NICKY and I had just made love for the first time. We lay naked in each others arms enjoying our warmth, and that of the little electric space heater next to her bed, on what was a very cold crisp winter's night by Sydney standards. I nuzzled her short, blonde hair as my hands roamed all over her petite 20 year old figure, becoming more acquainted with her tiny but enticing breasts.

Suddenly we both jumped. The sound of a key in the front door..... Nicky's housemate returning from her evening out, and I realised, Nicky's bedroom door wide open, presenting us to plain view!

Nicky jumped up and grabbed a white bathrobe. But instead of putting it on she threw it at me and ran naked into the living room! "Let me introduce you" she called back to me. Throwing on the bathrobe I emerged to see my naked mademoiselle kissing and hugging a beautiful auburn haired woman, about mid-thirties, who smiled at me with one of the sweetest smiles I had ever seen. "I can see you two have been busy" she commented. Nicky said "This is Annette. We are like sisters, we two."

As Annette went to change out of her warm outdoor clothing Nicky and I shared chardonnay on the couch, snuggling in front of another space heater, and I browsed through an impressive collection of European porn videos. When Annette rejoined us she was in a very brief see-through teddy, which showed off her perfect breasts and golden-bronze all-over tan. I stared speechless, and before I could say a word Nicky reached over to squeeze my rapidly hardening cock and whisper "We are like sisters. We share EVERYTHING"!

Annette settled in on my other side and took over massaging my cock. Nicky put on a video, and soon to the background strains of blonde-haired valkyries coming and moaning, we disrobed completely. I buried my face in Annette's wonderful tits as Nicky started licking my shaft. I slowly kissed my way down to Paradise, tonguing and kissing Annette's hot pussy while Nicky took me all the way into her mouth.

Beyond that I'm not sure I remember too clearly, just that we ended up on the thick rug on the floor in front of the heater. At one point Nicky and Annette were kissing very deeply, rubbing each other's breasts. Nicky caressed Annette's pussy with one hand, while massaging my cock with the other. Finally I came all over Nicky's sweet chest. She began to rub my hot come all over her breasts, massaging it in as though it were sun cream. Smiling at me, she put her fingers to her mouth and licked them, then leaned forward and gave me a deep, salty tongue kiss.

Annette was in the final stages of a frenzied two-finger tango as I looked over at her, then Nicky leaned over to her and the two shared another deep cum kiss together. "We share EVERYTHING!" Nicky smiled, as Annette climaxed loudly.

Much later Nicky and I retired to her room. Annette called out "Goodnight, my sweet"! Nicky replied "Goodnight, Mama" as she closed the bedroom door behind us.

Footnote:- after my heart palpitations settled down Nicky informed me that Annette was actually her step-mother, her late father's third wife.

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