Nurse - A Miss Templeton story

We were drinking iced tea in her living room. I was still nude. Laura wore a short t-shirt -- "I'm
somewhat modest," she'd said -- and nothing else. It came down to the swell of her hips -- not a modest garment in the least. We'd rubbed away most of the oil with towels, but enjoyed the somewhat sticky, sweaty feeling. She was sitting sideways on the couch, leaning against the arm.
"So, what do you have in mind?" she asked.
"Right now I'm having this fantasy of a woman wearing only a t-shirt who sits on my lap and I
grope her breasts under the shirt while she licks my face and rocks up and down on my erect penis."
She laughed and sipped more tea, but I could see in her eyes that the idea was not totally out of the question. "No, you know, more elaborate than that. You said at the restaurant that you had 'some swell fantasies' about me?"
"I know I said that, but in general I meant that I fantasized about having sex with you, and
what you would be like, but not always in an incident like going to the masseuse. I mean, just say we're alone at your house and I imagined taking off your clothes and the sequence of touching your body, putting my tongue in your ear and stuff like that."
"Actually the massage stuff works pretty well," she laughed.
"No kidding." I thought a moment, watching her unfettered breasts bounce lightly under the thin shirt. "I admit that I always fantasized a first-time encounter with you, or that we were strangers."
"Just make up a couple right now. I have no plans at the moment, and the most delicious
feeling of both satisfaction and anticipation. We can try them all, if you want."
"There's always the standards. Master-slave. Unsure man in the lingerie store. Nurse-hospital
patient. Soapy bathtub..."
"Who's the slave and who's the master?"
"I can imagine either."
"My sister is a nurse, and I think she left a uniform here. As for lingerie, I've got a dozen nasty
pieces from an old boyfriend. The soapy bathtub--we can always cap off things with that. You do want to stick around for awhile?" She bit her lower lip in a moment of thought.
"The hospital. Tell me."
"Well, I'm in the hospital, in a private room. I'm going to have a vasectomy."
"Jesus, that's fantasizing." She laughed, but took a lingering look at my penis.
"Whatever. Because of the medical procedure, they have to shave me. A nurse in a tight-fitting uniform has been assigned to my bed..."
She stood up and set her tea down on the end table and walked over and straddled my
outstretched leg to sit on my knee. I could feel moisture from her vagina, and she slid back and forth a few inches to emphasize she knew I noticed . She leaned over and kissed me, her tongue licking across my upper lip. "Come with me," she said, pulling me up, "You're about to be hospitalized."
One of her bedrooms had a single bed. She was so into the act that she made me hang a
rope from a strong curtain rod across to a doorstop mounted high on the wall, then she hung two large white sheets across the room. It didn't look quite like a hospital, but the effect was appreciable. She changed the bed to plain white sheets, then had me put on a clean t-shirt and climb in.
"You're in the hospital," she said, and parted the 'curtains' and left. I heard her rummaging in a closet for a few minutes, then waited for about 10 more.
"Michael Watson," I heard her call from outside the doorway, then she pulled the curtain apart about four feet and stepped in. "Mr. Watson?"
I nodded. She was wearing a white nurse's uniform, white stockings and white sneakers which looked quite accurate. She carried a clipboard.
Her hair was pulled back severely and bound at the back. She had fresh red lipstick which
gleamed in her smile. The uniform was a one-piece shirtwaist and fit her very tightly. Despite her short stature, it was probably a size too small. It clung, accentuating her full hips. The three top buttons were undone -- at least one too many -- and I could see her cleavage quite clearly. She stood at the foot of the bed.
"Sir, I have to ask you a personal question. The brief surgery they're going to perform on you
requires that you be shaved -- that we remove your pubic hair." She said it very matter-of-factly but her eyes shone.
"That's what the doctor told me, yes."
"Well, normally a male nurse is summoned to provide that service, but he's indisposed at this
time." She smiled warmly, as if to disarm me. "If you prefer we can have another male nurse
summoned on-call, or perhaps you wouldn't mind if we had one of our nurses take care of thechore?"
"Maam, it's okay with me. Actually I would rather have a woman do it, if it's okay with you
"Certainly, Mr. Watson. Well, please make yourself comfortable and I'll send in a nurse shortly.
As she said that, she dropped a sheet of paper, and turned and bent over to pick it up, the tight curves of her bottom outlining itself in the tight fabric, and showing me that she wore black panties. I also glimpsed garter straps briefly, clasping the tops of the white stockings. I swallowed.
"Excuse me," she said.
Five minutes later she brought in a large porcelained metal wash basin filled with soapy water and set it down on the table next to the bed, then left and returned with some white towels and wash cloth, scissors, shaving cream and several new disposable razors, plus some lotion.
"I asked Doctor Smith if I could take care of the chore myself," she said sweetly. "I've done it
many times. Don't worry, I'll be extremely careful." She sat on the edge of the bed. "Have your removed your underpants?"
"Yes, maam."
"Good. Now, please don't be embarrassed. I'm not unfamiliar with the male anatomy. Just lieback and relax. Close your eyes if you wish," she said, carefully peeling down the sheet to the foot of the bed. "There."
My penis wasn't hard, but it wasn't totally flaccid either.
"If I may say so, Mr. Watson, you have a nice one," she chuckled, but still acted like she saw
nothing to it. Kind of a nurse thing to say, I thought.
"First I'm going to carefully clip as much of your hair as possible, so lie still," she said, and
taking the scissors, she held them sideways above my penis and clipped through the pubies. "I'll have to touch it, now, don't be alarmed," she said, gently holding up my penis so she could clip nearby, then releasing it just as gently, although it didn't entirely fall back where it had been. The clipping business took several minutes and I was gaining tumescence from the frequent soft touch ofher fingers, particularly when she had to touch my penis, and even more so when she gently clipped away wispy strands of pubic hair from my testicles. At one point she held that sac gently in her palm and I moaned very softly.  I had never been through the experience and was enjoying the first time. I looked down and thought it looked odd, but somehow sexy-- a man's unit with a boy's first stubble.
"Oh, my, you're getting just a bit bigger, sir," she laughed. "Actually, that's safer -- it keeps it
away from the scissors and razor," she said with another laugh. She clipped a bit more, as closely as she could, rubbed my groin softly to feel the effect, and then stopped.
She took the washcloth and immersed it in the water basin, then wrung it out partly. I did close my eyes as the warm wet cloth touched my loins, and in moments the entire area around my penis and testicles was wet and warm.
She took shaving cream and sprayed a pile in her palm, then slowly spread a half-inch all over the stubble surrounding my cock, which was quite rigid. Her hands and fingers in the creamy foam made me catch my breath.
I lay back, enjoying the feel of her touch as she gently scraped one of the razors across my
skin, carefully applying more shaving cream when necessary. She was cautious when shaving around my penis, and of course held it out of harm's way. When she did that, she held my dick in a most un-businesslike way, like gently enclosing it in the wet tube of her cream-covered palm and fingers, or letting her thumb and forefinger rub my knob, twirling against the sensitive heavy vein on the underside.
She got her head down quite close when she lathered me up some more and worked around my swelling testes. The puckered skin on my nuts made it too hard to actually try to shave, but she made a valiant effort and satisfied herself. I could feel her breath against the moist skin of my cock and balls as she worked her way back north. Just as before when her face was so close to me there, I longed for her to suck me, to put me inside her wet mouth.
She scooped some more shaving cream on me and slowly shaved against the grain on the flat plain above my swollen prick, while holding it firmly in her hand, and this time while her right hand finished up some shaving, her left slid in a creamy glide up and down my now totally stiff shaft.
"I think the doctor will be satisfied with this close of a depilation," she said, laying the razors
aside. "But perhaps I can make a closer inspection to make certain."
She washed the area again with the warm wash cloth, then dried me off with the towel, its
rough nap feeling quite sensational on my now bare pubic area.
Abruptly, she dropped the towel and lowered her face to my stomach, licking downward
across the shaved pubic area, dragging her tongue around the base of my swollen cock in a full 360 degrees, licking down through the folds of my sac to my hardened nuts. My sac was covered with just some fuzz, but all the rest glistened white as I looked down at myself.
"You have such a nice penis," the nurse said. "I like them hard like this -- and no hair to get in
the way of my tongue and lips," she said as she dipped her head and lowered her face to my smoothness and rubbed her cheek and lips across it. It was a brand new sensation for me and surprised me with its intensity.
"Oh it feels smooth... yes the doctor will be pleased... And the nurse loves it," she said and
without another word, she lifted her lips up from my belly and plunged her hot, wet gaping mouth down over my cock, then shlupped upward with her moist tongue on the underside.
"Oh, God..." I managed to say, my chest rapidly rising and falling all of a sudden, my ass
cheeks and thigh muscles rippling and tightened.
"Mr. Watson, I believe the doctor prefers a man to be... emptied... for the surgery," she said. I
had no idea if it was medically true but I surely knew what she meant.
Her slick lips and wet tongue felt so good on my now throbbing prick that I began to match her motion with uplifting bucking of my own, especially when she grabbed the nearby lotion and poured a gob at the base of my dick and commenced to rub all over my denuded pubic area and balls while she continued to kiss, lick and slide her mouth up and down my hardness.
"Oh...oh..oh...ooooo," I mewled, and my hands went to her head, entwining fingers in her
hair... "mmmmnnnn ... oh!..." I looked down and watched her lips folded over her teeth, gripping my swollen flesh and sliding along its shiny wet length. She stared me in the eye and let her tongue stick out, broadened and curved vertically around me.
Her hand trailed through the pool of lotion and slipped down past the base of my shaft, over my pulsating testicles and through the tight fissure where my cheeks were squeezed. I immediately spread my legs, wide-eyed at the expectation of her objective.
She gently but purposefully stuck a finger between my cheeks and probed at my anus, rubbing slick lotion on it and moving in tight little circles, prodding... I could tell that I was going to come at any moment.
"Oh, nurse...oh nurse... oh fuck me!" I groaned, as her finger slipped into the tightness an
inch... She looked at me again, jammed her mouth down over me taking my penis into the stricture of her throat, twisted her mouth in little semicircles... and eased her finger all the way into my anus.
My hands pulled at her head, guiding her mouth along my swelling, throbbing slick flesh, but
there was no resistance whether my cock was deep within her throat or gliding outwardly from the wet clasp of her lips.
"God!" I yelled as my ballooning penis erupted in her throat, the series of sharp spasms
coursing through my loins as she swallowed and I felt her throat muscles rippling along my length.
My cheeks tightened, my anus tightened around her finger -- which now moved in and out of me in a rapid blur -- and my thighs and hips locked frozen.
"Ohhhhhhh! Hhhmmmmmnnnnnnnnnn!" I groaned, filling the room with the unintelligible
sound. My head fell back and breath whooshed out of me, a wracked, guttural sound... I felt each little jolt as my ejaculation pulsed, twitching my loins... again and again it seemed.
In a moment I felt her lips pull up off my glistening penis and at the tip she kissed it, puckering around only the knob. I looked down, then, and watched her mouth move over every shiny inch, every side, kissing and sucking and licking, lapping and tasting. Her finger was still in me, adding to the sensations, and that fullness felt nearly as good when she let her finger slide slowly out.
"Nurse... god... oh... oh" ... My chest rose and fell as my breathing began to subside.
"Hmmm," she said, holding my throbbing, shiny and wet cock gently in her hand, her lips just
brushing the swollen knob. "I believe you are ready."
I tugged at her gently, pulling her up along my length, and slowly began to unbutton her

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