Our Honeymoon
M. Pat
Our fall wedding itself is decades later a blur of food,wine champagne,shaking hands and pictures,pictuires,pictures. I remember very little. Our honeymoon however is still vividly etched in my mind,every erotic unusual detail.

To go back a bit, we were sexually inexperienced prior to our engagement-the engagement months added little to our sexual prowess except for petting above her waist- she had exquisits A cup pert breasts I loved to feel Coleen's nipples firm up to my touch.

One unusual experiences along this line. 3 months before we were to be married,we double dated to a large local movie house they were playing the then 3 D horror movie, "House of Wax", starring Vincent Price. About 10 minutes into the movie I placed my right arm around her shoulders and massaged her right shoulder , working down under the satin blouse to her exquisite lacy cups. I enjoyed her jumping and cowering at the unexpected screen frights when her small breasts twitched with her  body fright response movements. 2/3rds of the way through the movie I  went out for popcorn and sodas along with Jim who had double dated and  who earlier  I could see was also working under his betrothed's blouse
as well. We returned and devoured the salty popcorn and the drinks and settled into the last 30 minutes of this 2.5 hour movie. My outstretched arm and hand once again quickly
found it way again down the blouse front, this time accidentally getting inside the top of the rather loosely fitting bra. I found her soft  mounds and her extended nips. Funny, the nips were now larger than I  remembered them.

With panic I realized my long arms had put my hand over my best friend's fiancee's left breast 2 seats away.I was holdin Jane's tit, not my Coleen's. I withdrew hastily. Jane and Jim were to be married the exact same fall day we were.

After our evening wedding reception, we changed to travelling clothes, picked up our 2 suitcases of warm weather clothes and took a  cab to the airport headed for two weeks in Miami Beach at a large resort hotel.

The plane had engine trouble but while mechanics worked on it, the captain allowed the stewardesses to break out the alcohol. Coleen and I had 2 Bourbon and Sevens, when I heard a familiar voice in the seat in front of us curse the delay. It was my good friend Jim, with his new  wife Jane also flying to Florida on the same flight. Jane was really   downing her scotches on the rocks to ward off or cover up her fear of  her first flight. Since Jim also had not flown before, he could do  little to calm her down. Coleen and I were experienced flyers and we  started trying to explain all the procedures and safety.But the high backed seats retarded our communication, so Jim suggested that he and I  switch seats to each be near someone they could question during takeoff.

Shortly after switching seats the motors were repaired, a test run up on the engines completed, and the captain ordered all seat belts on, and began his taxi to the runway end pad-Jane thought we were  rolling on the actual takeoff and clenched my right arm,pulling it under  the airline cover pressing it, clasped in her hand, onto her bosom. I
whispered consolations about safety of airplanes and explained the flaps extension and that we were just going down at 30 mph on a low speed  taxiway down to the runway end where we would turn 180 degrees,rev up  all engines then roll down gaining the speed to fly.

Jane was physically shivering from fright-she downed the remnants of her 3rd scotch on rocks as we taxied, I worked my hand out of hers because the pack of my hand was burning against her breast-she recaptured my hand and squeeezed it pressing it firmly down into her lap. To test if she was concious of where she had placed my hand I wiggled my thumb against her mons-she obviously felt it through the layers of dress,slip,panties and squirmed a bit.  We got a " takeoff hold" of 10  minutes, the captain announced at the runway end, to allow other  arriving planes to land. I decided that Jane being drunk, nervous, and  frightened needed some other emotion to take her mind off of the fear.
So I gingerly freed my right hand from her clasp then proceeded to slide  it up and down her wool dress skirt, massaging the top of her left leg.  She then tilted her seat backwards one notch seeming to relax. Then, I  felt a metal button on the skirt, then another 6  inches further up-I  could not see them under the airline blanket keeping her warm. The bravery induced by alcohol inspired my middle finger to pokeinto the lap space between the buttons. I instantly hardened, therewas no slip, but there was a satin panty edge under my fingertip.

In no time I decided to unbutton one button for access and exploration. I did-she have no reaction, my entire hand slid inside her skirt, and proceeded gently sideward into the crotch which was damp to the touch.

Just then the captain asked all attendants to be seated and he powered up the engines, released the brake and we started the takeoff  roll- Jane panicked at the thump thump of the wheels crossing the  expansion joints. I decided to give her something else to think about  and slipped a finger under the left side of her panties, feeling her wispy pubic curls. Having no resistance, as we passed 150 mph amd  rotated the nose upward, I passed her swollen pussy lips rotating my finger upward,and fingered her right up to 5,000 feet.

I peeked between the seats and saw in the row behind us, my sweet bride  stroking Jim's pole under their blanket- he seemed unconcerned about flying anymore. Soon we decided to return to our spouses-Jane thanked me for the calming I did, and planted a frontal kiss on me with her ample tongue exploring my tonsils!

The rest of the 3 hour flight nothing of note happened and we arrived at 2:30 am in the Miami Airport. Deplaned, got our luggage and discovered Jane and Jim were booked into our same hotel. We shared a  cab.

The lotel lobby at 3:30am was desolate even in wide open Miami Beach. A dozing bellhop in the lobby awoke the night counterperson sleeping in the back room of the front desk-we signed in then discovered my wallet was missing, with $300 and charge cards-they let Jane/Jim go up totheir room already, now how would I guarantee the bill? The bellboy(Frank) motioned me to talk to him at the end of the registration counter. He whispered he would let me sign in on his charge card for some favors I interpreted to be huge tips till our folks in Midwest senttravellers checks to bail me out. I agreed and we proceeded with him and luggage to room #321, the less expensive non-ocean view.
Arriving at our room, Frank dutifully brought in the luggage, pulled open with difficulty the drapes for the Westward city scape view,turned on the air conditioner and left.

Coleen retired to the bathroom for her dressing/undressing,while I climbed naked underneath the covers of the double bed nearest the outside wall , and awaited my bride.

Soon Coleen emerged in a filmy white short nightie, she tried to closed the drapes but the cord seemed stuck- she slipped in nervously. I turned on the bedside lamp, pulled off the covers, and drank in the sight plus the aroma of  perfume and glycerin rosewater.

My pole stood at attention, she then  asked that I stand on the floor beside her because the only fully developed male organs she had ever seen were her brother's coming out of their home shower. She squeezed,traced the shaft then lifted both testicles. While I am
ordinarily endowed in the prick dept, 6.5" length 1.5" diameter, I have always had extremely large,long hanging testicles A+ size. She raised them, felt behind them and caused two clear precom drops to fall on her wrist.

I leaned over and lifted her nightie to examine her brunette full thick bush. Discovering I had a hangnail on my left hand,that caught one of her hairs, I swithched to right hand, spread her knees and sat at end of the bed, visually devouring her femininity. She motioned me to crawl  up, and without delay we screwed like bunnies till 4am, when we fell asleep still coupled.

We both woke up to daylight, showered,and dressed for breakfast by the outdoor pool. Going down to the pool outdoor restaurant I greeted the  waiter with "Good Morning" he immediately responded "May I presume you are newlyweds?" I asked how he knew, was it the new clothes? He said "no sir, anyone who comes down to breakfast at 3pm have to be newlyweds!"

While eating our breakfast beside tho outdoor pool cafe, the waiter pointed out that the hotel swimming pool was beside the cafe, but the pool deck was 10 ft above us so that trhe tables sat alongside thick glass that gave underwater views to the customers of the cafe. No soooner had he said that when I noticed a young lady diving from the high dive board lost her bikini top on entering the water, it had slipped down below her pert breasts. She was unaware and swam end to end before climbing up the ladder near us and once out, climbing back down under water to reattach the bra top.

We returned to the underwater pool view restaurant for supper that evening- and we were not disappointed one couple decided to underwater copulate standing 3 ft from our underwater window.

Coleen finished her meal all hot and bothered. We reentered the hotel as dusk fell,only to run into Bell Captain Frank. from the night before, he handed me a sealed manilla envelope he said had an important note I should read in the room.

We went to our room 321 where there was a note on the door that due to a plumbing problem all our belongings were transferred to romm 821 5 floors up. We went there,Frank was in the hallway and gave me the key, and left.

While Coleen showered,I opened the envelope and 40+  8 x 10 black and white glossies fell out. They chronologically sequenced through the prior night's sex. Apparently taken from outside the window-no wonder in his fumbling he had jammed the drape cord in the open position. ( It turns out he stood out on the entrance drive canopy roof right at the
3rd floor window level.)A note was clipped to the last photo with some $20 bills.

The note said dear room #321 honeymooners-these pix are yours to remember your first night. The $100 is your 1/2 share on the $200 profit on the sales of 12 of these photo sets to rich permanent residents. You will recognize them around the hotel by their wearing a lapel pink flower. Treat them warmly if they nod or speak to you, if they like you they will reciprocate by their deposit of cash to offset part of your hotel bill! The note closed with, be in the room ready for bed at 11pm,a phone call then will explain. Do not tell Coleen of this.

At 945 we returned to the room and prepared for bed-at 9pm sharp Frank phoned,he was in the next room with as few friends who paid to watch our performance, thus the reason for the room move up here. I asked how? Frank answered that all the mirrored wall down the behind the head end of the beds was one way glass. and some very wealthy codgers
were sitting in elevated platforms in the dark to watch the show and listen in on hidden mikes! They had paid $100 each for $1,000 total that he would split with me and the hotel manager 1/3rd each. In fact I could have the managers share also if he could sit in the room on the other bed at 10pm and watch,no touching, I was permitted to ask Coleen if she would like to make $330 letting someone watch from a safe distance-she thought about it and said she would give it a try-She swent into the bath to undress,no glass on that wall in there,  I noticed. At 1005 pm a knock on the door. Answering , there was the manager with a gift fruit basket to bring inside- I admitted him whispering all is ok but stay 5 ft away, or it ends.

Coleen emerged pretty as ever in a black crotchless panty and no nipple poke thru bra from Fredericks. She ignored Walter the manager who sat on the inner double bed and walked uop to me by the window and undressed me. My boner made the trousers hang up but she bent it up and they slid off with my jockey shorts.She climbed into our bed, on the
side away from Walter's bed position. Foreplay ensued, sucking, feeling, licking,nibbling,- I turned her so her hed was at the bottom of the bed,(maybe we could get tips for the old codgers better view next door). Walter stood holding his small semi-limp cock pitifully in his
stroking hand. I on top 69'd with my new bride. Walter while fully extended still needed work-Coleen got up, got the Vaseline and got him slippery. Then a free hand job brought one tiny spurt from Walter and he left thanking us.

I then stood Coleen naked between the 2 double beds, bent her over with rear end toward the mirror and did a doggy fuck,our first- we came loudly-

She then sucked me off seated on the bed. I shot clear to the mirror, 3 feet. We then passed out.

The next morning there was an envelope inder the door with $660 and a unsigned thanks note from "Walter"-

Our third morning at the outdoor restaurant, the table across the aisle had an old well dressed,well tanned couple there with the man wearing a pink lapel flower.Noticing his spouses 10 carat diamond ring, I asked them to join us and seated him next to Coleen-I had this morning explained to her what the flower meant.  The tables in the restaurant
were glass topped. I decided to lay my left hand on his pudgy wife's knee, which he could see thru the table top, he responded with the same on Coleen. Eventually he worked
underneath and felt her, I reciprocated- his 70 yr old spouse had a hairy slit a softball would fit into-

It went like this all 13 days there,my wife dirty danced in the nite club with 8 wealthy pink flower men-When we checked out we found our entire bill of $1,400 had been paid as had out hotel rental car. We used our honeymoon savings once we got home as a down payment on our first home.
This ended a memorable, finacially rewarding honeymoon