My Government Man
Part 2
A sensual true story in my life by Silky69

Hello again. I hope I haven't kept anyone waiting to long:) This little story is dedicated to sweet Neil.(thanks hon)

Ok, where were we, ahhhhh, yes with my 100% silk panties soaked and my  sometimes aggressive, obsessive drive to always be in control I shut the computer off in his face. Well, after the next couple of emails from him to find out what happened, my government man fell silent. I had never talked like that with anyone before and I started to enjoy it:) I never
realized just how sensual reading and writing about sexy stories made me feel. It's over a week now and I still haven't heard back from my government man. Anger? Punishment? Teasing? Probably all of the above. How long will he make me wait until I get to feel his hands all over and in my wet, pink pussy once again? Just this little thought really gets
me wet and horny! I long for my tongue to slip on down by his hard flat stomach and find it's way to the most incredible 9" hard on I have ever had my mouth and lips around. But, here I go again, being the one in charge!! I can't help it, I love to suck, no I really mean suck, lick,
slurp, gag, oooh this is soooo gooood. Nothing excites me more than a man exploding in my mouth!!!!! This is the ultimate "get off" for me:) Oh well, I guess I'll just have to wait until  my government man gets over his anger and cums back into my cyber world. Oh, I'm so lonely:(

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