Memories of Gypsy
I have had many lovers in my life time but the one I will always remember was my first. Her name was Gina. We were high school sweethearts, I still remember freshman year when I was a clumsy little knuckle head walking around and bumped into her in a borders cafe. I guess some may call it love at first sight or just pure luck but whatever it was I knew she and I were meant to be. We became inseparable after that. It was kinda hard at first with her going to an all girls school and me going to the all boys, but she was worth it. She had this long dark thick hair that I would run my fingers through. Big beautiful eyes that always left me thinking that she had some ulterior motive in her head. She had the most beautiful smile and a love of life. Her body could be compared to a renaissance painting. Yeah, she was a perfect ten. For four great years we were together, going to movies and hanging out, but she was a good girl too. Always saying how she wanted to wait before we gave
ourselves to each other. I agreed and never pressured her, I knew it would be worth the wait. Even prom night, we rented a horse and carriage and enjoyed each others company because she wanted to make sure she graduated first. Then came graduation night, there were parties going on every where, but we rented our own room at a lovely hotel. We convinced the manager we were newly weds and got the honeymoon sweet. I even carried her into the room across the threshold. After some mild foreplay she told me to take my clothes off and wait on the bed while she changed. It took all but two seconds for me to strip and I noticed some scented candles that came with the room. The romantic in me
set the mood of the room with them and some other things that came with the room. As I lay in bed getting used to the feeling of the silken sheets against my bare skin, the door opens and out walks Gina.

She was wearing her graduation gown, her hair was done up beautifully and I swore she had a heavenly glow to her. I can remember the words as if she just spoke them. "Today at graduation we became man and woman in societies eyes. Laying together with each other will confirm our passage and our love." I was dumbfounded for a second, then gathered my wits. I watched as she elegantly and gracefully walked, no glided to me. As she came toward me she slowly took off her Gown. Holding it over her breasts and exposing her shoulders, as she walked next to the bed she sat with her back to me, the gown dropped exposing a soft (virgin white) nightie. As she slid under the covers next to me I can
still feel her warm soft skin, the smell of her perfume, and both our hearts racing a mile a minute. Now neither of us had ever been with the opposite sex before, but I did read lots of books and watched countless hours of movies (for research purposes of course). At this moment I couldn't remember anything. then she rolled over and looked me in the eyes, they seemed to sparkle. I stared back deep into them getting lost in the beauty. We were
drawn to each other, our lips getting closer and closer. Before they touched she whispered the words "I love you, Eric" as both our eyes closed I replied "I love you too, Gina." Our lips finally touched, and time seemed to stand still. I felt the hairs on the back of my neck stand, when her hand touched my face I felt a surge of energy shoot through me, as her lips parted and my tongue slid inside and danced with hers I felt something take over me.  Suddenly I knew exactly what to do. As our tongues danced and parted I took her lips into my mouth and one at a time sucked gently on them.  My mouth and tongue began to slowly work its way down her delicate neck, I stopped on a certain spot on her neck, which
up until then didn't even knew existed, and began to gently suck and nibble on it. It had an effect on her that I had never known of, because she began to moan lightly. My fingers slowly worked up in-between my lovers thighs, and they easily parted for the first time. I slid them under her silken panties which I had found soaked. As my finger worked inside her I found that they were in an incredibly warm, wet and tight space. She continued to moan as I gently kissed her neck and worked my finger inside her.  I instinctively curled my finger which seemed to make her exceedingly happy. I then gently pulled her nightie up to expose her beautiful firm breasts. Now Gina is a petite woman who won't admit that she is self conscious about her breasts, but to me they are perfect. Big round pink nipples against creamy milk skin, firm and round enough to be inviting and supple. I move my mouth down her soft skin, in-between her chest, taking slow licks and placing soft kisses on her. When I finally placed my mouth on her nipple I felt the sensation shoot threw her.  I used the tip of my tongue, and slowly circled from the rim of my lovers nipple and made smaller circles to work my way slowly to the center.  I then took her nipple in-between my teeth and continued to use my tongue on her. My beautiful Gypsy (that's my pet name for her) started to writhe under my body as mouth continue to suckle her beautiful breasts and my finger worked inside her. Suddenly I felt her nails dig into my back, her body stiffened and
she held her breath, I to use my mouth and finger on her as I knew she was experiencing her first orgasm by me. I felt her thigh tighten and release on my hand.  As she began to relax something told me she still wasn't ready for me to enter her, even though my cock was rock hard, I knew there was more I had to do before I could enter her.

My mouth started to work its way down her beautiful body, over her tight stomach (from all that cheer leading practice), my tongue circling her belly button (I always thought was so cute), down further until I reached her beautiful pussy. I took a moment to admire her special place. She kept it shaved (I found out later she read that men like it like that and she did it for me) I noticed how perfect like everything else about her, it is. and how it glistened from her just having orgasmed. I gently kissed it. I took my fingers and spread her beautiful pussy lips apart, then I pushed back so her clit was fully exposed. Again I don't know why or how I knew to do this and I had a hard time explaining that she was my first and I hadn't practiced on any other. But for that moment she didn't say a word. those soft moans escaped her lips before I even put my mouth on her. I gently took her clit my mouth and sucked on it. I then used my tongue and started to pretend I was writing letters on it. In my mind I wrote, Gina and Eric together four ever. This had the desired after as her hands worked through my hair and her legs tightened around my head. When I inserted my tongue into her and squiggled it around I could hear my name escape her lips and I was delighted how sweet she tasted. I never had something so delicious in my life, but then again it was coming from my lover. I continued to do this over and over using my warm wet long tongue to please and lick and my soft lips to kiss and suck my lovers beautiful
pussy. She started to orgasm again, I kept my mouth on her and drank her sweet nectar my hands instinctively went to her beautiful tits and played with them as well. She finally finished and I started kissing my way back up her body when I got to her lips I kissed her, letting her taste the sweetness she produced. Her legs open and willing, I felt the heat flow out of her, I knew she was ready, we looked into each others eyes again.  I started to insert myself inside her going slowly and gently as I could. Her long strong legs raised up and wrapped around me. I watched as her face tensed up from having someone inside her for the first time. I waited for her face to  elax and started to slide inside her a little more. Slowly and surely I worked myself inside her. I couldn't believe how tight wet and hot she was.
When I finally was all the way in, I started to slow stroke and worked my way in and out of her. Moans and groans were coming out of my beautiful gypsy girl. I continued to go in and out slowly increasing the pace, and cherishing each moment. In and out I went, when I finally got to a comfortable pace, my lover did something I didn't expect. She started to move her hip in unison with mine. We became one body, one person, one movement. On and on we went for who knows how long. Neither of us wanted the moment to end. The I felt my body start to shudder, I knew I was going to cum (I mean in four years I had to do
something) but it was different. I felt the blood rush from my head, I felt my body become alive, I felt every nerve come to life. Gina's soft skin became even more delicate to me began to breathe heavier, I felt her nails dig into my back my head was nestled in her neck and her head was thrown back. faster and faster we both moved. Our sweat building, our muscles tensing, the blood rushing threw both of us. the in one motion I released myself into her as she released herself on me. It was like nothing I have ever experienced or can
even begin to describe.

When I finished and began to relax I eased myself out of her. I took her in my arms and held her against me, her soft skin against mine. Neither of us said a word as we just enjoyed the after glow. I felt dawns early light threw the curtain and its soft warmth against us. First time and we pulled an all nighter I thought to myself, then I felt my lover stir under me. She gently raised her head and looked at me in the eyes. "Morning gorgeous" I said to her "hey handsome" was her reply, she gave me a soft kiss. Her eyes then took on a worried look and she softly spoke, " I really enjoyed last night, was I .... good enough for you?" She is so precious to me she doesn't even realize, I  though. I said "Gina last night was so magical that I will never forget it, I'll be telling our grandkids about this one day. You are so precious and such a wonderful woman that I can't help but enjoy you in every way, even when you
get stubborn on me". She smiled and pinched me on the side, "don't forget greedy." I smiled and said "and greedy" she laid her head on my chest and we both watched the sun rise through the curtains.

Yeah, your grandma is one hell of a woman, and I may not be able to remember yesterday from a can of beans but I do remember my first time with her and that I love her more than life. You two boys should go and pray you find a woman half as good as your grandma, but ask is they will be half as greedy. "Oh Grandpa, your so silly" the two boys say as they scamper off. "yeah I am a silly old man" i think to myself "who married a greedy old woman and god bless her for coming into my life"

"Eric. Eric come on honey" I hear you say. I turn and smile at you as I get up. " Ah here goes my reason to live" I say. "I can't believe after all these years you can still make me blush" you say. "Hmmm I feel kinda frisky Gina what do you say we skip feeding the birds today?" you reply "Hmmmm I don't know, the young Thompson boys proposition me the other day think you can give them a run for the money?" I smile and say "Don't worry lover, I intend to
make a woman out of you again."