is placed back in her mouth and now a blindfold is tied around her eyes. "Be calm, love," says Nelson.

The sounds in the room are muffled. The air feels cool yet still. Goosebumps cover Ria's flesh. Her nipples are hard and erect. Nelson lowers his mouth to one as his fingers play roughly with the other. Pinching and pulling yet his mouth is soft and gentle on the other. A sensual contradiction. His long, skillful tongue teased each crest in turn with its hot wetness, Ria felt hot tremors begin to rack her body. He fastened his mouth finally around one breast, sucking hard, drawing it deep into his mouth, and she felt the dark, forbidden pleasures tugging like cords at her stomach, felt the insistent ache between her wet thighs become an urgent demand. His strong hands stroking her thighs, fidgeting with her panties. He placed his knife under each side and slices them off of her. Leaning down, he grabs the remaining fabric with his teeth and tosses the aside. Ria gasps as feels his closeness. Nelson runs his long tongue between her labia. She cries out with a sound of long forgotten joy. Ria moans at her frustration at being tied. Oh how she wants to hold his strong shoulders as his tongue dips and dances in her moisture. His tongue swirls slowly, teasingly all thru her lips, down deep inside her slit and back out again. She moans loudly and then whimpers when he stops. Ria feels him lift off the bed. A smaller weight has replaced his. Laying still, waiting,
anticipating, Ria's heart races yet again. She smells a soft scent, perfume! Then, the soft touch of cool fingers touching the inner part of her thighs cause her to twitch and jerk. "Lay still, Ria," Nelson tells her. She feels her pussy lips being separated with a silken touch. A warm breath is being blown directly on her clit. Ria writhes in the ecstasy of this new sensation.
Tiny butterfly like kisses being placed all over her puss, her thighs. The kisses stopped and then are replaced by a tongue, so practiced in the art of pleasure that Ria is beginning to cum almost immediately. The tongue stops.Ria groans in frustration. "I think I have been rude, love. I neglected to introduce the two of you. Ria meet DJ. DJ, my friend, meet my love, Ria." With a voice smooth as silk and with a deep sensual laugh, DJ replies..."Hello,
Nelson has told me alot about you. I cannot wait to pleasure you for him. He intends to watch, did you know this? NO, I don't suppose you did. Well, not to worry, I will take very good care of you."

DJ's tongue was warm, wet and mobile, skimming circles around Ria's clit... easing it between her moist, swollen labia. Tiny shivers of pleasure  darted over her mound. The tingle that came before cumming was traveling slowly up her thighs towards her puss. Then nothing. Struggling against her restraints, Ria groans with frustration.

  Finally, a hungry mouth engulfed Ria's right nipple. The tongue flicked and circled as expertly as it had done on her clit. Ria moaned and groaned and strained to arch her back to meet each lick of the tongue. And then... another moist feeling now on her left breast as well. Nelson! Knowing there were two mouths on her now, brought Ria closer and closer to the edge. Sensing this, Nelson withdrew and motioned for DJ to do the same. Letting her relax against the mattress now wet with Ria's sweet wetness, Nelson and DJ untie the cords
but leave the blindfold and gag in place.

Two pair of hands guided Ria to the floor and placed her on all fours. DJ lay beneath her and began to lick and suck on her clit. Her puss directly under Ria's face, so close that the smell tantalized and tortured every sense, every part of Ria. Never before had she wanted to taste another woman's puss as much as she did now! Nelson knelt behind her and his expert fingers played with the pussy lips that by now had become so very swollen and wet. His fingers wet with juices so sweet, he manipulated Ria's tight little hole. Such surprise and arousal! Ria thought she would cum right then. Knowing he would soon touch her in a forbidden place... placing his fingers deep inside her ass! Her pussy dripped and Dj sucked it all as it oozed out between her swollen lips. Sticking two fingers quickly inside Ria's ass as he reached around and pinched her nipple hard between his finger and thumb, rolling it, pinching it. Moaning and groaning an animal like sound, Ria begins to push and buck against Nelson's fingers. Wanting more, needing more! Sensing her urgent need, he
grabs her hair with one hand and spanks her ass with the other, as he shoves his cock deep inside her ass. Feeling her about to cum, DJ bites and sucks harder on her clit, bringing her to orgasm with such force, Ria's body shakes and shudders violently. Moaning loudly, tears begin to stream down her face. Sliding out from under her, DJ removes the gag and bends to kiss Ria, tenderly at first and then with more force. Nelson cock still buried deep in
her ass, Ria begins to rock back and forth. Breaking the kiss, DJ once again, climbs under Ria and positions her pussy right under her face. "Lick her," Nelson tells her as he pushes her head down. Burying her face in DJ's puss, Ria begins to lick and suck with a hunger she has never known. Nelson begins pounding her again and again, each thrust forcing her mouth into DJ's puss. She mimics the moves she felt on her puss and is soon bringing DJ to orgasm at
the same time Nelson is exploding inside her ass! The feeling of electric shock like tingles explodes inside her puss... they are all cumming at the same time! Nelson pulls his cock out slowly, causing Ria  to moan one last time. He helps her to her feet and kisses her deeply. Savoring the taste and the smell of DJ's puss on her lips and tongue.

Gathering Ria up into his arms, Nelson carries her to the bed and gently places her down on the soft, cool sheets. Laying down beside her, he caresses her body with tender touches. The blindfold still in place, Ria relishes the sound of his breathing and the feel of his strong hands on her sensitive skin. She hears the silent click of the door as she removes her blindfold to see Nelson gazing down at her with a mischievous smile and that familiar lust in his eyes. Knowing they are alone, she snuggles in closely and covers his mouth with hers. A nite of gentle love making begins and continues well into the dawn.......

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