The U-Boat

To Jessica it had not seemed like it had been a week since she left England. The long and tedious voyage combined with the constant "zig-zagging" of the ships in the convoy had made the days drift into one another with wild abandon.

Perhaps it was not such a good idea to leave home so soon. She thought. Though in her heart she knew that if she could but make to her friends in America that her memories of this terrible war would be just that; memories.

1941 had not been a good year for her. She leaned over the railing and gazed out over the moonlit sea of the Eastern Caribbean, dreaming once more of a mysterious lover to take her away. Pineing in her heart for a certain man whom she knew not. A man to hold her close and make the thoughts and nightmares of the madness back in London cease, if only for
a moment.

The felt the steamer jerk slowly under her feet as it made another turn in its awkward path to avoid the menacing U-boats that were always on the prowl for new victims in their game of destruction and death, a game that was too often 'played for keeps'.

She wondered what it would be like to live for a night with out fear, to lie and think only of beauty. It was late and she knew she should be going to bed. But in bed the bad dreams came. In bed her mind went wild. In bed she sees "herself alone".

Jessica sighed as she took pity on her situation and resigned herself to another night of tears and loneliness. She walked slowly to her cabin.

Jessica dressed in her nightgown and stretched out on the rough mattress. Turning on the antiquated ships radio, she lay awake for many minutes as the gentle music of Glen Miller caressed her mind. She absentmindedly touched herself to thoughts of a lover to please her in the ways a woman should be pleased. Drifting off into a blissful and contented sleep, rocked gently by the sea and the rhythmic drone of the engines.

Had it been an hour or a minute? Jessica sat up startled as a huge explosion lifted the steamer upward. She starred wide eyed as glass from the porthole crashed to the floor. "Oh My God!" She was screaming. Jessica had but one thought, "Torpedo"!

A second explosion threw her out of the bunk. She hastily grabbed for her lifejacket. Her mind in a haze of confusion as she heard the shouts and panic of the crew trying desperately to lower the boats and make their way to safety.

Jessica opened the door to the cabin and joined the throng of crewmen making their way to the upper deck. It was as if she were caught in a huge wave as she was pushed along by the panic stricken.The night sky greeted her as she felt the crispness of the night air play upon her body. She held fast to the railing and looked towards the stern of the steamer. What should have been a deck was now a mass of twisted metal and debrie. Jessica was screaming at the horror. Terrified beyond words as she looked out over the waves and saw the darkened silhouette of a cursed U-Boat.

Jessica stood transfixed, such fear she had never known. To be so helpless, and at the mercy of others who had but one thought in mind, the death of her ship. Her fear was cut short as the very air around her became a vacuum from another explosion. She felt herself being thrown in the air like a rag doll. Consummating in blessed silence as she fell into the sea, the rush of the water and her heart pounding the only sounds to hear as she swam madly for the surface.Jessica broke the waves gasping for air. She felt the heat of the flames on her face as the ship made surreal noises and plunged quickly to the bottom. Leaving her behind. She clinged to wreckage breathing hard, held in a silence that was deafening, save for the gentle hum of the U-Boat as it drifted slowly away. The warm tropical seas teasing her body.

The bright sun and dawn of a new day warmed her. Jessica awoke with a start lying on the white sands of a beautiful island. She sat up and knew she was quite alone. Litter from the night before dotted the beach here and there as she walked along the shore. Nothing of use. She came upon a scorched life preserver, its letters barely legible. Jessica sat beside it  stared at the words "Portsmouth" and cried as though her heart would break.

Jessica knew she had to be strong. She would have to rely on her wits and fortitude to see her through the days ahead. She composed herself and knew that crying would not solve anything. She knew she could not give the enemy the satisfaction of knowing they had ruined her life. She decided to make the best of the situation and persevere. "Yes" she
thought, "I will survive". But first she knew she must explore. The island was a paradise. There were flowers and fruit trees in abundance. Jessica strolled through the undergrowth, and marvelled at her new home. Birds called to her and the soft warm breezes made her
feel renewed.

Jessica came upon a small clearing and saw a large pool of fresh water. It was beautiful. A small waterfall fed the pond and it was surrounded by large flat rocks that begged for the attentions of someone to sun themselves on their warm dry surfaces. She slipped off the remains of her tattered nightgown and dove into the clear inviting water. Its cool sensations excited her body and she let the moment take her. She wondered if it was how it must have been in the Garden of Eden, as she lazily floated on her back admiring the blueness of the sky above. The islands new inhabitant finished her swim and lay upon a warm rock munching some fruit. Her naked body content and warm under the afternoon

The days drifted into weeks. Jessica explored her new home and became one with her surroundings. She was happy, save for the knowledge that she was not complete without someone special to share her world with. She spent her days lying naked on the beach, her body becoming tanned and natural. Her nights spent in a shelter by the pool listening to the
myriads of birds singing her to sleep. Losing herself in thoughts once again of her special and mysterious lover. Praying as she did when she was at home that he would come and please her, take her, and make her happy.

Jessica made her way to the beach. Searching for bits of wood and anything that may be of use to her that had washed up in the night, when a familiar sound made her freeze in her tracks; It was a mans cough. She felt the fear rising as she cautiously made her way to the beach. Keeping a watchful eye and making each step as silent as possible. At the edge of the trees she saw the new visitor to her island paradise. "Oh God what have you done to me?" Jessica cried out softly. She watched the lone sailor crawl out of the waves. She saw the dingy white shirt and crushed cap of a U-Boat captain. His beard rough and sun glistening off the golden eagle of his visor.

Her head was swimming with all the stories she had heard about the "Evil Germans" and what they would do to her if they ever caught her. But for a strange reason Jessica could not feel anything but pity for this stranger who was so helpless and tired. She knew the feelings well and wished them on no one.

He lay collapsed on the sand, as she cautiously walked out on the warm sand. Standing over him she looked upon his face. His eyes shut his face covered in grime from oil and soot. Jessica was torn between wanting to run for her life and help the poor man.

The captains eyes weakly opened and a light smile crossed his lips. He whispered to her with a voice as low and gentle as the soft breath of a kitten, something in a language she knew not. She knew he was not the threat she had imagined but she remained hesitant. Jessica smiled back and wiped his brow.

His hand reached to her face and gave her cheek a soft caress as he moaned and sank into unconsciousness. Confusion gripped Jessica. She knew not why. There was something about
this man that made her heart sing yet he was her enemy. She knew however that she could not let the man die. At least he would be company. She hurryingly made a stretcher out of branches and began the long and tedious chore of dragging the captain back to her small shelter by the pool.

She sheltered him from the growing chills of the night and held her body close, enjoying every beat of his heart and comforted by the touch of another person. She soothed the night demons away from him when they came to his mind  and gave him fresh water. At times she would hug him close as his body shivered and he called out strange commands in a language she did not understand. She knew it would be a long and torturous night.

The sound of a parrot and the rays of a new day greeted Jessica awake. She stretched and smiled in the comfort of the morning. "was it all a dream?" she thought. She looked beside her and saw the officers cap. But he was nowhere to be seen. Jessica became very afraid. After all she thought; "he was the enemy".

She walked to the edge of the pond and sat looking into the clear water. Thoughts of having someone to share her island with were so pleasant but now he was gone. Jessica wept. wept, as much from fear as the overwhelming feeling of loneliness thrust upon her once again. The snap of a twig brought her back to reality as she turned to see him. She tried to hide her tears but he knew. In his strong hands he had exotic fruits. She backed away momentarily as he reached out and offered her breakfast. "Danke Freulein" he said. He took off his shirt and draped it around Jessicas naked shoulders. She looked up at him and was met by his steel blue eyes, and smiling face. He pointed to himself and whispered "Mein name ist Erik".

Erik was a strong man and a born leader of the great wolfpacs. But he was as lost in the mysteries of love as any other. he knew that for her to be truly comfortable with him, she must come to him under her own terms. He turned and walked away, leaving her to enjoy her meal in peace. He had much to do.

Over the next few days Jessica watched him from the safety of the trees, as he busied himself with making a signal fire and a small hut on the other side of the island. Occasionally he would see her and wave. She would timidly wave back but could not bring herself to rise above the fear and go to him. She always kept a safe distance.

The afternoon was hot and Jessica dove into the cool water letting the wetness fill every pore, toying with her body and bringing the bliss of sensations of passion. She dreamed as she had many times before and swam to the middle of the pond. Letting herself lie back in the water. Her breasts thrusting from the surface, the gentle currents of the water
teasing her legs. She closed her eyes and mused of erotic adventures with her mysterious lover.

A small ripple of water passed over her face, and she sat upright, to be greeted by the sight of the captain as his naked body slid slowly into the water. He came no further but sat in the water and smiled at her. Jessica knew.

All her fears vanished, and she swam to him. Their two souls transcending the bounds of a common tongue. To speak the universal language of God. The language of Love unspoken.
They embraced.

Eriks strong arms held her as their passion built, layer upon layer. All the years of loneliness for both of them vanished in an instant as the two lovers became one. Jessica threw her head back looking to the sky as his gentle kisses teased her neck. Her body awake and longing for
the energy of his touch.

Jessicas legs parted and encircled his hips. Her hands scratching at the taunt muscles of his back. His moans of pleasure betraying the wanting lust of a lifetime. He softly gave to her wetness the gift of a mans desire. She gave to him the gift of a ladies heart. The birds in the trees took flight from Jessicas screams of orgasmic ecstasy; screams from the pleasures of two lovers meant to be and together at last. Both knowing and loving as the heavens smiled in approval.

How long it had been was unknown to Jessica. The two lovers lay on a flat rock and held each other, enjoying the afterglow of a love so perfect and welcomed, a love that was meant to be.

The days progressed with wild abandon, as Jessica and her Captain became closer. The days spent strolling the beach, and gathering fruit. The nights spent in each others arms. Two sets of eyes looking at the stars, yet both as one mind knowing the thoughts of the other. Words were not needed. Each knowing the others desires by a mere look or seductive glance. It was like there was no one else in the world. The problems of the earth, and the war seemed light years away, leaving in its wake only the joys of passion.

The two kept the signal fire going in the oft chance of a passing ship seeing their plight and bringing them home to loved ones so dear. Yet in their hearts neither was optimistic about rescue. It had been too long. A ship had not been seen passing since her terrible day. However; the two kept the fire going nonetheless, as if an act of defiance to logic and their own realities.

The noonday sun was hot. Jessica sat between her lovers legs as the two gazed over the ocean teased by the gentle waves. Erik massaged her shoulders and she coo'd in delight at his touch. His hands reaching around her and caressing the tanned soft skin of her firm breasts. Jessica sighed  and smiled as his fingers toyed with her erect nipples, her passion building as her hands grabbed his legs and she pushed herself into him slowly.

Her toes dug into the wet sand as his lips kissed her neck, sending waves of pleasure over her naked body. His fingers tracing a path to her wetness patiently while she writhed in ecstasy. Her legs parted and accepted his loving touch.

She moaned loudly, as his fingers found her clit and massaged it gently. sensual caresses descended to the wet lips of her vagina, and entered her easily as he brought her to the brink of orgasmic pleasure. She needed him inside her, and Erik knew.

Erik lay his lady love back upon the moist sand. Her hair being caressed by each small ripple as the water flowed upon the two with every moan of his lust. Jessica was clawing at the sand, digging small trenches with her fingers from the sensations. Her wetness enjoyed the
bliss of his loving touch. Her legs over his tanned shoulders as she let the happiness of the orgasm waft over her from each thrust of his hard cock. He grabbed her hips roughly, Jessica felt each drop of his gift to her, while his body hugged her tight. She took his hands in hers as they lay together and listened to the  others breathing subside from the moment of nirvana. All was quiet save for the constant pulsating of the waves, and their love.

Jessica sat up and looked out over the blue water. Enjoying the warmth and feeling that comes from receiving the unconditional gift of another. In the distance something caught her eye. It was faint at first, but slowly it took upon itself a recognizable form, "a SHIP!"
Mixed feelings overcame her as she shook her lover out of his sleep. She smiled at him and gestured towards the sea. Both knew as one, exactly what they had to do.

They were running as fast as they could for the signal fire. Both knew in their hearts that this would be their only chance. If they failed they knew the sadness would be unbearable. Erik pulled her along when she faltered. They only had one chance. Both were praying they would not be too late to do what had to be done.

They arrived at the signal fire, its embers still glowing from the night before. Small wisps of smoke trailed into the air. All it would take was some green leaves and they would be rescued. The ship was clearly visible in the distance and close enough to see any signal they
could send. Jessica took Eriks hand. The two lovers smiled at one another. Erik kicked dirt over the fire.

Jessica and her Captain sat by the coals and watched the embers die, while the ship slowly sailed out of site.Embracing, they kissed. Lost in each others love forever.

Copyright 1999 Dangermouse

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