A True Garden Sex Story
Thorne Hartford

Walking in the garden one day I noticed the Shakespeare moss had a soft bloom. This moss had been planted a few years earlier in my herb garden in a semi-shady area and was allowed to just grow at will. It covered an area about just right for laying down and breathing the air and was almost in the shape of an oval bed. As I gazed upon it I felt my labia swelling, nipples getting hard and sore. Without much thought I undid the long dress I was wearing, let it slowly drop down to the ground.~

Looking at my breasts and nipples I ran my fingers around my areola and breathed deeply and then slowly as I lowered myself to the moss and laid upon it. As I spread my legs then my labia lips I felt the air hit and a shot of energy shot thru me. With the sun flickering thru the trees I began to explore my wet clit and cunt, and it's stickiness, sweetness and sensualness. Cunt is such a wonderful earthy word and seemed at home in the garden setting.......As I lay there I enjoyed the feel of how my labia lips felt when spread and how my clit was a friend. To my right I saw a smooth stone that had by nature been worn down into a smooth oval shape. Over the years when out walking if I saw a piece of work made by nature be it in the shape of a breast or penis I would bring it home to add to my garden, as I felt such items were an image of Mother Earth. As sculpture this stone was phallic looking and was a about eleven inches long and was found on my property near the river.I reached out to caress its smoothness and it was soooo warm to the touch as if the Goddess had prepared it for my welcome. ~

Without much tought I picked it up and ran it across my lips wetting it with my tongue. I caressed my nipples with it and then my navel while feeling it's weight in my hand. Slowly I found myself running it as a caress on the very tip of my clit and as is the norm with me, any slight touch to my clit and the hood popped back. Quickly without thought I was into a full intense orgasm, back arching and wetness shooting from my body. I am a spurter. ........I felt a full body flush flow from my head to my toes. And then a slow relaxation in preparation for another orgasm. And thus a river of one orgasm after another hit me. Without much thought I lowered the stone into the opening of my canal. It felt so warm and luscious. Slowly I began sliding it in and out imagining it was the hardness connected to a man.  I felt my hips rise to meet it as it slid in deeper. ~

And then the most massive orgasm imaginable. Deep from within me I felt both the stone filling me and my pelvis tightening and a moan like a lioness andthen a scream like a phoneix rising from an orgasmic cave. Thankfully I lived both in a rural area and near understanding neighbors who were aware of and supportive of my nudity and sexual openess. ~

So I let the scream leave my body and I wailedddddddddd....... Almost as soon as this orgasm another began, and thus a wave of orgasms like waves pounding a sandy shore began and continued for a good half hour, drenching the moss I lay on. The stone was tight in me but my wetness made it slide in and out like ivory and oil. ~

Pausing I licked my juices off the stone and re-inserted it and began going fast and furious enjoying the depth it could thrust as well as how every inch of me was being satisfied. ~

This continued for what seemed like an hour, if the sun showing more fully thru the trees was a good gauge. Not until I was exhaused both my hand, arm and body was I able to lay still, exhausted yet refreshed like after an answered prayer. Sex and Sensuality are a part of my daily life, and not something I think about doing, but do. I caress my body daily, satisfy it daily, and seek to share it.

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