Secret Meeting

I arrived early at a hotel room I’d booked to meet Becky, a sexy internet contact of mine who I had meet while surfing around on hot teen contacts pages. I was nervous but very eager to share some hot and hard sexual fun that we’d agreed we wanted to try. She was much younger than my 32 years but I knew from our chats she was ready for some serious fun. At exactly 7pm there was a gentle knock on the door. I walked over, opened it, and stood before me was a voluptuous young woman, brown hair over her shoulders, very shapely and dressed in a tight blouse and short, clingy miniskirt, looking even better than in
any of the naughty polariods she’d already sent me.

We had already agreed we’d not mess around with pointless small talk since we both craved immediate and spontaneous sexual relief so after quickly eyeing her up and down appreciatively I let her in, and with barely a word drew her close to me and kissed her hard and deep. She responded eagerly then went and sat on the edge of the bed where she
crossed and uncrossed her legs slowly, lifting her skirt to her waist, deliberately exposing herself, and displaying her pussy by pulling her panties to one side.

“I am already a bit turned on by thinking of what's to come” she said, and looked over at me, noticing my cock already straining against my pants. "Shall I loosen those for you, Andy?" she asked, and then did so before I could even answer. I sat down on the bed, pants and boxers down. She quickly got down onto her knees between my legs and began to play with my cock, rolling it between her palms as if she was trying to start a fire with it. She played with the foreskin, pulling it back then licking the head. She massaged it all the way up, starting at the base until it was fully hard. Then she took the head fully into her mouth, sucking it for a few long moments, then moved down about an inch or two. This continued for sometime, while I was squirming around. I wanted, needed her to take the whole 7”. Finally she reached the base and began to suck like hell. I breathed a sigh of pleasure, and put my hands on her head, trying to further impale it on my cock, if possible. After a few minutes her expert action was too much to withstand and I violently came into her mouth, bucking hard against her as I did. She clearly did not expect me to do that, and since my
hands were holding her head down she accidentally bit my dick. Surprised, I quickly pulled out.

"I’m so sorry! I didn't mean to do that!" she said. I got a smirk on my face "you bad girl Becky! I need to teach you a lesson!" I threw her over my knee and began to spank her without mercy. She cried out, but I knew she loved it because she’d always said that was one her
favorite things. I could feel her body through her miniskirt and felt the heat building between her legs. I stop spanking and hastily took off her clothes, then made her lie face down on the bed. She was now completely naked, and sopping wet by this point. I grabbed and sniffed her soaked panties and ran my tongue along the seam inside which had been pressed into her pussy. They were deliciously wet and tasty. Then I continued to spank her, harder, faster. She began to rock her hips downward into the bed, which agitated her hard clit. She started to moan loudly. Before she could approach orgasm I stopped and turned her over. “I’m not really mad at you, of course, Becky" I said. She nodded. "In fact I'd like to thank you for the amazing blow job. The bite didn't even really hurt, it was just a little nip. It felt kinda nice. Anyway, it's your turn now."

Becky spread her legs wide. I then leaned forward, spread open her pussy lips, and stared down into her quivering, soaking pussy. I breathed in it's scent and blew a hot breath directly onto her clit making her shudder. As I looked down at her wet glistening slit and
swollen lips I was tempted to stick my tongue straight it but I held myself back because there was else something I wanted to do first. I reached down under the bed and pulled out a package, neatly wrapped in fancy paper. “Open it” I told her. She carefully unwrapped the parcel and as she saw what was inside her eyes lit up. “Oh Andy” she said,
“these are gorgeous”, as she held up a silk suspender belt and silky stockings with lacy tops. They were very shiny and jet black. “I’ve never worn anything like this before” she said. Being in her mid-teens it was perhaps not surprising. “Well would you wear them for me” I asked. She just nodded and began to slip the stockings onto her smooth legs. As they slid up I could just hear the noise of the material as it clung to her legs. Seeing a woman in stockings is one f my favorite things and she noticed my cock get fully hard again and smiled. She attached the belt and slowly clipped the stockings in. She then stood on the bed as I laid back and walked up and down the bed in her present just letting the stockings touch my thighs. I shivered with pleasure. This seemed to make her excited too and she laid down. “Now do your best to drive me wild” she whispered in my ear and gently squeezed my dick.

With her stockings still on I began to caress and kiss her feet, taking her big toes into my mouth one at a time, sucking and biting them gently. I then started to kiss her legs, moving up, slowly, slowly, kissing her inner thighs through the material. She started to quietly moan as I got closer to the main prize. I could smell her pussy scent now and so I quickly moved my mouth to her sweet hole and started to kiss around its lips. I reached up with my hands and
squeezed her breasts at the same time. Then I brought my hands down and used my fingers to pull at her lips, parting them so that I could see into her hole. It looked very inviting, all wet and slippery, and I slipped my finger up into her which got her squirming around on the
bed. Seeing her stockinged legs writhing about spurred me on and I replaced my finger with my tongue, which I thrust in eagerly, straining to get it as deep inside as possible. It went about 2” into her and I licked up and down her lips and in and out of her hole in long slow strokes. I began to do it faster, up and down, in and out, in and out, faster, harder. I included her clit in the licking, taking it between my teeth and nibbling it. At this she actually shouted out loud in surprise and pleasure. “Oh yes, do that some more” she instructed me. I simply responded by licking even harder and faster. I had a strong rhythm going and I knew it would lead to an orgasm for her (which would be the first one she’d had, apart from ones she achieved herself). To make it even more intense I placed a finger in her hole next my to tongue and I parted her lips so that envelop my tongue just a little more. She started to thrash about wildly. “Don’t stop, please, don’t stop” she gasped, through pants and moans, “I’m going to cummmmmmm”. I was determined to make her first orgasm a very special experience so I flicked hard between her clit and pussy hole.
Suddenly she arched her back and shouted out “yes, yes, yessss” and came straight onto my face. It was so intense that a tiny spurt of cum actually shot out onto my tongue. It tasted really good and I swallowed it straight down.....

I stood up and moved to the window. She followed and put her arms around my body and put her head onto my shoulder “Do you want me to shuttle your cock some more” she whispered, gently blowing the words into my ear. My response was to grab her right hand and push it to my cock and to bend my head taking her breast into my mouth. I sucked at
it, nibbling the nipple then move to the other. She liked this and gripped my shaft hard and pushed down with a fast, hard action. She showed no mercy and thrashed at my manhood with a stroke rate so hard and fast to be almost violent, like she was paying me back for the
rough spanking that I had given her,. But this only served to drive me insane with pleasure and I could feel that more cum was going to come shooting out. I grabbed her shoulders and pushed her down till her face was directly in front of my cock. Her hand was almost a blur as at expertly flashed up and down all 7” of rod. I grunted loudly as I felt the cum entering the base of my cock and it shot up and out. At the first sign of release she pulled down incredibly hard and the skin tight so my foreskin was stretched to breaking point. This caused the cum to shoot out an extra long way and it flew straight into her face. She let it spray onto herself and took her free hand and smeared it into her skin just like it was sun cream, then she licked her fingers clean.

I was so weak at the knees that I staggered back which made her laugh out loud. I had rarely been so expertly pulled off. I was determined to give her as much pleasure as she had done for me so I grabbed her, picked her up, threw her onto the bed and straddled her in the 69 position. My red and slightly sore cock was dangling over her face, and as I licked her pussy she started to suck my balls, taking one at a time into her mouth, which was hot and wet. I loved the feeling of that and I licked more eagerly, slipping past her pussy as far as her
asshole, which I gently licked with each stroke on my tongue. I wetted my middle finger from her honey-pot and pushed it slowly into her ass. She jumped at first but let me continue. I slid my finger in deeply and bent it forwards so that pushed towards her vagina from the inside. I knew she like this because her eyes were closed and she was licking her lips. She reached her hand down putting her middle finger into her pussy then returned her hand upwards till it was on my ass. She found my asshole and pushed her finger firmly inside and waggled
it furiously. We were now interlocked together, with my mouth lavishing her pussy and her mouth sucking at my head and each of us ramming our fingers into each other. No words were spoken or needed because we were as one, totally dedicated to giving pleasure to each other. The only noise in the room was a wet sucking, slurping sounding of mouths and fingers going to work. Suddenly she pulled her finger out and gripped my ass tightly with both hands. Her manicured nails dug into the flesh leaving deep marks as she gripped harder, harder, as she approach another orgasm. She jerk her hips upwards and cum
dribbled out onto my face as she came again. I found this so hot that I roughly fucked away at her mouth, almost choking her till, with a finally urgent thrashing, I also came once again.

She was panting hard but I was not finished yet. “I know you are a virgin, but I want to take your virginity” I said. She looked a little scared, “Will it hurt?” she asked “Perhaps a little but you are nice and wet so it should be ok” I reassured her, “and I promise to stop if it’s too much” I continued, even though I knew that I would not be able to once I got my cock up her. “Oh, um, well I kinda would like to see what it’s like” she replied, “and I want you to be my first lover”. I slid upwards until my groin was level with her pussy. She opened her legs wide and wrapped them around my waist like she’d been doing this sort of thing for years. Her stockings brushed my skin and she felt my dick immediately go stiff again. I gently positioned it against her hole then pushed slowly just an inch between her lips. It was so tight and I had to pull out and re-thrust over and over, each time going fractionally deeper into her. When I was about 2 ” inside she groaned, partly in pleasure partly in pain, which was also the feelings I was having as my foreskin was repeatedly stretched to it’s maximum. I started to kiss her on the mouth very hard whilst still pushing my dick into her. Then I bit her lip hard, and she was so shocked that she hardly felt the pain as I simultaneously thrust very
hard with my dick which popped right up her. Now I was fully inside and I wasted no time in starting to fuck her with long deep thrusts. “Oh Andy”, she gasped “this feels amazing, please keep going till you cum”. I was very horny hearing this and also because I’d never fucked a virgin before so in only a few minutes my balls went tight and despite my previous orgasms I released my biggest load yet directly up into her pussy. I was a bit embarrassed at cumming so quickly but she’d got me so horny I couldn’t help it. However she seemed very
pleased that I’d cum inside her and she told me she could feel its warmth and wetness filling her up. I stopped thrusting but kept my cock fully up her, savoring the sensation of being inside a tight little pussy.

“Thank you for letting me be the first one” I said, “it meant a lot to me”. “I’m glad it was you” she replied. “Should I stop now or would you like to experiment with other positions and types of sex?” I asked as I finally pulled my dick out of her.

“Well since we have this room to ourselves perhaps we can have lots more sex and try out lots of different positions, or maybe do it in the shower or on the balcony?” was her reply. That’s all another story…….but I can say with confidence that Becky was the best naughty
teen I’ve been with and I’d recommend every guy should get himself a willing and eager young horny sex-toy just like mine….