My Government Man
A sensual true story in my life by Silky69

March of 97 was very cold here in the northeast. I had just found out my husband  was involved with another woman, or two, or three. Shocked and angry not knowing what to do I started playing on the computer. The escape into the computer world was new to me but, it seemed to help me get through the days and nights. Being somewhat computer illiterate I did not know how to do so many things but, with time I found out how to place an ad. This ad came from my heart. It describe me honestly and the picture I used was very tasteful.

The responses came in 20 at a time. I was overwhelmed but managed to be kind enough to answer them  all each day. Some of them were polite and some of them asked to lick my pussy and suck my juices and things like that. I could have had fun with those but, I wasn't in the state of mind to get to heavy with them. Then it happened! This one response came from, The Government Man. His writing structure and wit intrigued me and he was polite.

This government man and I kept up the emailing almost every day. He told me a little about his life and family and I the same. I felt he was truthful. I know I had been. The days turned into weeks and the weeks turned into months and still, we stayed connected. There were times I noticed that he would be gone for several weeks at a time. But he always came back and started his letters, "Hi Doll, I 'm back". Not hearing from him those times some how started to depress me somewhat.  How can this happen, I don't even know him!! With each passing month I learned his marriage sucked.

I had become so familiar with him  I felt myself wanting to meet him and yep, make love to him. How does this happen??? I don't even know him! My thoughts started racing ahead of my brain. Of course not having any sex myself for the past 6 months didn't help. Sex with another human that is:) Deep inside I knew that I would never meet this man and that was ok I still wanted him.I also wanted to start cyber sex with him but was afraid to scare him off.

Then it came. I knew he was going away for about 3 weeks so when I received this email from him I was surprised. He was still out of the country and managed to get on the web somehow. This email was different. It startled me but, I felt my panties  get a little moist.He wrote he would be home by Sunday and was going to soak me in whipped cream and lick my pussy dry. Of course I knew it was not really going to happen, was it? He had never, ever sent emails this way. He must have been very horny. And you know what, I liked it:)

The next email was, what I thought at that time, the best! Ha, was I wrong! He proceeded to tell me how when we get together he was going to slowly undress me while deeply penetrating my mouth with his tongue and working his way down my body with his tongue circling my breasts one at a time sucking ever so gently until he comes to my warm, soaked,
pink,mostly shaven pussy. By this point in the email, I almost slid off the chair, I was soaked!! In all my years of marriage I had never been spoken to like that! This was awesome. He proceeded to explain how at that point he was going to softly turn me over on my stomach and gently but securely tie my hands and feet to each of the bed posts on this bed. Where was this bed??? I have no idea and I didn't give a shit at that time. Once I was in place he was going to raise me up on my knees and hands and penetrate my wanting pussy from behind with his hot, hard throbbing, pulsating cock. He promised to not stop until we both had cum 10 times each. But what he didn't know about me was, 10 times a session was a drop in the bucket to me:) And after that he wrote when we have accomplished this, and I quote "then my dear we'll do it again".

That was Thanksgiving weekend. My email answer to that was, when can we meet!! I got not response. I knew I wouldn't. I told him I would be thinking of him when I sucked on one of the drum sticks during dinner. He said he would only eat the breast meat and think of me.

Then the inevitable happened. He was gone. As quickly as he had appeared he was gone. I knew he must have felt guilty about that email and decided not to stay involved. Who knows, maybe he even tried again at his marriage.

The days, turned into weeks, the weeks turned into months,(didn't I say this before?)It was awful!! With out him I was very lonely. He made me somewhat whole. Now that he was gone, I started emailing again with others but it wasn't the same. Where was my government man? What was he doing, oh!! was he emailing someone else on the net??? My heart sunk. Then I started to think. I will email just one more time and ask him to please just let me know if we were done. This would help me get through the loss. Well, nothing, not a word.

BAM!!! Just like that!!! It wasn't, was it?  Two months 4 days and his email shows up in my box.(pardon the pun) My hands were trembling so, I could not move the fucking mouse!!! Click, click, click then I see "Hi Doll, I'm home" The explosion in my brain and in my heart are
indescribable. The eamil was from the night before and I had not gone on online until a night later. I was pissed at myself now. Yes he had been on an out of country job, and please tell me where we left off he wrote. Well, I started typing furiously,"you son of a bitch! if I thought I could find you, I would beat you to death and then fuck you to death!!!". He must have thought this was funny because he  typed back in seconds, please fuck me to death first? Then I realized, Oh my God he is on line NOW. My hands were like frozen fish sticks they would not move. Then he also realized I was on line at the same time.  This has never
happened in the year of contact. We tried to go to a chat room but neither of us understood how they work. We eventually chatted via our emails. We were on line for over 4 hours. We did pick up where we left off at and he untied me:) I then proceeded to tell him it was my turn. He said gladly go ahead. I told him I have a fetish. My fetish is that I love to take a mans soft cock in my mouth and work it until it fills my mouth. This is an awesome feeling:) I then told him he was not to move and not to touch me. I was the one in charge tonight. He typed back, my God go ahead! With the flavored gel in my hand I told him I was
spreading it all over his 9" diamond cutter.(pet name,means hard enough to cut a diamond)Using two hands, one behind the other, in a constant motion,  I slid the little skin layer up and down slowly and evenly  all the way to the head of his cock. As he lay there moaning and squirming I would not let him touch me.He would beg for me to stop, and I wouldn't. This gel has a bit of hot to it so it keeps getting hotter as you work it. I told him for not writing to me for so long he would pay! This 9" cock looked so good to me, I told him, but I will not put my wet, plumped, shinny lips to it ever again.At this point in my email, he sent
one back to me saying he is masturbating as he is reading and just let go and it won't go down. I emailed back and said that is how it would really happen if we ever got together.I then told him how I could work this cock of his until the cows cum home:) Up, down, up, down, slip, slide, I now feel your pre cum and I securely place my small egg shape vibrator smack on your G-spot. This, I tell him will stop your ejaculation until I say it's time. You, I tell him will scream like a 35 year old man who was just circumcised!! And I still won't stop. By this
time my own panties of 100% silk were drenched!! It was after midnight. I knew his wife would be home soon so I just shut the computer off. HA! Go to bed with that one!!

Well, the next day when I went online of course there were 8 messages from him. "What the hell happened" one of them stated. I just typed back, how do you like the unknowing??

Anyway, we kissed  and have a date for this weekend, online of course. Stay tuned to Koi's network. I'll be updating the Soap each event. Hope you had as much fun as I did:)
Thanks for your interest.

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