The Next Day

I could not believe my ears. My wife was telling this beautiful woman that I could help her anytime? Maybe I should say something. I started to say that I was very sorry, but I was really busy and couldn’t come over there to help with the disposal or whatever, but my wife couldn’t stop gushing how good I was with my tools and how happy I was to help out my neighbors. I gulped and swallowed and told her, "Sure, I’ll help out as long as you don’t need me at home honey!" I looked at my neighbor that I had not expected to ever have to deal with again and she was staring straight at my crotch and grinning from ear to ear. I quickly turned around before my wife saw my cock sticking out and started for the garage. "Wait a minute," she said. I stopped and turned halfway back. "I am going into town and won’t be back till around 1:00 p.m. is that too late or can you come over later. I really want you to fix my problem, but if you can’t, I’ll understand. The woman was taunting me! Teasing me into going along with her plans. I told her then that, "Anytime she needed her problem fixed was all right with me."

I settled back in my lawn chair and relaxed as she looked with smoldering eyes at me and said with her eyes that she would make me pay for my callous remark. She then walked back to her car and drove down the street, leaving me to wonder how I was going to explain this if I was caught by her husband or worse by my wife. I knew that my fate was sealed and that I had only begun to sweat, but I was also looking forward to tasting her cute little pussy again and maybe this time it would be in a bed, instead of on the kitchen floor. I was brought back to reality by my wife asking, "What's so funny, you're grinning from ear to ear?" I was startled and stammered out something about an old joke I had just thought of and she went back into the house to fix lunch and a cold drink for us.

I was sitting outside in my car when she came home at 1:00, just like she said she would. She wasted no time but waved at me to come on in and I picked up my toolbox and followed her. We no sooner got inside the door than she was pressing up against me and licking all around my mouth with a fiery passion. She was moaning that she needed me to take her right then and there. I was swept away with her lust and groped her ass cheeks as we kissed inside the door. I couldn't believe this was happening two days in row with this woman. I broke our kiss and looked down into her deep blue eyes. "Why me?" I asked. "Because your cock is the all I have ever wanted in a man. It is the right size and shape to give me the most pleasure I have ever had in bed and I want it to happen again." She reached down between us and fondled her new toy and felt my heat through my jeans. "It is making me soooo hot, just feeling you with my hand. Take it out and let me suck it!" How could I refuse this woman her pleasure? I reached between us and unzipped and unbuckled and then she was pulling my jeans and shorts down below my knees. She eyed my bone with a gleam and sank slowly to her knees, keeping it firmly in her grasp. I watched as she licked all around the head and underneath down to my ball sac. As she fondled my stones I couldn't help but think of my wife cutting them off and putting them on the mantle as she had promised, if she ever caught me fooling around on her. These thoughts were abruptly interrupted by her mouth going down over the head of my cock and sinking down, down, down, to the base of my shaft where she buried her nose in my pubic hair. I gasped as I felt the back of her throat constrict around the head of my shaft. She then began her journey back up its length and then down again tantalizingly slow and smooth, always going to the very bottom on each stroke. I was shaking down to my toes as she continued her vacuum action and then I was almost there and I told her, "I’m getting close, you’re gonna get a load if you’re not careful." She continued stronger than ever, moving her head back and forth at a feverish pace. I could stand it no longer. I grabbed the back of her head and held it still as I began to shoot my salty spunk down her gullet. She pushed her head down to the base and I felt her throat again contract as she swallowed all I had to give her. It felt like the whole top of my head was trying to shoot out the end of my dick as I spurted. I have never cum so hard in my life as when she sucked me that first time in her hallway! As I slowly came back to earth, I leaned back against the door and looked down at her. She looked back and grinned like an imp and asked, "Where would you like to fuck me next, in the bedroom or on the couch cause You Are gonna fuck me until I’ve had all I can stand. Then, I’m going to send you back to your sweet little wife and she can have what’s left." I mumbled something about not wanting to get caught in bed by her husband and she laughed, "He doesn’t even get it up anymore. I’ve been having lovers for the last two years and he knows it! He has to stay with me. Everyone thinks he has the money but, guess what sweety, I have the money and the house and the cars are in my name and I’ll fuck who I want and when I want." I stopped dead in my tracks and thought, "This woman is hot enough for two or three guys and here I am with not a damn clue about what to do next!" I came back to my senses as she again grabbed my now soft cock and started to pull it gently towards the bedroom.

I looked inside the door and it was just like yesterday when I peeked in the window, except the bed had been made and the pillows were plumped up. I began to get hard again in her hand and she smiled and leaned into me bumping her hip against mine as we walked into the room. I stood there and she turned to me saying, "Just stand there and watch for a minute sugar while I warm it up for you." "I’m going to put on a little show to make sure that you enjoy yourself." I watched her move across to the bed and slowly sink down on it. As she sat down, she brought her legs up and did a mini-split to give me a view of her pantyless crotch. She scissored her legs a couple of times and then brought them back down to the floor and began to undo the buttons of her top. I watched as her firm mounds became exposed to my leering eyes. Her nipples were erect and as hard as pencil erasers, which they closely resembled. I caught my breath as she reached up and pinched the nipple on the right and began moaning. "Uhnnngh!" "I’m sooo hot!" she hissed as she pulled and twisted the ruby button between thumb and forefinger. Next, she stood and began to inch her skirt down over her hips; slowly she stripped until it dropped down to her ankles, leaving her standing in a garter belt and stockings. She stood there in the light from the bedroom lamp and I stared at her pussy for the second time. I was hard as steel from watching her strip and now that I had her practically nude in front of me, my cock was drooling pre-cum continuously. I reached out my arms and she stepped into meet me, bringing her lips to mine in another searing kiss that I felt down to my toes. My cock was rubbing her mound and she raised one leg and draped it around my hip. It was so natural for me to push into her and shove my hard rod into her velvet smooth cunt. I was in up to the root and she gave a soft moan Aaaaah, as I reached the bottom and rubbed her cervix deep inside her. I began to saw in and out and she responded by jerking her hips back and forth in time with my movements. I reached between us and found her enlarged clit and began to softly rub it back and forth with my thumb. Her jerking movements became more pronounced and she was grunting and panting as she slammed her hips towards mine. Ugnh! Ugnh! Ugnh! "Give it to me, give it to me. I want all your cock in me, harder, Harder, HARDER!" "Fuck me! Fuck Me! FUCK MEEEEEE," she screamed as she started her cum. I was slamming my prick into her with all the strength I had and was nearing my own climax when she began hers. I felt her begin to grip my cock with her inner muscles as she came and then I felt her shoot her cum on me! She had ejaculated while my cock was still in her and we were soaked from it! This set off my climax and I shot a huge load of hot sperm into her depths. I held her up as she began to sag from her release and eased us down onto the bed.

She opened her eyes and looked into mine. "Wonderful," she sighed. "Let’s rest a minute and get a shower." That was fine by me because I had no intention of going back to my wife smelling like pussy! As we had sunk to the bed my cock had slipped out of her and was now lying across her thigh. She reached down and slowly fondled and rubbed the head. It gave a small twitch but remained still. "I guess we’ll have to get some water and wake that boy up!" she purred. With that, she sat up started to get off the bed. I put my hand on her chest between those beautiful tits and shoved her back down on her back. "Not after that remark!" I growled. I let her look into my eyes again and she dropped her eyes down and a slow smile spread across her face as she saw my cock give another twitch and begin to rise under her gaze. I looked down at her pussy and it was soaked with my load and hers running out and down her thighs. I put my middle finger in her slit and slowly moved it up and down in the narrow crevice, then slowly into her tight hole. "Ooooh," she gasped as I diddled her clit with my thumb and finger fucked her slowly with first one and then two fingers.

I brought my fingers out of her dripping snatch, up over her chest and to her mouth. She stuck out her tongue and slowly licked my fingers clean of our juices. I took my fingers down and back up again this time tasting them myself. "Yummmm, fresh pussy juice is the best kind." I smirked. I leaned over her and slowly licked her nipple bringing that nubbin to hardness and then over to the other side where I was pleased to find that it too had wanted my attention and my hot mouth. As I suckled her, she began to fondle my slowly growing cock and pulled her hand back and forth along its steadily increasing length. It was coated with our juices and slick to the touch and when she reached the head, the pre-cum was again drooling down from the slit. She slowly rubbed the head with her soft palm and then continued to jerk me off. I stopped sucking long enough to watch her take my hard dick down her throat to the base and then back up again. I knew that I had to make her stop now because I couldn’t cum again after she was done with me. I pulled her head off my shaft and stood up. "Let’s get that hot shower now", I grinned. She looked as if she would have gladly shot me and stared daggers from her eyes, but she got up and pranced past me to the bath. As she passed by I reached out and gave her ass cheek a slap and sent her faster on her way.

We got in the shower and the warm spray revitalized me almost at once. I reached behind her, grabbed the sponge and soap off the shelf and lathered her all over. She positively hummed as I rubbed her back and then began to go lower to her butt. I took the sponge off and then soaped up my hands for the final trip. As I rubbed her ass cheeks she spread her legs for me and I ran the edge of my hand between her cheeks and down until I was rubbing her anal ring and then her pussy from behind. I did this until she began to squirm and thrust herself back at me. I had become hard by then and rubbed my shaft up and down between her buttocks feeling the tip brush against her brown eye. When she felt this she reached behind and pulled her cheeks apart and pushed back, impaling herself on the head of my hard cock. I was startled to say the least but did not let that stop me. I grabbed her hips and thrust forward to meet her and sank into her buttery depths to the hilt. She grunted and pulled her fleshy globes farther apart at my invasion. "Unnnh, Unnnh, don’t stop! Keep fucking me hard. Shove you hard cock in my ass! Harder!" she moaned. I had no intention of stopping now and was delighted to continue. I felt her clinching asshole around my hardness and knew that when she came it would set my orgasm off as well. I moved steadily and held her by the hips as I pushed in and then pulled out, almost all the way, before slamming into her again and again. I reached around her and sank my hand into her pussy and felt it contracting again, as she was ready to cum. Then it was there! I felt her inner muscles grip my fingers tightly and she screamed out in ecstasy as I slammed into her as far as I could and emptied my balls deep in her warm depths. It was all I could do to hold both of us up in the shower and keep us from falling to the hard tiles. We were both weak in the knees and panting hard but still standing. I leaned back against the shower wall and caught my breath. I had closed my eyes when I got my cum and now opened them as I came back to my senses.

There standing two feet from the shower door, was my wife!

To Be Continued…………….."H"

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